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Oh, man. I used to be on top of the world, brother. All-pro quarterback, four years running. Voted the Sexiest Texan back in 2004.
— Logan Carter recounting life

A former football star who led a spoiled life and was successful in every possible way, Logan's ego finally put an end to his bright future. Taking part in a reckless street race with tragic consequences, Logan not only killed a young woman — his unfortunate passenger; he also fractured his knee, putting an end to his sports career. His fall from stardom inevitably followed and he plunged swiftly into a life of bitterness and despair. In an attempt to get away from the demons hunting him, he gladly takes the chance to experience the beauty and wonder of Banoi Island.

Things were going well for him, that is until he was wakened by a voice over the emergency intercom system directing them to evacuate the hotel. They discover that the majority of the population have been overcome by a contagious and infectious disease, turning them into psychotic, flesh-eating creatures.

Battle vs. Chuck Greene (by Affectos)[]

No battle written


Expert's Opinion[]

What Chuck lacked in weapons, he swept in X-Factors. He knew his environment much better than his opponent, he was fighting for more than himself, was in a much better physical condition, and was in a better logistical situation. Logan may have wielded the lighter and more reliable weapons, but Chuck's harder hitting weapons aren't to be underestimated. Chuck, quite simply, was the better warrior.

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