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It's Morphin time!
Jason Scott when the Rangers have to power up

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are a group of superheroes from the Power Rangers franchise that first appeared in the television series of the same name. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were the first group of Powers Rangers and were assembled by Zordon to protect the Earth from the forces of Rita Repula and Lord Zedd. They wield with their Power Morphers and Power Coins which they used to transform into their Ranger alter egos.

The Power Rangers thwarted many of Rita and Zedd's plots and defeated many of their monsters, but nearly met defeat when Rita used a sixth Power Coin to transform Tommy Oliver into her own evil Green Ranger. Though when the Red Ranger, Jason Lee Scott, broke Rita's Sword of Darkness, Tommy was freed from her control and joined the team afterwards.

Over time, most Rangers retired to focus on their personal lives, passing their mantel onto someone new until Tommy was the only member of the original team who was left. This new team Power Rangers lost their Power Coins after Master Vile cast his time alteration spell and were forced to use fragments of the Zeo Crystal to create new Morphers called Zeonizers which allowed the Rangers to turn into the stronger Zeo Rangers, rendring the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers defunct. The members of the original Power Ranger team would later join other Ranger teams to act as the leader, mentor, or muscle and would on occasion reassemble their old team should the situation call for it.

Battle vs. Aquabats (by Lasifer)[]

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Winner: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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