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I wanted to prove to myself that there was nothing that I could not do.
— Richard "Mack" Machowicz on why he joined the SEALs.

Richard John "Mack" Machowicz was a Navy SEAL, author, and the host of various tv shows including Discovery Channel and Military Channel's Future Weapons and Spike's Deadliest Warrior.

Machowicz was born in 1965 in Detroit, Michigan. At some point, he joined the Navy SEALs and participated in numerous tactical operations with SEAL Team ONE and TWO. He retired from the military in 1995 and founded Bukido Institute, as well as the Bukido Training System, which centred around Zen Buddism.

During this time, Machowicz served as a personal protection specialist for many high-profile individuals within the political arena, business world and entertainment industry and was the host of numerous tv shows which were usually focused around history and warfare. On 2 January 2017, aged 51, Machowicz died of brain cancer in Pearland, Texas.

Battle vs. Wil Willis (by Sport Shouting)

No battle written.

Winner: Richard "Mack" Machowicz

Expert's Opinion

While both were pretty evenly matched, it was the main advantage Mack had in mid range and special that got him the win.

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