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The champion who crushed​ or shattered every being who ever faced him.
— Magnos' description

Magnos the Binary Star Sentinel is a Quantum Sentinel from Zelem's Nexus who is able to manipulate gravity and mass. His abilities, although shared by most members of his species, are unique because of a natural mutation he possesses that makes him more powerful than any other fighter in his clan.

Originally a gladiator who fought for sport in the ring, the Darkspore invasion forced him to join the Crogenitor Insurgency and use his abilities to repel the monstrous invaders.

Magnos can use his ability to alter his mass in various attacks, such as pulling on comet down the arena to smash his opponents, boosting his own physical attacks, and even create time bubbles to slow his enemies down or temporarly banish them to an alternate dimension where they can't be hurt, but also can't hurt others. Alternatively, he can use his great strenght to create shockwaves.

Also living up to his Sentinel rank, Mangos his able to tank and deal alot of damage, but is rather slow.

Battle vs. Zilean (by Richard Starkey and Astrotorical)[]

No battle written.

Winner: Zilean

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