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We can't stop them. We don't know where they come from. We don't know what they want. They don't even seem to want territory. All they do is kill. We can't even begin to negotiate with them, or work out their objectives, because we just don't know the first damn thing about them. That's not an enemy, Mr. Chairman. That's a monster.
— Bardry Salaman

The native race of the planet Sera, The Locust Horde are a militant reptilian-humanoid subterranean race who are driven forward with an unrelenting need to retake their home from the Human Coalition of Ordered Governments that has taken the surface and mutated their homes. Lead by their Queen, Myraah, and lead by military figures such as General RAAM and Skorge, the Locust burst out from under the ground to attack the COG forces in a devastating event forever afterwards known as Emergence Day. Wiping out a huge percentage of the Human population, the COG were pushed back to a small handful of settlements before they managed to successfully make any kind of counter attack.

The Locust managed to unite a great number of sub-species and animals underneath their banner. The Drones made up the bulk of their ranks, and were slightly taller and significantly stronger and more durable than normal men. An elite breed of Drone, the Theron, were incredibly brutal, savage and intelligent guards of the Queen, and operated with the highest precision and skill. Tall "dumb muscle" brutes known as Boomers were used to deliver heavy weapons fire and soak up enemy fire. Religious priests drafted into the fighting when the COG began to invade The Hollows where the Locust Horde lived, the Kantus were agile, tricky and capable of reviving fallen soldiers and empowering living ones, making them priority targets. Massive, blind female Locust known as Berserkers used their weaker senses to maul the enemy to death, and were so strong and durable, nothing short of a satellite-laser could take them down.

Re-purposed animals included Wretches, a breed of small pests that could effectively distract targets and overwhelm in large numbers with powerful melee attacks. The Brumak were massive monsters, armed with heavy armor, wrist mounted heavy machine guns, back mounted cannons and were used as powerful siege weapons. Corpsers were large spider-like creatures capable of burrowing underground, allowing for devastating tactics against enemy forces. Reavers were similarly large aerial units that could rain fire down on foes from the sky. Bloodmounts were violent monsters that Drones often rode into battle like horses thanks to their speed and ferocity. Tickers were small spider-like creatures that exploded on contact with the enemy, serving as living landmines. The Kantus could also use their calls to communicate with and influence the Rift Worms, a race of ancient worms worshiped by The Locust that could potentially sink entire cities.

Battle vs. Brute (by Sith Venator)[]

No battle written.

WINNER: Jiralhanae

Expert's Opinion[]

In the end the Jiralhanae defeated the Locust with better weaponary and armor in addition to their bigger size.

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