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He is neither the smartest, nor the fastest, nor the strongest of the Spartans. But he is the bravest, and quite possibly the luckiest. And in my opinion, he is the best.
— Dr. Catherine Halsey

The product of incredibly advanced genetic research and breeding, Petty Officer Master Chief John-117 would become one of the most influential war heroes from the UNSC during the Human-Covenant War. A SPARTAN-II commando, Master Chief proved to be the exact specimen his superiors were looking for; loyal, brave, and lucky. As Master Chief trained vigorously throughout his childhood, his leadership and combat skills were quickly proven among his comrades.

Although there were several notable engagements in his early career, Master Chief grew to fame after the Pillar of Autumn is attacked by the Covenant and crash lands on a Halo, a ring-shaped megastructure. Chief awakens from cryonic sleep and decides to search for any other survivors- discovering the origins of the Halo. Chief discovered that the Ring was used to hold back the Flood, which is released by the Covenant. Chief and Cortana destroy the Halo Ring, believing they are the only survivors.

After rescuing various UNSC personnel on the planet Reach, Chief defends the Cairo Station from other Covenant attacks. Chief returns to Earth, participating in the battle for Earth against the Covenant, and finds another Halo ring as they pursue their defeated foe. On the Ring, Chief assassinates the High Prophet of Regret, and escapes to Earth.

Once he lands, Chief assists in repelling Covenant and pursues the Prophet of Truth. There, Chief discovers that Truth intends to activate a device that can control all Halos remotely- which would kill all sentient life. Chief and his newest ally, the Arbiter, decide to use a new Halo being constructed to replace the one Chief destroyed so they may both defeat the Flood and preserve the life. Despite being successful in their mission, Chief's escape ship is destroyed and he is sent flying across space in cryogenic sleep.

Chief is awakened by Cortana to dsicover the Covenant are invading the ship and Master Chief fights his way outside as the frigate crash lands on a Forerunner shield world. He survives the fall and awakens inside the shield world without serious injury. There, while fighting the shield world's defensive AI which Cortana identifies as "Prometheans", he encounters the Didact, an antagonistic Forerunner who plans on using a Forerunner artifact called The Composer to turn humanity into digital data. Master Chief manages to foil his plans by delivering a HAVOK nuclear warhead inside the Didact's ship and detonating it, while the increasingly rampant Cortana protects him with a hard light barrier before fading away leaving the Chief mourning her loss.

Battle vs. James Raynor (by Drayco90)[]

Master Chief had been drifting for so long. So long…he was content with his memories, content that he had stopped both the Covenant and the Flood. He was a hero, and at least he wasn’t dead. SPARTANs don’t die after all, they just go Missing In Action. Who knows how long he had been lost in space, but when he crashed on the desert rock, and awoke from his tube, he felt oddly naked. “Cortana? Cortana are you still there?” He struggled. No reply. Not a good thing, she had probably burned herself out long ago, going rampant. Where was he?

He wouldn’t wait long for his answer, as he heard the hum of a vehicle off in the distance. A long deadly looking hover-bike rolled across the waste, parking in front of the newly awoken SPARTAN. The pilot stepped off, cautiously, but not openly hostile. He wore heavy black armor, an orange visor decorated with a carved skull slowly pulled up, revealing the man’s face.

“Howdy.” The man greeted. “I’m Jim Raynor, Marshall of these parts. Saw that ship of yours hit ground from miles.”

The Chief simply stood there, trying to read this man, he was clearly filled with regret, but his face was like a Sphinx, the Chief simply couldn’t read him.

Not much of a talker? Well, all right, that’s fine. You got some fancy equipment there. There’s only two places you can get tech like that in the Koprulu sector- with the Graven’s Mercs…or from the Dominion.” These last words, Raynor said in total disgust. “And I work with Graven quite often, and he doesn’t have tech like that. So…” Raynor began to unclasp his revolver’s holster.

Master Chief knew what would come next. He immediately drew his magnum and began to open fire. Raynor’s visor was closed again in an instant, and the bullets barely made an impact on his heavy suit. He chuckled.

“Dominion’s gonna have to do better than that.” He raised the revolver and opened fire back at the Chief. The first shot was a direct hit to his head. John wasn’t expecting much of a fight, and while the bullet only did a little damage to his shields, he was still taken by surprise by the force it fired with. It was like a hand cannon!

Chief threw his magnum to the side and threw a frag grenade at Raynor, scoring a direct hit. The explosive detonated, and sent the ex-Confederate sprawling on the ground. Using the time as a distraction, Master Chief fell back. He needed to assess the situation, he was stranded and alone and had no idea were he was. He slipped down into a canyon and drew his Battle Rifle, observing the rocky surface of Mar Sara.

He spent about an hour, preparing. Master Chief was beginning to wonder what was wrong, surely this Marshall couldn’t be so incompetent that he couldn’t find someone on their own land. Then, his helmet-based radio crackled to life.

“I’m giving you one warning- I’ve never had to shoot a criminal in my whole career as Marshall. I ain’t tolerating Dominion on my home.”

There was a brief moment of silence

“I’m not Dominion. I don’t know who they are, or what you’re talking about.” Master Chief replied coldly.

“That’s what they all say.” Suddenly, a massive slug landed next to the Chief’s head. “That was a warning shot.”

Chief tracked the shot to a cliff, out of range from his battle rifle. Raynor was holding his Commando Rifle. John drew his Sniper and put the Marshall in his scope. He stood up and fired, the bullet moving across the gap at a speeding pace, piercing Raynor’s shoulder armor. The Terran grunted, reared back slightly, and fired the Commando Rifle, the bullet piercing hard through the Chief’s leg. Master Chief looked down, and saw the bullet had passed right through the armor, and his leg was bleeding openly. The crimson water flowed from the wound slowly, and the base of his armor around the wound began to turn deep crimson.

Chief fired his sniper rifle again, this time piercing Raynor’s visor. The man fell from atop the cliff side hard, and stopped moving. The Chief put his sniper away and drew his Battle Rifle again, sprinting to check the body. When he arrived, the Marshall lay still, but after a few seconds, raised his visor and began to chuckle. The bullet was stopped just moments from his eye by the thick visor. Raynor punched Master Chief and the stomach, the haymaker knocked the SPARTAN back long enough for him to get up. He kicked the Chief hard in the stomach, before punching him in the head.

Master Chief was hardly feeling anything, but he didn’t like to be jerked around. He caught Raynor’s fist before it could land a second blow to his helmet, and flipped him over his shoulder. The Chief planted his foot firmly on Raynor’s chest and raised the Battle Rifle, shooting into his armor in bursts. At first it didn’t seem to be doing much of anything, but then the paint began to chip away, and soon, scraps of metal. This wasn’t MJOLNIR armor after all.

But before that could happen, a Spider Mine leapt from behind, latching firmly on to Master Chiefs back and exploding. The blast sent him face first into the ground below, and it was soon followed by the blast from an Experimental Plasma Gun. The Chief rolled across the rock, dirt kicking up as he tumbled. Master Chief grabbed onto a weapon on his back hard, and rolled around, hiding it from Raynor’s sight. The Mar Sara local raised the Plasma Gun again, but before he could fire, Master Chief drew his Flamethrower. Hellfire burst from the jaws of the weapon, ignited Raynor’s armor. In seconds it overheated, and the armor was screeching. Systems were failing, non-essential parts were melting, and it was starting to smell crispy.

The Chief got up quickly and punched Raynor in the face. The super-heated visor immediately gave way, and the Marshall’s nose bone followed suit. Blood dripped from his broken nose as Raynor took a kick to the chest. Raynor drew his C-14 as fell backwards and began to spray. The bullets quickly dropped the Chief’s shields, noted by a signature pop and beeping sound. The Chief charged, firing his battle rifle, while Raynor desperately drew his Commando rifle. The two shots hit at the same time…

The Commando rifle had pierced through his chest-piece, but had narrowly missed anything essential. Still hurt like a b*tch though. He looked at his enemy with surprising admiration. The Marshall fell to his knees, a battle rifle round had pierced his throat. Choking, he grabbed a small picture from inside his suit- a beautiful red headed woman smiled back. “Sarah…” he struggled to get out. “I’m…sorry” he gasped and blood flowed from his mouth slightly as he fell to the ground. Dead. The Chief almost felt bad, but he did what had to be done. He certainly didn’t like killing a fellow military man. At the very least, Master Chief had some questions for this Dominion.

Winner: Master Chief

-Months Later-

The Hyperion was quiet with Jim dead. The new captain, Matt Horner, was sitting in his quarters, listening to a recording of his fallen friend.

“…But it’s our sweat and blood that’ll make it happen. After everything we’ve been through, past all the fire and fury, the one thing I know is that we can count on each other to get the job done, or die trying if that’s what it takes…because some things are just worth fighting for.”

As the recording ended, a Marine walked into the quarters. “Captain?” he asked nervously “The boys want to know…what’s our first move?”

Matt sat unmoving for a few moments. “We have a Dominion Assassin to bring to justice…”

Expert's Opinion[]

This was a very close battle. While Raynor had a heavier hitting arsenal, the Chief's energy shield and superior augmentations in strength and speed tipped this fight in his favor.

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Battle vs. Samus Aran (by Deadliest9600)[]

The battle begins on a desert world of unknown origin.Master Chief is patroling the area in his warthog for any Covenant activity. As he is about to call it a day,a cannon hits his vehicle.Chief emerges from the ruins unscathed,wondering what had hit him. He stocks up on the weapons in the back of his trunk and scans the area.He sees a cloaked object hovering above the ground. The UFO then lands and uncloaks itself as a orange and red armored warrior emerges from the alien craft. It is Samus Aran,interstellar bounty hunter,and she has come for his head. Before Chief coud say anything,Samus fires a barrage of power beams at him,but they only flare up his shields. Chief grabs his MA5C and opens fire at her but she leaps over him and shoots hime with the ice beam. Chief blocks with his rifle,but it shatters into crumbling ice.Samus then blasts Chief with the wave beam,dranining his shields. As Samus charges towards him,Chief quickly unholesters his shot gun and plugs a round in her gut knocking her back several yards. Chief walks over to where Samus is ready to deliver the final blow when all of a sudden she leaps up and fires a plasma round into Chiefs armor, melting a significant portion of it.Samus then rolls up into a ball and rams Chief uphill towards and eventually off a cliff. Samus rolls down shortly after and approaches the seemingly lifeless Chief. As she is about to fire a cuncussion missle at his face,Chief grabs the arm cannon and tears it off with little effort. Samus draws out her last weapon the energy whip and slashes his battle rifle intwo before he could get it out. Chief with no other options pulls out the energy sword and charges at Samus. After a few clashes,Chief slices Samus's left shoulder off but she retaliates by cutting a prong of the sword off with the energy whip. Chief then quickly stabs her in the hip with the remaining blade.Angered,Samus kicks him back,rips out the sword and throws it aside. Samus furiusly snags Chief around the neck with the energy whip but this is all a part of his trap. As she thinks she is gaining the upper hand,Chief yanks her toward him and punches her square in the face breaking her visor. He then walks calmly to the sword and picks it up as Samus goes in for a final desprate charge. When she comes within range,Chief leaps over and decapitates her. Chief walks away and radios Cortana to bring him a pelican. Meanwhile in the distance,a man with glimmering silver and blue armor observes Chief through his T-shaped visor. When the pelican finally comes,Cortana says,"This battle its finished."but Chief replies with,"No....I think were just getting started".


Expert's Opinion[]

While Samus's speed and agility were far greater than Chief's,her weapons couldn't really do much serious injury whereas Chief's weapons could.
What ultimatly decided this battle was Chiefs close range weapons and his more expierence on the battlefield

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Rematch vs. Samus Aran (by Lasifer and Drayco90)[]

Samus wins. The battle will be up eventually.

Expert's Opinion[]


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Rematch Information[]


Battle vs. Boba Fett (Legends) (by Evil117)[]

Boba Fett walked casually through the covenant ship that requested his audience. The ship in a sense was eerie compared to any ships in the empire by being more sleek, yet strangely mostly bluish-purple in color. The covenant and less advanced humans that used metal based projectile weapons had arrived in his universe from another, during an event that scientist referred to as the great amalgamation. No one knew its cause, but it brought many warriors and evils together. One of the warriors brought by the event was a man named Master Chief John 117 or more commonly referred to as "The Demon " by the prophet aliens that hired.

Fett had finally made his way to the ships' command deck and there he was greeted by a strange alien that rested on a mechanical throne hovering just a few feet above the ground. The alien looked out at him, while it stretched out its' long neck and spoke. " The humans of this universe are less of an announce that the ones in mine, you are more advanced and less savage. There is one such savage that needs to be eliminated. Many of the high level members of your empire that I have allied with brought up one name as the best for eliminating unwanted pests!". You Boba Fett will finally rid me of this nuisance of a demon, that has cost my people and I so much! Here is where he was last sighted. " Fett accepted the bounty, which despite the prophets usage of eliminate was dead or alive, with a great purse for a living capture. He left cruiser via Slave One. The master chief was on one of the halos that entered his galaxy during the amalgamation.

Master Chief walked along a large metallic structure of the halo ring he had landed on. He was wondering what had happened to the Didact and the few remaining prophets that were struggling to command the covenant remnant after the amalgamation event. He had crashed landed on a halo ring recently during a resonance mission. He needed to get back to Infinity, but he had no way of contacting them. He turned to his only companion a sergeant ranked ODST and said "trooper have you found anything" . The trooper respond " NO..." a missile hit the troopers' destroying his armor and exposing his flesh. The master chief homed in on the launcher of the projectile who was at a distance. He pulled out his sniper rifle. Boba fit took to the air form the rocky area he was hiding in and advanced on the master chiefs' position while firing with his duel blaster pistols. The Spartan was fast avoiding some his laser blasts. He halted in the air and fired a missile from a back mounted launcher. The Master Chief narrowly dodged the blast and his shields collapsed during the explosion. This forced the Spartan to take cover under the wing of his crashed pelican. The Spartan using his enhanced hearing knew the armored assassin was still hovering. He waited for his shields to recharged before rushing out of cover while firing his sniper rifle. Boba was hit by two rounds one in the chest that wobbled him in mid air and the second struck his jetpack causing it to burst and catch fire. The mandalorian while firing at the who was now behind cover, ejected his jetpack and rolled onto the ground. He needed to flush the Spartan out. While firing with one blaster he threw a thermal detonator. It destroyed much of the chiefs cover, causing the Spartan to rush the now grounded mandalorian, while firing an assault rifle. Fett shot out an ensnaring cable at the Spartan in an attempt to stop him. The Spartan gets entangled but breaks free and is now at a very close distance to the bounty hunter. Fett activated his flame thrower and attempted to engulf the Spartan in flame. Master chief dodged the flames and pulled out his assault rifle and fired rounds right at the assassins' chest. The rounds do nothing but dent Fetts' chest plate, and the Spartan closed the distance on the mando and tried to punch him. The Mandalorian was more agile than any non-Spartan the chief had faced. The chief stops and says "who are"? Boba replies "the man that's going to collect your rather large bounty, the prophet promised me tech....but why I'm I telling you this" as he drew a vibro blade and lunged at the Spartan. John drops his assault rifle and pulls out a combat knife, he didn't want to kill his attacker; he wanted answers, as he need to know more about these new humans and this foreign universe.

Fett aggressively attacks the chief forcing the Spartan to dodge attack after attack. John was always one step ahead of the mando due his enhanced reflexes. The vibroblade finally struck him, but it was a trap. Master chief grabbed Fetts' arm and squeezed it crushing his humerus. Fett drops to the ground and draws a blaster pistol and lands a clear shot on the Spartans' helmet. It causes his shields to drain to half, but he has time to react , and throws his combat knife, knocking the blaster out of Fetts' hands and badly cuts his target in the process. The mando get ups only partially and says "kill me". Chief walks looks down at the fallen mandalorian and says "I need answers".


Expert's Opinion[]

This was an incredibly close battle. Master Chief only had a slight edge in training. Boba Fett had a tiny edge in armor with his Mandalorian armor that has been known to block lightsabers, against the spartan's energy shields. Weapon wise, Boba had the edge, but with the Chief's augmented strength, speed and more protective (but less durable) armor gave him the edge.

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Rematch Information[]

The author of the original battle was quite biased for Boba Fett during the time of voting, and used a voting system that cleverly counted Boba Fett's less quantitative votes to equal the value of the Chief's votes, clinching a tie. There was much controversy surrounding this voting system, but it ended in being condoned for some time, until it was later brought back up for debate. It was due to a combination of permission from a bureaucrat and the original author that the original simulation is no longer on this page, and that the victor was changed without starting up a blog post for this rematch. Cite.

Battle vs. Nomad (by HaydenStudios)[]

Master Chief is resting peacefully inside of a cryotube, not bothered by any troubles, just resting easily... He hears the faint sound of a woman's voice cry, “I need you!” The voice is so distant, he thinks it to be just part of his dream. There's no need to get up, that voice is just a projection of his mind... The faint voice speaks again, “Chief!” It's still so distant, why does he need to get up? The voice grows slightly louder, and he feels as though the depth in his sleep has decreased. Again, the voice speaks, this time more vivid, “Wake up John!” Master Chief wakes up, with a feeling of urgency, and hears Cortana's voice, loud and clear, “Chief!” The spartan comes to his senses, and pops the cryotube open to find Cortana on a pedestal in front of him. He rushes up to her, assuring her, “I'm here.”

Before the Chief has the chance to ask Cortana what the problem is, he notices an explosion in that very room. The ship he's on is unstable, and is going to explode within the hour. He realizes then that he is in zero gravity, so he pulls Cortana out of the terminal, puts her in his helmet, and lunges through the ship, avoiding various obstacles and floating debris. Chief flies through the ship, deliberately ricocheting off of large chunks of the broken interior, until the spartan finds himself outside the ship, seeing a giant machine, about the shape and size of a planet. Its giant hole in the middle sucks the ship into its entrance, as though about to consume it. “Chief, I'm trying to make contact with other UNSC forces, but with no luck. We're going to have to get ourselves out of this one. I'm detecting a wormhole of all things which can be reached by exiting the rear of this ship. It may not guarantee our safety, but I prefer it to entering what ever that is.”

Master Chief silently agrees, and lunges through the space ship once more in zero gravity, until he finally reaches the rear. Along the way, Master Chief heads to the armory, and picks up a shotgun, an assault rifle, a sniper rifle, some frag grenades, and a flame thrower. The giant planet-shaped structure has sucked the ship closer to its entrance, making its gravitational force stronger all the time. Chief reaches the dilapidated rear of the ship, and lunges outward into space's airless vacuum toward the wormhole. Chief feels the the wormhole sucking him in with greater force even than the giant electronic planet. “Wait!” Cortana yells. “I've contacted air support! We don't need to head through that portal!” A marine's voice calls, “Cortana! We've locked onto your position, and are heading your way. Hang tight.” Too late. John-117 is getting pulled through the portal, and feels as though he is traveling to another dimension.

After coming out the other end of the portal, Master Chief lands on what appears to be earth. He gets up, and examines his surroundings. Master Chief appears to be on a road running along a mountain, to the right of which is a forest with rocks and palm trees, further in leading to a cliff overlooking a voluminous pond. Master Chief heads into the forest, curious as to where he is. Nomad is in that very same forest, preparing to rendezvous with Prophet, Psycho, and Jester to discuss the mysterious death of Aztec. Nomad spots Master Chief from a distance. “Prophet, I've found what appears to be another attempt by the KPAs at duplicating our nanosuit technology. I don't know what he's up to, but I'm not liking what I'm seeing.” says Nomad over the radio. Prophet replies “If he isn't one of ours, then take him out. And be quick about it! I need you at the rendezvous point ASAP. Over.” “I'm on it.” replies Nomad. Nomad switches to cloak mode, and slowly creeps up behind Master Chief.

