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Remember proud Sanguinius, young Acolytes, when you are faced with hardship. When the armour of your faith is buckled and torn, see in your mind that magnificent hero. Think upon his deeds and be humble, for his like will never walk the galaxy again
— Lemartes

Lemartes is a Death Company Chaplain hailing from the Blood Angels Space Marine Chapter who is infamous for his control over the cursed Black Rage that afflicts his mind. Among those affected with the genetic flaw, Lemartes is one of the two who can maintain his sanity for long under the duress of the instability. As one of the Death Company's Chaplains, Lemartes is tasked with guiding its mad Space Marines into an effective fighting force, a task he has masterfully done up to this point.

The Chaplain's ordinary career began to take its turn on Hadriath XI, where he was consumed by the Black Rage in the midst of the planet's invasion plan. Unlike his comrades, Lemartes survived their initial assault against Ork positions and cut a swathe through the green defenders. He collapsed with numerous wounds, and when the Chapter's notorious Redeemer of the Lost, Astorath, sought to execute him, he was found in full control of the Black Rage. At the very least, he could speak clearly with soberness. Intrigued but not wanting to relinquish this hope, Lemartes was reinstated into the Death Company's ranks but he has to be kept in stasis between battles. Lemartes represents a glimmer of hope among the Blood Angels that there might be a way to be free of the Black Rage. However only, time knows if this hope persists in the grim darkness of the far future.

Battle vs. Sabretooth (by Monkey Doctor 33)[]


Expert's Opinion[]

This is a hard battle for either of these two warriors to win, and in the end, none of them could get a clear edge over one another. Sabretooth's adamantium claws can easily rend Lemartes' Power Armor, which despite consisting of Warhammer 40K's own adamantium, is not fully composed of such materials with a fair amount of it being made of ceramite. Lemartes' Astartes strength is superior to Sabretooth's own muscle power and he brings more weapons, but his healing factor is leagues below what Creed has in his genes. Add those with the fact that both warriors are just as tactical as one another, and a tie is the result of this bloody battle.

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