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Somehow, that flood didn’t stop us from helping our neighbours. Somehow it brought out the best in us.
— Laroche

Laroche's Rebellion was formed after the events of the Empire City explosion, a terrorist attack supposedly caused by the Conduit Cole MacGrath. After the emergence of Conduits around the world, an anti-conduit hate group known as the Militia, led by the charismatic (and hypocritical) Joseph Bartrand, rose to power in New Marais, ruling with an iron fist.

Rosco Laroche formed the rebellion as a means of defying the Militia, and they are eventually brought to Cole MacGrath's attention when he arrives in New Marais after fleeing the world-destroying Beast. Cole, alongside best friend Zeke Dunbar, former NSA agent turned ice conduit Lucy Kuo, and rebellious fire conduit Nix, becomes a close ally of the group, eventually helping them destroy the Militia and kill Bartrand, who reveals himself to be a conduit responsible for the creation of the numerous monsters emerging from the swamps of New Marais that believes his kind is a scourge on the human race.

When the Beast arrives in New Marais, revealing that the incurable disease that's killing the human race doesn't work on conduits and that the only way to save humanity is to activate all conduits, Cole refused to work with it, with Laroche and most of the rebels sacrificing themselves to hold the Beast back, buying Cole time to activate the Ray Sphere and kill the Beast, at the cost of his (and every other Conduit's) life.

Battle vs. The Governor's Militia (by BeastMan14)[]

No battle was written.

Expert's Opinion[]

Laroche's Rebellion won this battle for being a more competent fighting force with a more stable leader with actual training and superior troops. The Rebels are generally better bonded with a common cause while there was a bit of deception amongst the Militia, which may have affected their performance. The Rebellion is also more experienced and stepped toe-to-toe with enemy factions and superhuman foes, when the Militia couldn't take a prison from and ended up dead. But overall, Laroche's Rebels are the deadliest warrior.

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