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Well forgive me. I'd rather thought we were a covert military unit, but it seems we are a knitting circle!
— The Invisible Man

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, also known simply as the League or Murray's Group, was a British covert unit consisting of famous British literary characters from the Victorian era. In-universe, they were formed and led either by the British Intelligence or the Blazing World. The most famous and iconic incarnation was the team led by Wilhelmina Murray.

The team existed throughout much of Great Britain's history, from the 16th century to the 2000s. Murray's Group, in particular, played a vital role during many conflicts fought by the British Empire, such as the Limehouse Bombardment of 1898, Martian Invasion, World War I, and the various battles against Oliver Haddo and the Anti-Christ. They also feuded with their foreign counterparts the Les Hommes Mysterieux and Die Zwielichthelden. Besides these missions, individual members of the league had fought against Lovecraftian monsters, Airstrip One agents, superhumans and many more.

Battle vs. Phantomhive Household (by Appelmonkey)[]


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Battle vs. Fabletown (by Elgb333)[]

Gorodgrad, Russia. The Modern Day.

This takes place in an alternate history where Allan Quatermain survived the fight with the Anti-Christ and Frau Totenkinder has regained her old appearance.



“I have a bad feeling about this, guys,” A male Orlando said as he shivered from the snow. “Norton said something about this mission, of the Universe going all bonkers again. This mission is going to be a bust, I can feel it.”

A heavy snowstorm has overtaken the Russian city that they were at. The streets were buried in thick white frost and the lights and lamps can be hardly seen with the constant blowing snow. Orlando was together with his fellow LXG members Mina Murray and Allan Quatermain. All of them were outside, waiting for someone they planned to meet with. They were on a mission from Prospero to take a very precious intel about otherworldly magic, powers that were different and beyond their own.

Quatermain assured Orlando, “Relax mate. Like one of these so-called “memes” we see in the internet about us British people. Was it ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’?”

In the distance, a car can be seen approaching the LXG members. Inside were another group of magical individuals; members of the hidden community called Fabletown. These magical people were the anonymous ones who contacted the LXG members to meet with them.

“Are you okay Frau?” Snow White said as she drove. “I know that your age is just for looks, but are you sure that you don’t need to wear something thicker for this blizzard?”

“It’s not the cold, Dear Snow,” Frau replied in the backseat. “I feel something in the air, like the world has warped and bended, and we’ll be playing its games yet again.”

“Keep an eye out, all of you,” Bigby Wolf said in the passenger seat. “You know the mission, you know the drill. Let’s finish this quick and painless and then let’s get home.”

The car stopped right in front of the lane where the LXG members were at. The Fabletown members stepped out of their vehicle and approached the Brits. Mina Murray waved at them to come closer, and now the two groups came face to face. “Let’s cut to the chase. Do you have what we want?” Mina asked.

“We have it,” Beast said as he approached the LXG with a small briefcase. Orlando took the briefcase, but Mina wanted to be sure.

“I see a briefcase, but what’s inside it?”

“Inside is the info that you want, right? The bag may not look that much, but inside are papers and documents that you’re going to like.”

“That’s good. But you yanks won’t mind if we take a look first?”

Orlando then puts the case in his hands and unlocked it in front of them. But as he opened it, a large magical snake appeared and wrapped itself around Orlando. It was a devious trick and the LXG members came up to Orlando and tried to help him.

But then Beast and Bigby Wolf rushed the LXG members and they each pinned Mina and Quatermain to a wall of a brick house.

“W-what’s… the meaning… of this??!!!” Quatermain asked as his throat is being gripped by Beast’s powerful arms.

Bigby Wolf who has started to visibly show his wolf characteristics, snarled at them, “Sorry folks. I know this might shock you. But you’re all fictional characters who also got transported into this world.”

Murray and Quatermain’s eyes widened with this rubbish that Bigby just said. “You are MAAAD!!!” Murray said. They still don’t understand why these yanks were doing this, but this was a big double-cross that they just walked into unprepared.

