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To manipulate the fears of others, you must first master your own. Are you ready to begin?
— Ra's al Ghul

The League of Shadows is an ancient order of assassins whose purpose it is to bring balance to the world by enacting purges of places they view as corrupt and decadent. Acting as a self-appointed check against human corruption for thousands of years, some of the previous activities of the League included the Sacking of Rome, starting the Black Plague, the Great London Fire, and the Gotham Economic Depression.

At some point, Ra's al Ghul became the leader of the League. Not soon after his daughter Talia and her companion Bane joined the League, though the latter was exiled by Ra's for reminding him of the love he felt for his deceased wive. As a result, Talia cut ties with the League. Ra's himself trained Bruce Wayne when he was traveling the work to become a crime-fighting vigilante. Though when he was forced to kill a criminal, Bruce turned on the League and destroyed their base in the ensuing fight against Ra's. Ra's and a group of League assassins would later try to destroy Gotham, but were stopped by Bruce who had adopted the persona of Batman, with Ra's dying in his final duel against the vigilante.

Furious over her father's death, Talia took over the League and with the help of Bane started her own plan to destroy Gotham, manipulating both Batman and the city council. Eventually, they were able to take over Gotham but were once again stopped by Batman. What happened to the League after this is unknown.

Battle vs. Ape Soldier (Original Series) (by Oshbosh)[]

Apes: RedRedRedRedRed

League of Shadows: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

5 apes were walking along the streets of Gotham. They didn't know where they were. They looked and saw the chaos going on in Gotham. They saw all the rich being thrown away from their homes and beaten.

"Humans." The first Ape sneared. "Nothing more then wretched beasts."

Meanwhile, Bane had sent a sqaud of 5 League of Shadows assassins to search around the city. They soon find the apes.

"What the hell are they?" One of the squad members asked, looking shocked.

"I don't know." The squad leader replied. 

One Ape notices the LoS squad wielding weapons.

"Sir, the humans look hostile." The ape said.

"Very well. Open fire!" The ape leader says.

The apes start shooting their Madsen M50 and kills one of the LoS members.

League of Shadows: BlueBlueBlueBlue

"Man down! Open fire!" The LoS squad leader shouts out. The squad members take out their G36's and fire back and kills an ape.

Apes: RedRedRedRed

One of the apes takes out an M1 Carbine and prepares to shoot but a LoS assassin shoots him down with a Mini Uzi.

Apes: RedRedRed

Another ape picks up the M1 Carbine and shoots the Uzi wielder in the head.

LoS: BlueBlueBlue

An ape weilding a S&W M&P starts a gun fight with a LoS member weilding a CZ-75. The LoS member shoots the Ape 3 times in the chest. But before the Ape dies, he shoots 2 rounds through the LoS member.

Apes: RedRed

LoS: BlueBlue

An ape holding an M1 Carbine looks for another LoS assassin, but one of them knocks him down and shoots him dead with a Mini Uzi.

Apes: Red

The remaining ape sets an arrow on fire and shoots it into the LoS members neck. He screams as he is set ablaze.

LoS: Blue

The squad leader takes out a Barett M82 and hides. When the remaining ape comes by, he shoots it at the apes head. The last apes head explodes in a shower of blood.


Los: Blue

The remaining LoS member returns to go report to Bane.

Winner: League of Shadows (Nolanverse)

Expert's Opinion[]

The main factor in this battle was the LoS's superior weaponry as supposed to the Apes less modern weaponry. The apes barely stood a chance here.

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Battle vs. Shadow Company (by MovieStuff65)[]


Journal of Roger Stevenson, Disciple Four

July 18th, 2012. Man, Shepherd's picked me for his personal team. This is great. Moving up the ladder has been easier than I thought. But training, though. Sheesh, and I thought Rangers was tough. Our first mission is involved with that incident in Gotham. Tommorow's the day we get dropped down there. Time to get our boots wet. Me, Wilson, Charlie, and two other guys from the SEAL's get the first drop.

