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We cleaned up with the Forellis. The Sindaccos we sent into the fucking sea. Now, I got the Sicilians on the phone, wanting peace. We all want peace! But my peace, not their fucking peace. I'm the big man now. No chump from the old country is gonna tell me what to do, I told them to go fuck themselves.
— Salvatore Leone

The Leone crime family is an enemy faction in the video game Grand Theft Auto III. They are an Italian-American Mafia criminal organization, originating from Sicily whose main base of operations is in Liberty City.

By 1998, the Leone family had become engaged in a war with the Sindacco and Forelli crime families. The hostilities lead to Salvatore being arrested, the death of the Forelli-controlled Mayor Roger C. Hole, the death of Sindacco family Don Paulie Sindacco and the destruction of Fort Staunton. The Leones also manage to tackle the Sicilia Mafia, lead by Uncle Leone and Massimo Torini, leaving them the only mafia family with significant power in the city.

In 2008, unbeknownst, the Leone Families seemed to disappear. Most likely to the fact that after Salvatore Leone's death, the power went to his son, Joey, who did not take much part in the family business, thus making Liberty City easily controllable for the Pegorino families, as well of the many other groups there today.

Battle vs. Vercetti Gang (by 123chaseyoung)[]

Leone Family: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

Vercetti Gang: DarkredDarkredDarkredDarkredDarkred

Five Leone mafiosi were sitting around a table in a dock somewhere in the border of Liberty City and Vice City. They were enjoying a few beers as they admired the bay, the sunlight, and the smell of the fresh ocean brine. Suddenly, men on motorcycles arrived, brandishing guns. These were the members of the dreaded Vercetti Gang, who were tasked to take over the docks and eliminate any mafia gangsters inside.

No words were spoken as the Vercetti gangsters opened fire with their machine guns. Several surprised Leone mafiosi were wounded while two of them got their torso filled with bullets. BlueBlue The Leone mafiosi managed to drew their guns and fired back. One Vercetti gangster dropped dead from his motorcycle after taking a 9mm from a pistol to the head. Darkred The two parties then took cover on the metal crates, offices, and sacks that dotted the dock.

One of the Leone mafiosi got a bit brave as he got out of his cover and laid down fire from his MP5. His pay and spray was rewarded with one Vercetti gang member dead; the bullets piercing through his crate covers and into their chests. Darkred One Vercetti gangster charged at the Leone mafiosi with his Uzi, intent on avenging his friend. But the superior rate of fire of the Leone's MP5 got him scurrying back in retreat. Unfortunately, him running away only ended with him getting shot in the back. Darkred

One of the Vercetti gangsters finally got the lock-on on the Leone mafiosi, killing him with a well-placed .45 cal to the temple. Blue Unbeknownst to him, a Leone mafiosi managed to sneak up around his cover and opened fire with his pistol. The Vercetti gangster managed to duck in time before tackling the Leone mafiosi. With him on top (nothing sexual you pervert), the Vercetti gang smashed his pistol repeatedly on the Leone mafiosi's face. Blue

THinking they have won, the Vercetti gangster got up as another fellow gangster patted him on the back for a job well done. However, their celebration was cut short as the latter began his dance of death; his body torso riddled with submachine gun fire. Darkred The Leone mafiosi then tried to fire at the remaining Vercetti gangster but his gun ran out. The Vercetti gangster tried to shoot him back but found his gun broken from using it as a club.

With evil in his eyes, the Leone mafiosi drew his baseball bat and chased the Vercetti gangster. The latter tried to run towards his motorcycle. He mnanaged to get on and attempt to drive away. But as he was driving towards the exit, the Leone mafiosi managed to go around and cut him off, slamming his baseball bat on his face. Darkred Although the Vercetti gangster was dead before he hit the gorund, the Leone amfiosi continued to smash his head into a pulp for killing many of his friends.

Expert's Opinion[]

The Leone Crime Family won because they have the better submachine gun, melee weapon, and experience.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Vercetti Gang (by Facetheslayer)[]

Vercetti Gang: 5

Leone Mafia: 5

The simulation starts at the Vercetti Estate, in Vice City, as Tommy, and four of his gang members are outside, repairing a silver 1986 Admiral, which is their gang car, as "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson played in the background. There are two men in front of the car, one weilding an Uzi, the other a Colt Python. Tommy and a henchman was behind the car, as another henchman was next to the house, weilding an Uzi.

Meanwhile, a jet black 1998 Sentinel, that was playing some Pavoratti was driving up the lane, as Toni Cipriani was sneaking behind it, wearing armor, and weilding an Ithaca Model 37. The car started to speed up, as the driver, and the passenger behind him, started to spray fire, killing the Vercetti Gang member with the Uzi in front of the car. (4-5).