Beast replied, “We know who you are! You’re Mina Murray from Dracula and you’re Allan Quatermain from King Solomon’s Mines. That other guy, we admit we are not yet sure, but we will find out.”

“You see,” Snow White said as she and Frau just stood there crossed armed and observing the fight. “We know, and you too should know, that you are all fairy tale characters. Sadly, we can’t allow you guys to be wandering off with the Mundies. So we are going to take you to Fabletown for your own protection. It’ll be your new home.”

“To hell we are!” Quatermain yelled.

“Don’t worry you’re gonna like it there, pal,” Bigby grinned with his sharp teeth.

But as the two groups struggled, Quatermain managed to kick Beast away in the stomach. He then ran and grabbed his energy gun, and before Beast can catch up to him, he shot Beast with it. Beast clutched his chest and fell bleeding on the ground.

“DAMN IT!” Bigby said as he let go of Murray, grabbed Quatermain and tossed him to the side. In a fit of rage, Bigby transformed into his wolfman form, and he grabbed Quatermain yet again and smashed him on the road.

After finally getting freed, Murray drew her pistol and ran to Quatermain’s aide. Snow White unsheathes her vorpal sword and went to help Beast. Though heavily wounded, the monster was still breathing, and Beast started to transform into his true form. Both Snow White and Beast ran to assist Bigby.

With guns blazing, Murray came upon Bigby as the latter was still beating at Quatermain. She emptied a whole magazine of her pocket Walther at the wolfman’s back but to no avail. Bigby, though wounded and bleeding, just pushed her aside. He then sends a huff of whirlwind at her, but Murray’s talisman blocked Bigby’s attack. Bigby was surprised by this, but nonetheless continued to attack Murray.

“Mina!” Quaterman said as he tried to stand up, but Quatermain felt two clawed paws grab him in the shoulder. It was Beast who then lifted Quatermain up and threw him right through a car, almost breaking it in half with only Quatermain’s durability saving him. Beast was going to make Quatermain pay for shooting at him.

Mina can only ran in fear as the Big Bad Wolf chased her into an alleyway. She found a small manhole which she dropped into. The hole was big enough for her to climb down but too small for Bigby to fit.

“Damn you, girl!” Bigby said. “If you are not getting out there, I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blast you to rubble!” Bigby then sends a huge gust of wind from his jaws into the sewers, but as the place became filled with violent winds that tossed trash and water all around, Mina’s talisman still kept her safe. Bigby was now getting even more enraged, and he has now transformed into his full form, a giant wolf that scared Mina helpless. He then started to dig through the concrete pavement to try and reach Murray who’s still curled and crying in fear in the sewer.

Orlando can only watch helplessly as his friends were getting beaten up. He tried to squirm and free himself but the snake was wrapped too tight. “Na-a-aa,” Frau said to Orlando. “That little binding spell is a strong one, I’ve used it to bind trolls and dragons in my younger days so I doubt a meek boy like you can get out of that.”

“Let’s see old hag!” Orlando said as he manage to use the tips of his fingers to reach for the Excaliber sheathed in his belt. He then slashed through the binding spell, surprising Frau. Orlando then sent a signal with the sword to the heavens, in the hope that someone from Prospero’s base can help them.

Orlando then charged at Frau with his word, but the old biddy summoned a lightning bolt straight at him. With quick reflexes, Orlando managed to sidestep out of the lightning’s path and lunged at Frau, ready to swipe. But Frau just teleported away, and Orlando crash lands face first into the asphalt road. Beast and Snow White were still bust trying to restrain Allan Quatermain.

And then, all of them heard a loud scream of a woman. It was Mina who was yelling in pain. Bigby Wolf had finally cracked the road open and snatched her with his jaws. To the shock of the LXG members, they saw Mina’s neck and shoulders now being gnawed by the Big Bad Wolf. She was being eaten alive right in front of their eyes.Darkred Horrified, her friends tried to get to her and save her.