Master Chief doesn't say a word, but Cortana is able to tell that the spartan is wondering where he is. Cortana informs Chief, “It looks like we're on earth, but I can't seem to-CHIEF! YOUR MOTION TRACKER!” Master Chief draws his shot gun and whips around to face Nomad whom he can't see, but fires directly at his position, aware of his presence. The bullets impact Nomad less than a meter away, and a thin network of electrical current in the shape of a human's bloodstream appears in a human's figure, and a man in a suit similar in some respects to Chief's becomes visible. Nomad's energy is critical from the blow, and runs for cover just after barely dodging a melee attack from Master Chief.

Nomad makes it to cover behind a rock, crouches down, draws his FY71, aims, and fires at the Chief. Master Chief, suffering energy shield loss from Nomad's FY71, tosses a frag grenade which lands just behind Nomad. Nomad sees the grenade, switches to strength mode, emerges from behind the rock, and uses his super strength to lunge into the air toward Master Chief just as the grenade detonates behind him. Nomad lands right in front of the Chief, and grips him by the neck. Nomad doesn't manage to crush Chief's throat, but he does have a good grip until the spartan trips him up from beneath. Nomad falls to the ground, and Chief once again draws his shot gun; this time, however, Nomad, kicks the shot gun out of the Chief's hands, and pulls out his own, but only manages to get one shot in before it is yanked out of his hands by Master Chief.

The Chief prepares to finish Nomad off, until Nomad switches to strength mode, and kicks Chief in the stomach as he gets up. The hit barely buys Nomad enough time to switch to speed mode, and run onto the road before the spartan chases him with the rounds from his assault rifle. A KPA truck pulls right up to Nomad, blocking the Chief's view of him. Nomad kills the driver, the passenger, and the gunner just after a tumult of shouts in Korean accents. Nomad switches to strength mode, picks up the truck, and hurls it at the Chief. Nomad pulls out his precision rifle as the truck fly’s through the air, and fires at its fuel tank, causing the truck to explode on impact. Chief realizes what Nomad's doing ahead of time and tries to evade the explosive truck, but the distance put between the truck and Master Chief is insignificant, and the explosion drains the spartan's energy shield.

Chief runs behind various trees in the forest trying not to be seen while Nomad, outside of it, draws his gauss rifle, and takes repetitious guesses at Chief's location. The Chief's energy shield has recharged by this point... Nomad advances back into the forest, and is suddenly surprised by the Chief who pops out of the bushes with his flame thrower. Chief unleashes the fire from his flame thrower, but Nomad jumps backwards just in time to avoid the onslaught of flames. Nomad switches to strength mode, jumps over the Chief, and lands facing the Spartan’s back. Nomad catches Master Chief off guard by dealing a mighty blow to his back with his immense strength. Chief is knocked forward several feet, and his energy shields are drained once again from the hit. Nomad advances onto the seemingly unconscious spartan; Nomad is a foot away from him, about to fire his shotgun, until Master Chief quickly rolls onto his back, and sprays Nomad with his flamethrower, this time, getting him.

In a matter of seconds, Nomad is engulfed in flames, and is flailing around madly, and does so for several seconds. Nomad realizes, however, that he must not panic. Still on fire, Nomad switches to speed mode, and takes off running toward the cliff which overlooks a voluminous pond, and switches to armor mode before diving head-first into it. Master Chief reaches the edge of the cliff when Nomad is in mid jump, and draws his sniper rifle. The spartan tries to hastily aim and fire before before Nomad hits the water, but the bullet only grazes Nomad's shoulder due to how hastily the shot was taken, leaving Nomad's suit with enough energy to protect his body from the impact of the rocks eleven feet into the water. Nomad's blanket of flames instantaneously extinguishes as he enters the water, and is overcome by a refreshed, cooled down feeling, but his suit's power is drained. Nomad waits for his suit to recharge... Chief, from up above, tosses a frag grenade into the water.

After Nomad's energy has recharged, he is startled by seeing a grenade drop into the water in front of him. Nomad quickly switches to speed mode and begins swimming to shore as fast as a fish. The grenade detonates some distance from Nomad, and does him no harm with the aided suppression from the water. Chief sees Nomad from up above, and fires bulls eye shots at Nomad via his sniper rifle, but the water resistance, as well as Nomad's armor, protect him. Nomad makes it to shore, and emerges from the water. He switches to armor mode just before a bullet from Master Chief's sniper rifle impacts Nomad directly on the back. It does not damage him, but his suit is deprived of energy from the blow. Nomad turns around to see Chief far away atop the cliff from which he dove. Nomad draws his precision rifle, aims, and fires directly at Master Chief's head. The bullet impacts his visor... But his energy shield absorbs the hit, and a yellow glow appears around Chief's suit; it had no effect. Chief takes aim at Nomad in the stomach, and fires. The bullet goes right through Nomad, and he falls forward onto the ground.



Chief sees his opponent fall, then rushes down the cliff, walks up to Nomad, and turns him over onto his back to find that he's still barely alive. Nomad is weak, and has no energy left to fight back. Chief puts the barrel of his sniper rifle up to Nomad's visor. He's about to shoot... “You're on my side, aren't you.” says the Chief, who slowly stows his sniper rifle. Nomad is surprised to hear Chief speak in an American accent. “Sorry for the misunderstanding.” the spartan continues, reaching out, and gently picking Nomad up. Chief carries Nomad close to where he came from through the portal, and sets Nomad down. “Why?” Asks Nomad, baffled at Master Chief's mercy. “You're a human; we fight for the same cause.” the Chief replies. “You're not from around here, are you?” says Nomad. Nomad takes the Chief's silence as a yes. “I saw you come out of there.” says Nomad, pointing at the portal, now having the strength to do so. “Would you like to get back?” Nomad interprets Chief's lack of reply as a yes once again. “You'd better hurry, it looks like it's closing.” Indeed, Nomad is correct, the wormhole begins shrinking.

Chief hesitates, wanting to make sure the Nomad is okay. “Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. Go!” Nomad shouts. At this, Master Chief begins sprinting toward the portal, realizing what short time he has. He's nearly at the wormhole, until he realizes he's not going to make it, and it's too high up to reach anyway, it seems he'll be stuck in this dimension for the rest of his life... Suddenly, Nomad, who had caught up with the Chief via his speed mode, switches to strength mode, picks the Chief up, and hurls him at the worm hole just in time for him to reach it. The spartan is startled, but immediately realizes that Nomad is helping him.

Chief, in the air from Nomad's toss, glances back, and the two gazes exchange for the slightest moment. While both of their faces are blocked by visors, they know that they give each other appreciative looks. Chief, for sparing Nomad his life, and Nomad, for helping Chief reach the wormhole in time. Chief soars through the wormhole just in time before it closes.

Nomad stares for a moment in amazement at the emptiness that was once the wormhole. He is in a trance for numerous minutes until suddenly, Prophet radios in “Nomad! What the hell have you been doing?! Jester and Psycho are getting pissed!” “I'm sorry Prophet, I got held up. I'm on my way right now.” replies Nomad. Nomad switches to speed mode, and darts off toward the rendezvous point.

Chief dreads what awaits him back in his world. Chief is back in outer space, and sees that the giant planet-shaped machine had swallowed the ship from which he awoke less than an hour ago. Before the giant machine gets a chance to suck him in, however, a pelican rushes by. “Master Chief, sir!” he hears over the radio. “There's our ride, Chief.” says Cortana. Master Chief grabs onto the pelican, boards it, and is saved from the giant machine. Cortana negotiates with the pilot, and the Chief is taken to safety.

Expert's Opinion[]

This was a very close battle. While most of Master Chief's weapons were slightly heavier hitting, and he had more training, neither of these factors were major victories. What really won him the day was his more versatile energy shield, and augmented speed and strength that remained even when his shield was drained, as opposed to Nomad who had to manually switch between modes, and none of his effects were very powerful if his suit's energy was drained.

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Battle vs. Xenomorphs (by MilitaryBrat)[]

No battle written


Expert's Opinion[]

Since the Chief had dealt with numerous types of covenant soldiers, as well as the flood, the expert's believed that with the spartan's extreme training, augmented speed and strength, as well as energy shields, he would come out on top.

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Battle vs. Marcus Fenix (by Urbancommando77)[]

No battle written


Expert's Opinion[]

The experts believed that the chief's superior arsenal, as well as genetic augmentations gave him the win. His intensive training was also a deciding factor that brought him to victory.

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Battle vs. Marauder 06 (by Samurai96)[]

Master Chief: YellowYellowYellowYellowYellow

Marauder 06: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

On the planet Hephestus The Chief along with 2 UNSC marines and 2 ODST troopers drop in on a pelican to search the planet for any covenant activity. Meanwhile The Marauder and 4 Mobile Infantry troops are on patrol looking for arachnids. While moving through a mountainous terrain Chief hears something in the distance and tells his sniper armed with a Sniper Rifle System 99D-S2 Anti Material to find high ground to cover them from. The sniper moves out and Chief orders the rest of his men to take cover to set an ambush to whoever is coming. The Marauder and the Mobile Infantry Troops are moving through the same area and soon one of the men see something and so the Marauder orders his sniper to stay back and cover them while they move up. One of the UNSC marines sees the Mobile Infantry and thinks that they could be rebels so takes aim and is about to fire when the Mobile Infantry sniper armed with the Morita Assault Rifle Sniper version sees him and opens up putting 7 bullets in the marine.Yellow The other UNSC marine sees the sniperBlue and fires back blowing the head off the Mobile Infantry sniper the Marauder sees the smoke trail and orders his men to fire at the location and while they do that a ODST armed with a M90 Close Assault shotgun pops out and fires at the Marauder but the shield protects him which gives a Mobile Infantry soldier armed with a Tactical Assault Shotgun to blow the ODST back but not without the other ODST taking him out with the a MA5C.YellowBlue The Marauder fires his Mk4 at the ODST but the ODST quickly gets back into cover and so Chief jumps out off cover and takes out his M90 and charges at the Marauder and his men. A mobile infantry soldier sees him and fires but the Chief's shield protects him and the Chief gets close enough to fire his shotgun blowing back the MIBlue and pumps it to fire at the Marauder which blows him back but by then the shield has recharged and he only gets blown back and knocking him out. By then the UNSC sniper continues firing but a MI found a secret cave and uses it to get behind the sniper and puts a bullet into the snipers head with his Morita. Yellow The MI moves out and sees the ODST and tries to sneek up but the Chief sees him and warns the ODST who fills him full of lead with the MA5C.Blue The ODST goes to Chief with both thinking the battle is over however the Marauder wakes up and picks up his Marauder Mk4 Rifle and fires killing the ODSTYellowand continues to fire at Chief until his Mk4 starts overheating which gives the Chief's shields time to recharge and which the Chief attacks the Marauder grabbing the gun and using his suits power to increase his strength punching the Marauder in the face knocking the Marauder back. The Chief moves in but the Marauder grabs his fist and puches the Chief and both soon start punching and kicking each other. The Chief picks up the MA5C and fires at the Marauder but the shield protects him and this gives the Marauder the chance to do the same thing did to him by grabbing the MA5C and puching Chief. Chief has an idea and retreats with the Marauder close behind, The Chief goes up to the dead bodu of the UNSC sniper grabs the Sniper Rifle and quickly takes aim firing a single shot which destroys the Marauder's shields in one shot. The Marauder is surprised by the shot taking out his shield in one shot and tries to react but the Chief quickly puts another round into the Marauder's head killing him instantlyBlue. The Chief yells in victory "FOR THE UNSC!"


Expert's Opinion[]

While both warriors were evenly matched with each others suit having shields to protect them. It was Chief's much more better power suit which had a faster shield recharger and also genetically enchanced his speed and strength compared to the Marauder which had slow shield recharges and only enchances his natural movement that won it for the Chief. That and that Chief has more years of training and has fought much more tougher opponents that are tougher then fighting the Arachnids.

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Battle vs. Iron Man (MCU) (by Mikeylango)[]

After a malfunction in the Pillar of Autumn's slip space device, the starship was sent to a modern day city. Master Chief, who initially had no recollection of what had happened, decided to investigate the area. He tried numerous times to communicate with his A.I companion, Cortana, but it never seemed to work. He decided that, left to his own defences, he should adventure around and check for any potential threats. As he ventured out of the starship, he noticed huge crowds of people standing behind road blocks looking at him. He looked around to see police officers aiming glocks at him and, immediately feeling threatened, he pulled out his MA5B assault rifle and fired in the cops direction. Wounding (but not killing) them, they immediately summoned in back up. Again, Master chief defeated the back up SWAT team as hundreds of horrified witnesses evacuated the area.

Meanwhile, Tony Stark was having a lazy day. Still recovering from last night's hangover, he turned on the TV and watched the news. As he watched footage of Master Chief's rampage from a news helicopter, he was surprised to find out that the chaos was happening only a few blocks away. He decided to save the day again and don his Mark VII Iron man suit. He then flew to the scene.

Master chief was sure he had overcome everything the opposition had thrown at him. He still had plenty of assault rifle ammo so he grabbed that, as well as his M41 rocket launcher , his Spartan laser and his energy sword. Walking outside, he noticed the hundreds of police officers and SWAT soldiers that he had gravely wounded and went off the find a vantage point. That way he could probably snipe any other people trying to kill him.

Soon enough, Iron man arrived at the seen. He was astounded at the starship that had crashed into the base of a skyscraper. The news had mentioned that it may have been a terrorist attack but Tony immediately dismissed that. He thought maybe aliens after the his and the avengers stand off months earlier. Master chief noticed Stark in the distance and charged his Spartan laser. Quickly a laser beam shot out of the device at light speed and hit Iron man's head. He was knocked off his feet. He saw Chief charging his spartan laser and quickly reacted by firing a powerful uni-beam at chief. It did not directly hit chief but absolutely obliterated his cover in a huge resulting explosion. Tony was convinced that it had killed Master Chief until he emerged from the small mushroom cloud with his assault rifle in his hands. He aimed at Stark and fired a whole 60 bullets (as that was the ammo capacity) at him. Every single round hit him but did no further damage than small dents. Tony wanted to laugh but decided it wasnt the time or place for it. Štark fired a repulser beam at chief which hit his chest. He took the damage pretty well compared to most enemies Iron man had faced in the past, but was still visibly affected. Iron man took the battle to new heights (literally) by flying at Master Chief, grabbing him a slamming his armoured body into the tenth story of a nearby office building.

Getting back up, he saw Iron man flying towards him. As he got closer, he prepared himself and when Stark was just about to hit him, he swiftly grabbed him spun him around and redirected him towards a thick wall. Iron man was stunned but got back up. Now up close to his enemy, he saw that Chief was physically larger and overall bulkier than himself. He quickly punched chief, who hit the roof and floor, before he got picked up smashed through the whole length of a nearby wall. He didn't recover quick enough as Chief picked him up and smashed him through the roof and into the floor above. Chief jumped through hole in a single bound to face Iron man but didn't expect to get hit by a repulser beam and close range. It was a devastating shot and knocked Chief right off his feet and into a wall at the opposite a side of the building. Chief was fast to recover, but not fast enough because Iron man flew at him and did a superman-style double fist punch to chiefs chest, which knocked him clean through the wall and into mid air.

Flipping through midair, Master Chief caught a glimpse of Iron man flying at him, ready to punch him again. Chief managed to once again grab Iron man and chuck him somewhere else, this time into a smaller apartment building. Chief hit the ground with a thud, leaving a small crater. He got up, pulled out his rocket launcher and fired a rocket at the apartment building. Iron man stood at the hole made when he smashed into the building. He saw the rocket coming towards him and before he could do anything, the rocket hit. There was a huge explosion and most of that side of the building collapsed. He was sure he had defeated his mighty armoured opponent as he looked at the gigantic pile of rubble. He spoke to soon though, as Iron man flew out the top of the heap and fired a small missile at chief. Chief turned around too late to stop it and it struck the ground under his feet. The resulting explosion was so powerful that it created a crater in the ground and through chief several hundred feet until he hit a thick tree and snapped it in half.

Chief lay on the ground dazed as the top half of the tree toppled over and smashed the ground beside him, but a brutal kick to the face from Iron man's boot sobered him up quickly. Iron man flew up again in an attempt to raid him from the air, but Master chief wouldn't let him get away with it and shot a rocket up at him. Iron man dodged the rocket and swooped down at Chief, but chief jumped high enough to dodge the attack. Stark swooped around in a circle. In the same time Chief pulled out his energy sword. Iron man flew at chief again, but chief jump out of the way and waved his sword at him. Iron man crashed into the ground and when he got up, he was horrified to find a gash down his suit which only just missed his artificial heart. He jumped (not flew) at chief with his fists electrified. He narrowly dodged two swings from the energy sword, before punching Chief square in the nose. Chief was paralysed as the electric current passed through his suit and took out his energy shields.

Iron man walked up to chief. He was about to finish him off but in a lightning quick reaction, Chief recovered, grabbed his energy sword and sliced off Tony's right hand in less than a second. Stark yelled in pain. Extremely pissed off now, he grabbed Master Chief with his remaining hand, swung him around so fast that he nearly vomited from motion sickness and threw him into an evacuated bus, dented one whole side in and tipping over, before flying into the air just above the bus and fired an especially powerful uni beam which directly hit Master chief, caused the bus to explode and subsequently killed him.

As Iron man looked at chiefs cooked body, he remembered his severed arm and flew off quickly to get urgent medical attention.

Winner: Iron Man

Expert's Opinion[]

The victor was very clear in this fight, as Iron Man's suit was far more durable, had greater strength, much greater firepower, and was miles ahead of the Chief's suit in terms of agility. Even the Chief's highly superior skill, training, and experience couldn't make up for Tony Stark's immense tech advantage which secured his victory.

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Battle vs. Doomguy (by Goddess of Despair, WanderingSkull, and Affectos)[]

Location: Unknown

A desolate world filled with what seemed to be endless waves of sand. Not a sound was uttered beyond the steady whipping of sand as it danced through the air. The burning heat of the radiantly blaring sun had filled this wasteland, but did little to lighten the mood of the planet. And despite all of the heat and exhaustion snapping at a lone figure trudged through the wastelands. Its long brown cloak being pushed by the wind, he had wordlessly continued with the only trace of his presence being that of the imprints left behind.

Its throat was coarse due to the lack of any water having previously having the liberty to enter the system of the figure. His eyes were filled with exhaustion and his movements showed that fatigue had filled the being for sometime, but despite all of these setbacks, the figure continued to trudge on into nothingness, a mere speck of the legend that he had once been. A new gust had slammed against his chest, removing the cowl but did little to stop the man as his orange-tinted visor shown in the sun being partially cracked in the upper right. His green armor being a stark contrast to the endless seas of white sand.

This was Master Chief. Reduced to the broken shell of a man who had once been the bane of the Covenant and the savior of all of Humanity.

This place could only be described as.....Hell.

Location: Hell, 2XXX

The hellish-landscape was filled with the glowing red upon the falls and the crimson spilled upon the floors. Scattered limbs and charred corpses thrown about as the putrid stench mixed seemed to dance with the resonating screams that filled the air. Pools of lava and the walls around the enter endless fortress seemed to almost have a punishing & judging gaze as they looked upon the poor victims of this damned land. This realm had rightfully deserved the name of Hell.

In the center of all the screams of agony and gasps as the beings screeched their last breath was man who could barely be described as one. His armor coated in bits of intestines and fists dripping with blood as he ripped out the spinal columns of one of the many demons that had decided to cross his path. The next demon attempted to rush the inhumane monster from the side, but was quickly met with the barrel of a shotgun. The creature only had a moment to realize the full extent of its error before the weapon went off, exploding the being's facial cavity and coating the walls with another splash of crimson.

