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When all hope had died, and the hour of doom seemed at hand... a young boy clothed in green appeared as if from nowhere. Wielding the blade of evil's bane, he sealed the dark one away and gave the land light.
— Wind Waker Prologue
Link is the protagonist of the Legend of Zelda series. He is usually depicted as a courageous young boy or teenager in green clothing who leaves his home and any relatives to pursue his destiny: fighting the evil forces threatening the land. On his journey, he learns to make use of many different weapons and items to adapt to, and overcome, the enemies and obstacles in his path. After navigating both a game's Overworld and its dungeons, Link ultimately vanquishes his enemy and becomes a legendary hero. He is considered an iconic character in video gaming and the very symbol of the Zelda franchise, and remains one of the most popular video game protagonists.

A peculiarity of Link, as well as other characters, is the several different incarnations of the person throughout the Legend of Zelda series. All incarnations of Link share a number of characteristics, the most common of which are his physical appearance, sense of bravery, and selflessness. He is implied to be somewhat sleepy or lazy at first since at some point near the beginning of every game except the first two, he is sleeping or dozing off. Since Link does not have extensive dialogue, clues to his personality come from his actions and other characters' comments about him.

Battle vs. The Last Dragonborn (by Redkite)

No battle written.

Winner: Link

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Battle vs. Cluny the Scourge (by Death'sapprentice77)

Link is walking through a forest with Navi. Suddenly, an iron church railing attached to a rope lands embedded into the ground next to him. Navi flies away and Link turns around to see Cluny the Scourge letting our a fearsome battle cry, ready to hurl another railing at him. Prepared this time Link draws his bow and readies an arrow. He skillfully dodges the projectile and fires an arrow straight into Cluny's shoulder. Cluny growls and pulls the arrow out he then charges at Link, spear in hand. Link drops the bow and pulls out a bomb and throws it at Cluny. Cluny rolls out of the way and whips his tail at Link. Link dodges the tail and pulls out his sword and shield. Cluny stabs at Link with his spear but he side steps out of the way in time. Cluny then trips Link with his tail and prepares to stab him with his spear. Link holds up his shield just in time to block the stab. The force of the stab and hardness of the shield causes the spear to splinter. Enraged Cluny whips his tail at the downed Link but he rolls out of the way and the spike lands in the ground. As soon as Link gets up he takes this advantage and slashes off a large portion of Cluny's tail. Cluny screams in pain, discards the broken spear, draws his longsword and begins slashing and stabbing at Link. Link blocks most of the attacks but a stray stab finds its way in Links shoulder. Cluny kicks Link away and tries to finish Link but he gets out of his way and draws his boomerang and throws it at Cluny stunning him. Link goes to retrieve his sword. Cluny even more angered he charges at link attempting to behead him. Link ducks and stabs Cluny in the abdomen then pushes upward. Cluny coughs up blood Link pulls out his sword and the rat falls over dead. Link pulls out a potion and gulps it down then continues on his journey leaving Cluny's corpse behind.

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Battle vs. Kelsier (by Leolab)

Link, the Hero of Time, finds himself in the city of Luthadel at night. Unsure of how he got there and blinded by the mists, he readies his sword and shield and starts walking carefully. Kelsier, The Survivor of Hathsin, spots him walking from his vantage point on the rooftops, and flips a coin into the streets. Link, startled by the noise, looks around and sees Kelsier landing in front of him. Kelsier challenges Link, believing him to be a noble. Link, being mute, puts his guard up, and Kelsier pulls out his allomanic daggers.

