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Color Royal 2

There are imposters Among Us.

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Battle of the Brutes

One is calculating, the other Australian.

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Assassin Outclassing

And you think your school is cutthroat.

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Bronze Bruisers

Other cities have walls, Sparta has the Spartans.

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We are Deadliest Fiction Wiki. Users are invited to write battles they wanted to see played out. Whether its a special forces group versus a special forces group, or a historical figure vs a historical figure, all are invited to write their own battles. If you dream it, you can write it!
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We hope you feel welcome here on our diverse wiki. Edit on!

The Battle of the Season is:

Olympian Royale by MovieStuff65

The Battle of the Season is voted on by the users of the wiki every three months on our news blog, being awarded as an essential reading that highlights the best and boldest of Deadliest Fiction's creative talent.



Bl02PIE Bl02PIE 2 minutes ago

Ritsuka Fujimaru vs Christopher Freeman

I can see that this wiki likes anime, comics, and history. So why not make a blog that encompasses all?

In this little …

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Laquearius Laquearius 3 days ago

Cynthia (Pokémon) vs Margaret (Persona)

Saving the world is a rough job, especially if you're not even a legal adult yet. Even when you've been given command …

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