I said I never had much use for one. Never said I didn't know how to use it.
— Quigley on revolvers

Matthew Quigley is a cowboy and sharpshooter from Wyoming, who can accurately hit a target from 900 yards away. Hired by an Australian rancher named Elliot Marston, under the belief that he was going to kill dingoes, Quigley soon finds out that Marston plans to utilize his sharpshooting by killing the local Australian Aborigines.

Refusing the offer, Quigley got into an argument with Martston, who had his man knock Quigley out and leave him in the outback along with Crazy Cora, an insane woman who believed Quigley to be her dead husband. Luckily for Quigley and Cora, they were rescued by the same Aborigines he was supposed to kill. After this Quigley protected the group of Aboriginals from a group of Marston's men and another group from being driven off a cliff, he became a legend among the Aboriginal community. Eventually, he tracked Martson down to a nearby town where he was challenged in a quick draw fight, assuming that Quigley wouldn't know how to use a revolver because of his frequent use of a rifle. Quigley still wins however and returns to America with Cora.

Battle vs. Lucas McCain (by Alockwood1)


Expert's Opinion

Well, in this battle of riflemen and sharpshooters, two things play key roles - firepower and advancements in technology. While Lucas McCain might initially struggle a bit, due to Matthew Quigley's superior range on his Sharps, McCain has plenty of ammunition in his Winchester to force Quigley to retreat while reloading. Also, Quigley's cap-and-ball revolver is not easy to reload in the heat of battle, when compared to the more improved cartridge revolver that McCain uses, all other things being equal.

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