Kelsier moves first, Pushing on Link’s shield, unbalancing him and moving in. Link manages to raise his shield in time, and is surprised when the dagger, made of glass, doesn’t shatter. He starts dueling Kelsier, Link’s plows being Pushed or Pulled aside while Kelsier’s strikes get blocked by Link’s shield. Kelsier gets bored, and Pushes strongly on Link’s shield, sending both of them flying. Link gets crushed into the dirt while Kelsier hits the rooftops and is shrouded by mist. Link readies his bow, running through the streets and shooting at Kelsier’s shadow on the rooftops. Kelsier skids to a halt as he finds what he is looking for: three glass vials, with metal suspended in the fluid of each. He downs all three, topping off his Steel and Iron, and adding a more deadly metal: Atium. Feeling refreshed, he looks down in time to see Link fire his last arrow into his shoulder. Kelsier recoils and pulls it out, cursing himself for not bringing Pewter. He spots Link on the roof with him, and starts Burning Atium, which lets him accurately predict Link’s moves. He quickly dodges Link’s attacks and Pulls the Master Sword from his hand, catching it in his uninjured hand and turning it on the Hero of Time.

He uses the Atium to maneuver around Link’s shield and dodge it, stabbing him in the leg with the sword. Link falls, and Kelsier moves in for the kill when his Atium runs out. Sensing the change, Link lashes out with his shield, stunning Kelsier and knocking the sword away. Kelsier Pulls on the sword, while Link crouches. Kelsier notices a red orb in Link’s hands and, confused, watches him shove it into the ground and unleash a fire storm that burns everything around him. Kelsier, badly burned, is in no state to react when the Master Sword, still coming in with the force of Kelsier’s Pull, gets lodged in his neck. Link walks up to Kelsier, pulls out the Master Sword, and drinks a blue potion. Fully healed, he creates a ball of green light that transforms into a pillar around him, teleporting him back to an earlier location.

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Battle vs. Cervantes (by Leolab)

Cervantes, ship full of plunder from the ship of the slain crusader, finds himself on a lake of an unknown land. He disembarks his ship and enters a hut. A man with a hat tries to sell him a fishing rod for use in his pond, but Cervantes eats his soul. He is then blinded by a flash of green light; Link appears on the other side of the pond, fresh from his battle with a powerful Mistborn and picks up the arrows he stashed there. He then spots Cervantes and his kill. Enraged, Link notches an arrow and fires at Cervantes.

It misses Cervantes, but Link is already rushing forward, Master Sword and Hylian Shield in hand. Cervantes laughs, and fires his pistol, which goes through Link’s shield and hits him on the leg. Wounded, Link starts dueling Cervantes, who eventually get in a hit in with Nirvana. Bleeding profusely, Link weakly attempts to bash Cervantes in with the Hylian Shield. Cervantes shrugs off the blow, but it serves its purpose: Link, having charged a red orb of light, thrusts it into the ground, unleashing Din’s Fire. His wounds cauterized from the extreme heat, Link walks over to where Cervantes lies.

Cervantes gets up and attacks Link. Severely weakened, he is in no state to resist when the Master Sword is knocked out of his hands by Acheron, Cervantes’s longsword. Cervantes then impales the helpless hero, throwing him up in the air, and then shooting him back to earth, completing his Critical Finish. He then eats Link’s soul and, fully healed, returns to his ship to try and find a way home.

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Battle vs. Aragorn (by Death'sapprentice77)

Aragorn appears from the house of Elrond fully healed from his battle with a powerful vampire slayer. He continues into the woods and doesn't get far as an arrow whizzes past his head. He spots Link, a few yards away he shoots a flaming arrow that sends the brush where Link was standing, ablaze. He rolls out of the way only gaining a few minor singes while simultaneously drawing his sword and shield. Aragorn fires a normal arrow this time but to no avail as it embeds itself in Link's shield harmlessly. Aragorn draws out Anduril just in time to block Link's overhead slash the two trade strikes for a bit. Aragorn then disarms Link the ranger tries to get in another blow but is stopped by Link's shield. Link back hands Aragorn with his shield causing him to back up a bit giving Link enough range to get a quick throw at the ranger with his gale boomerang which disarms and dazes him. Link then runs over to where he stashed some bombs. Aragorn runs to retrieve Anduril but is stopped by Link's bomb. Aragorn rolls out of the way but is caught by the shock wave and is singed a little. Link sprints over to the downed ranger and attempts to finish him off but the Ranger acts fast, rolls out of the way, and jabs his dagger in to Link's thigh causing the Hylian to cry out in pain. He takes advantage of this moment and retrieves Anduril. Link limps toward Aragorn and tries an high horizontal slash which is parried by Aragorn who counter with a stab in to the hero's chest. Aragorn with draws his sword from Link's chest and the boy falls backwards in a pool of his own blood. Aragorn raises his sword and gives a victorious cry.

