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  • I'm planning on using Dan the Decapitator with his Katana, Spear, and Riot Shield against SCP-049 with two of his minions in a team battle and I was just wondering if there was anything specific about his enhancements for Physicality. I have enough to go off of for Intelligence and Experience but I just wanted to know if there was something more besides him being above-human. He'll be working with my Kyle Dash with Rose, Kazzy's Masaru Jerome Surei with Haruka Sotojima, and 1298's Claimteoir Meisce against the plague doctor's "pals" Chris Walker, Rena Ryugu, and novel Springtrap with Twisted Freddy, probably the beat-up version from the end of the Twisted Ones.

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  • I thought Bull only used Dreadpool for story purposes, so my bad.

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  • (Wiki is being an ass so here is my full vote.)

    Appelmonkey's "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" Edges

    Switchblade vs. Baseball Bat: Normally the edge goes to the one that is designed to be a weapon and is bladed, however because of the bigger size of the baseball bat I gotta give it to Murder, Inc.. Granted a stabbing weapon can hit the vital organs easier, but it is hard to do so when your opponent has a big stick. Edge: Murder, Inc.

    Smith and Wesson 76 vs. M1921 Thompson: The Thompson shoots the bigger bullet, at a faster rate, and has a bigger magazine. Really there is no way the S&W 76 can compete with the good ol' Thompson. Edge: Murder, Inc.

    Glock 19 vs. Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless: Both are automatic. The Colt 1903 PH fires a bigger caliber but thats all it has going for it. The Glock is simply more modern and has a way bigger magazine. Edge: Sicario

    Lupara vs. Mossberg 500 Cruiser: Obviously the Mossberg gets the edge here. While they fire the same gauge and match each other's stopping power, the Mossberg has a bigger magazine and is easier to reload. It also has more range than the Lupara, which granted isn't that important for a shotgun but an edge is an edge. Edge: Murder, Inc.

    RPG-7 vs. Marlin Model 1894: I am with Wass on this one. A rocket launcher might be handy in a large scale battle, but not in a small gunfight such as this scenario such as this one. One it is more destructive, it is also very clumsy making whoever is using it an obvious target. Let's not forget that with the Marlin they are the only one in this battle with an accurate rifle. Edge: Murder, Inc.

    Deadliest Assassins: Murder, Inc.! Fight the power! The only edge the Sicario get in my eyes is the pistols one, but that's about it. Murder, Inc., simply has better weapons overall with the Marlin giving them a very handy long weapon. Furthermore, they are just better disciplined the Sicario who's downfall came more of their gangster flexer lifestyle rather than simply having one weak link.

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    • Thanks Appel. I'll be posting your vote later. Wikia also tend to eat me vote too, but I manage to fix this problem by switching to another browser.

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