This was Doomguy. But to this extent, he barely would qualify as a man, but merely a demon in human clothing with a chuckle that would chill the spine of those who heard it echo throughout the entire realm.

Throwing the corpse aside, Doomguy merely shrugged as the creature attempted to drag itself towards the nearest exit. Its bodily fluids trailing behind as began throwing out a series of coughs that had caught the attention of its opponent. Clawing at the floor, the demon attempted to reach the nearby corridor with hopes that the marine would have mercy its soul, but there is no mercy for the damned.

The familiar revving had soon entered its mind causing the figure's ears to perks and eyes to widen. With renewed desperation in the movements, but it wasn't enough as the blade entered its chest causing the monster to scream in utter agony as the gas-fueled weapon began tearing the demon's form to shreds. Its screams only ceasing as blood had filled what little remained of its lungs.

The marine looked as his handiwork impressed by the creature's determination, but it was simply no match for him, nothing in this world was. He was the destroyer of Hell and nothing could strip him of that title. His thoughts were interrupted by a growling and upon looking up, he noticed a new collection of monstrosities had come to aid of their murdered companion. They growled with the intention of murdering the man behind the armor.

He simply smiled underneath his helmet and his eyes widened becoming filled with a berserker rage before screaming, "COME GET SOME!!!!" Rushing towards the monsters with chainsaw in hand and roaring for their blood to be spilled across its blade.

Chief continued his journey walking onto a large mound of sand and only stopping short upon reaching the top. His eyes scanned the dull green structure that had stood before him its named etched into the side, but had been nearly wiped away due the constant waves of sand.

UNSC Scion...

He had heard the name before, but it was a distant memory. The UNSC Scion was one of the naval vessels tasked with combating Covenant forces during the Fall Of Reach, its last transmission was of a scared Captain shouting to his men to prepare for a jump to hyper-space before static had ended the transmission. It had amazed him that the ship had managed to not only travel out this far, but was still in well-enough condition minus a tear through the hull.

Chief was about to board the vessel when a ripping sound had echoed through the air and placed him on the alert. Removing the rifle from its magnetic clip, he tore himself away from the hull to find the direction of the sound. Upon viewing the object his eyes widened and grip around his rifle had tightened.

The orange hue the portal emitted and its swirling design had given him all the reason he needed to be prepared for battle. It was of Forerunner design, specifically the ones that the Diadect had used in his campaign to annihilate Earth and the rest of humanity before being falling to his apparent death. A moment had passed before something was released from the vortex and out came a man dressed in what seemed to be armor of old design and sliver helmet. His armor was painted in spots of blood and in his hand was a shotgun similar to thus seen hundreds of years ago.

The man snapped his head up and stared at Chief, his eyes looking squarely at the man's face before taking notice of the rifle in his hands. He growled and lifted himself before pointing his shotgun at the Spartan-II, pumping his shotgun. Both stood in silence and dare not move as the portal behind the man had closed.


The sand had once again began whipping as both combatants stared each other down. Chief has less aggressive in his stance as scanned the man that stood before him. Confrontation wasn't in his best interests, he was a man on a mission and any injuries that he may suffer here would undoubtedly affect his performance. His thoughts trailed towards that of his objective causing him to loosen the grip on his rifle.


Doomguy pumped his shotgun causing Chief to snap out of his daydream and roll to his right. Doomguy fired off his first shell and missed the super-solider. Growling he pumped his weapon once more before a stream of bullets had begun coming his way slamming into his chest. Some rounds managing to perpetrate his armor. A roar of anger escaped his lips as he back firing in rapid succession forcing the Chief to find cover behind a large piece of hull that had broken off the Scion.

Doomguy smiled as he knew that his prey had been cornered. He shotgun simply just vanished and made way for a multi-barreled weapon. God, I love hammerspace. He thought as the weapon began spinning up and unleashed a torrent of bullets that slammed into the hull launching a hail of sparks.

Chief who had taken refuge behind the object was going over his options. Jumping from cover had now become too risky since his foe had now gained access to what appeared to a Gattling gun out of thin air, but his options were were becoming increasingly thin. Chief checked his rifle and noticed a lack of ammunition was present. He returned the rifle to its magnetic clip and moved his cloak pulling out his Magnum. By this point, the hull piece had stared giving way to the onslaught of rounds.

Guess I'm doing things the old-fashioned way. Chief took a deep breath and made a mad dash for the ship, still turning turning around to fire at the space Marine who had just adjusted his aim. The round made its way into the man's shoulder causing blood to spurt from the wound and a roar to escape from the man's lips. He ignored the wound afterwords and launched a new stream of rounds, but all missed their mark as the SPARTAN-II dove into the ship and out his sight. The Marine was angered, but simply switched out his machine gun for a sidearm of his own. The small black pistol appeared his hands as he rushed into the ship eager to not let the SPARTAN-II escape from his grasp.

Upon entering, Doom saw the lack of lighting minus a few dull blue lights on the ceiling. Scattered bits of debris, thrown apart equipment and what appeared to be the remains of a Marine in the corner his a pistol in his hand. A gentle dripping of some sort of liquid mixed in with the environment of a ship that had clearly seen better days, but it mattered not to Doomguy, all that mattered was him and dealing his the bastard that shot him.

"Come on out, asshole! I promise to leave you intact if you surrender without a fight. Well, some of you since ya still owe for this little wound. Call it compensation would you?"


Expert's Opinion[]

To be written.

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Battle vs. Commander Shepard (by So-Pro Warrior)[]

(Narrated by Shepard)

Last time on Heroes UNITE!

(Narration Ends)

"What's your name?" Shepard asks

"I'm the Doctor..."

"Oh and it seems you have already gathered your first group of heroes too nice." The Doctor says looking at Luke Skywalker, Leia, Han and Chewbacca.

"Hold on that little box over there can what?" Tali asks

"Travel across all of space and time..."The Doctor says

"It's the Reapers Shepard. Minerva told you how they were trying to unlock the ability to travel across the Multiverse to bring their harvesting to the other Universes. Well they succeeded." The Doctor says bringing up a screen and showing the group as Reaper forces in their galaxy begin to open up portals in front of them and fly through them heading to other alternate universes.

"It's begun." The Doctor says

"Soon the entire Multiverse will begin to feel what your universe will go through Commander. Which is why I'm here to help." The Doctor says

"Wait a minute...I've seen some of these people...are these..."

"That's right Commander...before all of you are the heroes who protect their respective universes from the forces of all that is evil. Each of them are unique in their own ways...some have powers and some don't but they all share the same thing and that's protecting all that is good." The Doctor says

"The Reapers are powerful Shepard and you know that. By themselves many of these heroes won't be able to defeat the Reapers and may even die...but if you can unite all of them together including their armies and bring them back here to your universe where the main bulk of the Reaper forces are and you can use the Crucible and defeat the main bulk of the Reaper Forces including Harbinger then the rest of the Reapers throughout the Multiverse will become loss...confused without their main leader. And all will be won." The Doctor says

"...We'll do anything to defeat the Reapers and bring peace to the future of not just our galaxy but the future of the Multiverse itself." Shepard says

"Great we'll be leaving soon so I suggest getting all the gear you need ready..."

"So Doctor where are we going exactly?" Shepard asks

"The first heroes we are about to get...well let's just say that in this universe they are the only two heroes...and one of going to be of great help in rescuing and recruiting the other heroes." The Doctor says as he stares at his screen which shows the image of the man in bulky green armor and the humanoid lizard that Shepard stared at before.

Meanwhile in an Alternate Universe...

Down on the Planet Earth...

In a building with the words UNSC on it...

A man wearing a large bulky green suit of armor with a gold tinted plate visor stares out the windows of the building into the sky as the alarms sound all around him.


In the Alternate Universe...

The Space battle above the Earth rages on...The UNSC and Separatist Covenant Fleet continue to fire all their weapons at this unknown enemy who has appeared out of nowhere. The Reapers meanwhile continue to take out many UNSC and Separatist Covenant ships loosing not many of their own as fighters from both sides fly about trying to take each other out.

"This is Eagle 6 anyone want to explain to me who or what the fuck these things are!"

"They came out of nowhere and they have some serious tech that's all I got to say!" Eagle 3 says

"Doesn't matter just give them everything you got!" Eagle leader says

All around UNSC Longswords, Broadswords, and Separatist Covenant Seraph's engage the fighters of the Reapers while the UNSC and Separatist Covenant Capital Ships along with the help of the Orbital Defense Platforms engage the capital ships of the Reapers. One Longsword continues to fly after a Reaper fighter firing its autocannon at the fighter as it flies under a UNSC Frigate. The pilot then locks onto the fire and fires its missiles and knocks the fighter out of the sky.

On the UNSC Infinity...

"Captain Lasky sir! We just lost the Yorkshire!"

"Keep firing all weapons don't stop until every single one of these metallic squids are out of the skies!" Captain Thomas Lasky yells

Lasky stares out of the bridge as the Space Battle wages on. He stares at the UNSC Charon Class Light Frigate Foxtrot as one of the strange metallic squids powers up its weapon and fires at the ship firing its beam across the ship and destroying it as it explodes.

"My God..." Lasky says in terror at the sight of these things weapons powers.

Meanwhile a group of five Reaper fighters form up and fly towards a Separatist Covenant ship and begin a strafing run from the top firing their weapons as inside the ship Sangheili, Kig-Yar, Mgalekgolo, Yanme'e, and Unggoy run about to get to their stations as the fighters begin their attack on the ship causing some parts inside to explode taking out any Covenant near the explosions.

"Damage report!" The Shipmaster yells

"Fires have broken out in sectors 9 and 2 sir we have our men on it now," One of the Elites say

Back on the Infinity...

"Just what the hell are these things!"

"Who knows man but I've been at this shit longer then you have and I can tell you this those aren't Storm Covenant that's for damm sure!"

"Well no shit since when did the Storm Covenant have shit like this!"

"Keep it together you two and focus on the battle!" Lasky says to the two crewmen.

"Man I wonder how things are going on the ground?" Lasky asks himself.


Down on the Earth...

Location: New Mombasa...

Three Longswords fly in formation as they fly towards New Mombasa as smoke pillars rise up into the air. The city has become a warzone with buildings destroyed, fires all around and rubble lay about the streets.

"GET TO COVER!" A UNSC Marine yells as he along with Marines, Elites, Jackals, and Grunts, move forward and begin opening fire on the strange creatures before them.

The Husks return fire at the UNSC and Separatist Covenant forces as they get into cover and fire at them. A Marine armed with a MA5D fires his gun and manages to take out a Cannibal which falls down dead. The UNSC and Separatist Covenant forces continue to fire their weapons at the Husks managing to take out many of them in the thick of battle loosing some of their own troops. One Marine reloads his Battle Rifle and pops out of cover firing his gun taking out a Husk which charges forward and takes aim but is killed when a Marauder fires its gun hitting him in the head as his dead body flinches back from the impact of the shot.

A Warthog drives up behind the group as a Marine begins laying down fire on the Husks with the Chaingun cutting down many Husks.

"INCOMING!!" One Marine yells as a Harvester flies out from around the corner of the building and flies towards them.

The Gunner takes aim and begins firing the Chaingun at the Harvester hitting it many times but to no avail as the Harvester fires its gun at the Warthog.

"OH SHIT!" The Marine Gunner yells as he jumps off the back of the Warthog as the shot impacts destroying the Warthog and killing the driver who couldn't get out in time and causing the Warthog to backflip as the Marine turns around in time to see the Warthog and rolls out of the way as it crashes back onto the ground.

A Marine runs up to the Gunner "You alright you alright!"


"Come on then grab your weapon and--"

The Marine is not able to finish his sentence as he is hit by a shot from a Cannibal.

"Fuck! MEDIC!!! MEDIC!!" The Marine yells as he grabs the Marine and drags him into cover.

Just then five objects hit the ground near the Husks position and reveal themselves to be more Husks.

"Enemy reinforcements!" One of the Marines yell

"This is Bravo Company does anyone read! We are need of support repeat we need support!" A Marine yells into his comm.

"I can't raise anyone Sarge!"

"Then keep trying!" The Marine Sergeant says as he fires his MA5D taking out two Husks.

"I say again this is Bravo Company we are in need of support! Repeat in need of (just then he hears something land to his right and looks to see a...)GRENADE!!!" The Marine yells as he dives on top of the grenade to save his fellow marines and allies.

The grenade detonates killing the Marine who's body flies into the air a few inches before landing back down.

"Jackson!" One of the marines yell

"You son's a bitches!" Another Marine yells popping out of cover with his DMR and firing the gun at the Husks.

The Marines along with their Covenant allies continue to fire their weapons at the Reaper forces as bullets, high-velocity rounds, and plasma travel through the air. A Marine and Sangheili pull out their respective grenades looking at each other and nod before priming their grenades and tossing them at the enemy forces as the Plasma Grenade gets stuck to a Marauder and the grenade lands near a group of Cannibals. The two grenades go off taking out small groups of the Husks.

Justs then another object impacts the ground behind the Husks as the Marine and Covenant forces wait to see what's next. A large screech pierces the air as from out of the smoke appears a tall creature and two large ones with legs that resemble spider legs.

"What the fuck are those things..." The Sergeant says to himself


The two Ravagers open fire on the Marine and Covenant forces with their twin artillery cannons with some shots impacting near them and taking out some Marines and Covenant soldiers. Two marines hiding behind a destroyed vehicle fire their weapons at the Ravagers but hitting the sacks which explode and then release small groups of Swarmer's which scurry towards the group. One of the Ravagers takes aim at the two marines and fires its cannons which impact the ground to their side sending them flying into the wall of the buidling hitting the wall and falling back down to the ground. Two Elites fire their Carbines at the Ravager and manage to take one of them out when the second Ravager turns its attention on the two Elites and fires with the shots hitting the ground in front of the Elites sending them flying backwards. The Banshee let's out another bloodcurdling screech when it begins teleporting towards the Marines and Covenant who try to get a fix on her. All of a sudden The Banshee appears in front of an Elite scaring some of the other soldiers who back up when the Banshee picks up the Elite with its left hand and then drives its right hand through the stomach of the Elite impaling him and then tossing him aside.

"Take it down! Take it down!"

The Marines and Covenant begin immediately firing their weapons on the Banshee who casts a Biotic Barrier with the Barrier taking most of the shots.

"Weapons aren't working!"

The Banshee then casts a Biotic Nova which sends the Marines and Covenant in front of her flying back from the blast.


The tide turns in favor of the Husks as they charge forward towards what's left of the soldiers as they try their best to fight back. One Marine begins backing up firing his shotgun at Husks when he finds himself out of ammo and tries to go for his pistol but is pounced on by a Husk which begins to viciously cut him open with its claws as the Marine yells in pain.

"Pull back! Pull back!"

The Banshee raises its arms in the air and brings it down cutting straight down the Jackal in front of her killing him. A Cannibal tosses a grenade which lands next to and kills a Marine and two Grunts as they try to retreat. The Swarmer's from the Ravagers begin crawling all over a Marine and Elite as they yell in horror trying to get the swarmer's off them. A Harvester flies into the area and fires down on the ground troops taking out five Marines with a shot from its cannons.

"Retreat! Retreat!" Various Marines and Elites yell as the UNSC and Covenant forces begin to get pushed back.

The Sergeant picks up a SAW from one of his dead men and begins firing it into the crowd of Husks in an attempt to give covering fire for his men as they retreat. The Sergeant turns to his right but too late to see the Banshee as it picks him up from the ground and brings him face to face with it. The Sergeant struggles to escape but then finally relents.

"Go ahead you ugly ass piece of your worse."

The Banshee is about to impale the Marine Sergeant when all of a sudden a knife is thrown into the Banshee's brain. The Banshee drops the Marine to the ground and then falls down dead with the knife still sticking in its head.

"What the?"

All of a sudden someone walks past him and takes the knife out of the dead Banshee's skull. The figure turns around.

"You okay soldier?"

"Y--Yes sir." the Marine says as the figure helps him up.

The Marine looks at the figure and then realizes who it is.

"No way...your...the Master Chief."


Master Chief nods his head as he then looks at the group of Husks before him as they move towards him.

Nearby a Elite who is holding back a Husk using his gun is saved when a Energy Sword is drived through the Husks head. The Husk falls down dead as the Marine looks up to see the Arbiter Thel Vadam standing over him.

"Are you okay soldier?" Thel asks

"Yes Arbiter." the Elite says as he stands back up with his weapon in hand.

All of a sudden UNSC and Covenant reinforcements arrive as two Scorpions along with two Warthogs arrive along with more troops as the two Warthogs Chaingun gunners open fire on the Reaper forces with the Marines and Covenant forces also firing their weapons as the Husks are cut down. The Scorpion tanks begin firing their main guns taking out large groups of husks along with the assistance of the Hunters. Meanwhile the Drones fly past the group and begin buzzing around and firing their weapons on the Harvester which cannot get a fix on them.

Master Chief puts away his Combat Knife and pulls out his MA5D as he charges forward and fires his Assault Rifle at the Husks. Chief takes out two Cannibals and then gets behind some rubble for cover as he continues to fire his weapon at the Husks. All of a sudden Chief picks up movement on his right in the form of three dots on his motion sensor. Chief looks to his right to see a wall in between him and whatever he is picking up on his motion sensor. His reaction kicks in and he jumps backwards as three Brutes charge through the wall. Chief lands back a few feet away from the three Brutes who roar at him. Chief responds by pointing his assault rifle at the lead Brute and firing his entire clip into the Brute to no affect but pissing it off. The Brute charges at him to which Chief rolls to his left to dodge the charge but looks up just in time to see the second Brute lift its claws into the air to which Chief quickly jumps back from as they impact into the ground.

The Arbiter firing his Plasma Pistol looks to see Chief as he dodges the attacks from the three Brutes and quickly orders two of his Hunters to go assist him.


Chief rolls backwards with his right fist in the ground and kneeling on the ground as he gets ready for anything. The three brutes stand in front of him as they prepare to attack. All of a sudden Chief gets help as two of the Brutes are attacked by two Hunters which bash them in the face with their shields. This gives Chief the opportunity to deal with a single brute as the brute tries to hit him with a sweep from the left to which Chief jumps up into the air forward and lands behind the Brute.

"Spartan!" Thel yells catching the Chief's attention as he tosses him a plasma grenade.

Chief gets the idea and jumps onto the back of the Brute and primes the plasma grenade and sticks it onto the brute and then jumps off the brutes back. The Brute turns around and is about to charge at Chief when the grenade goes off and blows its back off killing it.

The Hunters deal with the last two Brutes as the Drones finish off the Harvester and the rest of the Husks are killed.

"Area cleared!" One of the Marines yell

Chief scans the area to see no more of the unknown enemies forces in sight.

Chief then walks towards the Sergeant he saved earlier.

"Sergeant Calahan sir Bravo Company. 2nd Division." Callahan says saluting the Chief.

"At ease Sergeant." Chief says

"What are you and your men doing here?" Chief asks

"We were searching the area for civilians. We received word that the entire area hadn't been fully evacuated yet and so we got orders to clear this area and search for survivors."

"And the Covenant?" Chief asks

"We picked them up along the way. Got lost in all the confusion. Separated from their platoon."

" you have any idea what the hell is going on? What the hell are these things?"

"I don't kow Sgt. No one seems to know who or what these things are. But whatever they are their here with the intention to kill all of us." Chief says

"But sir...their tech, their...I don't know what to make of it. And the way everything went to shit...These guys and those ships of their's come out of nowhere in some portal or something that's not slipspace and in just five hours the whole world goes to hell."