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Battle vs. Ezio Auditore da Firenze (by Drayco90)

The high tower of the stone cathedral stood vanguard over the small village below it. The church sat like a castle in the middle of the town, at the top of a hill in order to be the most visually attractive building for miles. The building had been constructed by rich missionaries many generations before, in an extravagant attempt to convert the local ‘savages’ to Christianity. Of course, the church-going people had no idea that a decades ago the Assassin Order had taken over the long-spanning (and long abandoned) catacombs, discovering an ancient artifact within that they knew they had to keep from the Templar. Ganon’s forces were hitting the kingdom of Hyrule hard, and the royal family knew that if help wasn’t sent soon, they would be over taken by the dark armies. The champion who had held off the forces of Twilight in years past, the mighty Hylian Link set out on the back of his chestnut steed, Epona, to seek out weapons and artifacts that could be used to save the life of Princess Zelda and keep safe the lands of Hyrule.

So the ‘Hero of Time’ had made his way to this quiet little village on the outskirts of Hyrule. The white-cloaked man watched from the top of the bell tower as the green-clad warrior rode in. It was clear to Ezio Auditore da Firenze what the elf-like warrior was here for, and it was fortunate that he had taken a break from his war with the Borgia to come to talk with his fellow Assassins holding the cathedral.

Link hitched Epona at the entrance and strode in to the church, just as the great bell towers began to ring across the empty, sleeping village. Link glanced up at the tower, but there was nothing of note there, save for a single majestic eagle screeching as it flew from it’s perch.

Vast was the exterior of the Church, and Link glanced to and fro. It seemed every person in the village who could walk, and a good sum who couldn’t, had come to services this morning. Link weaved through the crowds and past a cordoned-off stairway leading down into the catacombs below, his hand resting on the Master Sword’s hilt. He was expecting an army of skeletons and pig-creatures standing between him and whatever treasure was hidden within, but he was wholly unprepared for the foe that he actually was to face.

With a loud twang, a crossbow bolt sailed past Link’s ear, pinpointing the brick wall in front of him with a thud. Link turned slightly, seeing a white-robed man at the top of the staircase, a crossbow in his hand.

“You have stumbled onto land owned by the Assassin Order.” Ezio announced to his unwelcome guest “The artifact you seek is not yours to take, signore.”

“…” Link knew he needed all the help he could get in bringing down Ganon, and it’s not as if Assassins were savory characters anyway. Perhaps he would be bringing down the villains of another story in this fight.

Link quickly drew his shield and blocked a second crossbow bolt, unsheathing his Master Sword at the same time. He charged the assassin, swinging the sword. Ezio sidestepped the blow, but was surprised to see a blast of energy burst from the tip. The Auditore snapped his arm back, smacking the Hylian across the face with his crossbow. He fired another bolt just as Link swung his sword at the bow, causing the bolt to miss it’s intended target and pierce through Link’s thin shoe. With a heroic yell, Link slammed his shield in Ezio’s face, causing the assassin to stumble backwards and drop his crossbow in a daze. Link prepared to stab at Ezio again, but the assassin recovered in time to parry the blow with the Dagger of Brutus. Quickly, Ezio drew the Sword of Altiar and made a swing at the Hylian while he was still blocking the Master Sword with his dagger. Link reared back, only losing a few of his blonde hairs from the speedy swing. Link raised the shield to dodge another swing, but as he did so Ezio leapt into the air, using Link’s shield as a platform he jumped behind the green-tunic wearing Hero and delivering a swipe to Link’s back with the sword.

