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Battle vs. Boudica (by Goddess of Despair)[]

The sunlight shines upon Matilda of Tuscany and her 4 knights as they march on the road to Rome. Next to Matilda, mounted on a horse, was Gregory VII, the pope. Matilda was mounted on her own horse, wielding a War Lance. Located on the side of the road was a forest, where Boudica and her Celtic warriors await the passing of enemy troops. Matilda, sensing something wrong, ordered a halt to her troops. She turned, scanning the horizon. Suddenly, a stone came flying at one of her troops!

It hit the man right in his head, smashing his nose and making him scream in agony. From the forest, Boudica and her four Celts charged. She turned to one Knight, ordering him to follow and defend the pope. She then turned to another, her crossbowman, and ordered him to take aim.

A Lancea suddenly came flying towards them, meeting its mark on the already wounded Knight. Blue

Matilda’s crossbowman fired a bolt, which brought down one Celtic warrior. Green

With a roar, Matilda rode off towards the Celts, as her two Knights followed, one forced to discard his crossbow for a sword. Matilda striked a Celtic warrior in the throat, blood splattering from the wound. Green Boudica, armed with a Lancea, impaled a Knight before he could react with his sword. Blue

The second Knight slashed high with his broadsword, but the Celt parried and kicked him in the chest. Stumbling back, the Knight made a wild slash at the Celt, missing him. Another Celt came up from his side, whom he thrusted into with his sword. Green

However that was plenty of time for the other Celtic warrior to catch up behind him and decapitate him. Blue

Matilda of Canossa rode towards the Celtic warrior and swung her sword, slicing his throat. Green

Boudica, with a roar, charged at the mounted warrior and hurled her Lancea! The weapon impaled itself upon Matilda’s horse, which made the beast collapse and throw Matilda onto the ground. Boudica drew her sword and charged again, as Matilda struggled to stand.

Matilda parried a high slash from Boudica, and then slashed back, ruining her wooden shield. Boudica dropped it and angrily thrusted at her. Thankfully, her armor deflected the blow and left Boudica wide open. Matilda thrusted her Broadsword into the Celt’s stomach. Green

Matilda tore out her sword as Boudica crumbled to the ground. The Knight and pope returned to her side and, after burying the dead, they set off once again for Rome. 

Expert's Opinion[]

Boudica is a fierce fighter, but she was no match for Matilda's superior armor and experience. In addition, Matilda possessed better weapons for long and short range. 

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The battle had been declared unfair for Boudica because of Matilda of Tuscany's superior metallurgy.