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Los Pollos Hermanos: where something delicious is always cooking.
— Gus Fring

Los Pollos Hermanos (broken Spanish for The Chicken Brothers) is a chain of fast food restaurants from the TV show Breaking Bad and its prequel series Better Call Saul. Secretly, the restaurants are fronts for owner Gus Fring's drug distribution operation.

Los Pollos Hermanos was founded by Gus and Max Arciniega in Mexico as a front for discreetly manufacturing and distributing drugs. The pair approached Don Eladio, the head of the Cartel, with a proposal for a partnership. Enraged that the pair had given free samples of their meth to his operatives, Eladio ordered Hector Salamanca to murder Max in front of Gus. Gus vowed revenge on the entire Cartel.

Under Gus's sole leadership, Los Pollos Hermanos expanded into the American Southwest. In 2009, Gus encountered meth manufacturer Walter White and his partner, Jesse Pinkman. While distrustful of Walter, Gus partenered with the pair for their meth, which was vastly purer than any product on the market. Gus waged war on the Cartel and ultimately wiped out the Cartel's leadership, leaving Hector as the only survivor. Gus's relationship with Walter grew tenuous while Jesse started to receive Gus's favor.

Fearing for his life, Walter was able to convince Jesse to help him kill Gus by poisoning the son of Jesse's girlfriend and blaming it on Gus. Upon hearing that Hector had met with the Drug Enforcement Administration, Gus approached him in his retirement home to kill him. The encounter was a trap set by Walter and Hector set off a bomb that killed Gus and himself. With its leader dead, Los Pollos Hermanos collapsed.

Battle vs. Colombian Scorpions (by Deathblade 100)[]

Los Pollos Hermanos: GreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreen

Colombian Scorpions:RedRedRedRedRedRed

Six members of Gustavo Fring's drug organisation close one of their shops. As they talk, two cars pull up outside the shop. Six members of the Colombian Scorpions step out. The two groups eye each other before one of the Colombians fires his Heckler & Koch G3A3, breaking a window and hitting a Los Pollos worker.Green The Los Pollos Hermanos group return fire with their AK-47s, wounding one of the Colombians and killing another.Red The Colombian's leader fires his Steyr AUG, fatally wounding one of the Los Pollos fighters before hearing one of his men yell out and drop.GreenRed One of the Colombians fires his G3A3 until he's forced to reload. As the Colombian reloads, the Los Pollos leader swaps his AK-47 for a scoped M4A1 and shoots the Colombian in the head.RedThe Colombians return fire, killing the man next to the Los Pollos leader.Green The remaining Los Pollos members withdraw further into the shop, with the Colombians following in pursuit. The Colombian leader draws his Uzi and fires missing a Los Pollos fighter. The Los Pollos soldier fires his M4A1 and kills one of the Colombians.Red The Colombians return fire, killing him.GreenThe Colombians walk further into the shop. One of the Los Pollos fighters fires his MP5 just as one of the Colombians fires his Uzi. The Los Pollos fighter drops from the gunfire shortly before the Colombian is shot by the Los Pollos leader. GreenRedThe two leaders raise their sub-machine guns and fire at each other. They wound each other and the Colombian continues to fire his Uzi until empty. As he reloads, the Los Pollos leader raises his MP5 and fires it into the Colombians back repeatedly, killing the Colombian leader. RedThe Los Pollos leader raises his fist in the air and smiles in victory.

Winner: Los Pollos Hermanos

Expert's Opinion[]

The reason why Los Pollos Hermanos won was; they had more training, were more experienced and had a majority of the X-factors. If you feel like this battle was unfair, leave a message on my talk page here.

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