A truly American company - with a truly American concept - outsource everything.
— Merryweather Security

Merryweather Security is a private military company and security contractor owned by Don Percival, which operates all over in the world including the Middle East and San Andreas.

Shortly after gaining clearing from the United States goverment to operate on American soil, Merryweather ran into disaster after disaster when they started to operate in the city of Los Santos. Their equipment got stolen, one of their chiefs of staff, Devon Watson, was kidnapped and held ransom, and their men continuously failed to protect the property of their contractors from the groups of criminal organizations that ruled the city's undergrounds.

Humiliated, Merryweather lost its government contract and most of their private contracts, getting dealt yet another devastating financial blow.

Battle vs. PMC (Call of Duty) (by WraithOfWaffle)

PMC: 12345

Merryweather Security: 12345

Africa, 2013

In a village located somewhere in Africa, a group of five Merryweather Security troops are deployed to neutrilize a group of armed men killing civillians. They're driving in their Mesa and stop to inspect the empty village. Meanwhile, at the other end of the village five PMC soldiers are looking for the same men. They are unaware that they aren't the only ones in the village so it was surprising to see another group of men with weapons. Seeing them as threats, on of them opens fire with his UMP .45, killing a Merryweather officer.

Merryweather Security: 1234

The other men take cover behind some walls near their Mesa. While this is going on, they open fire with their HK416s and MP5A3s. They manage to hit a PMC but he survives. One of the Merryweathers decides to take out an M26 Grenade and throws it at the group of men. The wounded man is destroyed in the explosion.

PMC: 1234

The PMC decides to try to retreat but one of them decides to set up a semtex trap. He finishes and waits for a Merryweather to show up. He sees one but he start shooting at him. He tries to detonate the semtex but he dropped the detonator. He didn't want to shoot the semtex since it may damage it. As a last resort, he takes out his M84 Stun Grenade and throws it at the men. The man is dazed and drops his gun in the process. The PMC manages to get his detonator and pushes the button, killing the Merryweather in a firey explosion.

Merryweather: 123

Another Merryweather pops out and shoots the PMC in the head with his MP5A3.

PMC: 123

The remaining PMCs are scattered all over the place. One tries to hide in a cave but he spots a couple Merryweather. He opens fire with his G36C and manages to get one. 

Merryweather: 12

The PMC runs out of ammo and takes out his Desert Eagle. At the same the Merryweather runs out of ammo for his HK416 and takes out his P2000. He tries to shoot the Merryweather and manages to hit him in the leg but the Desert Eagle's recoil is too high and misses. The Merryweather hits the PMC in the head, killing him.

PMC: 12

The Merryweather tries limping away from the scene but is cut off by a PMC's Blackhawk Tatang stabbing him in the back.

Merryweather Security: 1

The last Merryweather is trying to get to his Mesa but is getting shot at by a PMC's G36C. The Merryweather shoots him with his MP5A3 but the gun is shot off his hand. The PMC rushes over to him and pushes him to the ground, preparing to kill him. But the Merryweather takes out his M26 Advanced Taser and stuns the PMC, causing him to collapse to the ground. He gets up, takes out his nightstick, and starts blugeoning his enemy's skull in.

PMC: 1

The remaining Merryweather makes his way to the Mesa and turns on the ignition. He barely puts his foot on the gas but the worse thing happens, he feels a cold steel object against the back of his head. The PMC was in the back seat with his Desert Eagle in hand.

"Ah sh*t" he mutters before his brain is turned into jelly by the Desert Eagle's .50 AE round.

Merryweather Security:

The PMC exits the back of the Mesa and raises his Desert Eagle in victory.


Expert's Opinion

While Merryweather Security did have the superior SMG and pistol, the PMC had better a better special weapon, explosive that could be used a lot more tactically, and combat experience fighting the African Militia and Spetsnaz. Merryweather's past failures is what caused them to fail here today.

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