Link cried out and discarded his shield, knowing the disadvantages it’s weight and size created outweighed it’s positives in this battle. Drawing his Hookshot, Link latched on to Ezio and swung him across the room, allowing the Hylian some breathing room. Ezio slammed into the wall with a crash and slowly rolled down to the ground below. Ezio sheathed his sword and dagger and drew the Condottiero War Hammer, using the weapon to prop himself up off the floor.

At the same time, Link primed a bomb from his pouch and rolled it across the room. The bomb landed right at Ezio’s feet, where it sat there and began to expand and deflate in a slow rhythmic pattern while the fuse burned even slower. Ezio swung the hammer at the explosive, sending it back across the room, landing in the corner where it detonated, causing part of the wall to cave in. Screams from the people terrified upstairs could be heard, and dust kicked down from the ceiling as the people began to run in a mass exodus out of the church.

Ezio charged Link with his War Hammer high, his first overhead swing missed as Link rolled to the right as Link fired a slingshot projectile at the Assassin’s face. Ezio hissed as the shot broke skin directly under his eye, causing fresh blood to slowly trickle down his cheek. While the pain was biting, it wasn’t nearly major enough to slow down his next swing, and the war hammer impacted on Link’s knee. The sharp crack of bone giving way to harsh metal caused the Hylian to scream out in pain and buckle to the ground. Ezio raised the hammer, preparing to crush the writing head of his foe, but as he prepared to bring in back down, Link fired the Hookshot and latched on the hammer, ripping it from his hands. Link grabbed another bomb and slammed it into Ezio’s stomach, limping away deeper into the catacombs as Ezio was caught in the explosion and went sailing across the room.

Ezio coughed and dusted off the smoke from his robes as he recovered from the blow. Focusing his Eagle Vision, Ezio could see Link had gone deeper in the tunnels to find somewhere to recover and get ready for more fighting. Still coughing, Ezio made his way down into the tunnels below. He rounded a corner, and was greeted with an arrow to the chest. He grunted and stumbled backwards, glaring down at Link, who was leaned up against the wall to relieve pressure from his broken leg, the Hero Bow in his hands.

Link turned his head to grab another arrow, but when he drew the string back the Assassin had disappeared. The Hylian began to worry as he looked in every direction for the Assassin, but couldn’t see him in the shadowy corridors. Suddenly he heard a metallic pop, and turned behind him, just as Ezio stabbed him through the forearm with a Hidden Blade. Link gasped out, while the assassin brutally kicked him in the back of his broken knee, swinging him around. The warriors looked each other in the eye as Ezio placed his other hand at Link’s throat, allowing the Hidden Blade to slide out, stabbing him through the throat. Link choked on his blood and began to shake violently for a few moments, before he stopped moving. Ezio reached up, closing the Hero of Time’s eyes and slowly laid him on the ground.

“Requiescat in pace.” Ezio whispered as he began the return trip to the surface. There was no doubt that the M’kraan Crystal would need to be transported to a safer facility now.

Expert's Opinion

This battle was incredibly close, and Ezio only one by the edge of his teeth. Despite Link's significantly better variety of experience in his enemies and unique weapons, Ezio's agility allowed him to move around the battlefield quicker, as well as his Eagle Vision giving him a tactical mastery of the battlefield. Add Ezio's arguably more lethal weapons, and the Master Assassino won but barely. To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.

Battle vs. Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya (by SPARTAN 119)

Kirito logged into the experimental virtual reality device that it was his part time job at RATH Software to test. Immediately, he found himself in the middle of an open stone-walled building, with a dome on the roof, and several columns to either side. He immediately recognized it: The interior of the Black Iron Castle from Sword Art Online.

Kirito realized he was using his old Sword Art Online avatar again... and what was more, where the Monument of Life was in the SAO Black Iron Castle and the Monument of Swordsmen in the ALO version, there was only figure clad in green, the only other person in the building.

"Wait a minute", Kirito said to himself, "Is that Link from the Legend of Zelda".

