The M1911 is a semi-automatic pistol that fires the .45 ACP. The weapon is single-action and is recoil-operated. The famous firearms designer produced the pistol to be used as the standard sidearm for the United States military. The weapon was used through countless conflicts like World War II and the Vietnam War. Production for the weapon came through the United States' need to modernize its arsenal. It is still being used by American law-enforcement and military forces in limited amounts. A large amount of variants were made, the most popular being the MEU(SOC) pistol. 28 countries currently have the pistol in their arsenals.



  • M1911A1
  • M1911A2
  • M15 Pistol
  • Colt Government Model
  • Colt MK IV Series 70
  • Colt MK IV Series 80
  • Colt MK IV Series 80 Combat Elite
  • Colt Gold Cup National Match
  • Colt XSE
  • Colt Commander
  • Colt Officer's ACP
  • Colt Defender
  • AMT Hardballer
  • Auto Ordnance M1911A1
  • Detonics Score Master
  • Detonics Combat Master
  • Detonics Service Master
  • Imbel M1911A1
  • Infinity Tiki-T
  • M45/MEU(SOC)
  • Norinco M1911A1
  • Safari Arms .45
  • SIG-Sauer GSR
  • Sistema Colt Model 1927
  • Strayer Voigt Infinity
  • STI Edge
  • STI Eagle 6.0
  • Smith & Wesson SW1911
  • Smith and Wesson 945
  • Smith and Wesson 4506
  • Wilson Combat Protector
  • Kimber ICQB Pistol
  • Kimber Warrior
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