Whatever these things are they can be killed and that means defeated. So we continue fighting until their's none left...Now then we'll help you search for the survivors. Now that the area's clear..."

"Chief you read me?" A Female voice says over his comm.

Chief puts his two right fingers to his helmet. "I read you Palmer what's happening?"

"Well...I don't know how to say better come to our position. We're just a couple clicks west of your position." Sarah Palmer says

"I'll be on my way." Chief says

Chief walks past the Sergeant and walks to the Arbiter who is talking to some of his Elites. The Elites then walk away as Arbiter finishes talking to them and turns around.

"Spartan we have transport ships en route. If we do find any survivors the ships will be ready to carry them and our wounded out." Thel says

"That's good news...Arbiter it seems that Commander Palmer found something and needs me. Do you think you can handle the search parties?" Chief asks

"I will do my best Spartan." Thel says

"I'll be back as soon as I can." Chief says as he runs off in the direction of Palmer's coordinates.


"Five hours....fiver hours was all it took for the entire world to go to shit" Chief thought to himself.

It had been 7 months since the events on Requiem...7 months after Chief defeated the Didact....7 months since Chief...lost her.


"Don't make a girl a promise... If you know you can't keep it..."


"It was my job to take care of you."

"We were supposed to take care of each other."

(flashback ends)

The past seven months have been hard on Chief...failing his mission to save Cortana...but he knew that no matter what he did there was now no way of bringing her back. Halsey was missing and he still had his job to do helping the UNSC and Separatist Covenant battle against the Storm Covenant.

The past seven months also saw many changes in the galaxy. Much of the Sangheili race began to accept Humanity as allies and while there were some who joined with the Storm Covenant there were not many Sangheili ever seen with the Storm Covenant. The UNSC and Sangheili were able to broker piece treaties with many of the other races of the former Covenant...all but the Jiralhanae thus far. The galaxy was thriving again. The races were at peace with one another and their militaries working side by side against the Storm Covenant. The races even began trading technology, and many other things between each other now and there were even colonies where all the races were living in peaceful harmony amongst one another. The same thing was happening even on the homeworlds such as Earth where once it was just humans but now there were Sangheilies and other races walking amongst one another. It had taken Chief some time to get use to things since he was gone for four years but he was use to it.

Today was just suppose to be an ordinary day as always...but that all changed when the space fleet orbiting Earth sent word that unknown contacts appeared out of nowhere and began shooting without any warning. In the first 30 minutes it was just a space battle as strange metallic squids came out through some sort of portal that wasn't a Slipspace portal and not only headed towards the Earth but also out into the Galaxy most likely heading towards other planets to do the same thing...attack them. Next thing happens the enemy somehow establishes their ground forces on the ground and in just five hours the whole worlds in chaos.

Chief didn't know what to think of this. These weren't Storm Covenant, not Prometheans and no one not even the Covenant knew what these things were. And to make things even stranger was the technology they possessed was something that not even the Covenant possessed.


For 45 minutes Chief ran through the ruined streets of New Mombasa finally arriving at Palmer's location inside a office building.


Commander Sarah Palmer a SPARTAN-IV takes off her helmet as Chief approaches her behind her the SPARTAN-IV Fireteams Majestic and Crimson.

"Chief." Palmer says

"Palmer." Chief says

"Take a look for yourself." Palmer says stepping to the side as Chief then sees a strange white and black armored clad man with a strange weapon of some kind against the wall with blood trailing down the wall. Chief then looks around to see more dead bodies of the strange armored clad men some of them looking different from one another.

"What happened and what are these?" Chief asks

"We were clearing this building out for hostiles and any civies. Searched the entire building found nothing. Come back down here to the bottom floor these guys jumped us out of nowhere and so we fought back and well you can see the results." Palmer says

"They don't look like any of those creatures outside in fact the armor almost looks like it was built for humans." Chief says

"This is the frightening part right here actually...(walks over to the dead armored man) check this out." Palmer says as she then opens up the soldiers helmet.

Chief looks and becomes horrified as he sees...a human...but the face almost resembling that of one of the creatures.

"What the hell." Chief says

"Yeah no idea what to think now. These are humans but...not anymore." Palmer says

"Not only that but their weapons and armor are shit that we don't have." SPARTAN-IV Thorne of Majestic Team says

"Anything else you can tell me?" Chief asks

"Nothing else just that." Palmer says

"If you ask this is just a little to odd don't ya think?" Madsen says

"What do you mean?" Chief asks

"First these ugly guys and those gigantic squids appear out of nowhere and just randomly attack us. Next thing you know now these guys are attacking us and also came out of nowhere...anyone else here confused on what the hecks's going on? Cause I sure am." Madsen says

"No kidding this day just keeps on getting weirder and weirder by the minute." Hoya says

All of a sudden a beeping sound comes from the dead man as a strange orange hologram of somekind appears on his left arm.

"I didn't do anything." Madsen says

"What the hell is that?" Demarco says

The Spartans continue to stare at the strange hologram as it continues flashing.

"Thorne you touch it." Madsen says

"Uh-Uh last time I touched some strange thing I got sent from a ship to a planet. The last thing I want is the opposite thing getting sent from here onto one of those ships up there." Thorne says

"I'll do it." Grant says as she walks to it and presses the flashing light.

All of a sudden a voice comes out from it. "Zeta Squad report in."

The Spartans stare at the thing in confusion.

"Uhh I think that things some kind of communicator." Madsen says

"Zeta Squad report!"

Thorne quickly acts "This is uhhh Zeta Squad we read you loud and clear over."

"Have you found the one known as the Master Chief?" the voice says stunning the Spartans who hear it.

"Uhh negative on that we have not made contact with him...Uhh what...what are suppose to do again with him?" Thorne asks

Palmer slaps her face at what Thorne just did...but to her amazement.

"Your orders are to find the one known as Master Chief and either kill him or subdue him. The Illusive Man wants to speak to him and see if he can turn him against Commander Shepard."

"Oh right yeah um well anyways no we haven't seen him." Thorne says

"Things seem to be getting busy out there. I want you to return to the UNSC Headquarters. We'll send a fake transmission out and lure the Hero here. We'll have to deal with the one known as Arbiter later. First this Master Chief." the voice says as the communication ends.

"Uhhh did that make any sense to anyone?" Madsen says

"Whoever these guys are it seems they want you Chief and the Arbiter for some reason." Demarco says

"No wonder we haven't been able to get in contact with the base." Palmer says

"I'd best go and see what's going on." Chief says

"Wait what? Chief didn't you hear them. They're after you...whoever they are." Palmer says

"It also seems that their after The Arbiter. I want you and your team to head to where he is and give him a warning as well as some support. I'll head to the HQ and see if there are any survivors there and also deal with these guys and also try and get some answers out of them." Chief says

"You don't want me to send Majestic or Crimson with you?" Palmer asks

"No thanks. I'll move faster by myself." Chief says as he then heads off.

"Are you sure we shouldn't go help him?" Madsen says as Chief exits the building.

"Madsen you do know who you're talking about right? I'm sure that whatever is thrown at him Chief will deal with it. He always does." Demarco says


Former ONI Alpha Site...

Current Designation: UNSC Headquarters of New Mombasa...

Chief carefully crosses the bridge as he heads to the UNSC Headquarters. Arriving at the entrace to the site he carefully checks the area to see no signs of enemy forces. Chief carefully begins making his way towards the building which had been changed since it's destruction during the Battle of Earth during the Human-Covenant War. The building had been rebuilt into a large twelve story building and had been made into a UNSC Headquarters just in case of another attack due to the cities location had the Storm Covenant ever decided to attack New Mombasa.

Chief walks through the deserted plaza of the site as the sounds of the battle echo from the all around as the battle between the UNSC and Separatist Covenant against the Unknown Enemy raged on as explosions sounded throughout the quiet area Chief was in. Chief soon finds himself at the entrance of the building and carefully enters with his Assault Rifle at the ready as he steadily enters.


Meanwhile on the Top Floor of the building...

Two Cerberus Assault Troopers check through some crates labeled UNSC as they look at the weapons.

"This is how far Humanity has gotten in this universe? Huh pathetic."

"Yeah well whoever this Master Chief fella is. He's sure got the full attention of the Illusive Man."

"What hear that?"

"Yeah what is that?"

All of a sudden a blue box appears before the two Cerberus soldiers confusing them as they point their weapons at it.

"Check it out!"

The Cerberus soldier on the left slowly moves forward still keeping his Hornet pointed at the strange blue box. As he gets right next to it all of a sudden one side of the door opens up as a man with brown spiked up hair, wearing a blue suit with red pinstripes pokes his head out of the entrance.


The Doctor pokes his head out of the door to see if he arrived at the right spot when all of a sudden.

"Don't Move!"

The Doctor looks to his right to see a Cerberus Soldier pointing his gun at him.

"Oh my...that's the second time I've gotten a gun pointed at my face." The Doctor says

"Who are you!" The Cerberus soldier yells

"Uhh sorry I uh must of arrived at a wrong time I'll just be leaving now." The Doctor says as he quickly pulls his head back into the TARDIS.

"Hey stop!" The Cerberus soldier yells as he is about to head into the TARDIS when all of a sudden he is punched right in the face and falls down backwards to revealing the attacker to be Commander Shepard.

"What the!" The other Cerberus soldier says as he is about to fire his gun when all of a sudden Shepard ducks down to reveal Garrus aiming his Mantis Sniper Rifle and fires the shot killing the other Cerberus soldier before he can pull the trigger.


Shepard opens the other side of the door as he along with the rest of his team walk out with their weapons at the ready followed by The Doctor.

"Doctor you neglected to mention anything about Cerberus." Shepard says

"I'm just as surprised as you are Shepard Cerberus doesn't exist in this Universe. Something's not right something's not quite right how did Cerberus get into this Universe the Reapers yes but Cerberus something's quite wrong here." The Doctor says

The downed Cerberus soldier groans as he begins to recover from the hit.

"Looks like sleeping beauty here is waking up." James says

"Hold we'll question him for some information first. We need to find out how and why Cerberus is here." Shepard says

The Cerberus soldier gets up and turns around to find a Predator pistol pointed at him causing him to raise his hands up in the air.

"Alright you better answer my questions otherwise you'll end up like your friend over there." Shepard says

The Cerberus soldier at first says nothing when..."THIS IS DELTA..."

The Doctor quickly pulls something out of his blue suit's pocket and points it at the Cerberus soldier and pushes a button as a strange sound emits from the device. Just like that the Cerberus soldier finds his communicator not functioning.

"What was that?" Shepard asks looking at the Doctor as he holds up a strange device in his hand.

"Oh right forgot to mention it too ya. This here is my Sonic Screwdriver all I did was disable that fellas Communicator so he couldn't get that message out and all." The Doctor says

"That thing a weapon?" Garrus asks

"This little thing Oh no no no no no I don't like weapons I reeeeally dislike weapons and killing not my style." The Doctor says

"What's that Sonic Scredriver do then?" Liara asks

"Oh it can do a lot of things so many that we don't have a lot of time to say what it can do. But it's the best tool of a Time Lord and the only thing it can't do is work on stuff that is made of wood and that's about it." The Doctor says

"This Sonic Screwdriver tool of yours sounds quite amazing Doctor." EDI says

"Yes thank you for the compliment so yeah you can get back to what you were doing Shepard." The Doctor says

"Thanks." Shepard says as he turns his attention back to the Cerberus soldier

"Now then where were we oh yeah. So how did Cerberus get here?" Shepard asks

"Go to hell!" the Cerberus soldier says

"Not the answer I was looking for." Shepard says as he motions to Garrus who walks up to the Cerberus soldier and using the butt end of his gun hits him in the stomach as the Cerberus soldier let's out a gasp of air.

"Try again." Shepard says

"Uhhhh (coughs)"

"You'd better talk my friend here was a former C-Sec Officer and I'm pretty sure that he'd have worse ways of getting information out of you." Shepard says as Garrus cracks his knuckles.

"Alright alright! The Reapers spoke to us through one of our men who had become indoctrinated. When the Illusive Man warned the Reapers about the Citadel the Reapers no longer attacked us since we helped them. When the Reapers had learned about the awakening of the lady known as Minerva from the First Civilization they had already known about the plans she had set in motion. That plan that involved uniting all the Heroes and Armies of the entire Multiverse and everything and asked the Illusive Man for help. You may think that by destroying our main base that you defeated us. But we have more bases then that and as long as the Illusive Man lives we will all serve him. The Reapers asked us to help them in dealing with the Heroes while they dealt with the armies. The Reapers gave us the technology we needed to build a couple of teleporters to send us throughout the Multiverse to deal with the Heroes. So while the Reapers attack the other Universes and deal with the armies we deal with the Heroes." The Cerberus soldier says

Hearing this stuns Shepard and the others at what they just heard.

"Cerberus and the Reapers are actually working together?" Shepard says

"Yeah after all we both share a common" the Cerberus soldier says

The Cerberus soldier then without warning attacks Garrus trying to grab the sniper rifle causing Shepard to have no choice but shoot the Cerberus soldier shooting him in the head killing him as his body falls to the ground.

"Great as if things weren't bad enough now we have Cerberus AND the Reapers working together and trying to kill the Heroes and Armies we need if we have any chance of winning this war." Ashley says

Tali then looks away and notices something and walks over to a nearby window and stares out into the city "Shepard." Tali says getting the others attention as they head over to the window and look out to see the city as smoke pillars rise into the air and explosions go off around and over the city.

"The Reapers..." Shepard says

"We better hurry and find the heroes." The Doctor says as he all of a sudden runs back to the TARDIS.

"Doctor?" Shepard says

"Yep just hold on for a moment! Let's see uh oh! No wait not this ummm oh here it is." THe Doctor's voice is heard from inside the TARDIS.

The Doctor then comes out holding a small handheld device in his hand.

"Here we go!" the Doctor says

Shepard and his team soon join up with him walking away from the windows.

"And that would be?" James says

"Why this here is the Hero tracker! Built myself on the way to your ship and well yeah. Knew we were going to be looking for heroes and whatnot and so made this thing here which can track any and all heroes in any and all universes." The Doctor says

"Really? And has it been...tested?" Shepard asks

The Doctor then looks at the device again and back up at the group.

"Well...No not exactly I haven't exactly been looking for heroes before and all and like I said I just built this." The Doctor says

"Buuttt according to this one of our Heroes are actually in this building." The Doctor says

"You said that there was two though right?" Ashley asks

"Yeah and according to this...oh my that's a long way from here. Yeah he's nowhere near us but he is in the city." The Doctor says

Shepard and the others then stare out at the city as the sounds of battle echo through a broken window.

"The other ones...somewhere out there?" Garrus asks

"Yep." The Doctor says

"Alright then we'll just have to split up then for this. Doctor can you use your TARDIS to land near that other Heroes position?" Shepard asks

"Yeah no problem I can do that." The Doctor says

"Alright then here's the plan then I'll look for the hero in this building by myself. Cerberus might still be in this building and this hero is going to be needing help. I want the rest of you to go with the Doctor and find the second hero in the city." Shepard says

"Wait Shepard you staying here by yourself?" Ashley asks

"Things are a lot more worse in the city. I need all of you together to save that hero. Thing's aren't as bad in here I can handle a couple of Cerberus soldiers." Shepard says

"You sure Loco?" James asks

"Yeah I'm sure." Shepard says

"Well if that's the case hold on for just a moment!" The Doctor says as he runs back into the TARDIS.


The Doctor comes out a minute later holding a metallic briefcase and holds his hands out to Shepard who looks at it confused.

"What's with that?" Shepard asks

"Just in case." The Doctor says opening the case to reveal to Shepard some guns that are recognizable to him such as the M-15 Vindicator, M-76 Revenant, M-100 Grenade Launcher and a couple of Inferno Grenades.

"Wait I thought you weren't a man for weapons?" Shepard says

"Well I got these from the stuff you packed up and placed it in this briefcace so you could carry these around along with the rest of your weapons." The Doctor says

"Why would I need these extra guns exactly Doctor?" Shepard asks

"While none of these heroes know about me I know a lot about them. After all I did know about you and all your friends and I do have a machine that can travel across space and time meaning that I know pretty much any and all things throughout the entire multiverse. And if this hero is who I think it is and the timeline is correct and since he might think you are with these fellas since well the weapons and armor most me when I say that you are going to be needing these. At the most try to take him down but don't kill him. Trust me this hero is going to be of great help to us as we recruit the rest of the heroes and armies." The Doctor says as he closes the briefcase.

Shepard looks at the case again and then finally grabs it as he places it on the middle of his back.

"Be careful and take care of my team Doctor." Shepard says

"Same goes for you Shepard be careful." The Doctor says

"Wait how will I know who to look for?" Shepard asks

"Oh yeah that's right uh hold out your Omni-Tool would ya?" The Doctor asks

Shepard activates and holds out his Omni-Tool as the Doctor takes out his Sonic Scredriver and activates it pointing it over the Omni-Tool.

"There ya go when you see the hero this thing is going to start lighting up." The Doctor says as he puts away his Sonic Screwdriver and heads back to the TARDIS.

"Be careful all of you." Shepard says to his team

"You too Shepard." Ashley says as the team heads into the TARDIS after the Doctor as James closes the door.

The TARDIS begins making its sound

And then disappears.

"All right then...let's do this." Shepard says as he pulls out his M-8 Avenger should he encounter any Cerberus soldiers and then heads off.


Meanwhile on the 3rd Floor of the building...

A squad of Cerberus soldiers stand about with two of them sitting on some chairs and another one sitting on a table.

"I don't like it haven't heard anything from Alpha or Delta Squads on the 2nd floor." The Cerberus Centurion says

"Relax sir it seems that something messed up the communications engineers are working on the problem right now." One of the soldiers say

All of a sudden the sound of the elevator moving is heard as the squad looks at the door.

"What the hell?"

"Ah it's probably one of the squads coming up here to show that their okay or report something."

The elevator door opens up but shows no one on there.

"What in the world?" One of the Assault Troopers say causing the ones sitting down to stand up as the squad gathers close to each other and looks at the empty elevator. Just then something rolls out of the elevator towards the squad as they look down to see what it is and see a small green ball.

"Is that a..."

"Grenade!" the Centurion yells as he dives backwards just as the grenade goes off blowing away the Assault Troopers and killing them.

Chief comes out from the side of the elevator and charges forward as the Centurion gets back up and sees him coming.

"Oh shit!" The Centurion says as he tries to pull out his gun but has no time to react as Chief pulls up his M6H pistol and fires a shot which travels right through the head of the Centurion killing him.

Chief stops in his tracks and looks around at his handiwork. Chief wasn't liking at what he had encountered so far. Whoever these guys were had mercilessly killed all the UNSC personnel in the building both combatants and non-combatants alike. He had so far encountered no survivors and had taken care of the two squads on the 2nd floor and decided to work his way all the way up the building to try and secure it planning on leaving some of these men alive so he can find out who they were and why they were looking for him and the Arbiter.

"I heard an explosion and gunshot down this way!" A voice calls out as Chief looks up hearing the voice come from the hallway to left.

Chief quickly acts and notices a opened ventilation shaft above him meaning that these men were thorough in their search searching the air ducts for survivors even. Chief jumps upwards and quietly crawls in and stares out through the opening. Soon a group of 15 Cerberus soldiers arrive on the scene as they have their weapons at the ready and scan the area,

"What the hell happened here?" A Assault Trooper says

"Looks like we got an unwelcomed guest." Another Trooper says

"Great and if things weren't already bad with the comms off!" Another Trooper says

"Quiet everyone and search around I want the bastard who did this dead." The Centurion says

As the Cerberus soldiers begin searching the area one of them stands right under the open ventilation giving Chief an idea who quickly readies his pistol and pulls out a grenade. After waiting for a couple seconds to see if he would move away Chief goes into action jumping through the ventilation just as the Cerberus Assault Trooper begins to look up out of curiosity as Chief plants his boots right into the Troopers chest kicking the trooper to the ground at full impact taking him out.


