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The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation (MIA) is the interior ministry of Russia. The Ministry has its headquarters in Moscow.

Emperor Alexander I created its predecessor on 28 March 1802 as part of a series of reforms to replace the ageing government of Peter the Great. The MVD was very powerful in its inception, handling the postal service, police, firefighters, and medicine among others. Though most of these responsibilities were transferred to other government departments in the 19th century.

After their victory in the October Revolution the Bolsheviks disbanded many government institutions previously set in place by the royalist goverment, including the MIA. Though they would later remake their own Ministry of Internal Affairs with a similar goals and purpose. By the end of the Soviet Union, the ministry had received a bad reputation due to the rampant corruption and abuse of power.

With the fall of the Soviet Union the MIA was once again disbanded and reformed by the Russian Federation in 1991 to suit the needs of the new government. Currently, it oversees most of Russia's law enforcement agencies.