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You think we are who we are? Or do you think people can change?
— Lucas Hood

His real name unknown, the master thief that would become Lucas Hood began a life of crime at a young age, when he murdered his abusive father before fleeing to join the army. His fiery temper continued to get him in trouble, culminating with him assaulting an officer and being court-martialed, only to be saved from prison by a man named Dalton, who gave the man a position in a high-risk black ops unit as a chance of freedom. "Hood" would prove to be an effective soldier and killer, but on his final mission, he struck up a friendship with the target: a hacker named Job who exposed him to a profitable criminal lifestyle.

The two went rogue, becoming a criminal duo that eventually began working for the Ukranian gangster Rabbit, where "Hood" fell in love with Rabbit's daughter Anastasiya, with the two making plans to run away together after stealing a massive shipment of diamonds. The shipment was, in reality, a trap set up by Rabbit, and "Hood" sacrificed his freedom to ensure Anastasiya escaped, ultimately spending fifteen years in prison.

Upon his release, "Hood", with Job's help, tracked down Anastasiya, now going by the name Carrie, to a small town in Pennsylvania called Banshee, but discovered that she had a husband and two kids. Saddened, "Hood" made plans to leave town when two criminals attempted to rob the bar he was drinking at. Before he could step in, the real Lucas Hood, the town's new sheriff who had just arrived, intervened and was subsequently killed in the fight. Sensing an opportunity to keep an eye on the love of his life, the thief assumed the identity of the sheriff, aided in his ruse by the bar owner and Job, who helped set up a fake identity.

Battle Royale with Cheese (by BeastMan14)[]


Expert's Opinion[]


1st: John Pilgrim

2nd: Jordi Chin

3rd: Boyd Crowder

4th: Lucas Hood

5th: Trevor Philips

6th: Joe (You Were Never Really Here)

7th: Bats

8th: Mister Blonde

9th: Dylan Cross

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