Chief reacts quickly priming his grenade and tossing it at four Cerberus soldiers to his left and jump rolls forward.


One of the four troopers yell but is too late as the grenade explodes and takes the four of them out.

Chief rolls forward and gets into the crouch position as he raises his pistol to his right and fires his rounds into three Cerberus Troopers who are each hit a couple times and go down.

"Take him out!" The Centurion yells as he along with the rest of the remaining six Assault Troopers open fire on Chief who quickly runs towards the crates and slides over the top of them into cover as the rounds hit the crates and the wall. Chief reloads his pistol and puts it away as he pulls out his MA5D and waits for the enemy soldiers to stop firing. As the Cerberus soldiers begin to reload their guns Chief pops out of cover and fires his gun in short bursts managing to take out five of the Cerberus troopers.

Chief finds his gun out of ammo due to the battle with the Reaper forces as well as the Cerberus soldiers from the second floor and hops over the crates and charges forward towards the two remaining Cerberus soldiers. The Assault Trooper reloads his Hornet and raises the gun just for Chief to push his gun up into the air with his right hand making the soldier fire his gun and waste ammo and follow up with a powerful punch into the stomach making the trooper bend over and let out a gasp of air from the punch as Chief finishes him off by rolling over his back still holding the hand with the gun and getting behind him. Chief then breaks the troopers arm as the trooper let's out a scream of pain and Chief who grabs his neck with his right hand pulls him up and then slams his head into the wall breaking the troopers skull and leaving a large dent on the wall as Chief then throws him to the ground.

"You'll pay for that!" The Centurion says as he charges forward with his Shock Baton out and swings it at Chief who ducks under it and then grabs the Centurion's throat with his left hand and then throws him down on the ground. The Centurion even though he is wearing his armor still feels a powerful pain travel throughout his body almost as if he got hit by a truck and then sees as Chief puts a gun to his head and Chief pulls the trigger...

Chief stands back up and looks around making sure their all dead and when he's 100% sure heads off.


Meanwhile on the 9th Floor...

Shepard has so far encountered not a lot of resistance from Cerberus forces fighting past only two squads on the last two levels. Shepard arrived on the 9th Floor and started making his way through the entire floor making sure to clear it of Cerberus forces to lower the danger level once he found the hero. As he made his way into what seemed to be the medical center for this floor he all of a sudden heard Cerberus soldiers heading his way about to come through the other side of the rooms door. Shepard quickly ducked down behind a bed and looked out from under as he soon sees two Cerberus Assault Troopers walk in.

"Huh man all this stuff is way too much to take in this whole...Multiverse thing and stuff." The one on the left says

"No kidding finding this out would probably mostly be compared to when humanity found out we weren't along in the galaxy anymore." the other one says

"Maybe but nowhere as near as this." the other one says

Shepard readied his M-3 Predator pistol and by looking under the bed took aim at the Cerberus soldier on the left. Just then another Cerberus trooper runs into the room.

"Hey did you hear we got the comms back up and running problem is we haven't heard any word from the squads on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors! Orders are to head to the 5th and set up an ambush for whoever's taking out our guys." the trooper says

"Let's go then!" the one on the left says

Shepard hearing this decides to react quickly and fires shots into the heads of the first two Cerberus troopers taking them out in quick succession.

"What the!" the Assault Trooper yells as Shepard pops out of cover pointing his Predator at the Trooper.

The Assault Trooper acts quickly and radios in "This is Charlie 6 Shepard's here! He's on the 9th floor!"

Shepard then fires a shot into the troopers head killing him.

"Hopefully that will take some pressure off the Hero whoever he is." Shepard says as he heads off.


Both Shepard and Chief continue to fight their way through many Cerberus soldiers as all the Cerberus soldiers try their best to kill both the heroes.

On the 5th Floor Chief finishes off a Centurion driving his knife into his chest and then ripping it out when he looks up to sees two Cerberus Phantoms appear down the hallway. The two draw their Monomolecular Blades and get into battle stances with their right hands pointed out and their blades behind them. Shepard stares at the two and then readies his combat knife holding it in his right hand. The Phantoms make the first move as they both charge forward at the same time too which Chief gives a reply as he begins to charge forward too. Both the Phantoms and Chief run at top speeds towards each other down the narrow hallway as they prepare to engage each other drawing closer...and closer to each other. The Phantom on the right makes the first move jumping over and attempting to slice Chief's head off which Chief is quick to react too and block with his blade as the Phantom flies over him and safely lands behind him. The second Phantom jumps up into the air and brings her blade down on Chief who blocks the blade with his knife as the two become deadlocked. Chief however quickly gains the upper hand due to his augmented and multiplied by his armor strength and pushes the blade up into the air forcing the Phantom to stagger back a little and follows with a kick to the chest sending the Phantom flying down the hallway and hitting the ground and rolling back a bit. Chief then quickly turns in time to block the other Phantom's blade who quickly pulls is back and attempts to kick Chief in the head who just throws his head back to dodge the kick.

Chief then notices his motion sensor and looks behind him to see the other Phantom who survived the kick but with a lot of broken bones in her body raise her right hand and fire her Phase Disruptor too which Chief quickly sees coming and dodges causing the shot to hit the other Phantom and send her flying. Chief looks to see the other Phantom sent flying and turns his attention back to the other one as he sees her take aim with her gauntlet again. Chief throws his knife up into the air and catches it by the blade and then throws it at the Phantom and in just a mere second the knife strikes her and imbeds itself into her skull as she then falls backwards onto the ground dead. Chief turns his attention back to the other one just as it recovers and charges at him again and jumps sideways and attempts to kick down the Chief's body to which Chief catches her leg in the air causing the Phantom to fall on the ground and Chief then slam the Phantom into the wall and then throw her down the other side of the hallway as she hits the ground and rolls down the hallway before stopping near the end. The Phantom slowly and painfully gets back up trying to continue to fight and just as she stands up she sees the Chief charge right towards her and drive his left fist into her face as he slides past her and she falls backwards onto the ground with the helmet all cracked up.

Meanwhile on the 7th floor Shepard finds himself pinned behind some desks as a group of seven Cerberus Assault Troopers fire their weapons at him. Shepard pops out of cover and fires off a short burst from his Avenger and takes out two of the Assault Troopers. Shepard quickly gets back into cover as two rounds hit the desktop mere inches from him as he begins thinking of a plan. Shepard comes up with one and powers up his Biotics. He waits for the right moment and when it comes he pops out of cover and casts Singularity which catches hold of three of the Troopers as they struggle in the air. Shepard pulls out his Predator pistol and fires a single shot into each of the three as he slides over the desktop towards the Cerberus soldiers. One of the other Troopers pops out of cover and is about to fire but Shepard counters and casts the Stasis on the Cerberus soldier who freezes in place. The other Trooper sees this and pops out of cover as well but Shepard uses his Charge and in a split second flies towards nad rams right into the Cerberus trooper sending him flying into the wall. Just as the Stasis ends Shepard puts the Predator at the Troopers head and fires a round into him.

Just then he notices a flash of red appear on his eyes and disappear and looks to see a Nemesis on the balcony for the floor above him and quickly dives into cover as the Nemesis fires a shot which hits the desk. Shepard puts away his Predator and pulls out his M-92 Mantis and slowly peeks over the desk to see if the Nemesis is still there to which he gets his answer with a round that hits mere meters away from his face. Shepard looks to his left and right and then decides to go to the left noticing a small gap between a pillar and a desk he could hide behind and and hopefully get a shot off. Shepard quickly gets down on his stomach and begins to slowly and quietly crawl towards his position. Meanwhile the Nemesis continues to scan the area Shepard is trapped in making sure he can't make a break for the doorway or run anywhere else. The Nemesis slowly and steadily scans to her right with the sniper rifle but then sees something in between a desk and pillar. The Nemesis scans back and sees something just as a flash is seen and the sound of a gun firing is heard. Shepard fires the Mantis with the round travelling through the scope and going in and out of the Nemesis's eye. With the Nemesis dealt with Shepard gets back up and heads off.

Chief arrives at the staircase and begins running up the staircase towards the sixth floor.

Meanwhile Shepard arrives at the elevator and after calling it up and entering it begins to head to the sixth floor as well.

Chief kicks down the door with his pistol drawn and quickly scans all around for signs of the enemy soldiers too see no sign of them. With the area cleared Chief quickly takes off to his left and begins checking each room for any survivors of enemy soldiers. As Chief finishes clearing the tenth room he heads to the next one and soon comes across a double sided opened door and gets against the wall as he prepares to check the room. Chief has his pistol at the ready and slowly breathes in as he jumps out of cover and raises his pistol upwards should he encounter any Cerberus soldiers. What he finds instead however is the UNSC Armory with the weapons that remain in there. Surprisingly the majority of the weapons are all still stacked up on their racks with some weapons on the floor with grenades and ammo packed in their crates.

Chief lowers his pistol and walks into the armory as he looks at all the weapons.

"Whoever these guys are must of attacked without warning for most of the weapons to be in here still." Chief says to himself also remembering that he is low on ammo and still needs to clear this floor and the top upper floors still.

Chief heads in and starts packing up on some ammo for his Assault Rifle and decides to replace his pistol as he places it aside and picks up a M45D Shotgun since things were going to be close quarters fighting most likely and packs up on Shotgun shells. He also grabs a couple more Grenades and also comes across some Covenant Plasma Grenades finding a crate of Covenant weapons as well behind some other UNSC crates and grabs a couple of them too. With all he needs Chief then leaves the armory.

Chief soon walks into what appears to be this floors main plaza. The plaza littered with rubble all around as well as showing signs of battle with shell casings on the ground, spent gun mag's and also finds a in-place M247H Heavy Machine gun and spent casings by its side. The plaza itself has a desk near the back, with pillars lining on both sides of the room holding up walkways for the floor above, with some more desks and chairs also lying about the area wither destroyed, flipped over or in perfect conditions, as well as some large square planters in the center with some grass and each with at least one tree growing out. Seeing no signs of the unknown enemy troops Chief is about to head out when he hears the ding of the elevator arriving on the floor sound. Chief looks towards the elevator and then looks around and hurries to get behind a pillar as he gets behind it and readies his Assault Rifle.

Shepard walks out of the elevator with his M-8 Avenger raised up as he scans for signs of Cerberus troops. Shepard moves slowly and cautiously as he moves past the first pillar and quickly turns to his right to see and open plaza and scans for Cerberus activity. Shepard continues to walk slowly sideways as he walks past the second pillar still seeing no sign of Cerberus. Shepard then turns to his left and once again looks down the hall to see if he can spot any Cerberus soldiers.


Chief quietly peers out from behind the pillar he is hiding behind and soon sees a human male walk past the second pillar. Chief notices the strange armor and weapons but notices the face looks exactly human unlike the other soldiers he had encountered so far who's faces looked like those of the creatures he was fighting. Chief didn't know what to make of the person as he certainly had the weapons and armor that almost closely resembles that of the other enemy soldiers in terms of the looks of what the armor was made out of. The armor didn't look like any of the soldiers he had encountered before's uniforms but he was wielding a weapon that once again was something that he had ever seen before. For all he knew this was perhaps the leader of whoever these men were. He was wearing armor the likes no other human had ever seen before and wielding a weapon that was not in any databases on known weapons. Not wanting to take any chances Chief carefully takes careful aim at the man before him.

Shepard passes by the fourth pillar and soon lowers his Avenger as he doesn't see any sign of Cerberus activity on this level. Shepard turns around but all of a sudden rounds start landing all around him as bullets hit the pillar and wall whizzing by him and with some of the shots hitting his armor which thankfully is protected by his Kinetic Barrier as Shepard quickly jumps behind two desks to his left. Shepard then peers out from the side of his cover trying to see where the shots came from. Peering out Shepard sees what appears to be someone or something behind a pillar on the other side but the figure fires his gun causing Shepard to quickly move his head back into cover.

Chief ejects the empty mag tossing it to the ground and then puts another mag into his MA5D. However the man on the other side pops out of cover and opens fire with his gun at Chief with three rounds hitting him before he can get back into cover as a couple more rounds hit the pillar. Chief waits in cover as his energy shields then recharge from the damage. Chief takes out and preps his M9 Grenade as he slowly moves to the other side of the pillar. Chief primes the grenade as Shepard continues to wait for the figure to appear out from behind the pillar still aiming his Avenger at the pillar but soon notices the figure pop out from the other side of the pillar and toss something at him. Shepard looks into the air and notices it to be a grenade as it flies towards him.

"Shit." Shepard says as he quickly runs to his left as the grenade lands near the desks. The grenade explodes destroying the desks and sending rubble flying into the air as Shepard runs away from the blast.

Chief runs back to the other side of the pillar and notices the man running and takes aim and begins firing his Assault Rifle at the man as he runs down the hall past the pillars. Shepard hears the figure firing his gun as bullets fly all around him hitting the wall and floor around him with a couple of shots hitting him and taking out some of his Kinetic Barrier's power as Shepard quickly turns past the last pillar and slides towards the planter in front of him. Chief steps out of cover and begins making his way to the planter in front of him trying to get a better angle on the man just as the man pops out of cover and and opens fire with his gun. Chief quickly returns fire with his assault rifle as the two men exchange fire at one another with rounds flying past them, hitting around them or hitting the target but Chief's Energy Shields and Shepard's Kinetic Barriers both absorb the rounds as Chief then gets behind the cover of the planter. Shepard ducks down and reloads his Avenger as Chief also reloads his gun. Shepard pops out of cover and fires off a burst at Chief's position with Chief still behind cover however with the shots impacting the top of the planter. Chief also pops out of cover and fires off a short burst of ammo from his gun with Shepard quickly ducking back into cover causing the shots to miss.

Shepard takes out one of his frag grenades and primes it, he pops out of cover and tosses the grenade at Chief's position. Chief pops out of cover and is about to fire his gun when he notices the grenade flying towards him. Chief's reflexes kick in as he quickly gets out of cover and runs towards the back desk he saw just as the grenade hits the ground flies a couple of inches in the air and explodes. Shepard sees Chief running and fires his Avenger after him as Chief quickly retaliates holding his assault rifle with his right hand and firing it backwards at Shepard's position and quickly jumping and sliding over feet first the desk into cover. Chief lands in cover and reloads his assault rifle as he heads to the side of the desk and then pops out too see Shepard already aiming his gun at him and firing his assault rifle at Chief causing him to duck back into cover as the rounds hit the desk. Shepard knowing he's in an exposed position due to his attacker's position looks behind him and slowly begins to walk backwards while still aiming his assault rifle at Chief.

Chief however doesn't wait and quickly pops out of cover while Shepard tries to move back and fires his assault rifle towards the Commander hitting him a couple of times but to no avail as the Kinetic Barriers protect him just as Shepard turns the corner of the planter and gets back into cover. Chief loads in his last clip for his MA5D and peers out from behind his cover looking at where Shepard is. Chief quickly remembers the Heavy Machine Gun and quietly crawls his way to the other side of the desk and peers out to see the Machine Gun still there. Shepard meanwhile reloads his Avenger with his last thermal clip and tries to figure out what to do. Shepard decides to see if he can try flanking the man and so slowly and quietly begins to head to the other side of the planter and then peeks out. However as he does so however Chief who had quietly snuck up to the Machine Gun sees Shepard and quickly begins to fire his M247H at Shepard's position who barely dodges the shots.

"Fuck!" Shepard says quietly to himself

Chief continues to fire his Heavy Machine Gun at Shepard's position as rounds impact all around sending chunks of debris flying all around as the sounds of the bulllet impacting the top of the planter is heard by Shepard who keeps his head down. Shepard quickly comes up with a strategy and powers up his biotics. Shepard first casts the Barrier giving himself more protection and then quickly pops out of cover and sends the Chief a gift in form of the Lift Biotic which he aims at the Heavy Machine Gun hitting it as Chief jumps back to avoid the strange blue orb that flies towards him and soon notices as the Heavy Machine Gun begins to float in the air. Chief stares at the Commander and becomes confused in the strange blue aura that surrounds him but gets his mind back to action as he quickly runs to and jumps into the air and grabs the M247H out of the air and lands back on the ground as Shepard pulls out his Avenger again but sees Chief's actions. Chief quickly aims the Heavy Machine Gun at Shepard and let's loose firing at Shepard who quickly gets back into cover as Chief slowly begins backing up towards the doorway so he can get to the armory.

"Well that's just cheap." Shepard says to himself.

Shepard pulls out an Inferno Grenade and preps it for when Chief stops firing. Chief continues to fire his gun soon finding it out of ammo and just in time arriving at the doorway. Chief quickly drops the Heavy MG and turns around runs as Shepard tosses the Inferno Grenade at Chief too which the grenade lands and explodes at the doorway but Chief manages to escape the blast radius as he jumps forward. Shepard quickly puts away his Avenger and pulls out his Tempest and chases after Chief.


Chief quickly finds himself back at the armory and tosses aside his assault rifle as he then grabs a pair of SMG's and loads up on some ammo for them. Chief also decides to grab a Bubble Shield Grenade just in case and quickly exits the armory. Shepard quickly runs down the hallway keeping his Tempest aimed forward for when he encounters the figure who fired at him. As he turns down the hallway and moves towards the next hallway corridor Chief pops out of cover with his shotgun out and fires off a round which hits Shepard in the chest but is protected by his Kinetic Barriers as Chief pumps his shotgun again and fires to which Shepard dives into the side of the wall to dodge the shot and fires his Tempest at Chief causing Chief to get hit a couple of times as he rolls back into cover. Shepard cautiously moves forward still sticking to the wall as Chief down the hall preps one of his Plasma Grenades and then pops out of cover and tosses the grenade at Shepard who fires his Tempest but misses as Chief quickly gets back into cover. Shepard barely dodges the grenade standing straight up against the wall as the strange thing flies past him. Shepard looks at the object which lands on the ground and hears the hissing from it and doesn't like what he's hearing. Shepard thinks quickly and fires his Tempest at the wall in front of him putting 20 holes in the wall and runs at it crashing through it into another room as the Plasma Grenade goes off.

Chief looks out from cover and doesn't see Shepard but then notices the hole in the wall and knows that he must of went in there. Chief carefully walks out of cover with his shotgun trained right at the hole and makes his way towards it. Chief stands against the wall with the hole right next to him and takes out, primes, and tosses his M9 Grenade into the room making sure it's clear and the grenade goes off a couple seconds later. Chief then moves in and finds himself to what appears to be an NCO's office. Chief looks around and sees no sign of Shepard and lowers his guard when all of a sudden Shepard jumps out from behind a cabinet with his M-100 Grenade Launcher in hand and fires a shot at Chief hitting Chief directly in the chest and sending him flying out the hole and crashing through the other side of the wall finding himself in a lockers room as he crashes into a couple of lockers and knocks them over. Shepard steps out of the NCO office and sees Chief as he gets up from the shot as if he shrugs it off as nothing. Shepard acts quickly and begins to fire his grenade launcher at Chief who acts quickly and pulls out and plants into the ground the Bubble Shield grenade which activates and forms a shield dome around him as the shots impact but are blocked by the shield. Shepard sees nothing but smoke fill the room in front of him and lowers his grenade launcher. However he smoke begins to clear and expects to see a dead body but instead sees what appears to be a dome of some kind disappear and sees the figure still clouded by the smoke aim something at him.