The man in green turned to face Kirito, who saw clearly that he was indeed Link, or at least an avatar designed as a cosplay of him...

  • Background music changes to this.

Link got turned the face the Black Swordsman, and deciding he was a threat, threw his boomerang in his direction. Kirito ducked, evading the projectile and got out stick shuriken and tossed it in Link's direction.

The Hero of Time raised shield and blocked the shuriken, before holding his sword at the ready. At the same time, Kirito drew both Elucidator and Dark Repulsor. Kirito immediately leaped at Link, before making a downward slash with Elucidator, the "Sonic Leap" sword skill.

Link blocked the downward strike with his shield, then sidestepped a diagonal slash from Kirito's Dark Repulser, and the countered with a thrust with the Master Sword, followed by an upward diagonal slash.

Link's diagonal strike was blocked by Kirito. Kirito's two swords then began to glow orange, engulfed in flames, as Kirito thrust at Link with Elucidator. Link backflipped to avoid the thrust, then sidestepped a thrust with Dark Repulser, and blocked the next three thrusts with his shield, and well as a downward slash.

On the seventh strike of the "Howling Octave" combo, however, Kirito caught Link with two low strikes, Elucidator and Dark Repulser slashing into his side, while the fire elemental affinity of the attack set fire to his tunic.

Link rolled on the ground, extinguishing the flames. As he got up, he saw Kirito's swords start to glow blue.

  • Background music: Here*

Kirito lunged at Link, preforming his ultimate attack: The Eclipse, a 27-hit combo. As Kirito approached him, Link raised his hands into the air, a glowing blue ball appearing over his head. Link was then covered in a glowing blue "crystal of energy".

Elucidator and Dark Repulser danced through the air, making repeated thrusts and cuts with such force that Link was launched into the air, culminating in several hits the knocked him into the walls so hard that he cracked the stone.

After the 27th hit, Link fell to the ground in front of the wall.... and immediately got up, unharmed. At that point, Kirito remembered, that blue glow was a powerful defensive magic. He couldn't touch him until the spell wore off.

Link held the Master Sword out straight, channeling magic into the blade, making it glow first blue, then, after a few second, orange. Link spun the sword in a circle, releasing a powerful shockwave of energy in all directions, knocking Kirito on his back and cutting a gash in his torso.

Link then lunged at his downed opponent with a final jumping slash. As he struck Kirito...

He was disconnected from the virtual reality device, finding himself back in the real world. Between this and his fight with that winged man in silver armor, it seemed like this new virtual reality technology was trying to screw with him.

Expert's Opinion

Link won this battle because of his more powerful weapons and magic, as well as his greater combat experience and physical strength.

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Battle vs. Connor Kenway (by Affectos)

Connor crept silently through the woods with his bow in hand. With Lee’s death, peace had finally come to the colonies, but even then his head was still whirling with questions. In an attempt to clear his head, he’d decided to take a short hunt in the woods off the Homestead. ()

Link rolled the body of a bulbin over as he collected several rupees and a bundle of arrows off his body. His quest to rid any remnant power of Zant and the Twilight Realm had lead him to a new land known as New York. Here, he had heard that a temple that had existed long before the Hylians stored an insurmountable power source. ()

Nearing what was once his people’s land, Connor was disappointed by the lack of game, but as he reached the top of the hill, he found something more important. Down by the cave that the Templars had been trying to had been trying to get into, a green garbed, blonde-haired youth was nearing the entrance. Moving quickly through the underbrush, Connor maneuvered his way within earshot of the young man, but he was unusually quiet...but it was evident that this was no normal frontiersman... Quietly nocking an arrow, Connor took aim...fired

Had Link not leaned forward to glance into the cave, he would've had an arrow in his lower intestines, but rather the arrow ricocheted off his shield that was still strapped to his back. Reacting, Link undid the shield and scanned the area that the arrow had came from. Seeing nothing, he pulled out a bomb and rolled it into the shrubbery, bracing himself for the blast. As the blast went off, Link spotted a white and blue blur rush off into the woods, and gave chase.

