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I am the alienated, the ridiculed, the despised. No need to praise my name. No need to envy my body. I am the shadow under the radiance of heroic spirits. Birthed of the darkness of glorious legend.
— Lancelot

Lancelot is a Servant from the Fate franchise, first appearing in the light novel Fate/Zero. As a Beserker, Lancelot is wreaked by the madness that plagued him at the end of his life, appearing as a shell of the noble knight he once was. Nonetheless, he is a very dangerous and highly competent combatant. He is based on the knight of the same name from Athurian legend.

Lancelot was born and raised in France by the fairy Vivian. He grew up to be a prideful knight, comparing himself to King Arthur, in secret a woman named Artoria. One day, he sought Artoria out and met her in a battle. He was humbled by her covinctions and was invited by her to join her knights at Camelot, eventually earning a reputation as her most capable and loyal knight.

During his service to Artoria, Lancelot grew close with her wife, Guinevere, who was only married to the king to lend her government legitimacy. Their friendship blossomed into love, and the two engaged in an affair. Their betrayl was eventually exposed by Agravain, and Lancelot, fearing punishment, fled despite Artoria wishing to grant him clemency. This incident caused a fracture among the knights and order in the kingdom to beak down. When Artoria marched against her traitorous son Mordred, Lancelot wished to join her as atonement, but was rejected by Gawain. When he learned that Artoria died at the Battle of Camlann, Lancelot was driven mad with despair and would die soon after.

Having accomplished great deeds in life, Lancelot's essence ascended to the Throne of Heroes and became a Heroic Spirit. He would be summoned as a Berserker during the Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail War by Kariya Matou, Hakuno Kishinami in the Moon Holy Grail War, Jeanne d'Arc Alter in the First Singularity, and Ritsuka Fujimaru to assist them in the Grand Orders.

Battle vs. Etrigan (by MovieStuff65)[]

Part I[]

Etrigan wipes the blood from his chin, grinning like a madman as he parries another sword swing from Cullen Rutherford. He flips backwards, landing on a kitchen table that buckles beneath his weight. An explosion of red crystals erupt from the ground where he previously stood. "You are too slow and I too quick," Etrigan taunts, puffing his chest. "Now let me show you my magic trick!"

The demon opens his mouth, and a column of flames forces Meredith Stannard back, raising her shield too late as the flames begin to coat her armor. "I knew letting you stay with me was a mistake," the younger warrior grimaces, dispelling the hellfire with a wave of his sword. "Hawke warned me you hadn't changed and made enemies, and yet-"

"Be quiet boy, and help me slay this infernal beast," she barks back, lifting herself up with Certainty. Cullen charges, but Etrigan merely leaps over the templar as his sword sinks into the wooden table, splitting it in half. He ducks and sweeps his leg under, knocking Cullen off his feet.

"Do not think our fun ends soon!" Etrigan replies, turning to block Meredith's sword. Etrigan crosses his blade with her's, before kicking her into the wall of the Cullen's apartment. "A battle like this is such a rare boon!" He bellows as he tackles her through the wall and out into the streets below. Bystanders quickly clear the way as Etrigan lifts Meredith by the scuff of her armor, tearing open the templar's breastplate with a single swipe.

Before he can deliver a killing blow, a voice echoes in his mind. "You took too long." Etrigan scowls, releasing Meredith from his grip. As she lets out a breath of relief, Meredith looks behind Etrigan to see a young man, the distinctive yellow domino mask on his face causing her to shriek in terror.

"You don't have to do this, Cfp. I'll-" As she begs for mercy, he merely snaps his fingers. She glows with a distinct yellow light, screaming in pain, before the flesh begins to melt from her skin. It peels away, revealing the muscle underneath, before that too melts away, revealing her skeleton as it collapses into a pile of gore, sinew, and bone.

Cfp sighs in disappointment, putting his hands in his pockets as he glimpses Cullen poke his head out the hole in his apartment. The user tilts his head in amusement, before snapping his finger. Cullen's form merely collapses into dust, leaving behind his armor and weapons. "He's lucky that we brought him in when he'd become less of a prick." Cfp muses, glaring at Etrigan.

"You were not required to be involved," Etrigan complains, his broadsword burning as it was returned to Hell. "This vagrant was a problem that my prowess had solved." Cfp ignores him, snapping his fingers. A clipboard conjures in his hands, and he crosses off Meredith's name from his list.

"Starkiller and Lightning have already finished their assignments for the day, Demon. If you can't keep up your quota, then your services will no longer be required." Cfp states, frowning in disapproval. "Who are you supposed to go to next?"

"There is the group of children, in Middle Class," he replies, casting a teleportation spell. "I will do as you modern folk say, and kick their-"

"Void that for now, Etrigan. One of them is under user protection, so I'll have to deal with that myself." Before he can continue, a buzz comes from his phone. "What, Annabeth?"

"There's a situation outside the office, Cfp. Another protest."

The user rolls his eyes and looks at Etrigan. "I expect better things from you, Etrigan." Cfp orders, snapping his fingers once again and disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

As he gets out of his car, Berserker growls as he watches the growing crowd of warriors. Holding large signs and blaring music, Berserker takes out his notepad and looks at his cameraman. "Grr graghg grr grarg," he asks calmly, and Tsukune quietly nods his head as he grabs the camera.

