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It's not even like you humans have such a bright future waiting for you. All that awaits is Judgment Day. Just sit there and cower in fear until it arrives!
— Mature

Mature is a villainess in the fighting video game series The King of Fighters. Alongside her partner, Vice, she is a servant of Orochi, an ancient being seeking humanity's destruction.

Goenitz, Orochi's premier servant, assigned Mature and Vice to become the enforcers of Rugal Bernstein, a megalomaniacal crime boss who accessed some of Orochi's power. Rugal was considered a potential host for Orochi by Goenitz. To fulfill his desire to defeat powerful fighters and display their corpses, Rugal hosted a The King of Fighters martial arts tournament in 1994. The team of Kyo Kusanagi emerged as the winners and triumphed over Rugal. Rugal held another tournament the next year but was defeated again by Kyo's team and died in battle.

Next, Goenitz sent Mature and Vice to observe Iori Yagami, Kyo's rival and a descendant of an ancient Japanese clan that once defeated Orochi. Mature, Vice, and Iori participated in 1996's The King of Fighters tournament held by Goenitz. After Kyo defeated Goenitz, Iori was corrupted by the Riot of the Blood, a state of immense power and rage caused by his connection to Orochi. In this moment of madness, Iori killed Mature and Vice by tearing out their throats.

Somehow, Mature and Vice returned. The pair were fascinated by their killer and stalked Iori, taunting him about his motivations and encouraging him to fight with them in future The King of Fighters tournaments. Their fascination overtook their loyalty to Orochi and they did not stop him from resealing Orochi.

Battle vs. Poison (by Laquearius)[]


Winner: Poison

Expert's Opinion[]

Poison is uniquely suited to taking on a speedy fighter like Mature thanks to her fighting style and equipment. Poison's bullwhip and ki projectiles allow her to compete at moderate ranges against Mature's Hakkesshu power and her superior strength and skill in street fighting make her devastating in close quarters. Her firebombs allow her to cover large areas of the arena with flame, greatly restricting Mature's movement. In theory, Mature would fare better in a more open environment where her zoning tactics could be more effective. However, when confined to the typical fighting arena of both Street Fighter and The King of Fighters, it is only a matter of time before Mature is forced into an inconvenient situation and overpowered.

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