Toni came out and then yelled at his opponents... "Vercetti! I'm putting you... Your friends... Your friend's friends... all under the sword." The gang started to spread out and run for guns, as Tommy yelled back at his advarsary... "You're dead! All of you, dead!" Tommy and the other unarmed gang member go inside the estate, while the other gang members started to cover each side of the house. The Leone Sentinel was emptied, showing two Tec-9 weilding mobsters, and two with M16's. Toni opened the trunk, and grabbed a baseball bat he was hiding in there, and went for the right hand side of the house, while a Tec-9 and an M16 weilding mobster took the left, as the other two stormed the house.

Following Toni, he was pursuing the Colt Python weilder. He turned around and shot Toni in the chest with his Colt Python knocking him down near the corner of the house. The Gang member went to the body to make sure he was dead, when Toni sprang to life, and blasted him in the belly with his Ithaca 37. (3-5)

"Gotta use your head, buddy." Toni said as he was getting to his feet, as he hid the bat close to the side of the mansion. Meanwhile, on the other side of the house, a member of the Vercetti Gang, with an Uzi is being pursued by two Leone members. He turns the corner, and tossed back an RGD5, which detonated right next to the one, who was weilding the Tec-9, (3-4)however, the blast did not harm the one weilding the M16. The Vercetti Gang member, tried to make a stand, however, the M16 out preformed his Uzi completely, as he was shot in the heart by the Leone soldier. (2-4)

Inside the House, Tommy and his henchman went into the top room, and gathered their weapons. Tommy gave an M60 to his henchman, and taken an Uzi for himself. They both exited, as two members of the Leone Mafia started to storm the house. The M60 weilder kept his boss under cover, as one of the Tec-9 weilders tried to run up the stairs, however, he was ripped apart with M60 fire. (2-3) The M16 user stood back, and tried to pick his shots, as the M60 was doing a spraying pattern. He managed to lay a dangerously close blow, going through the left shoulder of the Vercetti Gangster, however, he taken three shots from the M60, and died promptly. (2-2)

The M60 weilder walked outside, clutching his shoulder, as Toni was outside, watching his men at work, when he saw the Vercetti Gangster out with his M60, instantly knowing that they had taken out his gang, who went inside. The Gangster barely held up his weapon, and fired a few rounds, however, his weapon jammed. Toni returned fire once, but realized he was out of shells. The Gangster entered his vehicle, and tried to run over Toni, however, Toni dropped an M67, and started to run away. As the vehicle was heading towards him, the M67 detonated, right on the back axle, hitting the gas tank, and completely obliterating the car. (1-2). Toni Managed to survive the ordeal. He went over to his bat, and headed out to the backyard.

Meanwhile, Tommy was exiting from the back door, where he saw the M16 weilder, and killed him with a quick draw from his Uzi, sending four bullets into him. (1-1) The boss then fired six rounds into the enemy corpse, before saying... "No one from up North owns me..."

As Tommy walked out, Toni was sneaking up weilding his bat. Tommy tried to fire his Uzi, however, Toni knocked it out of his hand with the bat. Toni tried a homerun swing, however, Tommy ducked, and started to run away. Toni chased after him with the bat, as they ran from the backyard, to the left hand side of the estate, and back to the front yard, where Tommy saw the fallen member of his gang, who had the Colt Python. Tommy used his home for cover, and reached inside his shirt, where he was hiding a small meat cleaver. He held it, and waited for Cipriani to approach. Toni crept along the side of the house, anticipating an ambush, however, Tommy was patient, and waited until he saw Toni's wrists, as he did one powerful chop, lopping off both of Toni's hands, that were clutching the bat, still.

Toni kneeled over, in pain, and held up his severed wrists, as Tommy walked to his fallen comrade, and picked up his Colt Python, before kicking Toni down on his back. "Say Good Night..." Tommy fired a round into the brain of Cipriani, as WASTED appeared over Toni's corpse. (1-0)Tommy pointed his Colt Python into the sky and yelled out "THIS IS MY TOWN!!!!"

Winner: Vercetti Gang.

Expert's Opinion[]

While the Leone Mafia was powerful, in their own right, the fact that the Vercetti Gang was just more vicious, and just simply the better criminal empire. The Gun-running empire that Tommy had built, also played a big role, in his arsenal.

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The battle has been declared invalid because the Vercetti Gang was given an M60 machine gun and RDG-5 and the Leone an M16 rifle, weapons they never used.

Battle vs. Grove Street Families (by Facetheslayer)[]

Leone Mafia: Red Red Red Red Red

Grove St. Families: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

After the theft of Salvatore's casino, in 1992, Salvatore called Carl "CJ" Johnson, giving him a notice that his death clock was ticking. He was going to let him sweat, and strike when he was not going to notice...

December 14th, 1994.

"Okay, I'm sending you out... my best five boys. You guys have a very important task. This egotistical p***k, and his gang... I want them eradicated! I let them live for too long!" Salvatore shouts to his five suits, as they stand and listen to the Don. "Now... fly to Los Santos. They're in Ganton, get rid of them... all of them."