Shepard acts quickly and casts the Barrier Biotic but unknown to him Chief takes aim at him with a Asymmetric Recoilless Carbine-920 which he found from one of the destroyed lockers and charges the gun up to full power and fires it at Shepard. The shot impacts into Shepard which sends him flying backwards back into the office and through the wall of that office, Chief gets up as he stares through three holes in the walls and tosses the Carbine aside.


Shepard meanwhile finds himself on a pile of rubble as he wakes up from the shot letting out a sigh of relief as he gets up from the rubble and rubs his head.

"That's going to hurt in the morning." Shepard says to himself rubbing his head.

Shepard stands up and looks around to find himself in this floors medical center. Shepard hears footsteps coming towards him and quickly looks around for somewhere to hide and heads off getting behind a bed on its side.

Chief steps into the room with his SMG's out and a M739 LMG on his back deciding to replace his shotgun with the LMG as he looks around for Shepard. Shepard meanwhile takes out his M-76 Revenant and gets ready to strike waiting for the right moment. As Chief turns to the right with his SMG's pointed that way searching for Shepard, Shepard leans out of cover and fires his Revenant at Chief who quickly turns to the shots and returns fire with his Duel SMG's while also walking his way towards cover as the two soldiers fire at each other in a hail of bullets both getting hit multiple times but being saved by their shields as Shepard gets back into cover to reload his Revenant and Chief flips a table on its side and gets behind it for cover. Chief places down his SMG's and takes out his LMG and peeks over the desk and opens fire at Shepard's position with the bullets easily ripping right through the mattress of the bed causing Shepard to run away from the bed as he jumps over another bed as he turns around and returns fire at Chief as he backs his way towards the door with the two continuing to exchange gunfire at each other. Chief ducks down behind the desk as he begins to reload his LMG as Shepard continues to fire his Revenant with the rounds travelling right through the desk all around Chief who finishes reloading his LMG and pops back out of cover and fires again at Shepard who quickly retreats through the door.

Chief puts his LMG on his back and grabs his SMG's and quickly heads after Shepard. Chief runs out the door Shepard left through and looks down both sides of the hallway when he looks to his right and sees the door to the staircase close. Chief quickly runs to the door and kicks it open with his SMG's pointed out as he quickly looks down and then up the staircase and sees Shepard running up the stairs. Chief takes aim with his SMG's and fires both SMG's at Shepard as he runs up the stairs with the bullets hitting the railing near Shepard who jumps away from the railing to dodge the shots and then runs back over and fires his Revenant down at Chief who also dodges the shots as they hit all around him but as a distraction so he can continue running up the stairs as Chief begins to give chase again.


Meanwhile in the City...

"INCOMIIINNNG!" A UNSC Marine yells as a rocket is fired from a Cerberus Mech which takes out a Marine and ODST who are sent flying into the air.

Cerberus soldiers move in and engage UNSC and Covenant forces as Marines, ODST's, Elites etc...engage these unknown forces that appeared before them.

"These are the same fuckers we took care of in that building!" Hoya says firing his shotgun

"Yeah well it seems that they brought along some friends of theirs!" Madsen says firing his sniper rifle taking out a Cerberus Assault Trooper.

"Are these the strange humans you told me about?" Thel asks Palmer nearby as they take cover behind some rubble.

"Yeah these are them alright but it seems they had some friends we didn't encounter before." Palmer says

Since Chief left Palmer along with Fireteam's Majestic and Crimson had linked up with the Arbiter along with the others who had also been joined by some ODST's by then and cleared the area of the strange creatures and got any civillians out of the area as well. As they were about to leave they were ambushed by these strange humans who this time brought in some support of their own in a form of a mech and some unit's that weren't encountered before.

An ODST continued to fire his MA5D when all of a sudden he notices a red dot appear on his helmet and became confused. However when he saw where the red dot was coming from he noticed a sniper.

"SNIPER!" The ODST yells out when the Nemesis fires and hits the ODST with the round travelling right through the visor killing the ODST.

The Marine next to him armed with a DMR sees the sniper and fires it at the Nemesis managing to take her out.

"Move forward!" A Centurion yells as Cerberus soldiers begin to move in on the Marines and Covenant. The Marines and Covenant continue to fire their weapons managing to take out a couple of Cerberus soldiers but having trouble dealing with the Guardians due to their shields.

"Snipers aim between the gaps in their shields!" Palmer orders.

Any snipers in the group do just that as they carefully take aim and fire at the Guardians managing to get between the gaps and taking out some of the Guardians. The Atlas however continues to prove a problem as the pilot continues to advance forward and fires another rocket which takes out a Elite and some Grunts and Jackals. A couple of Drones take off and fly towards the Atlas in an attempt to take it out from behind. However the pilot sees this and takes aim and begins firing his Mass Accelerator Cannon taking out two of the Drones who fall out of the air. Some of the Assault Troopers on the ground give some assistance and fire their weapons at the drones who are all soon shot down.

"Where the hell are our Launchers!" Palmer yells

"We used up all our rockets! We don't have any left!" A Marine yells back

The Atlas Pilot continues to move forward and then begins to take aim at where Palmer and the Arbiter are.

"Commander!" Thel yells getting Palmer's attention as she sees the Atlas take aim at them.

"Oh shit!" Palmer yells as she and the Arbiter quickly get up from their cover and begin to retreat as rounds from the Cerberus soldiers hit all around them.

The Atlas fires the rocket which hits where Palmer and the Arbiter were once before as Palmer and The Arbiter get behind a destroyed Wraith and fire their weapons at the Atlas which continues forward.

"This battle is not going in our favor!" Thel says

"No kidding!" Palmer says firing her DMR and managing to take out a Assault Trooper who attempts to move forward.

"We must retreat to a better position before we are wiped out!" Thel says

"You probably right!" Palmer says

"Everyone fall--"

All of a sudden a rocket is fired from atop a building behind the Cerberus forces but hits and destroys the Atlas.

"What the?" Palmer says to herself

"Uhh what just happened?" Thorne says to Demarco the two in the front behind a destroyed Warthog.

All of a sudden someone opens up on the Cerberus forces from the building on their left and begins cutting them down as they try to figure out what the hell just happened. The Cerberus forces recuperate and begin firing at where the shots are coming from becoming distracted and giving the Marines and Covenant time to counter-attack them. Still not knowing what just happened Palmer puts it aside for now and orders everyone to open up on them while their distracted. The soldiers begin to fire at the Cerberus troops who become trapped between a crossfire. Some Cerberus soldiers try to return fire at the Marines and Covenant but become easy targets for the ones in the building while the Cerberus soldiers firing at the ones in the building become easy targets for the Marines and Covenant. A Phantom jumps from out of cover and activates her tactical cloak and moves towards the Marines and Covenant who haven't noticed her yet. All of a sudden she reappears in front of a Marine who becomes shocked and tries to fire his gun but is stabbed in the neck by the Phantom who jumps over him as Marines and the Covenant forces take notice of her.

"Aww shit!"

"Somebody fucking get that son of a bitch!"

The Phantom holds up her right hand and casts a biotic barrier around her which deflect all the shots as the Marines and Covenant fire at her with all they got in an attempt to kill her. However as the Phantom lowers the Barrier and is about to reactivate her cloak she fails to notice the Arbiter appear behind her and then drive his Energy Sword through her lifting her up into the air and then pulling it out of her causing her dead body to fall to the ground.

"Well that's the end of that." Demarco says

"Anyone want to explain what the hell is going on? Cause I could've sworn we cleared that building before these guys jumped us." Madsen says

"What we thought you guys could use some help." A voice came from behind the group.

Palmer and the others turned to see two humans in strange armor followed by strange looking creatures or something with them causing Palmer and the others to raise their weapons at the group.

James and the others stop in their tracks and raise their hands up too show they aren't hostile.

"Woah hey we just saved your asses!" Ashley says

"And that we're thankful off but we have no idea who the hell you people are and who they are with you." Palmer says referring to Garrus, Tali, Liara, Javik and EDI.

"Easy their with us." James says

"Not to mention killing us isn't exactly a good way of showing appreciation to the ones who saved you guys." Garrus says shocking some of the soldiers hearing him speak the common english language.

"Alright everyone stand down." Palmer says causing everyone to lower their weapons as Ashley and the others put away their weapons to further show their non-hostility to them.

Just then the Doctor runs through the group with his Hero Tracker in hand running up too Palmer, Thel and the others who look at the man confusingly as he walks by Palmer pointing his tracker at her and then walks by Demarco, Thorne, Madsen, and then a couple of Marines, ODST's, and Elites each one pointing his Tracker towards them while looking at it and walking to each one without even looking at them or where he's going. Just then the Doctor stands in front of the Arbiter and his tracker begins lighting up in green indicating something to him.

"Ahh here we go found him." The Doctor says looking up from the tracker and then slowly looking up towards the Arbiter while still smiling as the Arbiter stares down at the Doctor and let's out a small growl indicating he wants personal space from him.

"Oh my..."The Doctor says taking a step backwards away from him.

"Alright just who the hell are you people?" Palmer asks

"(turns his attention to Palmer) Oh yes right sorry for not introducing ourselves my name's The Doctor and these here are my friends the two humans Ashley Williams and James Vega, the Quarian the one with the mask on Tali Zorah, the Asari the blue one there Liara T'Soni, the Turian the one with those healing scars on his face Garrus Vakarian, the AI there in a synthetic body EDI, and the last Prothean the one with the four eyes Javik." The Doctor says

"Prothean? He looks nothing like one of those things." Thorne says looking at Javik who becomes confused by the comment.

"Well he's not exactly your version of Protheans. No not at all in fact quite very different he;s actually a living being, and he can do some stuff they can't do." The Doctor says

"Wait...what do you mean our version?" Palmer asks

"sssss riiiigght ummm yeah we got some explaining to do. That's for sure." The Doctor says

"You can say that again umm..." Palmer says

"The Doctor." Doctor says

"What just the Doctor?" Demarco asks

"Dude just go with it you can ask all you want he just calls himself the Doctor." James says

"Well umm it's a uh long story." The Doctor says

"And there is no short version of it. Not unless you want to fully understand it." Liara says


Back at the UNSC HQ...

Chief kicks open the door to the 8th Floor finding himself entering into an open area with a large open area in front of him with pillars and planters with grass circling it with the next floor's walkways above with a security room on the walkway as well. Chief carefully scans the area with his BR85 which he had picked up from a opened UNSC crate back on the 7th floor along with a Sniper Rifle System 99-S5 Anti-Matériel. As he looks for Shepard, Shepard takes careful aim with his M-92 Mantis as he looks out through the destroyed window of the security room. Shepard finally sees his opponent seeing it to be someone wearing a large bulky green armor with a gold visor. Shepard begins getting a strange feeling that he shouldn't fire his weapon but cannot figure out what that feeling is. As he aims straight for the head Shepard fires the Mantis which hits Chief in the head but the Energy Shield protects Chief and looks at the security room and sees the Mantis's barrel sticking out through the window and retaliates by firing his BR85 at the window while heading to cover behind a pillar as Shepard reloads his Mantis and fires another shot which lands left of Chief who fires another burst and gets into cover. Chief pops out of cover and fires his BR85 at Shepard as the rounds impact below the gun as Shepard fires another shot which Chief dodges getting back into cover. Chief quickly comes up with a plan as he kneels down against the wall with his gun pointing down to the ground. Chief looks around and finds a piece of rubble too which he places under the stock of the battle rifle which holds it up in position with the barrel still pointing down as he then grabs the Sniper Rifle from his back and prones down and begins to crawl in the opposite direction.

Shepard continues to keep his scope trained at the pillar unknown to Chief who uses the grass to conceal himself as he crawls to an excellent spot to get a shot off at Shepard. Chief soon gets a good angle on Shepard and carefully takes aim with his gun. Shepard all of a sudden begins to think something's up as he hasn't seen the gun move making him wonder what that strange armored man is doing. All of a sudden his gun is hit and destroyed as Chief fires his sniper and takes out Shepard's Mantis who tosses it aside and brings out his M-15 Vindicator and rushes out of the security room. Chief begins tracking Shepard's movement and fires his sniper rifle after him with the first round missing hitting behind him. Chief readjust his sniper and fires again this time hitting Shepard on his shoulder and the impact of the round making him flinch from it's impact. Chief then fires again hitting Shepard in the foot causing him to fall over but luckily the Kinetic Barriers protected him both times from the shots. Shepard gets back up and sights Chief and fires on his position with his Vindicator as the rounds hit Chief who gets up and reloads his sniper rifle and fires off three rounds at Shepard as he slowly walks sideways missing two times but hitting him again with the third shot. Chief ditches the sniper rifle and runs behind a pillar as he looks around for a weapon but then notices a UNSC crate in front of him. Chief walks up to it with the pillar blocking Shepard's sight and opens it up to reveal a M6 Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Rifle.

"Now we're talking," Chief says to himself as he grabs it.

Chief gets back behind the pillar and then pops out of cover and begins powering up the Spartan Laser. Shepard is about to fire his gun when he notices the Spartan Laser as the barrel begins to glow bright red.

"Oh boy..." Shepard says to himself as Chief fires the Spartan Laser too which Shepard runs away from the railing but Chief actually aiming it at the ceiling of the walkway on his floor causing the walkway to collapse from under Shepard who falls down with it.

Chief lowers his Spartan Laser and places it aside as he then grabs a M6H pistol which was also in the same crate with the Spartan Laser and begins to make his way towards the rubble. Chief begins walking through the rubble as he begins checking for the body of the man soon coming across his destroyed weapon under a rock. All of a sudden he picks something up on his motion sensor behind him and turns around just in time as Shepard steps out from under some rubble with his M-3 raised and fires his pistol with Chief firing his pistol at the same time as well. Both shots go past each other in the air but both shots manage to hit and damage the opponents pistol which both Shepard and Chief look at and then toss aside.

With no more weapons in hand Chief takes out his combat knife and holds it with the blade backwards in a reverse grip as he gets into a fighting stance. Shepard powers up his Biotics as he prepares to fight Chief. Both soldiers stare at each other waiting for one another to make the first move...


Shepard makes the first move as he casts a Shockwave towards Chief who's augmented reflexes kick in as he rolls to his right to dodge the shockwave which proceeds past him. Chief rolls off the rubble and into the open area and looks up to see Shepard charge at him and then jump into the air and raise his right arm. Shepard activates his Omni-Blade while in mid-air and drives it downwards towards Chief who quickly flips backwards causing the Omni-Blade to go into the ground instead. Shepard pulls his Omni-Blade out of the ground as it then retracts and de-activates. Shepard charges up his Biotics and then casts the Charge as he disappears and in a split second impacts into Chief who is sent flying into a pillar behind him crashing through it into the wall. Chief gets up shaking it off and looks at Shepard who stands ready for another round. Chief looks down and finds a sharp chunk of rock and picks it up, Chief then twists around and throws the rock like a frisbee at Shepard who barely dodges the rock as it skins his head. Shepard looks at Chief amazed by the speed he was able to throw that but gets his mind back into battle as he uses lift on a medium sized broken piece of pillar from the rubble behind him and then casts throw as he then throws the pillar at Chief. Chief merely charges forward towards the pillar and then jumps over the pillar and then flies towards Shepard as he sticks his right foot out and before Shepard can react kicks Shepard right in the chest sending him flying into the wall hitting it and then falling off it.

"(groans and then looks at his armor to see a dent on his armor) Shit...this guy's got some power." Shepard says looking at Chief who stands back up.

"This guy's got some weird stuff and is good I can give him that." Chief says to himself

Shepard stands back up and looses his balance stumbling to his right but manages to get back up as he powers up his Biotics again. Shepard then quickly casts Singularity which appears behind Chief who looks behind to see a strange black orb appear behind him and then feel as if it's trying to suck him in. Chief struggles to get away from the gravitational pull this thing is doing which amazes Shepard seeing this as no one had ever before been able to escape from a singulairty pull before. Chief then quickly plants his hands and feet firmly into the ground in an attempt to hold himself in place as the thing tries to pull him in. Shepard sees a chance and charges towards Chief as he prepares to give him a Biotic Slam. Chief looks up as he sees Shepard charging towards him, Chief looks behind him as the Singularity continues to try and pull him in but knows that he has to do something to defend himself from the attack. Shepard charges forward and jumps up into the air and raises his right hand as he prepares to deliver the Slam...all of a sudden without warning Chief using all of his strength pushes himself off the ground and into the air towards Shepard and pulls back his right arm. Both Shepard and Chief fly at each other and then throw their punches at each other with their punches connecting in the air.


The powerful punch of the two warriors sends out a powerful blast of air outwards from them as the grasses in the planters blow back from the force of the two contacts. Somehow Chief's punch causes a Biotic explosion that forms from the two fists and explodes outwards sending both Chief and Shepard flying. Chief is sent flying straight towards the ground and rolls back while Shepard flies backwards into the air and then falls down to the ground as Chief stops rolling.


For a minute both Shepard and Chief don't make a single move or twitch at all and the room becomes quiet for a minute. Then at the same time both Chief and Shepard both try their best to get up both struggling as they get up and stumble a bit as they attempt to regain their balance. When they do both soldiers stare straight at each other...both of their armors are beat up showing dents here and there all over their armor as both men breath slowly from the long battle they have gone through.

"You're not so bad." Shepard says complementing the man before him due to what's he's done that no one else has ever been able to do before.

"You're not so bad yourself." Chief replies due to no other regular man being able to stand against him or any other SPARTAN for that matter for more then a minute at best.

"Give up?" Shepard asks

"(grunts) I could do this all day." Chief replies

"Really...huh so can I." Shepard says back.

Shepard powers up his Biotics once again as Chief gets into a fighting stance with his combat knife at the ready again in his reverse grip. Shepard is about to cast Stasis on Chief but Chief knows the movement of when he is about to do something and as such quickly comes up with a strategy as he quickly runs diagnolly to his left as Shepard finishes casting Stasis causing it to miss Chief however who barely dodges getting hit. Shepard tries again as he takes aim at Chief who quickly stops in his tracks sliding to a stop and then doing a zig-zag across the battlefield making Shepard not be able to get an exact location on where he is as he tries to casts Stasis on him. Chief then stops in his tracks and changes course as he then charges straight at Shepard and before Shepard can react Chief hits him square in the chest with his right fist sending him flying backwards however quickly thinking Shepard then while in the air casts Charge as he looks right at Chief and flings himself forward at Chief hitting Chief in the chest once again but Chief plants his feet firmly in the ground and slides back a couple of feet. Chief then looks up to see as Shepard jumps into the air again and tries the Biotic Slam again to which Chief dodges by jump flipping backwards causing Shepard to hit the floor instead. Chief lands on his feet and charges forward again as he then throws a punch at Shepard's face who ducks under the punch and gives Chief an uppercut followed by a series of punches to the chest. Chief however shrugs them off and then catches both of Shepard's fists and easily holds them back. Chief then follows with a headbutt as Shepard stumbles back and holds his face in pain and Chief then follows falling to the ground and giving Shepard a sweep kick knocking him off his feet to the ground. Shepard looks up to see Chief about to punch him and quickly casts lift which sends Chief flying into the air giving Shepard some time to get up and away as Chief then falls back onto the ground.