Quartermain, using all of his strengths, manage to wrestle from Beast’s grip. He rolled and grabbed his energy gun and shot Beast yet again, this time in the head, blowing it off.Blue Snow White screamed in anguish at seeing her friend murdered, and she ran towards Quatermain as the guy tried to reload his gun. But unfortunately for the hunter, the vorpal blade found its mark as it embedded itself in his chest, killing him.Darkred

Orlando eyes began tearing up as he saw his friends being brutally killed. In retaliation he slashed at Snow White with his Excalibur. The two dueled, exchanging thrusts, slashes and parries with both the vorpal sword and the Excalbur. As Snow White blocked another wild strike from Orlando, her block left the latter wide open for a counter strike. But her thrust was caught by Orlando’s hand, who seemed unfazed with the blade cutting off some of his digits. He then pulled the sword towards him, Snow White with it, and then decapitated her in full view of a still eating Bigby Wolf.Blue

“S-snow?... NOOOOOOO!!!!” Bigby howled in shock and grief as he saw her wife’s head roll towards him, her eyes still open and staring at him. “I am going to bite you in half!!!!”

“Come at me you mongrel,” Orlando said.

Bigby leaped towards Orlando and swiped at him with his claws, but Orlando dodged and sliced Bigby’s left paw off. Undeterred, Bigby rolled away and used his huff and puff to send a powerful gust of wind which knocked Orlando to a wall, making him drop the Excalibur in the process.

With open jaws Bigby lunged at him, prepared to eat him alive. But Orlando caught his jaws with his arms and tried his best to prevent Bigby from chomping him into two. The two used all of their strengths to try and hold on.

But then, Orlando felt something strange happening to him. He started to vomit sugar from his stomach. Bigby Wolf backed away in confusion at the magic that was happening. Orland then kneeled down and can feel his skin turning into gingerbread, his eyes turning into peppermint, his bones turning into candy canes, and his blood and flesh turning into sugar. As Orlando tried to utter a word, he is soon turned completely into sugar, its grains slowly being blowed away by the wind.

“Prospero where are you? I… don’t feel so good…”Darkred

After seeing the man disintegrate and swept away by the cold winds, Bigby laid to the ground and wept. His left paw was missing and his jaw broken from the fight with Orlando but none was as painful as seeing his wife die like an animal in the streets. Frau came to him, and patted him in the cheeks saying, “Easy now Wolf. We will mourn them later, for now we need to…”

And then suddenly, the clouds darken before exploding into a bright red light. Time and space seemed to bend as a mysterious lady flew from the heavens and unto the city. Bigby and Frau saw this lady walked in the air towards them. Debris was flying everywhere, and the roads, the cars and the buildings seemed to dance as she walked by. “You have made a mess of things, you naughty little kids.”

“Who the FUCK ARE YOU??!!” Bigby said as he ran towards Mary Poppins with jaws open. But Mary tapped the ground with her umbrella and turned Bigby into a large stuffed animal, a teddy wolf to be precise.Blue

Frau Totenkinder looked at Mary Poppins with dreadful eyes filled with homicidal intention and said, “You are going to pay for that.”

Mary, with a face that shined like the sun and an all-powerful godlike aura around her, replied, “A wounded animal, may it be physical or emotional, must be put down.”

Frau then summoned a huge ocean of gold coins, formed it into a large tidal wave, and sent it straight into Mary Poppin’s direction. She then started to transform into her younger Bellflower form, ready to fight hand to hand if needed.

Mary was engulfed in this tidal wave of minted gold, but she was unfazed and unmoving, as if the coins were disappearing right before they can touch her. Frau then summons her twin blades and surfed on top of the gold coins right towards Mary Poppins. She jumps to Mary’s back and attempted to slash at her. But her attack seemed to have missed as Mary turned her back and faced her. Frau tried again to slash with her other sword but Mary blocked it with her umbrella, before countering by hitting Frau in the jaws with its handle. Frau flew and landed with a big thud on the road as Mary just stared at her while twirling her umbrella in her hand.

“I know what you are going to say. How did she manage to put me down with only one stroke? Well there’s only one word to describe that…” Mary boasted. “I-I-It’s supercalifragilisti-“

“Shut up!” Frau said as she picked herself up and puts her hand in the air. She said an enchantment of unknown language before her body transformed into a giant serpent. The eldritch abomination flew into the sky, before diving back into the city in full speed, ready to devour Mary Poppins.

