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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Genghis Khan (by Pygmy Hippo 2)[]


The Persian citizens fled in terror as the bronze tanks marched through their streets with their massive shields and long spears. King Leonidas and his Spartans didn't care about these weaklings, they wanted someone who could actually fight back like the Immortals. They would soon get their wish as several invaders walked into the city, searching for horses and plunder with a variety of arms and armor.

Genghis Khan and another Mongol wore steel lamellar and held their Turko-Mongol Sabers and steel shields while the others wore leather lamellar with recurve bows or one really poor guy wearing a silk vest with a flanged mace. The two forces immediately spotted each other and Genghis' men all switched to their bows before letting a barrage of assault arrows fly as their leader shouted an order. "Гал!" (Fire!) "Φάλαγγα!" (Phalanx!) The King yelled out as his men took cover behind their shields but one had his arm pierced through the Aspis by an armor-piercing arrow.

The Khan smirked as the Spartan dropped his defense and took several arrows to the eyes and throat. He realized that they weren't getting anywhere without his arrows so rather than do all the work himself, he yelled at his troops to charge. "Хураамж!" (Charge!) Leonidas gave his own new orders and they dropped the spears for their javelins waiting for the command to throw them.

"Τώρα!" (Now!) A swarm of javelins was hurled at the rushing Mongols and the silk vest wearer got one in the mouth and gurgled on his own blood. The others missed but this was enough to convince Genghis to change his plans and shouted for his force to split up into two directions. The King noticed this and went after the leader with one of his men while the others pursued the leather lamellar wearers.

The Spartans cautiously stepped through the street but missed the Mongol hiding behind a corner with his mace. He yelled and swung it at his nearest opponent, completely decimating both his skull and the Corinthian helmet, but the other pushed him back with his shield before pulling out his Xiphos short sword. The Mongol lunged at the Spartan and madly swung at the Aspis until he fell over backwards from another push and landed on a hay stack in a barn.

He didn't get a chance to get back up as the Xiphos stabbed through his stomach, making him cough up blood before it was pulled upwards, gutting him. Unfortunately the Spartan heard the barn doors shut behind him and the barrier being used to trap him inside before a fire arrow landed in the hay stack. The Mongol ran back to his leader and away from the screams of his foe as he got burnt alive but was in for a surprise himself.

Leonidas' Dory tore through his throat and his corpse was kicked away by the enemy leader who had finally found a Mongol to kill. The Spartans hadn't found the leaders but his final man yelled in pain as an armor-piercing arrow landed in his left arm and he switched his shield to his good hand before turning around. The Khan and his final man were there and returned to their previous weapons before challenging their opponents to a duel.

While the King fought Genghis, the other Mongol easily outmaneuvered the wounded Spartan and slashed his leg, dropping him to a knee, before stabbing his throat with the saber. However the mortal wounds weren't enough to prevent his foe from one last series of blows where he first broke the man's shield with his Aspis before sending the Turko-Mongol blade flying out of his hands. The Mongol tried to use his shield to save him but the Aspis struck for the final time, breaking his neck, before the Spartan toppled over with his opponent from blood loss.

The Khan dodged the spear stab and cut through the wooden shaft with his saber before stepping backwards cautiously. Leonidas threw what remained of the Dory at his foe but it bounced off the steel lamellar before he charged with the Xiphos. The Mongol sidestepped and simply tripped the Spartan who fell face-first onto the ground. As the King angrily got back up, the Turko-Mongol blade cut his hands off before Genghis slashed his throat.

Content with King Leonidas' demise, Genghis Khan sheathed his saber after cleaning it off and looked around the town before uttering a single sentence. "Миний эзэнт гүрний өөр нэгэн нэмэлт зүйл." (Another fine addition to my empire.)

Winner:Genghis Khan

Expert's Opinion[]

Despite the original battle ending in the Spartan's victory over the Mongol, Genghis Khan won this rematch for many reasons. His arsenal was more technologically advanced and held the majority of the X-Factors but King Leonidas did have the more consistent armor and deadly Aspis. However it couldn't protect him from the recurve bow's variety of arrows and the Khan outsmarted him with a much greater assortment of tactical skills than just the phalanx.