Connor considered himself lucky as he went back down the path the youth had come down. He’d never seen an explosive that big, save for the powder kegs on the Aquila, and even then he had barely escaped the blast. As he began to scale the tree, he noticed a dead body of a club wielding creature nearby. The frontiersmen had been discussing the unusual appearance of trolls and goblins roaming the woods, but after the alien creatures and the sea monster, he had taken it with a grain of salt. Now though... Shaking the worry from his head, he reached the a branch high enough to use his rope darts, but the man was already on his heels. He had already drawn back his own arrow and let it fly, just skimming Connor’s robes as he sped across the branch. Throwing the rope dart, Connor was upset to see his dart the body of the dead body of the creature as the blonde-haired youth sidestepped it.

Link was amazed at the agility of this enemy, but he had fought foes who were much harder hit. What Link didn’t expect though was his robed enemy to leap from the trees, using the body of the bulbin he had killed earlier as a counter-weight. As soon as his foe hit the ground, Link saw his foe pull our two small hand cannons. Quickly reacting, Link pulled the Hylian Shield close as two shots rang out. The first rang out as it rebounded of his shield, but the second tore through his upper leg, causing him to drop to one knee. Wincing in pain, Link pulled out his Gale Boomerang and threw it at one of the pistols still in the hands of his foe.

Connor wasn’t able to hold on to his flintlock as the boomerang that the youth had thrown literally sucked the gun out of his hand. He wasn’t sure what had caused it, but it had to of come from an unnatural power. Pulling out his Tomahawk and gripping his hidden blade, Connor charged his green-clad enemy. Leaping towards him, Link rolled away, withdrawing the Master Sword as he came to a stop. Pulling himself up to his feet Link readied himself, twirling his sword once. Connor ran at him again, but as Link swung the Master Sword, Connor rolled under it, slicing the Hidden Blade at Link’s back, but struck only the chainmail.

Spinning around, Link took advantage of his enemies failed attack and rammed the Hylian Shield into Connor, sending him sprawled on the forest floor. Deciding that this fight was over, Link lept into mid-air and plunged the Master Sword into Connor’s chest, finishing off the Assassin. (-)

Link withdrew his blade and wiped the blood off it. Nodding at the corpse of his foe, he head over to where the bulbin’s body now hung.from the tree. Undoing the spike from the ground, Link watched the body hit the ground like a rock. Collecting up the Rope Dart, Link held it over his head, symbolizing that he had collected a new item.


Returning to the Grand Temple's Entrance, Link placed his hand up against the carved stone. The Triforce of Courage on the back of his hand began to glow as the carvings began to glow gold as well.

Entering the Grand Temple, Link was amazed at similar design attributes as the Twilight Realm with light blue veins running through the cubic stone. Figuring that the power sources of these veins must be the source of Zant's power, Link pulled out his new Rope Dart. Aiming at the closest blue cube embedded in the wall, Link tossed the Rope Dart. Sticking in to the blue core, small arcs of energy leaped from the cracks.

As Link yanked it from the wall, a shimmering white female materialized. Looking her over, she looked nothing like the depictions of the three goddesses. Seeing what Link was doing she, was taken aback, " are not the hero we foresaw..."

Figuring this to be another of Zant's tricks, Link ignored her as he pulled his Master Sword out and smashed the power cube, causing energy to radiate from shattered pieces. Ignoring the spirit's pleas, Link began to traverse the halls of the Temple, destroying the power of the Grand Temple.

From the shadows, Minerva watched the Hero of Time. She knew that she had chosen the right hero...

Expert's Opinion

Link was able to gain the edge on most ranges due to his better metallurgy in his arrows, plus at close range Link was able to hit sooner and harder.