The next night, 8:00 PM

The first five man team silently speed through the water under Gotham Bridge on jet skis. As they land on the beach, Wilson scouts ahead with one of the SEAL's. "This is Gold Eagle, do you copy? I repeat, do you copy?" Roger uploads his comm. "Disciple Four, checking in."

"Good. You know your objective. Get to the Stock Exchange basement undetected. Enter secret entrance in the basement and free the Gotham City Police Department."

"Yes sir."

"All clear". reports Wilson over Roger's comm.

'Maybe this mission won't be as hard as we thought.' If only I knew........

9:00 PM

The five men regroup at Crime Alley.

We sat in silence, waiting for the other five men to approach.

Suddenly, a small whisper was heard. "Marshall"

"Huntington." was our response. The five other soldiers come from the shadows, rifles in hand.

"Move out." We get up and stretch as we prep our gear.


We advanced on the Stock Exchange quietly, not a peep was heard. We managed to get in without any difficulty. The criminals they had on guard duty weren't that much trouble. Still, something was off. Seemed like a storm was coming. Oh how true I was.......

Five minutes later...

We entered the sewer with ease. Equipping our NVG's, we scanned our surroundings.

As they continued through the sewers, they encounter a six-man patrol of League members.

"General Shepherd, unexpected hostiles approaching."

"Deal with them."

Roger raised his hand, signaling Wilson and Charlie to advance. Suddenly, a shot is heard as four men appear from their side and begin shooting them.

"Shit. There are more of them! Get to cover, get to cover!"


Shadow Company: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

League of Shadows: RedRedRedRedRedRedRedRedRedRed

The League leader of the latter patrol aimed his Beretta and fired it into the closely knit group of soldiers, shooting one twice in the chest. Blue However, he is sent to cover as Wilson opens fire with his ACR, killing two of his men. RedRed He and his last men hide behind a pipe. Wilson and Charlie advance on the two men, firing their weapons. "Horizontal rain." Wilson commented as they were just in front of the pipe. Suddenly, the League member pulls out his sawed-off shotgun and blasts a hole in Wilson's chest and the leader pistol whips the other. He then fires his last round into his head. BlueBlue On the other side of the sewer, however, things did not go in the League's favor. Two goons are sent flying to the wall as an M67 grenade is thrown in their direction. RedRed The League member on the their side aims his G36C and sparys a couple rounds into the thrower's chest, killing him. Blue The other patrol leader aims his Mini-Uzi and fires a burst of bullets in Roger's direction. He quickly gets behind cover as the 9mm rounds make dents in the stone wall. He aims his own M1014 and fires a shell into a subordiante's leg, killing him. Red "GRENADE!!" Roger looks and sees the smal MK2 roll in front of him. As he embraces for death, another commando jumps onto the grenade. The blast caves his chest inward, killing him. Blue

Shadow Company: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

League of Shadows: Red Red Red Red Red

The leader of the second patrol reloads his Beretta and they try to rejoin their fellwo League members. However, a Shadow Company commando fires his rifle in their direction, killing the subordinate. However, the League leader picks up the shotgun and empites it into him. BlueRed The League leader gets to his men and picks up a Mini-Uzi. He fires a torrent of bullets at Shadow Company, but none of the rounds can penetrate the thick cover of piping or stone. Roger aims his M1014 at him, but misses. One commando makes the mistake of trying to fire his own rifle at them, but is killled when another League member drops him with his rifle. Blue "Fall back! Fall Back!" Roger yells, picking up the rifle as he drops the League member. Red He and another commando climb up the ladder as the last one covers them. As he starts to climb up, the rest of the League fire their guns into his back. Blue "Dammit. He's dead." Roger looks at his fellow commando with sympathetic eyes. "We'll make it through this. Trust me."

Five minutes later......