Shepard stares at the Chief as blood begins coming from his mouth and nose and sees as Chief stands right back up and charges at him again. Shepard powers up his Biotics again but Chief anticipates this and leaps over Shepard causing Shepard to turn around as Chief then knees Shepard in the stomach causing him to let out a gasp of air from the hit. Chief attempts to punch Shepard in the chest but Shepard quickly recovers and then let's loose a Biotic Shockwave sending Chief flying into a pillar. Chief stands right back up with his combat knife at the ready charges once again at Shepard. Shepard comes up with a way to end this battle as he waits for the right moment. As Chief charges towards him Shepard pulls his right arm back but doesn't power up his Biotics. Chief however knows what is coming instead and quickly plans on how to dodge it. As Chief gets right at him Shepard drives the Omni-Blade forward but to his surprisement Chief plants his feet in front of him and ducks down as he slides past Shepard and under the Omni-Blade stopping a few inches away from Shepard and then turning around which as the Omni-Blade retracts Shepard also does at the same time powering up his Biotics ready to use another Shockwave but the two soon find each other at a standoff as Chief places his combat knife right on Shepard's throat and Shepard places his right hand right in front of Chief.

Both Shepard and Chief know that they are both at a standoff as Shepard tries to move and Chief could slit his throat but Chief meanwhile doesn't know what Shepard could throw at him as he doesn't know if he has any other powers that he is hiding for a moment like this.

The two soldiers stare at one another just waiting for one of each other to make the move to end it all...


However just then as Shepard looks at him...his mind begins trying to tell him something. As Shepard looks at Chief for a couple more seconds...he then remembers...the visions he had of the heroes and the images the Doctor showed him and his team on the TARDIS...he then remembers the man before him and the green armor. Shepard then fully remembers...

"Wait a minute..." Shepard says

"It''s you...the one from my vision..."Shepard says confusing Chief.

"What are you talking about?" Chief asks

"'re one of the Heroes I saw in my vision. You're one of the two heroes of this universe!" Shepard says

"What do you mean?" Chief asks

Too show Chief that he means him no more harm he powers down his Biotics and lowers his right arm. Chief becomes confused at this action but even more so because of what he says. Believing that he should kill this stranger right now...something else inside of him tells him otherwise and so he pulls the combat knife away from him and puts it away.

"Alright whoever you are start talking." Chief says.

Shepard and Chief sit on some pieces of rubble as Shepard explains the entire story about The Reapers, Minerva and her plan, and everything that is happening back in his universe and everything.

"So that's pretty much it." Shepard says

Chie remains quiet due to all of the stuff he just learned and is a lot to take in.

"That's...a lot to take those guys that I fought were known as Cerberus." Chief says

"Yes. Back in my universe their a terrorist organization. Their whole goal is to advance the human race and make it the dominate race of our galaxy. But the methods of which they do it by is...terrible as you saw what they do to their soldiers." Shepard says as Chief remembers the face of the dead Cerberus soldier he saw.

"And the Reapers...their whole thing is purging the...well your galaxy of all advanced life?" Chief asks

"That's right." Shepard says

"If that's the case why are they attacking our's and all these other universes. Some of them you said aren't very advanced according to this Doctor guy you mentioned." Chief asks

"That part we don't understand either. All we know is that in order to stop the Reapers once and for all Minerva came up with the plan I told you about...Uniting all the Heroes and their armies together to fight the Reapers. According to the Doctor the main bulk of the Reaper forces are still in our galaxy including their main leader Harbinger. We built a weapon that has been in the works for many centuries with each cycle trying its best to add onto it so that the thing could be built and then end the Reapers once and for all. Me and my team had originally planned on attacking our Earth to retake it and use the Crucible but when we came across Minerva's tomb and I met a group of heroes from another universe and brought their army into ours we knew that we would stand a much better chance by gahtering all of you heroes and armies. The Reapers had already devasted our entire galaxy as well as our militaries. With what we had I don't know how well we would of done. But with what Minerva said...we knew that perhpas if we did this...perhaps we would stand a much better chance. But we didn't count on the Reapers finding a way to travel throughout the Multiverse and start attacking all the universes. And we definetly didn't expect Cerberus to ally with the Reapers and help them by killing the heroes of each universe in an attempt to take out our list of potential allies." Shepard says

"I believe you Shepard. I do...especially with all that's happened today...but I can't just leave Earth with what's happening and with what you said about the Reapers. Earth needs me...I can't just abandon it." Chief says

"I felt that way too when I left my Earth...I left a great friend of mine behind on Earth...he's leading our resistance back on my Earth. But he said something to me that's true...I had to leave Earth...if we were to stand a chance against the Reapers I needed to gather all of our allies together if we even had ANY chance of winning this war. I know how you feel Chief...but think about it. If we don't band together and fight the Reapers alone...this war's already lost. If you want to save your universe you need to come with me and help me gather the rest of the Heroes and their armies. The Doctor said it itself. If we actiavte the Crucible and take out Harbinger then the Reapers are essentially defeated." Shepard says

" you know what this Crucible does or how it works?" Chief asks

"We know thow it works...sorta...but we don't know what it does. But again think about it. You saw how your military is doing even with your alien allies. We need to gather all the armies of the multiverse together if we are to have any chance of beating the Reapers. By yourselves you're not going to stand any chance at all against them. Together we can stand a more better chance then you would of before. If you want to save your universe...think about it." Shepard says

And Chief does begin to think about it...Chief stands up and turns around with his back towards Shepard as he thinks about it. Meanwhile he pulls out from one of his armor's pockets...Cortana's Data Chip attached to a chain. Chief had already lost Cortana...he let her down...he was not about to loose his entire universe to these Reapers and let all of these people down. He was not about to loose anymore friends and definetly not his entire universe...

Chief puts away Cortana's Data Chip and turns back to Shepard..."I've decided...I'll help you." Chief says

Shepard gives a small smile on his face as he gets up and walks up to Chief and holds out his right hand. Chief looks at it and then grabs his hand as the two shake signifying their alliance.

"In terms of the help of the UNSC and Covenant...I don't know. I know two friends of mine who have to decide on that." Chief says

"Well then I'll just contact my team and I'll have them come and pick us up." Shepard says

"Their they are!!" A voice echoes from behind Chief as Shepard looks past Chief and Chief turns around.

The two then see as Cerberus forces enter through the staircase and begin to open fire on them. Shepard stands in front of Chief and casts a Biotic Barrier Shield around him and Chief as the Cerberus troops continue to fire their weapons at him.

"You happen to have anymore weapons on you?" Shepard asks

"All I got is my combat knife. How long will you be able to keep this up?" Chief says

"I'll try and hold it as long as I can!" Shepard says but begins to loose it having still not recovered from his battle with Chief.

As more Cerberus soldiers pile into the room and fire on Shepard and Chief soon the sound of the TARDIS is heard behind Shepard and Chief who turn around to see the TARDIS materialize.

"What's that?" Chief asks

"The Calvary." Shepard says with a smile

The double doors of the TARDIS open up as Ashely along with the rest of the team exit out and open fire on the Cerberus troopers. However what surprises Chief and Shepard are others who come out...The Arbiter, Palmer, and Fireteam Majestic also exit the TARDIS and open fire at the Cerberus soldiers who soon begin to concentrate their fire on them but soon more Cerberus soldiers appear on the walkways above and join in as they shoot towards the groups. Some of Sheaprd's team and Fireteam Majestic begin to shoot at the Cerberus soldiers on the walkways.

"Shepard we got you covered come on!" Ashley yells

All of a sudden the entire building starts shaking.

"What was that!" James yells out

Just then the Doctor appears at the door of the TARDIS.

"We need to go now the Reapers found out that we're all in here and are about to bring the house down!" The Doctor yells

"We better move fast then." Shepard says to Chief

"No problem." Chief says

Shepard soon lowers his Biotic Barrier as he and Chief turn tails and at full sprint run towards the TARDIS as the others quickly walk past the Doctor and head back into the TARDIS. Ashley and the Arbiter remain at the door and continue to give covering fire for Shepard and Chief as they run towards the TARDIS.

"Doctor get inside already!" Ashley says

A round hits near the Doctor who ducks from the sound of the shot impacting near him as he then runs back into the TARDIS and begins powering it up.

Meanwhile in the sky above the building a Reaper descends on the building and begins to power up its weapon. Ashley and the Arbiter step aside as Chief and Shepard run past the two into the TARDIS as Chief stops and looks all around at the inside of the TARDIS amazed by what he sees due to the insider being...way bigger on the inside then outside. Ashely and the Arbiter close the door as the Doctor throws the final switch.

"HOLD ON!" The Doctor yells as the TARDIS begins rumbling as outside the TARDIS begins to disappear as the Cerberus soldiers continue to fire their weapons at it.

The Reaper outside meanwhile finishes powering up its weapon and fires at the building. Inside the weapon travles all the way down the building and then destroys the building along with killing all the Cerberus soldiers inside of it.


Meanwhile in Space a couple Miles away from the Earth...

The Space Battle was lost...Lasky has no other choice but to order the remaining UNSC forces retreat at a safe distance from the Earth as Reaper ships hover over the planet. The Covenant also retreat their ships with the UNSC as well. From a far the ships that survived stare at the Earth as all the human crew members stare with sadness in them seeing the Earth as it is. Lasky sighs at the sight of Earth having no choice but to leave it to save his men from total annahilation. Unfortunetly some of his friends were down there as well...Chief, Palmer, Fireteam's Majestic and Crimson...all on the Earth along with many other Humans and Marines. All of a suden he hears a strange sound come from behind him as he then sees...a blue box materialize before him. Some of the Marine and Elite Guards on the ship rush over and point their weapons at the box. Just then the doors open up and everyone staring becomes surprised as they see...Master Chief step out causing the Marines and Elites to back up from the box and lower their weapons. Chief is soon followed by Palmer, Majestic, and the Arbiter...but are alos followed out by someother...people.

"Chief! Palmer! Majestic!" Lasky says surprised and happy as well.

Lasky takes notice of the other group of people with them including some of the strange looking individuals.

"Who are they?" Lasky asks

"It's a long story..." Chief says


Chief along with Palmer and Thel explain to Lasky and the crew members on the bridge what they were told by Shepard and the others. Hearing all of this not only amazes them as they learn that they are literally more...universes different from this one...but also become horrified about what they hear about the Reapers. Chief even then explains the plan of Shepard's that he had gained from Minerva and how that if they are to save their Universe they will have to go with Shepard and his team to their Universe and join their army of allies. At first not a lot of the crew memebers like hearing this idea but begin to understand that the Reapers are perhaps the most powerfulest foes ever and that by themselves will not stand any chance agains them and that the only way possible is to join forces with all of these other universes armies to help defeat the leader and main bulk in Shepard's Universe.

"If it means saving not only the Earth but our entire Universe as well then you have the help of the UNSC." Lasky says

"And I have already agreed that you will also gain the help of the New Covenant as well." Thel says

"Thank you..all of you." Shepard says

"We won't need to worry about of forces still on the Earth. I put Fireteam Crimson in charge of leading a resistance against these Reapers. Let's just hope they can hold out against them while we're gone." Palmer says

"We still have a lot of our fleets out there in our galaxy...I will contact all of them and explain the situation. Maybe even call in some fleets to come with us to your galaxy to gather with the other armies you've gathered so far." Lasky says

"Well the first part is necessary Captain Lasky but I have a toy that will help some of your ships travel in between this universe and Shepard's universe. It was built for if there was ever a time like this that universes had to be connected. My people built the device itself when we ourselves encountered the Reapers and learned that they could unlock the ability to travel in between Universes." The Doctor says as he then runs into the TARDIS and cloes the door as he then has it travel out into space.

The TARDIS then fires a small black orb from the top of itself which then transforms into a gigantic black hole...but then the darkness is replaced by an image...the image shows the New Republic Fleet over the plant that Shepard and the others encountered Minerva...

Meanwhile in Shepard's Universe...

"Joker I'm picking up some strange readings!" Traynor says as Joker pilots the Normandy around the planet.

Soon a gigantic black hole forms in front of him and the New Republic Fleet with the crew memebers on the New Republic ships stare in confusion at the black hole which then changes as an image forms...

Back in Chief's Universe...

The Doctor lands the TARDIS back on the Infinty and steps out.

"Doctor just what is that?" Shepard asks

"The Universal Connection gun. Makes a gigantic black hole but then changes into a portal which will link this universe to your universe. Like I said the Time Lords built it for when the Reapers did learn the ability to travel across the Multiverse. Usually we would never of built something like this but when we encountered the Reapers and learned about them we knew that something like this could be needed. In which I would say is quite right. Don't have to worry there aren't any side effect when crossing through it and the better part is that it's invisible to the Reapers and any allies they might have such as Cerberus but visible to those who are on the side of good to say." The Doctor says

"Meaning..." Lasky says but is cut off by the Doctor

"Meaning that should you need more ships or supplies then you can travel back and forth between their's and your universe just for that. Also give you connection to your universe for contacting over here as well. Let's you keep in on what's happening back in your universe." The Doctor says

"Wait you didn't do this for Luke's Universe though?" Tali says

"Ohhh right yeah I better do that when we get back then and all." The Doctor says

"I'll still need to contact the rest of the UNSC and explain the situation. So if you could wait a little bit before...and maybe contact your allies on the other side so they don't open fire on us." Lasky says as he leaves to contact the rest of the UNSC.

"I should most likely do the same with my forces as well." Thel says as he exits the room.


Meanwhile inside the TARDIS....

"Joker can you hear me?" Shepard says as the Doctor pointed him out to his TARDIS's communicator so he could contact Joker on the other side.

"I read you Commander ummm this portal I see in front of me doesn't happen to be the work of the Doctor would it?" Joker asks

"Yes it's his doing. You see the ships on the other side right?" Shepard asks

"Well yeah I do. Excellent contact the New Republic Admiral and tell him that the ships that will be coming through are allies. This universe's armies. We got the heroes and their armies and will be coming through." Shepard says

"Well that sounds like good news...So how was things over there?" Joker asks

"Things were...a little rough. Afterall it's not everyday you travel to a whole different Universe and well you know." Shepard says

"Huh yeah I believe that." Joker says

"So how are things over there...also how long have we been gone?" Shepard asks

"Things are actually quiet here. I'm surprised the Reapers haven't attacked this place yet. They seem to know about your whole plan and whatnot and I'm a bit surprised they haven't tried attacking the New Republoc fleet while their still here." Joker says

"The Reapers havne't attacked yet?" Shepard asks

"No...oh and it's been 3 hours since we heard from you." Joker says

"Hmmm I wonder..." Shepard says

"What is it Shepard?" Joker asks

"Like I said before this whole thing started something's on that planet and is keeping the Reapers away from that planet...if that's the case...we should make that planet a rendevous point and the main meeting location for our armies to gather." Shepard says

"Huh?" Joker asks

"I'll explain later but tell the admiral of the New Republic fleet not to fire at the ships that come through." Shepard says

"Got it Shepard." Joker says

Shepard exits the TARDIS as his team talk with Palmer and the team members of Fireteam Majestic. Just then Captain Lasky returns and tells Shepard that he explained everything to the rest of the UNSC forces who were confused at first but thanks to Chief understood everything. Chief and the Arbiter return as well as Arbiter explained everything to his forces who also acted the same as the UNSC confused at first but then understood.

"Alright then let's go meet our new allies." Lasky says as the UNSC and Covenant Fleet fly towards the portal and go through it.


The New Republic fleet as well as the crew of the Normandy watch as the UNSC and Covenant fleet fly through the portal in space as the ships join alongside the New Republic ships as well.

"Wow now those are some ships." Lasky says looking at some of the New Republic's ships.


Meanwhile on the Normandy...

The TARDIS re-materializes in the Hangar Bay where Luke along with Leia, Han and Chewie along with Traynor, Cortez, Adams, Daniels and Donnelly wait for Shepard and the team's return. Shepard and his team step out of the TARDIS soon followed by Master Chief and the Arbiter who stare at the inside of the Normandy's Hangar. Some of the crew members look at the Master Chief and Arbiter and become amazed by what they see before them.

Luke then walks forward "Welcome back Shepard." Luke says

"Thanks Luke." Shepard says as Chief stands next to him and stares at Luke.

"You must be one of the Heroes that came from that alternate universe." Luke says

"You could say that. Call me Master Chief." Chief says

"I welcome you to the fight Master Chief. And you are?" Luke says as Thel joins them.

"I am Thel Vadame. But you may call be Arbiter." Thel says

"I welcome you as well." Luke says


As Chief and Arbiter get shown around the Normandy and meet some of the crew who learn about these two heroes Shepard heads to the Comm Room and reports to Hackett, Anderson, Wrex and the Council who are pleased that he has found another group of heroes as well as not one but two armies from this other universe.

"Very good work Shepard." Hackett says

"You have done well Commander...but if I understand what you said correctly...the Reapers now have gained the ability to travel throughout the Multiverse." Tevos says

"And that Cerberus and the Reapers have actually formed an alliance after somehow finding out about the plan and now work together to destroy these other heroes and armies before you can recruit them?" Sparatus says

"Unfortunetly yes Councilor. This is a big turn in events. But I won't give up. We need these heroes and armies and unless I see their worlds in absolute flames I will continue my mission to gather these heroes and their armies for the war." Shepard says

"It seems now that the entire multiverse will begin to feel what we're going through soon." Anderson says lowering his head down.

"Continue as best as you can Shepard but don't get yourself killed along the way." Hackett says

"Yeah it wouldn't feel exactly right for us to kick Reaper ass without you there." Wrex says

"This universe I came from just now...I encountered a...powerful hero to say. The Doctor said that he would be of great help in saving and recruiting the rest of the Heroes." Shepard says

"And do you belive this Doctor?" Valern asks

"I've experienced what this Hero can do and trust me he can be of great help not just for saving and recruiting the remaining heroes but a powerful ally as well." Shepard says

"Anything else then Shepard?" Hackett asks

"...Actually there is one more." Shepard says

"And what's that?" Tevos asks

"If you can could you possibly bring your fleets to his planet here?" Shepard asks

The leaders become confused at this request. "Why is that Shepard?" Hackett asks

"I have reason to believe that there's something on this planet that are keeping the Reapers away from here. I was gone for three hours and the Reapers didn't try attacking the New Republic fleet while I was gone. If that's the case I say that all our forces that aren't out in battle or are needed somewhere should gather here. If we can gather all of our forces together here they should be safe from the Reapers. That and...well I'll explain what else I have in mind when you get here." Shepard says

"It definetly sounds like something's keeping the Reapers away from that planet if they haven't attacked that place at all during this entire war. I say you should listen to him." Anderson says as he leaves the conversation.

"It does sound like a good plan to gather all our forces at a spot that the Reapers have not gone near during this entire war." Tevos says

"Alright Shepard we'll move our fleets there and meet with you soon enough." Hackett says

"Also when you do arrive Councilor's, Admiral Hackett, Wrex could you gather on my ship I have something to discuss." Shepard says



Soon the System's Alliance Fleet followed by the Turian's also carrying Krogan forces aboard due to the Krogan having no ships of their own, Asari, Salarian, Geth, and Quarian fleets arrive in orbit over the planet. Admiral Hackett, the Councilors, Wrex soon joined by also joined by Admiral Raan and a Geth trooper representing for the Geth as both the Quarians and Geth were contacted by Shepard as well walked onto the Normandy.

The leaders walk into the Normandy's meeting room where before them was Captain Lasky and Thel Vadam along with the leader of the New Republic's forces known as...Admiral Gial Ackbar also stood over the table with Shepard, Chief and Luke also in the room.

"Hello Shepard." Hackett says

"Admirals, Councilors, Wrex." Shepard says greeting them.