But God only made one look at her again, before the giant serpent transformed into a giant paper toy; a Japanese paper fish actually. The paper figure then glided and fell harmlessly on the floor.Blue Mary then silently looked at the carnage around her, before opening a new gateway back into heaven.

This will be the last time she ever deal with the problems of the mortals.

Winner: LXG

Expert’s Opinion[]

Experts believed that it was a close fight but the LXG Members take a narrow victory. While most of their members would have been destroyed by the majority of Fabletown, experts stated that Orlando’s experience and powers where more than enough to handle big boys of Fabletown. But what really sealed the deal for them is the moment that Orlando summons Mary Poppins, it would have been game over.

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Battle vs. Sherlock's Team (by Jon memeing)[]


Holmes' Team:BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue


Samson's coach trudged noisily on the rough Baker Street pavement. The route was short and the mission was simple, but the passengers couldn't help but miss the coziness of the British Museum. It was already late in the afternoon, tea was very much delayed, and soon, their stomachs would be screaming for dinner.

Truth was, it certainly would have been more comfortable, if only that one passenger, the changeling, went back to his original size.

"For God's sake, Hyde," the great hunter, Allan Quatermain, said. "This coach is tight enough already for the five of us."

"Ahehe," Hawley Griffin, the Invisible Man, all wrapped up with bandages and wearing a good suit, giggled. "Have mercy on those horses, will you? You already weigh five more. Maybe even ten."

"Hrrrrnnn... bugger off you two!" a topless Hyde growled. "Especially you, traitor! You're lucky! I would have broken your limbs and raped you if it wasn't--"

"Enough!" Miss Murray, wearing an elegant purple frock and a golden hat, said. "We are on a mission, remember? We haven't even started it and it's tiring enough already. Your bickering doesn't help!"

"Your state's been extra peculiar, Hyde," the turbaned prince, Nemo, commented. "You haven't changed back to Jekyll since the Martian Invasion."

"And that's just the way I like it!" responded Hyde." Jekyll and I feel some danger looming. Better I handle this one until he finally grows a pair. Or an extra two! Hahahaha"

In Baker Street, in a corner that bore the name of a great detective, Sherlock Holmes sat down on a weird chair and contemplated. All around him was scattered papers, slippers, and ripped clothes -- a disregarded place. But even so, this was his abode -- his Elysium, whatever grime or rubbish there were or ever would be.

"Holmes," Dr. John Watson said as he waved his bowler hat at him. "Do respond. You haven't said anything since the last hour."

"I was just dozing off, Watson," Holmes jested with a smile. "The mind needs rest, especially before--"

"I think you have enough rest! If what you are saying is true. Then our enemies will be here any minute soon!"

"Relax, Watson, and have some tea. I'm ready for them. Always been."

And then they heard the sounds of hooves clacking from the outside. It was followed by heavy footsteps, with one that was loud and strong, enough to rock the whole bloody floor. A knock was then heard. Watson swallowed his fear and unhooked his holster. He then approached the door and opened it widely. Murray, Quatermain, Hyde, Nemo, and Griffin walked inside. Watson was aghast at the monster that was Edward Hyde, while Holmes stared at them with nothing but curiosity.

"Mr. Sherlock Holmes, I presume?" Murray asked.

"Indeed, I am," replied Holmes.

"I suspect bees to be here."

"Oh no, they're not. They're in the countryside. Maybe I can show them to you someday."

"Listen, your brother, Mycroft--"

"Ah yes. My brother. Always the smarter person. Always the one who knows everything. And now he's sent you lot. His little league."

Holmes then began to press switches on the chair he was sitting on. A hum was heard and gears began to spin violently. There was also a horrible noise of clanging metal. Holmes continued his talk. "I apologize for not being here when the Martians attacked. I was preoccupied with a separate, similarly dangerous threat. A virus by the name of Deadpool. He was... an anomaly... You wouldn't understand."