The three remaining League members climb out of the sewer, armed with their SMG's and pistols. One League member reloads his Uzi. Suddenly, the two commandos jump from behind the desks. They fire their last magazines into the two other League members, killing them. Red Red The last League member fires his Mini-Uzi into the subordinate's head. Blue Roger aims his pistol, but the other man gets to him first. He quickly lands a fist into his chest, knocking the wind out of him. As Roger kneels down, the League member grabs his head and knees him, knocking him to the flooor. "Any last words?" The League member asks as he grabs draws a large knife. "Yeah, don't bring a knife to a gun fight." Roger garbs the Desert Eagle on the floor and shoots the .50 round into his chest, killing him. Red


Been a week since that incident. Gotham's free now, and their leader Bane's dead. Shepherd, however, ain't letting me rest for long. Now I got a mission in some small but oil-rich country. Run by this terrorist named Khaled Al-Asad. Full on invasion. Going to help the Marines take the capitol city.

Expert's Opinion[]

The reason Shadow Company won by such a landslide is that, even though their opponent were more brutal and tenacious, their were supplied with better training and weapons to secure a simple and easy win.

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Battle vs. Cobra and Inner Circle (by BeastMan14)[]

Inner Circle Whitex10

League of Shadows Black2x10

Cobra Redx10

Makarov stepped out of the bedroom where he and his men's weapons were laid out. Tonight, they would strike a blow to the city of Gotham so brutal, there was no way the U.S wouldn't go to war. He and his men would attack Gotham stadium, killing thousands. They'd leave a man behind, speak Russian, all the pieces would be in place. Suddenly, the TV echoed out the sound of screams and cries of panic as Gotham stadium collapsed on itself, with both football teams already dead, and a calm, polite voice boomed out,"People of Gotham..." Makarov scowled. Looks like someone had beat him to the punch.

Three Weeks Later...

Chaos was rampant in the street of Gotham. Looting, mugging, sometimes even rape. Occasionally, it would all become shooting when Bane's mercs would break up any big panics. Makarov and his men watched from a window as another rich couple was dragged into the streets and shot. "Looks like we didn't need to unleash the American animal after all." One of his men said. Makarov shook his head. "I have a plan. Every day, a large truck pulls through this street, guarded by men of that "Bane". It has to be the bomb he's using to hold the city hostage. Brothers, we'll take it by force, and use it on our terms." Makarov and his men dispersed to prepare, but what they didn't see, was one of their number, Joseph Allen, slipping out the door when no one was looking. He could get out of this alive if he told these mercs leader, Bane, what Makarov's plan was. Then he could report back to General Shepard.

Meanwhile, in a secret underground base, a menacing figure sat in his chair, watching news reports about the siege of Gotham. "BAH! That fool Bane thinks he can stop someone from entering Gotham and finding that bomb? I'll show him! Men, ready the stealth-jet!" Cobra Commander stood from his chair and stormed over to the hangar, his men following close behind.

Barsad weaved between his men heading out to patrol. Bane had wanted to speak to him, and it was best not to keep Bane waiting. He found himself at the bridge overlooking the river, when a voice boomed. "Ah, Barsad! There you are, friend." Bane stepped out of the shadows, a man in black kevlar armor and a terrified look on his face by his side. "This man was kind enough to step forward and give us the information of an attempted attack on our bomb. Go ahead, tell him what you said." Bane nudged the man forward. The man, a solider perhaps, cleared his throat, "I work for a terrorist cell known as the Inner Circle. Our leader was planning something in the city before you launched your attack. He thinks he knows where the bomb is, and he's going to attack."

Barsad nodded, then looked over at Bane. "Well, thank you kindly for the information. Now, you shall be rewarded..." With one fell swoop, Bane grabbed the man by the throat and snapped his neck, " a traitor deserves." Bane looked to Barsad, whose grown long since used to Bane and his tactics, and said,"Barsad, I believe that you can personally take care of this threat?" Barsad cooly nodded. "Of course, you can. You're one of my best men. Take some other men with you when you leave." Bane the turned around and went back to working on something as Barsad pivoted and gestured for a group of men to follow him.