"Hey Shepard." Wrex replies

"So who might these people be?" Sparatus asks

"These are the leaders of our allies fleets." Shepard asks

"Captain Lasky representing for the UNSC." Lasky says

"Thel Vadam representing for the Covenant." Thel says

"Admiral Ackbar for the New Republic." Ackbar says

"And who are that?" Valern asks referring too Master Chief

"This here is Master Chief the new Hero I recruited from the universe I just came from with the final hero from that universe being Thel Vadam over there." Shepard says

"So Shepard why did you bring all of us here?" Hackett asks

"I brought all of you here to discuss the statues of our forces so far." Shepard says

"What do you mean?" Wrex asks

"It's simple actually and the second reason I wanted all our forces to meet here. It's true that in the end we'll all be fighting side by side against the Reapers in the end. But the thing that hasn't happened so far is that our forces haven't exactly got to know each other personally." Shepard says

"What do you mean Commander?" Raan asks

"In our universe we all have foughten alongside each other before and our militaries can work together perfectly and trust each other. But the problem for the forces who I'm bringing from the other universes well they haven't worked exactly by our forces or another universes forces sides. If we want to work together I think that while we gather our forces here at this spot that we should have our forces talking to one another. Let soldiers go onto others ships and get to know the military forces, the soldiers that they are going to be fighting alongside in the upcoming battle. Have our forces train one another in different tactics, fighting ways and other stuff that will help us in the upcoming battle. We need all of our forces to know that they can trust everyone to watch their back in combat." Shepard says

"So in which case fraternization with our new allies." Hackett says

"Exactly get our forces to know one another. Maybe even have our combat leaders talk to one anther and come up with new battle strategies, battle tactics using our forces. Also have our forces train alongside each other show each other ways they fight and everything. Get to know our allies." Shepard says

At first all the leaders are silent when the Geth Representative speaks.

"I agree with the Commander's suggestion. If we do as he says then our forces would be more effective in combat and be able to work alongside one another much more efficiently."

"It does sound like a great plan Shepard. We can't have our forces all go in but know next to little or nothing about our new allies." Hackett says

"Especaially in developing new tactics and strategies to use in battle since all of our forces have different ways of fighting or have certain things another does not." Sparatus says

"While you and your team continue gathering the heroes and armies Shepard we will consider what you have said and put it into effect and have our forces get to know each other more better and all of the other things you have said." Tevos says


Shepard and Chief return down to the hangar where the rest of the team and the Doctor waits.

"So Commander are we ready to go save more heroes and armies are we?" The Doctor asks

"We're ready." Shepard says

"Alright then let's go." The Doctor says

"Let's just hope we aren't to late to save the other heroes." Chief says as the team enters the TARDIS.

"Let's just hope that my plan works and something bad doesn't happen while we're gone." Shepard says

"I think that your fraternization plan might work. All our soldiers get to know each other, strengths, weaknesses, and we develop new strategies and tactics for the battle to come." Chief says

"Alright then here we go!" The Doctor says as he flips the switch and the TARDIS flies off to another multiverse.

"I wonder what this universe is going to be like?" Tali wonders

"Who knows but we can definetly expect Reapers and Cerberus to already be there messing the place up." Garrus says

"Not really helping the situation Garrus." Tali says


Meanwhile in another Alternate Universe...

The sky darkens up as red lighting appears in the sky...A Reaper ship descends from the clouds over a dark land with a volcano in the middle...meanwhile far from the volcano a gigantic white city is seen against a mountain with a large open plain before it...with a blooming white tree at the a leaf falls from the tree.


Meanwhile at the Citadel...

The Illusive Man sits on a new seat much like his old one however this time as he looks at the view of the Citadel from his spot. The Illusive Man blows out a puff of smoke from his mouth holding his cigar to his side. All of a sudden a bright light appears before him.

"Ah the one known as Minerva am I correct." The Illusive Man says as Minerva appears before him.

"You are the one known as the Illusive Man." Minerva says

"(puts his ciagrette in his mouth and then pulls it out and blows) and what if I am." the Illusive Man replies

"You should stop what you are doing and what you are trying to do. You cannot control the one can. And you should stop trying to stop the Commander and his friends. You should stop trying to kill the Heroes of the Multiverse. You should not ally with the Reapers. You are messing with things that you cannot comprehend." Minerva says

"Sorry but better people then you have tried. I am simply trying to do what is best for Humanity and the galaxy...well more like the Multiverse now that is...Besides thanks to the Reapers foolishly allying themselves with me and giving me the technology. Not only have I found a way of traveling throughout the Multiverse...but I have also defied even death itself." The Illusive Man says as soon three figures cloaked by shadows are seen behin them...two of them looking like humans...and the third one looking like...a turian.

"You will regret ever doing what you have done Illusive Man. And you will pay for it." Minerva says as she disappears.

"So how did our treaty go with the remnents of this...Empire?" The Illusive Man asks

"They have agreed to lend us and the Reapers their support. The Reapers have already learned about the treaty as well and have not attacked them." the skinny human says

"Excellent work. While Shepard gathers his own allies. We shall gather our own." The Illusive Man says

"Now then we should most likely try and talk to these Storm Covenant next about allying with us...(smokes) You won't be needed for this one...Kai Leng. But I do need you to head to another Alternate Universe." The Illusive Man says

The Shadow figure steps out of the shadows to reveal the Cerberus Assassin...Kai Leng. "As you wish sir." Kai Leng says

"Perhaps I should go and talk to these Storm Covenant?" the other human says

"No no I am sending you to another Alternate Universe...Clone Shepard." The Illusive Man says

The Clone Shepard steps out of the shadows "Aw man where's the fun in that now?" the Clone asks

"You may look like Shepard but you don't exactly posses some of his personality. You're more for the combat role instead...our new friend here will talk to the Storm Covenant if you would...Saren."

Just then the Turian steps out of the Shadows and reveals himself to be none other then...Saren Arterius.

"I will convince these Storm Covenant otherwise. Illusive Man." Saren says

"Good then the three of you can be off now." The Illusive Man says as the thre nod and head off to do their respective missions while the Illusive Man continues to stare at the Citadel.

Expert's Opinion[]

In the end both Shepard and Chief tied the battle up and both came out as victors. Both Shepard and Chief had their strengths and weaknesses that contributed to the battle. Chief's strengths were for example that he was MUCH more used to fighting by himself where Shepard was more use to fighting alongside his team members much more. Chief had his strengths such as his Genetic Augmentations that helped him out when things got in close quarters combat and to escape from Shepard's weapons. Shepard however had Biotics which was something totally unknown about to Chief who knew next to nothing about them and had little ways of fighting against them except trying to doge them or some other way. However when it comes to these two Soldiers they both deserve the title of "THE BEST of Humanity" and there is no way for a clear victor to ever be decided between these two legendary heroes of Humanity.

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Battle vs Nicholas Raine (by Codgod13)[]

No Battle Written

Winner: Masterchief

Expert's Opinion[]


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Edit Section

Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Nathan Hale and Joseph Capelli alongside Arbiter (Thel 'Vadam) (by Croc117)[]

The fight opens with Capelli and Hale walking into what use to be a city, looking and keeping there eyes open for and attack. On top of one of the last standing buildings, the Chief and Arbiter see Capelli and Hale. Giving each other a short nod, the Arbiter clocks and jumps off the side of the building, and Chief charges the Spartan laser.

As there walking down the remains of the street Capelli notices a laser dot, looking up he see's the Chief. At the last Second, Capelli shoves Hale down as the beam splashes just a few feet away. Yelling Capelli starts firing his Wraith at the Chief on the top of the building.

Chief discards the spent laser and picks up his Rifle and jumps down the opposite side of the building.

As Capelli is firing, Hale Notices a shimmer creeping up behind Capelli. "Capelli!", Hales shouts as Capelli turns just in time to dodge a swipe from and energy knife. Hale open fires on the Arbiter with his Bulleseye, however the shields take the damage as the Arbiter pulls out his needler and fires back. Both break off in the face of receiving major damage.

Capelli getting up on his feet drop his Wraith and takes out his Magnum and goes ofter the Arbiter. Hale gets ready to follow, but the ground around his feet gets shot up, and he gets hit in the leg. Turing he see Master Chief running towards him. He raises his Bulls eye, but gets slammed by the Chief, sending him flying into a building.

Capelli has follow the Arbiter to the remains of a park , looking around he can't spot the Elite. Suddenly he feels a burning sensation in his hand and arm the Arbiter is firing his Plasma rifle at Capelli. Dropping his now burned magnum he pulls out his Knife and starts goading the Arbiter. Dropping his rifle the Arbiter ignites his energy knife, and turns off his shields. The two run at each other and each give try to slice the other, The Arbiter manages to give Capelli a small cut across his stomach, but Capelli's knife just bounce off the Arbiter armor. After a few more clashes and a few more cuts Capelli knows he's not going to win this way. After another scuffle the Arbiter knock Capelli to the ground. Walking over to him the Arbiter raises his knife to finish him. However before he can Capelli throws a hand full of dirt in his eyes. As the Arbiter is yelling in pain, Capelli take the opportunity to run to find a new weapon.

Hale gets up and sees the Chief walking towards him. Taking out his spider grenade, he arms it and waits for the Chief to get inside the building. As he does he throws the grenade. Not knowing what the grenade was, He doesn't react in time to dodge. As it foes off the already crumbling building starts to collapse. Hale runs out side just in time to avid being crushed.

Hale walks over to the ruble, to make sure he opponent is dead. However just as he get close a fist punches out of the ruble, and the Chief start climbing his way out. Hale pulls out his knife and try to rush him before he's completely out. However Chief grabs Hales arm and squeezes it hard enough to make him drop the knife. Yelling in pain Hale trys to hit Chief, but his punches have no affect. Chief throws Hale like a rag doll into a wall. As Chief gets all the way out of the ruble. He makes his way over to Hale, But is hit by and unseen force that throws him back into the ruble pile. Hales eye are now glowing yellow, and his fingers curled like claws. Advancing on the Chief he hits him again, this time forcing him to his knees. Know standing over him He gets ready to blast him at point blank range. However Chief stands up and grabs his wrist forces his hands away, but to spent from damage taken to over power Hale as he normally would and the two start to struggle.

Capelli come running out of a building carrying Marksmen rifle and see's Hale and struggling. Running to get a clear shot he get within 20 meters. Taking aim at chiefs head he gets ready to fire.

But before he can, his rifle is sliced in half, taking his hands off as well. Falling down yelling in pain the Arbiter standing over his with is energy sword lite. Looking over at the Chief and Hale and looking down at Capelli, He takes out and Plasma grenade and picks up Capelli. Running towards the fight, he ignites the grenade and sticks it to Capelli. "Spartan!" Chief looks up and sees what the Arbiter is doing and head but Hale. Hale's clutching his face in pain, doesn't see Chief drooping his Frag grenades next to his feet. As Capelli's lands Hale notices the Plasma grenade, the Chiefs frags as well as Capelli's own grenades. Before he can say anything the Plasma grenade goes off, setting off a chain reaction.

The Chief looks over to the Arbiter, they give each other an understanding nod, and then walk off.


Expert's Opinion[]

The experts believed that the Chief and Arbiter's energy shields as well as more combat experience won them the day. Another deciding factor was that Nathan and Joseph had fought the Chimera who took a long time to invade earth in the 1950's while the Chief and Arbiter had fought the covenant who instantly invaded earth about five hundred years into the future.

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The battle was declared invalid because Joseph Capelli was given a combat knife, HE .44 Magnum, Bullseye, and Spider Grenade, weapons he hadn't used yet at the time the blog was written.

Battle vs. Darth Vader (Legends) (by Undeaddeath01)[]

Darth Vader: GreyGreyGreyGreyGrey

Master Chief: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

Darth Vader is perfecting the deathstar when one of his troops reports multiple pelicans aprpoaching the deathstar. Vader commands his troops to gear up when suddenly there is a big explosion on the side of the deathstar out of the rubble Master Chief and fellow ODST troops. Emediatly the troops engage in a fire fight. One ODST manages to get a headshot on a storm trooper.Grey Another storm trooper returns the favor and shoots a ODST dead center in the heart.Blue The Chief decides to make a bang and tosses a frag grenade which has devistating effect.GreyGrey Vader tosses his light saber and decapitates two ODSTs.BlueBlue With both sides with only one ally left, the Chief makes a small retreat, but dosen't leave the deathstar. Vader commands his last trooper to follow them. The trooper looks around but can't find the Chief or the remaining ODST, little does he know the ODST is at higher ground with a sniper rifle. He fires and gets a head shot.

Grey But little does he know Vader was watching and jabs the ODST through the back.Blue The Cheif makes the final stand. He takes out his battle rifle and fires. Vader deflects the bullets with ease. Seeing he can't win with bullets, the Chief takes out an energy sword and a galactic sword fight begins. Vader has the upper hand with his training and manages to cut the Cheif in the leg. Wounded the Chief can no longer fight. Vader finishes it and lifts the Chief with the force. He clenches his fist and crushes the Chief with his armor as if it was tin foil.Blue The Chief falls lifeless and Vader retracts his light saber. He is pleased with the victory but annoyed with the damage.


Expert's Opinion[]

While Master Chief had superior armor, as well as better speed and strength augmentation, Darth Vader had ultimate mastery of two things that the Chief didn't. And those were the force, and a light saber. This was what easily tipped the battle in Vader's favor.

To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.


The battle was declared unfair for Master Chief because he has no defence against the Force.

Battle vs. Agent 47 (by Kingofawesomeness777)[]

On a spaceship passing by Mars Agent 47 wakes up from hypersleep for 6 months with his instructions and weapons by him. He understands his assignment and proceeds with the mission. He quietly sneaks out of the cargo hold and notices several guards patrolling the hallway. He ducks into the shadows and when one comes by he removes his helmet and strangels him to death. Agent 47 hides the body and puts on the suit of armor. He hides his weapons in a duffel bag and proceeds down the hall. He avoids talking to any guards and makes his way to the captian's quarters where Master Chief is going over battle plans with his commanding general. Agent 47 causes a distraction throwing a coin by the room where Master Chief and his commanding general are and they go to investigate. Agent 47 pulls out his dual Silverballers and begins to shoot the two men. The bullets have minimal effect on the armor and Master Chief runs back into the room where his weapons are while 47 manages to kill his commanding gerneral by shooting his helmet with his SPAS 12. As Master Chief returns he begins firing at 47 who dodges the shots and retreats into another room. Master Chief struggles to find him and 47 uses his W2000 to try to shoot Master Cheif with only minimal damage to the armor. Master Cheif fires his weapons at 47 which deflect because 47 was wearing armor. 47 crawls into an air vent and waits to strike. As Master Chief passes by 47 jumps down and attempts to strangle him with fibre wire. After a breif sturggle Master Chief pulls out his knife and stabs 47 only to have the knfie deflected by the armor. The two sruggle for a breif period until Master Cheif manages to overpower 47 and remove his helmet. 47 shoots at Master Chief only to have the bullets defelct and Master Cheif pulls out his gun and shots 47 in the head. Master Cheif walks away wondering how 47 managed to almost kill him.


Expert's Opinion[]

The experts believed that the Chief's energy shield protected him from anything that Agent 47 could throw at him. On top of that, his heavier hitting arsenal and intensive training won him the day.

To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.


The battle was declared unfair for Agent 47 because of Master Chief's armour, futuristic weapons, and superhuman physicality.

Battle vs. Captain America (MCU) (by So-Pro Warrior)[]

On Earth during World War II Captain America has just finished destroying a HYDRA base and is on his way out all of a sudden he hears a loud noise come from inside the building and thinks that their could be some HYDRA survivors he can take to interrogate and heads back in. However it isn't any HYDRA survivor but the SPARTAN-II super soldier John-117 also known as "Master Chief".

"Cortana where are we" Chief asks

"Trying to get some coordinates. It looks like where somewhere in Germany though,"

"How did we get here the last thing I remember is you waking me because the Forward Unto Dawn was under attack and the next thing I know we'er here"

Meanwhile Captain America has drawn his Shield and Colt M1911 and then begins to hear someone talking he looks around the corner into the hangar and sees a strange man wearing Green armor and jumps out.

"Freeze HYDRA scum"

Chief quickly takes out his M6G pisotl and both Super Soldiers stare down their sights at each other.

"Who are you and do I look like a big monster with hundreds of heads"

"Very funny and the name's Captain America surely you have heard of me by now"

"Actually no I haven't" Master Chief replies

"It doesn't matter, now surrender and I promise you that you won't be interrogated badly" Captain America says

"Chief he might be from a Insurrectionist group we should be careful more might be in the area" Cortana says

Just then another rumble shakes the building and while Captain America looks up to see if any rubble might fall on him Chief fires a shot a Cap but Cap quickly reacts blocking the shot with his Shield.

"So that's how it's going to be alright then" Captain America says

Cap quickly fires 4 rounds at Chief but to his surprise Chief is still standing and then sees some sort of yellow outline on his armor. Chief then fires 3 more rounds at Cap but Cap once again blocks the shots with his Shield and then tosses it at Chief which hits Chief in the head and as Cap catches it Chief justs rolls his head back at Cap like nothing happened.

"Did he just throw a shield at me" Chief asks Cortana

"I think he just did"

"Well that was a bad mistake"

Chief then charges at Cap and Cap raises his shield and Chief lands a powerful punch making Captain America crash agaisnt the wall all dazed from the strike.

"You got a punch I will give you that"

Chief then charges and fires his last rounds at Cap who justs blocks the shots and fires his last rounds of the M1911 and Chief's shields protect him and both warriors discard their side arms and as Chief closes in Cap at the right moment dodges and hits Chief in the face with the Shield knocking him back.

"I'm really getting tireds of this guy and his shield" and pulls out his MA5C and as Cap charges Chief jumps up and starts firing down towards Cap but Cap slides on his knees and blocks the shots and as Chief lands on his feet Cap quickly turns around and tosses his Shield and Chief ducks down and is about to fire at Cap until the Shield comes back and hits him on the back of the head knocking him face first towards the floor.

"Cortana what is this guys shield made off" Chief asks

"All I know is that it's made of some really powerful metal and it somehow acts as a boomerang you better be careful Chief" Cortana says

Chief gets a idea and puts his MA5C on his back and charges at Cap and Cap gets ready to fight back. Soon Chief uses his armor to increase his speed and strength and once again lands a punch at Cap's shield knocking back Cap again from the force of the impact. Cap quickly recovers and tosses his Shield which Chief easily dodges and as the Shield comes back around Chief catches it and looks back at Cap but Cap puches Chief and loses both the Shield and his MA5C as Chief gets up Cap quickly knees Chief in the face and then kicks him making Chief slide across the floor. Cap locates his M1911 and quickly reloads it and aims at Chief and starts firing. Chief quickly dodges the shots and gets behind a wall for cover. He quickly thinks and then puches the wall which flies at Captain America who narrowly dodges it and turns to see Master Chief puching Cap in the face. Cap sees that he is close to his Shield but Chief sees this and quickly goes to Cap grabbing him by the legs and tosses him away form the Shield. Chief then quickly rolls to his MA5C and as Captain America stands up Chief has reloaded his gun and fires at Captain America. Captain America is then riddled with bullets and drops down dead. Chief then goes over to Cap's shield and seeing it as a good weapon he could use in his battles he decides to take it and use it. Master Chief then walks out of the building.


2 Hours Later....

US forces arrive at the HYDRA base to find out why Captain America hadn't arrived at the rendezvous point and soon see the what was left of the base and Captain America.

"Get on the radio tell Col. Phillips we found the Cap" a Sergeant orders

"Yes sir" a Private replies

"Tell him that Cap is KIA."


Expert's Opinion[]

This was a really close battle but in the end both were excellent super soldiers and while Captain America had the Iconic shield of his to protect all of Chief's bullets. What won the battle for Chief was that he had the better protection with the Armor covering his entire body and it has a shield, not to mention it increases his strength, speed, reflexes and other things. Cap's Shield only cover a small portion and when he tosses it he is vulnerable as he has no armor to protect him with. So Chief won because of his better protection.

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The battle was declared unfair for Captain America because he had no means to punch through Master Chief's armor or match his superior physicality.