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Lozen is my right hand... strong as a man, braver than most, and cunning in strategy, Lozen is a shield to her people.

Lozen was a skilled warrior and a prophetess for the of the Chiheene Chiricahua Apache tribe. Born in the Chihenne band during the 1840s. In the 1870s Victorio and his band of Apaches were moved from the deplorable conditions of the San Carlo Reservations in Arizona. He and his followers left the reservations around 1877, and began marauding and raiding, all while evading capture by the military. Lozen fought beside Victorio when he and his followers rampaged against the Americans who had appropriated their homelands around New Mexico's Black Mountain.

Lozen also fought beside Geronimo after his breakout from the San Carlos reservations in 1885, in the last campaigns of the Apache Wars. With the band pursued relentlessly, she used her power to locate their enemies - the US. and Mexican cavalries.

Taken into U.S. military custody after Geronimo's final surrender, Lozen traveled to as a prisoner-of-war to Mount Vernon Barracks in Alabama.

Battle vs. Cetshwayo kaMpande (by Impaler5150)[]

Lozen and 4 Apache admire their newfound landscape in the heart of Wyoming when they see Kampande and 4 Zulus intruding on their territory. Lozen's gunman fires his Spencer rifle from behind a boulder, killing Kampande's right hand man (5-4). The Zulu gunman fires his long rifle, killing the Apache gunman (4-4). The remaining ones meet up for close quarter combat. Lozen takes a tomahawk and nearly decapitates a Zulu (4-3). Kampande chunks an iwisa, knocking out an Apache, then picks up the iwisa and bludgeons him to death (3-3). Anapache hides behind a boulder and fires off 4 arrows, killing a Zulu (3-2). Another Zulu retaliates by sneaking up behind the Apache, decaptaing him with a Zulu axe (2-2). Kampande throws the Iwisa and hits Lozen, but just hurts her. Then, the Zulu grabs the iklwa spear and kills the Apache Apache wielding a knife (1-2). Moments later, Lozen grabs the knife and immediately slits the spearman's throat (1-1). Kampande and Lozen meet up, Kampande with the iwisa; Lozen with the knife. Kampande hits Lozen with the iwisa, knoxking her down, but when he goes in to bludgeon her, he meets his demise with repeated stab wounds as he is going down (1-0). Lozen shouts "FOR THE APACHE NATION!!" as she goes off into the sunset.

Expert's Opinion[]

The reason Lozen won was due to her knowing the terrain as well as hthe Apache knife being such a lethal weapon up close, as well as the bow and arrow being a better long range weapon than the iwisa.

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