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Why is Mr. Tough Guy cowering in the shadows? You going soft on me?
— Leo Kasper

Leo Kasper is a major character and the main antagonist of Manhunt 2. He is also the protagonist of the flashback missions. A psychopath who was also put in the asylum by the Project. He was once a government agent and has expertise in combat, evasion, infiltration and assassination techniques. He helps Daniel Lamb escape and teaches him his own well-honed tricks of the trade. His personality was taken by the Project and implanted into Danny while remaining separated from Danny's own mind by the Pickman Bridge. However, the Pickman Bridge was not perfected yet and it resulted in Leo being able to freely talk to Danny inside Danny's head. His personality also took over at times when it was not called upon.

Battle vs Chris Walker (by Killermoves)[]

Drip… drip… drip… echoed the sound of a leak throughout Arkham Asylum. Lifeless and abandoned, its atmosphere was complimented by the nauseating smell of soap and bodily fluids. Blood ran through the tiled floors from both butchered personnel and patients. Body parts and brain matter were also smeared and scattered all throughout the floor and the walls. Groaning from the dying and hushed sobbing from survivors hiding in the nooks and crannies can be heard as well. Together with a lack of illumination, this place can be described as Satan’s basement.

Such sight was not uncommon in Arkham Asylum, as it is one of the nastiest hellholes this world had to offer. It housed some of the vilest and most evil people that has ever walked the Earth. From eccentric pedophiles, cannibalistic reptiles, mad scientists, and insane psychopaths, this place was once their home. But tonight was different. Very much different. For new guests had just arrived in this place, and had turned the whole thing into their personal playground.

Thud… thud… thud… disturbed a heavy set of footsteps, belonging not to a man, but from a behemoth. A large presence walked throughout the Asylum, its build almost filling up the hallways. It was a large scarred lump of tough steel-like flesh, all hairless and bleeding, with limbs and a face. Said face had the eyes of the beast himself, and a smile worthy of the lord of Hell. “Come out, come out, wherever you are little piggy,” the large man known as Chris Walker teased. “Oink for me will you? Give me a cute little oink. I’m not gonna hurt you. I just wanna give you one big crunchy hug.”

Suddenly another much smaller presence, darted out near him. It carried a samurai sword which it used to slice through the lower legs of the large man. Blood then gushed out of his soleus, but the latter didn’t even scream or grunted. It just turned around and faced its attacker. “There you are little piggy…”

“Why don’t you just die, you big fat dumb waste of flesh…” the smaller man, an assassin known as Leo Kasper, said.

The large man just grinned at him, and then started to slowly come forward with his arms outstretched. Leo easily backed away with his superior speed, darting again into the darkness. “Come and chase me fat boy!”

Chris then trudged through the hallways in pursuit. His gait easily avoidable as Leo gained distance. The big brute has always been weak against stealthy bastards, especially those who knew how to hide in the dark. Leo seems to cause more difficulties, as he is not like the harmless frail journalists Chris used to chase. This new prey of his knew how to fight back.

A person bumped into Chris Walker in the darkness, but the man was unfazed. The poor bastard who bumped him drop into the ground like he or she had smashed face first into a concrete wall. “Ooooh…” the person said, who turned out to be a woman in a funny clown costume. “Watch we’re you goin’ Mistah? Don’t you know there’s a killa’ on the loo – oh shit!!”

Chris Walker smiled as he picked up the young woman by the leg, and raised her up like a ragdoll in front of his face. “Please Mistah! Please!!!!!” the young woman screamed. “I’d do anything. Please don’t kill me! I’ll tell you where Puddin’s keeping all our money! I’ll give you Bruce Wayne’s nudes! I’ll even give you a discount on my OnlyFans account!!!!”

But the man didn’t even changed his creepy face. Poor little girl’s miserable attempts were for naught, as the man grabbed both her legs and started ripping her vertically, stuff flowing out of her like a punctured meat bag. “AAAAAAHGHHHH! PLEASE!!! I’M SORRY, YOU CAN JOIN MY ONLYFANS ACCOUNT FOR FREE! PLEASE!!! OH GOD… TELL MY SIMPS I… I… BLEAGHHH…”

Chris Walker now walked Arkham, with a new weapon in his hands. He’s gonna use the corpse of this woman as a club when he finally gets to play with his little piggy. “Oh what delight!” he remarked. Along the way he also picked new toys, since he’s gonna need more than brute strength to take out this prey.

Leo Kasper was getting a bit tired with all this running around. Damn bastard just won’t die. If only I had a… oh what you look at that. The assassin spotted an old policeman sitting on the hallways, with his legs missing and blood flowing from his mouth. The white-haired old man looked at him, removing his glasses, and asked for help. “Call someone. Call the PD. Tell them this is the Commissioner and he’s asking for back-up. Tell my daughter also that I –“

“This is the only help I can get you old man,” Leo said as he chopped the Commissioner’s head with his katana. He also picked up the man’s Desert Eagle holstered in his pocket, since he might not be needing it anymore. As he walked, he also spotted a glass case, with a crowbar inside and a note saying “Property of Joker! DO NOT FUCKING TOUCH!” Leo smirked and smashed the case, grabbing the crowbar. Let’s see how that bastard would fare with these.

As the two predators prowled the third floor of the Asylum, they kept their weapons ready. Chris had stopped walking, and was now patiently waiting for his prey to arrive. What’s the point of chasing a piggy when you can wait for your food to come to you? Leo on the other hand, wanted nothing more than to finish this. He’s gonna shoot that bastard in the head so many times that he’s gonna have an eternal headache when he goes down to Hell.

In his delight, the assassin didn’t have to wait long, for his target was right in the hallways smiling and waiting for him. He crouched down and started walking, hugging the darkness, with his katana and gun ready. That large dumbass won’t even know what hit him.

But then his leg got caught by a snare and he was suddenly hoisted up. The assassin screamed in rage as he dangled from the ceiling. As he saw Chis Walker walking towards him, he panicked and tried to get out of this trap. “Batter up!” Chris Walker said as Leo was almost free from the snare. As the assassin dropped, it was too late as Chris used the torn corpse of that clown girl like a bat and swung Leo like a ball. The force was so powerful that Leo flew across the hallway, before crashing on the wall painfully. Dazed, he looked up but his vision was blurry, and it was too late as a spear was driven right through his shoulder.

“GAAAAAAGHHH!” Leo screamed in pain as Chris screwed the spear tightly. In retaliation, Leo aimed his pistol and fired two shots at Chris’s head. The brute didn’t drop down, but he was still stunned as he backed away with brain dropping from his head. Leo took this opportunity to remove the spear off of him. He then got up and started shooting Chris repeatedly, changing mag after mag just to put this bastard down. “Diiiiieeeee!” Leo yelled as his bullets penetrated and pushed Chris farther and farther away. Chris tried to fight back by tossing the other half of the corpse he was holding, but Leo easily dodged it.

As a large window was now behind Chris Walker, Leo dropped his now empty gun and took his crowbar. “Batter up…” Leo said as he smashed the crowbar at Chris’s knees. Before the brute fell down, Leo followed up with another another swing, this time hitting the bastard in the temple, and finally make him fall off the window. His whole body fell into the cliffs, making quite the splatter, before falling off into the ocean.

Leo then raised his hands in triumph and yelled in victory.

Expert's Opinion[]

Leo Kasper won due to his better weapons and overall superior assassin training. While Chris Walker was a trained soldier and a very powerful brute with superhuman strength and durability, experts believed that Kasper was simply too smart that he can think of a way to dispose of Walker with his weapons, training and the environment itself.

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