"Mr. Holmes, please..."

"Oh, woman. You really think that it's a good idea to give this chair, this time machine, to people who had no problems killing innocents with biological weapons? It doesn't take a genius to know that."

Nemo, the one who was most distraught by what Holmes said, bowed his head and gritted his teeth. Everyone else was on edge. What was going on? Are they going to fight? Against Sherlock Holmes no less?

"Enough talk!" Hyde screamed. "We killed your nemesis and we'll kill you too."

"Friend. You won't do no such thing."

As Hyde ran towards Holmes, his arms and fangs bearing, the rest screaming for him to stop, and Watson hurryingly drawing his revolver to protect his friend, the chair made its final whirr and beep, before a great flash of light blinded everyone. When everyone's sights came back, the League was astonished at what welcomed them. They had been transported to a little village in some big forest. The twirling green trees were no mere woods, for they had doors and windows and a little front or back yard. Banners decorated the branches, and there was music, and jolliness, and silly merriness. Most peculiar was the fact that the little village was home to... little people -- fat long-haired bearded munchkins with large hairy feet, wearing vests, pants, and tiny capes, smoking those acrid pipes of theirs an inch too big for their size.

Some of them saw the League, but looked neither spooked or scared. In fact, some of them even invited them. "Welcome good strangers! Would you all like some cake? We've baked some for those who came before you," a female hobbit told them.

The League was both fascinated and horrified that this thing even talked. They weren't naïve to weirdness but they all admit that they still needed to get used to it. But something that the hobbit said caught Murray's attention. "D-Did you say... or did you mean... there were people like us who came here before?"


Suddenly, leaping from a tall tree was a gargantuan barbarian. With a loud thunderous krakoom, he landed on Hyde's head, burying it to the ground. The giant, the king Beowulf himself, followed by pummeling on the fiend's face over and over again. Shots and arrows then flew towards the League as they tried to absorb what the hell was even happening.

Holmes and Watson then ran towards the trees, to where the ambushers were. "Bumppo!" Holmes yelled. "Remember the plan!"

"Don't fret, dandy," the frontiersman hiding in the bushes with his coonskin hat, replied. "This is easy."

Griffin was in the process of frantically removing his clothes. Although he managed to get the bandages off, he struggled with his garters and his pants. "Damn this! Damn them all!" he cursed. Unfortunately, he never achieved his endeavor. A shot from Bumppo's long rifle hit Griffin square in the chest. He fell down dead, his body now slowly becoming more and more visible.Darkred

"Griffin!" Murray screamed as Quatermain and Nemo took her into a hobbit hole. They took refuge inside and cowered against the relentless rifle and arrow fire. Nemo had drawn his harpoon gun, while Quatermain unslung his elephant gun. Meanwhile, Hyde was on his feet, now in a pugilistic match against Beowulf. With a roar, he put a straight punch at the king's jaw. The latter followed up with an uppercut to the former's midsection, sending him reeling. The two then began wailing at each other with fury.

"Allan," Murray whimpered as she tried to get her bearings. "We have to take out Holmes. It's the only way."

"I have to kill that sniper first," Quatermain said. He knelt down and took aim with his rifle on the windowsill. He saw the black powder puff that Bumppo's rifle breathed out. Taking a chance, a gamble, on where his enemy was, he inhaled a deep breath and let out a slug. The high-caliber fire that was enough to kill an elephant, dismembered Bumppo into a heap far worse than a victim of a train crash.Blue

"No!" the bowman who had been firing at them since arriving, yelled. Although to call her a man was an error, for she was Mulan, the female Chinese warrior. She then drew her jian sword and ran towards her foe, screaming a war cry so unnatural and hellish.

"Watson!" Holmes, too, shouted. "Help her, man!"

The good doctor then began shooting wildly with his Webley revolver. Although his shots missed, it was enough to pin down Quatermain. "Mulan! The monster!" Holmes again yelled. "Get rid of that monster, now!"

