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Lapu-Lapu also stood up to a heavily armored Spanish army, led by their Portuguese captain, Ferdinand Magellan, on the morning of April 27, 1521."
— Vincent Pauletti
Lapu-Lapu was a ruler of Mactan and Visayas. The Phillipines regard him as as the first Filipino hero because he was the native to resist Spanish colonization. through his victory over the explorer Ferdinand Magellan. Monuments of Lapu Lapu have been built in Manilla and Cebu while the Philippine National Police and the Bureau of Fire Protection use his image in his honor.

He is best known for the Battle of Mactan, which happened at dawn on April 27, 1521. The battle halted the Magellan expedition and delayed the Spanish occupation of the islands by over forty years until the expedition of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi in 1564.

Besides being a rival of Rajah Humabon of Cebu, little is known about the life of Lapu Lapu and the only existing documents about his life are those written by Antonio Pigafetta.

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Battle vs. Shaka Zulu (by Impaler5150)

Lapu Lapu scours his land on the Pacific coast. While looking out, Shaka attempts to kill him by surprise by throwing his iwisa, in which Lapu-Lapu blocked. Lapu -Lapu fired his pana sling dart, which also got counted by Shaka's wicker shield. After a brief staredown, Shaka and Lapu-Lapu run at each other full-force, meeting up on the beach. Shaka Zulu axe, but is parried by Lapu-Lapu's sibat spear. Lapu-Lapu stabs Shaka in his shoulder but Shaka swung the Zulu axe, slicing Lapu-Lapu's leg. Lapu-Lapu staggers off into the forest, with Shaka running right behind him. Shaka stabs at LAPU-Lapu with his iklwa spear, but misses. Lapu-Lapu counters with a slash to Shaka's leg with his kampilan sword. Shaka disarms Lapu-Lapu of the swprd and slings it into the ground. Shaka runs to get his spit of poison and chews some up and holds it in his mouth. Lapu-Lapu slashes Shaka from behind, but gets blinded by the spit of poison. Lapu-Lapu, blinded, is then impaled with the iklwa spear by Shaka. Shaka, victorious, staggers back to his Zulus to lay claim to what was Lapu-Lapu's territory.

Expert's Opinion

While Lapu-Lapu was slightly bigger and stronger, Shaka was just too much of a warrior for him.

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The battle was declared invalid because Shaka was given poison spit, a weapon that did not exist.

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