It's-a me, Mario
— Mario

Mario is an Italian plumber and the main character of the Super Mario Brothers. Mario has had a lengthy history, with several different activities to keep him busy. From saving Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser, to fighting undead monsters and ghouls alongside his brother Luigi, and saving the galaxy several thousand times. He kart races with his pals, and he is one of the most versatile characters when it comes to experience.

However, what he has in experience he lacks in the creativity of character. He's often bland, with his background never really changing besides his Italian heritage and plumber activities. When it comes to physical capabilities, he also is fairly average.

Despite his faults and advantages, Mario has always remained an icon of gaming history. Ever since his debut on the '64, Mario has time and time again shown a likeable character for people of gaming. Armed with his ridiculous amounts of experience, power-ups, and sheer variety as a warrior makes him an opponent who must not be underestimated.

Battle vs. Sonic (by Appelmonkey)


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Battle vs. Crash Bandicoot (by Drayco90)


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Battle vs. Tiny Tiger (by IceLoverMei)

At the Mushroom Kingdom Overworld

Song: New Super Mario Bros. - Overworld

Mario walking near Bowser Castle.

Mario: Well This is it. Bowser is gonna get a beating of his life and Peach can return safetly in the castle once again.

Suddenly the path to Bowser Castle was blocked off by a portal that will warp anyone or anything to an unknown universe.

Mario: Whao this is a strange form. Wonder what is Bowser is planning on this time? I can't get to the castle unless I get through this. Let'sa Go! *Jump into the portal*

At the Colosseum

Mario arrive, Looking around confused and surprised.

Mario: Hmm? This is a strange place? Why am I in an arena?

Mario look around as Tiny appear, Breaking the chains form his arms and landing behind Mario, Roaring at him.

Mario: *Turn around* WaaAaa!

Tiny: You no look like Bandicoot! You more puny.

Mario: Are you Bowser minion?


Song: Crash Bandicoot 2 - Tiny Tiger Theme Metal Remix

Mario: !!! Mama Mia!


Tiny: *Jump at Mario*

Mario: OWAA *Roll to Dodge and Jump on Tiny head*

Tiny: GAHHH PUNY VERMIN *Continue trying to stomp at Mario* TINY SQUISH LITTLE MAN!

Mario: *Dodging barely while equiping Super Hammer*


Mario and Tiny begin clashing Hammer and Trident against one another as spark fly.

Tiny: HOLD STILL! *Stab Trident at Mario*

Mario: OH! *Roll backward as Tiny trident get stuck on the stone ground as Mario jump and slam hammer at Tiny* AHA

Tiny: GAHHHH *Get up* TINY MAD NOW! *Jump on Stand and Pull out some TNT Crates*

Mario: !!! *Quickly equip Fire Flower, Becoming Fire Mario*

Tiny begin throwing TNT at Mario as Mario throwing fireballs at the TNT, Exploding before they even reach him.

Tiny: GRRRRRRRRRR *Toss Last TNT at Mario in rage*

Mario: WHAO! *Back away to dodge and Jump off TNT Crate, Firing Fireballs at Tiny*

Tiny: ! *Get protected by Uka Uka Mask and exit off stage, Charging at Mario* TINY CRUSH YOU NOW!

Mario: Mama Mia, I was saving this for Bowser, But now be a good time to use it now. *Get out his Starman and turn invincible*

Song: Mario Kart 8 - Electrodome

Mario and Tiny begin clashing punches and attacks, Taking little damages from their invincibility.

Mario: WHAHA *Punch, Not at Tiny, But Uka Uka*

Uka-Uka: GAHHH!!!

Mario: SO LONG *Swing Hammer upward, Knocking Uka-Uka in the air*

Tiny: *Feel his invincibility ran out* ! Uh Oh!

Mario: HERE WE GO! *Perform Powerful Slam at Tiny head with Super Hammer*

Tiny: *Head get slammed to the ground by the force of the hammer, Unable to stand, Knocked out cold*

Song: Super Mario 3D World - Course Clear

Mario: AHA, I DID IT! *Grab a Super Charged Body Slam Powerup* Hmm, Must be a new way on beating Bowser. *Head out through portal*

N.Cortex: *Facepalm in disappointment* I really need some better henchmen.

Winner: Mario

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Despite Tiny Large Strength that boost him up, It not really much comparing to Mario feats and higher X-Factor. Tiny Tiger always known for being the strongest member in Cortex army but do to lack of brain and multiple defeats in the hand of Crash Bandicoot, Mario was able to out match Tiny before Tiny would even have a chance of hitting him. Beating him in many type of edge that he had.

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Battle vs. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong alongside Luigi (by Mrweare121)

The mario brothers are on a ship with prinncess peach everything is fine up untill it runs out of fuel luckly they have a small wooden boat which the mario brothers agree to use to reach the island that is on the horizon.They plan to ask the natives for some fuel. Meanwhile on the island diddy kong is gathering twigs on the beach to repair the kong family tree house that was recently damaged by a huge wind storm.Donkey kong is gathering wood and vines but then he sees something small floating on the ocean that is getting closer to the island.

When marrio and luigi get to the island beach they are really tired they look around and that is when they notice diddy kong looking at them.Mario yells out that he and his brother need to borrow some fuel.In responce diddy kong decides to hit and run he shoots a peanut which causes marios hat to fall off and leave a bump on his head.

Luigi waits as mario picks up his hat then they run after diddy kong who ran into the thick jungle brush that he hopes to use to his advantage.Diddy kong calls out to donkey kong and tells him that he needs to get ready to fight two strange humans that are on their island.

Mario and luigi decide to split up because they lost sight of Diddy kong.When mario checks near a very large tree the ground starts to shake before he relies what is going on he is suddenly hit by a large punch to the chest which sends him flying.

Meanwhile Diddy kong is seating in a tree ready to ambush luigi who is beneth him.When luigi hears a twing snap above him he turns and points his polturgust at diddy kong who leaped out of the tree.The poltergust shoots a ice ball at diddy kong who was able to dodge it at the last second.

Mario falls out of the sky right in between Luigi and diddy kong who are locked in combat but when they notice mario laying on the ground it gives diddy the split second he needs to shoot a penaut right down luigis throat.Diddy kong then retreats leaving mario to deal with his now choaking brother.

Mario tries to help his brother luigi but the penaut won't come out mario can only watch as his brother dies in his arms. The look in Mario's says that he will do what ever it takes to avenge his brother luigi's death even if it means getting himself hurt.

Donkey kong watches as mario uses a mega mushrrom now that mario is larger then the jungle trees he can see where both Diddy kong and Donkey kong are at. The kongs quickly try to hide in a naerby cave but before they both could make it Mario steps on diddy kong thus breaking his neck he dies.

Before Mario can also kill Donkey kong he manges to get deep enough into the cave that Mario is unable to reach him in his current giant form.When mega mushroom effect runs out Mario walkes into the cave to chase after Donkey kong.

When mario walkes around a corner in the cave he get meet by a cocunut in the stomach it doesn't seem to hurt Mario that much but it does seem to cause him to get even more angary.Donkey kong charges at mario when he actually gets close enough to land a punch its to late Mario unleashes a giant fire ball that burns Donkey kong alive.

Mario is on the beach with luigis dead body that is when he noticesthe ship with peach on it turns out that they had extra fuel hidden on the ship meaning his brother died for no reason.

Winners: Mario and luig Surviour=Mario

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