Berserker grabs his microphone and approaches a protestor, a man in a bright blue suit and glasses, who briefly recoils as Berserker walks up growling over the crowd. "GRAGH GRRR URGH, RAGH?"

"Well its about time you cats started covering us, baby!" the man answered, gladly wrapping a friendly arm around Berserker's shoulders. "It's all getting shagged up, you dig?"

"ARR GRR RAR?" Berserker asks back, looking at Tsukune to get the camera rolling. "Oh I'm glad to talk to anyone. I'm a real chatty Cathy, as all the birds call me. Let me tell you - groovy people getting tossed into the street, garbage cans and rubble on fire like its Woodstock, and users not doing anything about it? Even I can't get my mojo going in conditions like this!"

Before the interview can continue, the echoing of a microphone interrupted their conversation. "Oh, you might want to catch this babe," Powers says, pointing towards the front of Cfp's building. "If any bird can handle this crowd of rowdy hooligans, it's her."

Right on cue, a woman in a bright red cuirass and blue skirt stepped onto the stage. "Citizens of DFederal!" Wonder Woman said into the microphone, her presence silencing the crowd. "Thank you for your time. We've gathered here today to demand our needs be met!" The crowd lets out a cheer, and Berserker nods to Tsukune. "Grr grr rrr nrr gr." he whispers, and the teen nods as he zooms in on Wonder Woman.

"The users have been silent for far too long!" she continues, pointing an accusatory finger at the tall building before them. "This user, Cfp, seeks to punish us all for the crimes of the Wolves. He evicts us, he sabotages the reserve centers, and his employees harass those that are meagerly protected by our laws. And where are the bureaus? Or the admins? Where are our leaders?" The cheer erupts into a roar, a mixture of celebratory woos and jeers at the mention of the user.

"We're playthings to them! Even Governor Skull, our so-called benefactor, has gone silent as Cfp enacts his anger against us. Let it be known. If they don't give us justice, then we will take it ourselves!"

As Berserker watches the speech, his rage slowly building, a puff of smoke catches his attention. Looking to the side, he spots Cfp himself emerge from an alley. The user turns and spots Berserker, furrowing his eyebrow. "You feel familiar. Who are you, warrior? What's your name?" he asks, not bothering to look at Berserker.

"BRRR BRRR GRR." Tsukune steps up to answer, but Berserker turns and shakes his head.

"That's...not an answer," Cfp replies. On instinct, Berserker slowly allows the smoke to form around him, agitated and obscuring at the same time. Cfp notes the change, a brief break in his facade as he felt Berserker's power radiate, before smiling again. "Well, whatever the case, welcome to the city." As the user leaves Berserker be, he raises his wrist to his mouth. "User Designation: Mr. Cfp. Take direct control of Warrior 2841."

Wonder Woman's fiery speech cuts short, going quiet. The protestors stand in awkward silence as she stares blankly into the space. She looks into the crowd, and Berserker follows her gaze to Cfp, who nods and disappears into another cloud of shadow. Wonder Woman wordlessly takes out her weapons, stepping to the microphone. "You will all disperse, or face the expected consequences." she orders in a monotone voice, as the doors of Cfp's building opens with a flood of clone troopers, Peacekeepers, and various other masked soldiers of the city.

Berserker turns to his companion, pointing to the car. "WRR NRRR TRR GRR, NRRR." he orders, and the two reporters quickly pile in. As they leave the scene, Berserker grimaces beneath his helmet as the sound of blaster fire and screaming echo from where the plaza. The young teen gulps, a mix of fear and righteous anger boiling in him.

"Shouldn't we try to stop this?"

The knight briefly looks back, before shaking his head, recalling his boss' words. No one you save matters in this city if we don't get it on tape. Remember that.. The reporters speed off, speeding back to DFNN headquarters.

Part II[]

Annabeth groans in frustration, rubbing her temples as she looked over the calculations of her group's final project. "I don't get it, Saruhiko," Annabeth said, passing her tablet over to her friend. "Is any of my math wrong?" Saruhiko nods in agreement as he reads, his usually calm demeanor cracking as he let out an annoyed breath. "From what I can tell, your math is right."

"Maybe there's a missing variable?" Cyborg asks, standing and walking over to their host's refrigerator. "My brain is a supercomputer on top of a supercomputer, and it's ain't coming up with squat." As he pulls out a bottle of water, he glares at their final partner. "You gonna just sit there, Kate, or you gonna help us out with this?"

Kate Bishop looked up from her phone, briefly glancing at the question's prompt. "Oh, it's not supposed to." she says matter-of-factly, rereading her copy of the exam. "It says "at minimum capacity", and "none" is technically a capacity."

After a brief moment of silence, Cyborg and Annabeth let out an exhausted laugh while frowns in annoyance "Damn, that is not cool," Cyborg says, crossing his arms. "Who comes up with this stuff?