December 15th, 1994

Meanwhile, it was 10PM, as the members of the grove were having a party, as OG Loc was on the mic, drawing out the crowds, as CJ along with four othe rmembers come out. "Yo man, that s**t was tight!" A GSF member says, when CJ retorts with "Man, that s**t was s**t." "I think Sweet was right, we shoulda bounced a long time ago." Another GSF member says, as they open a cache of weapons, and then roll out in a couple of 1992 Greenwood sedans, and go patrol the area, listening to Playback FM, which was playing "Express Yourself" by N.W.A.

Meanwhile, "Spoonman" by Soundgarden was playing on the car's default station, Radio X, as the boys of the Leone Mafia are talking amongst themselves. "What is up with the people of the West Coast? There's no culture in their music." "I don't know, the drummer is pretty impressive." says another member in the back, as the passenger next to him says "Shut up, Toni." They drive near a Cluckin' Bell, and see the five gang members getting out of the sedan. "Hey, that looks like the guy." They begin to drive over to the Cluckin' Bell, as the front row passenger pulls out him M16 rifle, and started to fire at the GSF vehicle, and managing to hit a gangster. Blue (5-4)

"Oh s**t!" CJ says, as his boys scramble to the trunk of the car, while he pulls out an M1911, and fired three shots, two of them hitting the M16 weilding mobster, as he fell out of the passenger side window and hits the ground. Red (4-4) The Mobsters begin to park the car and get out, weapons at the ready, as Toni, and another hitman weilded Glock-17's, one comes out with a MAC-10, and another with a baseball bat. Meanwhile, CJ runs off, as do other members of the GSF, with their weapons. CJ and another gangster, who also has a Colt, while one gangster runs off with an AK, the other with a Tec-9, and one unfortunate guy only has teh brass knuckles in his pocket. All the gangsters scatter out, as the Mafia are in pursuit.

The man with brass knuckles runs into the restaurant, as the mobster with the baseball bat chases after him. The GSF member runs in, and hopped over the register, as the customers inside initally ducked, expecting anotehr gang robbery, as he slid inside the kitchen. Meanwhile the mobster ran in after him. He sneaks in, and says to the cashier... "Where is he?!" In which the cashier nervously points back to the kitchen. When he entered in, tryign to catch him off guard, suddenly, the GSF member catapults skin-boiling fryer grease directly at the mobster's face. The mobster let out a blood curdling scream of agony, until he was hit with brass knuckles directly to the temple. Red (3-4) He smiles wide with delight, as he started to head out the back door.

Meanwhile, as Toni and another assailant, both with Glock-17 pistols chase a member of the grove, who fired an AK-47 at them both in a sprayign pattern. He wounded the other assailant with a shot to the stomach, however, Toni easily dispatched him with two headshots from the Glock. Blue (3-3) The other assailant began to run back to the car, saying "F**k this! I'm getting out of here!" In which Toni says to himself "Disgrazia", and then heads down, to search for the rest of the gang.

While the Mobster was retreating, a mobster was in pursuit of CJ and an accomplice. They run into a laundromat, as CJ runs down a hall, however, his comrade was shot before he entered the building, by MAC-10 fire. Blue (3-2) CJ managed to hide in the women's restroom, as the mobster ran in, and seen CJ hiding in the hallway. He opened up the door to the mens' room, where he sees an innocent man taking a leak, and then slammed the door back. He then begins to open up the women's room, where he was met with 5 rounds from CJ's pistol. Red (2-2)

The gangster with brass knuckles sees the Leone vehicle, and decided to plant a trap. He opened the trunk of the GSF vehicle and started to place a satchel charge inside the Leone Sentinel. As he was about to hide, the wounded Leone mobster saw him, and fired a mortal shot to the dead center of his chest. The Leone mobster hurriedly ran to the driver's side and opened the door . He revs the engine, trying to get away, as in the last breath of the shot GSF member, he detonates the bomb, taking them both down. Red Blue (1-1)

The blast suprised them both, as CJ reloaded his pistol. Toni, still having 15 rounds in his sidearm goes to check on the scene. Both run out and see each other, in amongst the wreckage of twisted metal and fire. Toni tries to advance, as CJ fired back with his Colt. Each man taken turns firing a shot, both coming close, until CJ's last shot managed to hit Toni through his shoulder. CJ started to approach, as he was starting to reload another clip, however, with a last burst of energy, Toni shot up and unloaded every shot in his Glock into CJ's abdomen, as he shot both kidneys, a lung, and his stomach, causing massive organ failure. Blue (1-0) Toni gets to his feet and then opened up his cellphone and called back home... "Ah, Toni! Is the job done?" "Yes Mr. Leone... but the other guys are gone." He replied, as his boss said to him... "Son, you've done me a great service... call me Sal. You're gonna go far, kid." Sal says, before hanging up the phone, as sirens were ehard in the distance, as Toni started to run off and avoid the LSPD, and get to a hospital before he heads back to Liberty City.

Winner: Leone Mafia

Expert's Opinion[]

WHile the Grove Street Families were street savvy, they simply did not have the superior technology, or firepower that the Leone Mafia were using.

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Battle was declared invalid due to members of each gang having fought in-canon, and the Leone Family were given weapons they did not use.