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Beauty and Brawn

Stop, hammer time!

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Battle Bros

August might be done, but Brogust is far from over!

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Legendary Legates

Can the Burned Man defeat the Monster of the East?

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They Are the Phantom Thieves

And they are here to steal your heart.

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We are Deadliest Fiction Wiki. Users are invited to write battles they wanted to see played out. Whether its a special forces group versus a special forces group, or a historical figure vs a historical figure, all are invited to write their own battles. If you dream it, you can write it!
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The Battle of the Season is:

John Constatine vs. Mr. C by BeastMan14

The Battle of the Season is voted on by the users of the wiki every three months on our news blog, being awarded as an essential reading that highlights the best and boldest of Deadliest Fiction's creative talent.



Battlefan237 Battlefan237 3 minutes ago

Taking a Break

The title says it all. I'm in my junior year at university. I have a lot of school work and other stuff to do. Therefo…

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123chaseyoung 123chaseyoung 21 hours ago

Leone Crime Family vs Vercetti Gang

Leone Crime Family: Brutal Mafiosi from Liberty City


Vercetti Gang: Neon thugs of Vice City

Who is deadliest?!

  • 1 Leone C…

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