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Battle vs. Legolas (by Wassboss)

Link is walking though a forest on the outskirts of Hyrule. Suddenly an arrow flies past his head. He looks around and sees a figure in the distance. Pulling out another arrow legolas aims for link’s head and fires. However link holds up his shield and deflects the arrow. Link then crouches behind his shield pulls out his own bow and sends a barrage of arrows at legolas. He manages to dodge most of them but he is struck on the hand and his bow is shattered. Legolas surprised by link’s archery skills pulls out his spear and heads down to face him.

Link meanwhile is heading towards legolas’s position when a spear grazes his shoulder. He looks left and sees legolas elvish long knifes in hand glaring at him. Link reacting quickly pulls out his boomerang and throws it a legolas. Legolas slices it in half and then charges at link while link unsheathes the master sword and they start too duel. Neither can land a blow because link’s shield blocks legolas’s strikes and legolas easily dodges links slices. Eventually though legolas manages to pull the master sword out of link’s hand. He then kicks link down and begins to rapidly slice downwards battering link’s shield and preventing him from getting up. Link desperately tries to block legolas’s strikes but is grazed by many of the blows.

Link decides to try and get the master sword back. He waits till legolas leaves himself open then lashes out with the shield knocking him back. He then pulls out a bomb and lights it before diving behind a large rock. Legolas regains his balance just in time to leap aside using his knives to protect his face. He is unharmed but his knives were shattered in the blast. Link meanwhile has regained the master sword and attempts a downward slice but legolas blocks it with the glamdring and they duel once again. This time however link cuts off legolas’s hand. Legolas barley has any time to react before link plunges the master sword into his chest. Link watches as legolas’s body falls to the floor and stabs him once more to make sure he is dead. He then drinks a potion, fully healing himself, and continues on his way. Winner Link

Expert's Opinoin

While Legolas was an amazing archer once Link closed the distance his superior close range weapons helped him win.

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Battle vs. Robin (Fire Emblem) (by Appelmonkey)


Winner: Link

Expert's Opinoin

It was close, but Link eventualy won becease of Robins lack of defense and his vulnerability to the Master Swords "anti-evil" enchantment thanks to the Heart of Grima.

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Battle vs. Conan the Barbarian (by WanderingSkull and MrPacheco101)


Winner: Tie

Expert's Opinoin


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Battle vs. Kratos (by Appelmonkey)

Winner: Kratos


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Disregarded Battles

Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Dante (by Wassboss)

Link is walking through a thick forest. He is struggling to move through the dense vegetation and is using the master sword to cut through the thick bushes and vines in his path. He steps into a clearing and sees dante sitting with his back to him cleaning his scythe. Link thinking he is a threat pulls out his bow and fires an arrow at dante missing his head by an inch.

Dante leaps up and pulls out his submachine gun spraying the bullet at link who instinctively puts up his shield in defence. The bullets bounce off the shield but one stray bullet hits him in the thigh. Link winches in pain but keeps his guard up until dante runs out of ammo. Once he starts to load up his magazine links fires another arrow which scrapes dante’s cheek. Dante wipes the blood off his face and fires his submachine gun at link who this time jumps behind a large rock.

Link quickly formulates a plan and throws his boomerang at dante knocking the gun out of his hand. He then fires two arrows one at dante and one at the gun. Dante dodges the one heading toward him but his gun is destroyed by the other. Link jumps over the rock and unsheathes the master sword. Dante throws a handful of darts at him but link blocks them with his shield. He then pulls out his scythe and charges at link swinging the scythe in a wild fashion.

Link blocks the attack with his shield and thrusts forward with the master sword but dante jumps to the side. He swings the master sword in a downward arc but dante dodges this as well. Dante sees link is open and swings with his scythe scraping links chest with his scythe drawing blood. Link lashes out with his shield and hits dante square in the face knocking him down. He then plunges the master sword downwards at dante but dante parries it with the scythe. He then takes links legs from underneath him sending him crashing to the floor.

Dante kicks the master sword out of links hand and aims his scythe carefully at his head he strikes down but link blocks with his shield. He then kicks dante making him stumble back. Link lunges for the master sword but dante dose at the same time. They both struggle with the sword trying to pull it off each other. Link hits dante with his shield loosening his grip, thereby allowing link to gain possession of the master sword.

