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Maebara is an employee of a museum located on Tooma-Rimiki-jima, an island said to be the hideout of a group of pirates who were crucified by Oda Nobunaga. He turned insane after receiving a supposed vision from the ghost of Benihime, a female pirate who betrayed her own crew, who ordered him to sacrifice 13 maidens in order to calm the spirits of her former crew. Maebara is typically seen committing his killings in a leather mask, and is shown to be a fan of classic heavy metal, including Iron Maiden, Slayer, and Black Sabbath, and is often seen listening to those bands on his iPod before and even during attacks on his targets.

Maebara invited the naginata-jutsu club of the Fujimigahara Girls Academy to visit the museum, which is owned by a wealth relative of Kotone Igasaki, the captain of the club, as part of a training exercise with the intent to kill them. Maebara managed to kill the kill several members of the club, including their teacher and vice-captain but was ultimately killed by Miaki Onitsuka in defence of Kotone.

Battle vs. Nemuru Kushinada (by SPARTAN 119)[]

Nemuru Kushinada got off a small boat, onto the dock on the island of Tooma-Rimiki-jima, armed with her scythe. It was late at night, and the island was deserted. She had been told that there had was a "fallen" kamibito loose on the island. She was there to cleanse the area of the threat. The last place the "fallen" was seen was on the

Maebara watched in the bushes as Nemuru walked up road leading up the side of the central mountain peak on the island. As he did so, he switched his Ipod to All Nightmare Long by Metallica. Maebara crept through the woods, Nemuru having no idea he was there, before he walked into a cave entrance hidden by the forest.

Luck... Runs... Out...

Crawl from the wreckage one more time

Horrific memory twists the mind

Dark, rugged, cold and hard to turn

Path of destruction, feel it burn

Still life


Still life


Nemuru kept moving up the path, her scythe in hand, reaching the summit of the mountain within a few minutes. Nemuru walked across the road, through the wooden arch, or torii that marked the entrance to the shrine, and walked down the narrow path to the building of the shrine proper.



Still you run, what's to come?

What's to be?

"There's not sign of a kamibito here", Nemuru though, the superhuman sense of smell the kamibito possessed usually allowed them to detect each other, as well as the "Temptations" that drove them to their "fall". Suddenly, she heard something move behind her.

Cause we hunt you down without mercy

Hunt you down all nightmare long

Feel us breathe upon your face

Feel us shift, every move we trace

Nemuru found herself lying on her back, face to face with a man in a leather mask armed with a odd sort of wrist-blade weapon made from a short wakizashi. Maebara thrust his blade forward, aiming for Nemuru's neck. Nemuru moved her head slightly to one side, enough to make the blade barely miss.

Nemuru struck back, punching Maebara in the side, before kicking him backwards, launching him several feet with her superhuman strength. Nemuru got up and, with her superhuman speed, ran back and grabbed her scythe. By the time she had gotten hold of the blade, however, Maebara was on her, having grabbed a naginata displayed in the shrine proper and made a wide downward slice at Nemuru. Nemuru dodged the the right, then jumped backwards, evading a thrust with the naginata.

Maebara stared in surprise as Nemuru jumped a good ten feet in the air, landing on top of the torii, before lunging down at Maebara. Maebara tried to black the attack, but the heavy blade of Nemuru's scythe cut about half way through the shaft, before the naginata handle snapped in two.

Maebara fled, into the shrine, opening a trap door in the floor. Nemuru gave chase, following him down the roughly hewn stone steps, through a tunnel lit only by a few torches, which must have been recently lit.

Suddenly, the tunnel opened up into a wide cavern with an underground lake inside. On the shore of the lake was a second, smaller shrine, with a statuette of a female figure in the middle.

The light that is not light is here

To flush you out with your own fear

You hide, you hide, but will be found

Release your grip without a sound

Suddenly, Nemuru heard an explosion ring out several feet in front of her, blinding and deafening her, and throwing bits of rock everywhere. Several rock fragments embedded themselves into Nemuru's legs and side, causing her to drop the ground, bleeding from her wounds. After the C-4 detonated, Maebara walked out from a shadowy corner of the cavern near the small shrine. He walked over to Nemuru, wakizashi wrist blades at the ready.

Hunt you down without mercy

Hunt you down all nightmare long

Feel us breathe upon your face

Feel us shift, every move we trace

Hunt you down without mercy

Hunt you down all nightmare long, yeah

Luck. Runs.

Nemuru pulled herself with her two hands, her vision becoming blurry, and she was beginning to lose feeling in her legs. She desperately tried to escape the man bent on killing her. Maebara step over Nemuru's bleeding body, wrist blade in hand, as the song on his Ipod neared its end.

You crawl back in

But your luck runs out

Your luck runs out!

Maebara raised his wrist blade and thrust it into Nemuru's neck, ending her life with a single strike.

WINNER: Maebara

Expert's Opinion[]

Maebara won this battle because of his superior weaponry and training. The most important factor that gave him the win, however, was his knowledge of the island, which allowed him to surprise and lay traps for Nemuru, overcoming her superhuman strength. Also, All Nightmare Long is property of Metallica and Warner Music Group. I am not making any profit from referencing the lyrics or linking to the video, so please don't sue me!

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