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Bloodshed gives way to more bloodshed. Hatred breeds more hatred. Until all of the violence soaks into the land, carving rivers of blood. And no matter how many times it happens, they never learn. Humans are made up of violent, miserable fools.
— Lust

Lust is a minor villain in Fullmetal Alchemist. She is one of the Homunculi, or artificial humans, created by Father, the original Homunculus, to serve as his agents in his plan to become the perfect being. He named Lust after one of the seven deadly sins as a way symbolically purge himself of it.

Lust served as Father's assassin, manipulating events in the country of Amestris to incite atrocities in order to produce Philosopher's Stones, powerful objects made up of human souls, which were critical to Father's plans.

Lust and the other Homunculi eventually came into conflict with the Edward and Alphonse Elric, who were searching for the Philosopher's Stone, and Colonel Roy Mustang, whose close friend had been killed by another Homunculus, Envy, to keep Father's plans concealed. Lust attempted to kill Mustang and his companions during a battle in an underground laboratory. She failed, and Mustang retaliated by burning her repeatedly with flame alchemy, overloading her regenerative abilities and reducing her to ash.

Battle vs. Baraka (Original) (by Laquearius)[]


Winner: Lust

Expert's Opinion[]

Lust has the superior weapon, as her claws have greater reach and cutting power than Baraka's blades. She is also harder to kill; her Philosopher's Stone can regenerate numerous fatal injuries before running out of power. However, Baraka is more experienced and skilled due to his participation in multiple tournaments and his knowledge of martial arts. Combined with Lust's tendency to toy with her opponents, Baraka could theoretically survive long enough to deal enough damage to drain her Stone, but more often than not, Lust will drop the act before that happens, and Baraka can't survive against Lust's claws when she isn't playing around.

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