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The battle was declared unfair for Leonidas because of Genghis Khan's superior metallurgy.

Battle vs. Robin Hood (by Wassboss)[]

King Leonidas is making his way through a dense forest in search of the one they call Robin Hood. He has heard of this warrior who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. He himself has had money stolen by this man and he has come to kill him. However he is not the only one in the forest...

Robin Hood is hidden in a tree. He watches as leonidas walks past, notches an arrow and fires. However leonidas hears the bow strings being pulled and lifts up his shield the arrow bouncing off it. He turns to face his attacker but can’t see through the brush. Another arrow flies out and embeds itself in his arm. Leonidas pulls it out and throws his javelin at the tree. It does not hit robin but the force at which it was thrown striking the trunk of the tree causes him to fall off his perch. He gets up and fires another arrow but again leonidas’s shield protects him. Robin runs off to find his other weapons with leonidas hot on his trail. He gets to a clearing and picks up his quarterstaff. He swings it a leonidas, but his armour stops the staff doing any damage. Leonidas pulls out his dory and thrusts it forward scraping robin’s leg.

Robin tries to hit him again but leonidas lashes forward with his shield knocking the staff out of his hands. He then tries to stab him with the spear but robin cuts it in half with his sword. Leonidas pulls out his short sword and swings it at robin. Robin jumps out of the way and thrust forward with his own sword and grazes leonidas’s arm. Leonidas ducks under the blade and thrusts upward stabbing robin in the leg. He screams in pain and kicks leonidas in the head stunning him. He then pulls out his rondel dagger and buckler and duel wielding them. He fast and precise blows overwhelm leonidas and he is left with several gashes in his arms and legs. Leonidas pushes forward with his shield and rams robin into a tree. He then stabs robin in the head ending his life. He stands up and with a cry of “SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARTA” walks off to find help for his wounds.


Expert's Opinion[]

King Leonidas won because his armour and shield stopped the arrows from doing damage, and once in close range, king Leonidas dominated the physically weaker Robin Hood.

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The battle was declared unfair for Leonidas because of Robin Hood's superior metallurgy.

Battle vs. Julius Caesar (by Urbancommando77)[]

KL: 3

JC: 3

Along the coast of Sparta Leonidas searches for sunken Persian ships. In the horizon he sees a group of Romans led by Julius. He picks up a spear and hurls it at a roman but it bounces off his shield, the roman chuckles and throws a pilum, which impales a Spartan.

KL: 2

Leonidas picks up another javelin and throws it a the soldier but misses. He picks up another for a futile throw. The spear bounces off the shield, but as the soldier laughs, Leonidas picks up another and impales him

JC: 2

Ceasar commands his soldier to charge at the kings last soldier. The warrior picks up his dolabra and swings it at the spartan but misses. The spartan kicks the dolabra away and stabs the roman in the leg. The soldier grabs his hasta and thrusts it in the warriors knee. The spartan roars, then thrusts the dory in his eye.

JC: 1

Ceasar roars then charges at the spartan. He pulls out his crocea mors and cuts thespartans hand. The spartan doesn't notice the small laceration and pulls out his xiphos and thrusts it at Ceasar, but he blocks it. Ceasar raises his crocea mors and stabs the spartans leg six times, barely killing him. He kicks the spartans head.

KL: 1

Leonidas rushes, sword drawn and shield up. Ceasar raises his shield and thrusts his blade at him but misses. Leonidas thrusts his blade in Julius' leg than smashes his skull with his shield.

JC: 0

Leonidas roars in victory than stabs Julius' body. As he walks away he mourns for his

lost spartans.


Expert's Opinion[]

Leonidas won because 1) all his weapons were were thrusting but the shield and 2) his whole body is protected.

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The battle was declared invalid because Julius Caesar was given a hasta, a weapon that had fallen out of use by the time Caesar joined the Roman army.