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Demonic Knights

Some knights have shining armour, but theirs is jet black.

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Not A Halloween Special

It is an Endwalker special, though.

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Battle for the Internet

How is it going, bros? This game sucks!

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When the gates of hell are opened, the dead will walk the earth.

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We are Deadliest Fiction Wiki. Users are invited to write battles they wanted to see played out. Whether its a special forces group versus a special forces group, or a historical figure vs a historical figure, all are invited to write their own battles. If you dream it, you can write it!
Contact any of the Administrators if you have any questions.
We hope you feel welcome here on our diverse wiki. Edit on!

The Battle of the Season is:

John Constatine vs. Mr. C by BeastMan14

The Battle of the Season is voted on by the users of the wiki every three months on our news blog, being awarded as an essential reading that highlights the best and boldest of Deadliest Fiction's creative talent.



Lunathemoon123 Lunathemoon123 4 minutes ago

Duncan Cameron vs. Stonewall Jackson

Two commanders who lived during the same time frame, that being the early-mid 1860's. Both were seasoned general's, h…

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123chaseyoung 123chaseyoung 20 hours ago

Jack Ryan vs Booker Dewitt

It's the long awaited rematch of two protagonists from a beloved franchise! Jack Ryan! The survivor who traversed throu…

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