The Next Day...

Cobra Commander and his men stood upon the rooftops of Gotham. In the dead of night, they're stealth craft pulled in, and they parachuted into the city. Picking up transmissions about the bomb's location, Cobra Commander and his men laid a trap for it, and now they waited. Suddenly, the truck rounded the corner, and Commander growled into a radio,"Be ready! If you fail, you best hope you die, so you won't have to worry about my wrath!"

"Men, do you read me?" Makarov said into his radio, watching from another rooftop, his men all scattered across the area. "We're here." One of his men replied. "Good. Alright Dragovin, you set the trap. Make it convincing. One must remember, all war is fought with deception." Makarov put his radio down and readied his M79. Suddenly, Dragovin stumbled into the road, brutally beating one of the other Inner Circle members. "Rich pig! This is for all these years of suffering!" He shouted. "Goddamn it! Move!" One of the trucks guards shouted, drawing his pistol. "I said move!" The guard shouted again as Dragovin ignored him. Smiling, Makarov opened fire, the round slamming into the truck's left wheel and nearly tipping it over. The guard was sent flying as the other ones guarding the truck opened fire on Dragovin and his man, riddling them both with rounds. Black2WhiteWhite

Just then, a voice cried out,"Attack! COBRA LALALALA!" and Cobra troopers jumped from the rooftops opening fire. One Cobra agent lands in front of Barsad, who slams him in the face with his rifle butt and opens fire, the rounds tearing through the trooper. Red Barsad rolled behind a nearby car as all three factions tear into each other. A LoS member tossed a grenade, the explosion destroying a car and pelting an Inner Circle member and a Cobra trooper with shrapnel. WhiteRed

Makarov bursts out of the door of the building he was in, surprising the LoS member guarding the door with a hail of gunfire. Black2 Cobra Commander roared,"Kill these buffoons and capture the bomb at all costs!" as he stomps his foot into the face of a LoS trooper, pulls out his pistol, and fires an entire clip into his chest. Black2

"Fall back!" Barsad shouted, some of his men slamming into cover behind a cluster of cars, two of them retreating into an alleyway. "Get them!" Cobra Commander cried, throwing his arm forwards as his men chased after them. As the men reached the alleyway and cornered the retreating LoS men, Makarov walked around the corner with two of his men and opened fire, rounds tearing through the Cobra and LoS troops, who shake as they tumble to the ground. Redx3Black2x2

Inner Circle Whitex7

League of Shadows Black2x5

Cobra Redx5

One of Makarov's men arrogantly saunters over, then kicks the corpses of the enemy to ensure that they are dead, and for his own amusement. "Is this the best they can do?" He asks seconds before two rounds from a double barreled shotgun tear into his chest and send him flying to the ground. A LoS member hiding behind a trashcan grins, then draws his pistol and dives out, firing at Makarov and his men. White

Meanwhile, Barsad and his men are locked in an intense firefight with Cobra Commander and his forces. One man tosses a grenade over, it bouncing just under a Cobra agency's legs. It detonates, throwing him into the sky without his legs. He slams back to the ground, still alive. "Help....m-" he groans before Cobra Commander pulls the trigger on him. Red His men stare at him, shocked, as he looks back at them and angrily yells,"Well? Get back to the combat, you simians!"


Expert's Opinion[]


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Battle vs. Cordis Die (by MovieStuff65)[]

No battle will be written.

Expert's Opinion[]

While the League of Shadows' dedicated training and skill was a devastating factor, Cordis Die was simply too well-armed for them to take this fight. Bane's tactical and fighting skills were definitely a mighty barrier, but Menendez's charisma was more than enough to counter that. With the better leader and logistics, Cordis Die managed to take this fight. 

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