He then lunges forward stabbing dante in the arm. Dante yells in pain and hits link with the butt of his scythe stunning him. Dante then thrusts the scythe forward but link dodges and hits dante round the face with his shield. He then throws a bomb at him knocking him over before running off. Dante scrambles away as the bomb explodes making a huge cloud of dust.

Link renters the clearing and looks around but can’t see anything because of the dust. Suddenly something strikes his shoulder and a pain shots through his upper body. He tries to pull out the dagger and does not see dante sneaking up behind him dagger in hand. Dante jumps at link the dagger raised above his head. Just as he is about to bring it down on links head links swivels round and points his sword upwards impaling dante through the chest.

Link throws dante’s dead body off his sword and drinks a potion fully healing him. He then sheathes the master sword and heads off on his way. Winner link

Expert’s Opinion

While dante did have the submachine gun once he ran out of ammo link’s array of weapons helped him win.

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Battle vs. Wander (by Codgod13)

Wander is standing in the temple of worship, staring at the ceiling, and waiting for Dormin's instructions. "You task is almost complete." The demon says, "You have but one task that remains. Your next opponent is a man. He wanders the fields, fighting off evil incarnate."

Wander nods, and calls his horse. He leaps on Agro, and rides toward Hyrule.

In Hyrule:

Link is sitting with zelda and groose, at the edge of a pool on the surface. As he sits, an arrow whizzes by his head, splashing into the water. He grabs his tools, and turns toward the direction of the shot. In the distance, wander rides toward his opponent. Link gestures with his head, and Groose and Zelda leave. He aims his bow, and fires at Wander, but that arrow misses as well. Link jumps onto Epona, and rides toward Wander. They both fire arrows, and Link misses, but Wander's arrow grazes link's face. Link gritts his teeth and fires a hookshot at wander, and it stabs him in the arm. Link pulls himself and Wander off of their respective horses. Wander takes out his sword and shines the beams of light at Link's face. Wander then fires an arrow, which pierces Link in the chest.

Link groans in agony and falls over. As he bleeds onto into the dirt, he breaks off the arrow, and gets a red potion from his bag, drinking it. Filled with renewed strength as the wound dissapears, Link gets back, and sees wander running toward him. Link takes out the master sword, and Wander the sword of the ancients. Both warriors remount their horses and ride toward each other. Their blades clash, and sparks fly. As the two warriors turn around, while Wander gallops toward Link, Link draws an arrow. Wander raises his sword and beams of light strike the warrior in the face.

Link drops his weapon to shield his face, and falls off of his horse. He hurriedly grabs his sword and shield, just in time to block Wander's downward slash. Link kicks wander away and springs to his feet, slashing at Wander. Wander rolls away, and the two duel. After about a minute of swordplay, Link gets the upper hand bashes wander in the face with his shield. Wander runs back and calls for Agro, who he mounts. Lnik turns to run for Epona, but isn't quick enough. Wander rides toward the hero of time, leaps off his horse, and plunges his sword into Link's back. Link falls to the ground, the sword nailing him to the floor, as Wander withdraws his weapon and turns to leave, black energy tentacles come out of Link and pierce Wander's body.

Wander is teleported to the shrine of worship. He opens his eyes, and looks at Mono, only to find her stll laying dead on the stone. He hears footsteps, and sees Lord Emon and his elite guard in the doorway, as Dormin reaches from the cieling and possesses him. Lord Emon and his men shoot and stab Wander, and he falls, but Dromin continues to possess him. Lord Emon runs to where Mono is and grabs the ancient sword, raising it high. A vortex opens in the back of the temple, and Wander is sucked toward it. He reahces out to the dead Mono, as he is sucked away with Dormin.

Winner: Wander... I guess.

Expert's Opinion

In a closely fought battle, Wander managed to come out on top due to his victorious against the Colossus which were more challenging than the enemies Link was used to fighting.

To see the original battle, weapons and votes, click here.

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