Mulan then ran towards where Hyde and Beowulf were fighting. Sliding down on her knees, she sliced Hyde's achilles tendons, making the brute fall down screaming in pain. Though his cheeks swollen and his ribs in pain, Beowulf finally had enough and drew his great sword. He swung that sharp hunk of metal adorned with runes, and detached Hyde's head from his torso.Darkred Invigorated by the new victory, Holmes and his team swarmed the League's position.

"Damn..." Quatermain said.

"W-What are we going to do? N-Nemo?" Murray inquired.

Nemo then stood up, his harpoon gun in his hands. "Leave it to me..."

In a powerful sweep, Holmes' team was struck by a hurricane of bolts. Watson was shot in the neck, killing him instantly.Blue. The great detective yelled in anguish as he caught his dead friend in his arms. Beowulf too was not so lucky. He tried to push his way through, but he took over 50 bolts in his face, body, and legs. His eyes were punctured, and so was his throat, chest, and groin. Blind, dumb, and castrated, the king fell down deader than the dinosaurs.Blue Mulan, on the other hand, managed to roll on her back to dodge the arrows. Holmes' team was decimated, but still standing.

Nemo then left the hobbit hole and drew his talwar sword. Quatermain too walked out with his rifle still aimed. Holmes dried his tears and stood up, his face wracked and contorted into an evil, murderous look. This was the last round. They had lost so much. Only one would be walking out victorious.

Mulan lunged and Nemo blocked her slash. Nemo then pushed her and made a mad slice at her head, but Mulan parried his attack and sidekicked him away. Quatermain hesitated in pulling the trigger, and this gave Holmes the opportunity to dash towards him and punch his chest. Quatermain tried to use his rifle as a club to keep Holmes away, but the detective merely leaned back to escape such a pathetic counter, before hitting Quatermain's throat with a two-finger nerve strike. As the old man gurgled and wheezed, Holmes swept his feet with a circular kick, making him fall to the ground. Placing his knee on Quatermain's belly, Holmes raised his fists, saying, "I always thought you were overrated." He then began pounding Quatermain's face mercilessly.

Nemo rushed towards Mulan with his sword, but Mulan, with grace, caught his arm and shoulder-threw him to the ground. Mulan leaped into the air and tried to drive her sword on Nemo's abdomen, but the submariner managed to roll out of the way. As Nemo attempted to get back on his feet, he failed to spot Mulan as she slashed his guts, drawing a ton of blood. Shocked and in pain, Nemo refocused his mind and bit through his suffering. As a confident Mulan prepared her coup de grace, Nemo thrusted his sword through her chest, surprising her, and dooming her. They both fell down dead.BlueDarkred

Quatermain felt every heavy seasoned blow, every pain and every chip off his flesh and bone. Elbows followed by punches, and then more punches before elbows. Breathing felt like drowning, every movement and cry strenuous. He couldn't get him off, no matter how much strength he tried to give. He was an old frail opium sot compared to a grand martial artist and intellectual. He was outmatched. And soon the darkness in the corner of his eyes would envelop everything. Finally, he would be at peace.

Holmes gasped as he stopped his pounding. He stretched his back and tried to reach it. A knife had been plunged into his spine. Murray's hands clutched it, her eyes fiery like Satan's hearth. Holmes spoke no more -- not even a quip, a wit, or any other intellectual comeback. That once magnificent brain began to shut down, becoming mere useless jelly now. His body fell to the ground, his face bore the same surprised appearance.Blue Murray then ran to Quatermain and hugged him tightly. She hugged her lover, her final comrade of their now destroyed league, praying he was still alive.

"Allan... please..." Murray sobbed.

"M-Mina..." Quatermain mumbled.

"It's all right, Allan. It's over. Thank God, it's over."

Quatermain then looked around, the once happy village now a ghost town. "Yeah but... how do we get home?"

Expert’s Opinion[]

Although Holmes’ team was no pushover, and both Beowulf and Natty Bumppo each beat their counterparts on the League, the Murray’s Group still won due to having the better leader, a more experienced right-hand man, a guy with a machine gun, and overall better experience and teamwork.

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