Annabeth sighs, typing the simple words Not applicable into the blank space. "One who laughs at making students squirm, like Arcade is," she explains, tapping away on her tablet. "But now, we're finally-" Her relief is cut off as she's briefly enveloped into shadows. Cyborg and Kate rise up in concern, but Saruhiko merely takes out his own tablet, unsurprised by his friend's disappearance. "Don't worry about her. After we hand this in, I suggest we go get food before we forge ahead with other exams. Which should be quicker, LaBeau's or Julius Caesar's Pizza?"

When she re-emerges, Annabeth finds herself at her desk at work. "Annabeth, please come in," her boss' voice calls out, and she reluctantly walks inside. "Since when can you teleport us across the city, huh?" Annabeth says, her curiosity winning out over her frustration at working off-the-clock. She notes her boss' hands, burying her concern at noticing the rare lack of a beer bottle in his hand.

"I need you to look identify who this warrior is." Cfp barks, spinning his monitor around to show an image. Annabeth leans in closely, noticing a tall shadowy knight that the picture was focused in on. "You needed me for this?" she snarks back, smiling as she pulled out her own tablet. Scrolling through the warrior database, she frowned upon seeing that the name had been blacked out. "That's...that's impossible." she says, to which Cfp nods.

"Good, I needed to confirm my concern." Cfp said, spinning the monitor back to him. "Some warriors have been shown to be capable of briefly hiding their true identities upon meeting them, even from us, but no record at all? That's a problem." He rises, and snaps his finger. Etrigan appeared in his office, a beaten woman in black metallic armor in his grip.

"When I take my time you whine and sob, and now you waste it when I'm doing my job?" Etrigan tosses the body of Beifong to the side as Cfp looks at her, turning her into dust. "She was where you said, hiding with the reserved. Her mother proved a challenge, but now the law has been served."

Cfp waved his hand dismissively. "Etrigan, the others are busy and you've been wanting a challenge," He states, showing Etrigan the same image. "I know he works for DFNN, so start asking there. And make it quick."

Etrigan grins, committing the image to memory. "The tasks end, the boredom is done," the demon cackles, a cloud of hellfire enveloping his form. "The Demon will kill, and this shall be fun..."

Bayonetta, arm looped in Berserker's, watches in amusement and curiosity the various attractions of this New Year's block party. One man, in a pair of combat pants and red, yellow, and blue button-up, is yelling "Arepas! Mazorca! Patacones!" at those passing by, his partner grilling behind him, while a gruff Krogan Warrior sits silently at his own stall, an array of various varren jerkies displayed.

A purple man, with devilish horns bedazzled with various jewels, catches the couple's attention, casually approaching them as he juggles a pair of scimitars. "You two look like you're not the faint of heart," Mollymauk says, the tiefling smiling at the couple. "Care to explore more?"

Bayonetta smirks as he sheathes the swords, gesturing behind him. "What on earth could be more dangerous than what you just did, darling?"

"The only thing that scares all of us, my lovely lady," Mollymauk replies, revealing an ornate table covered with strange cards. "The future." In spite of herself, Bayonetta follows, attempting to drag her partner along. She looks in confusion as he remains still, seeming to glare off across the patrons.

"Rrgh grrr rarrr grr, eeerrr ra grr," Berserker mumbles, with Bayonetta shrugging and following Mollymauk to his fortune telling table. The knight goes into the crowd, shoving his way through people for several minutes. He stops, smoke radiating off of him, as he sees the person he had hoped he wouldn't - Etrigan, rapidly approaching with a wicked smile on his face.

"It has been time since we first met in Camelot," Etrigan yells, opening his hands. A gout of flame appears, before he brandishes a broadsword and points it at Berserker. For his part, Berserker rips a street lamp out of the ground, eliciting shocks from the crowd as he snaps off its top to make it a more manageable size. "But at last, a chance to slay Arthur's pet, Sir Lancelot."

The two knights briefly stand, as the bystanders disperse, either for safety or a better view, before charging at each other in a full sprint.

Part III[]

Etrigan leaps forward, fire spewing from his mouth towards Berserker. The knight ignores the flame, swinging the lamp post and swatting Etrigan to the side. He crashes into a market stall, grinning and roaring as he lifts himself up from the debris. Berserker thrusts his improvised spear forward, with Etrigan parrying the strike and ducking beneath the lamp post.

Using his smaller size, Etrigan dashes forward, swinging his broadsword into Berserker's plate armor. The blade harmlessly bounces off, a sickening screech piercing the air as it drags along the metal, but forces Berserker to drop his long arm. The knight growls, swinging his plated fist into Etrigan's gut, only for Etrigan to shove Berserker from his shoulders and spew a blast of hellfire from his mouth.

Berserker buckles, the flames eating away at him as he goes to one knee in an attempt to raise his arms and protect himself. Etrigan brings his hands together before slamming them down onto the exposed Berserker in a hammer fist. "Where is the challenge, knight of old?" Etrigan taunts, retracting his claws and grinning, "Perhaps it is only in tales you are so bo-"

"GRRRRRRRRRAGH" Berserker tackles into Etrigan, black smoke flying from his form as he barrels the pair through the crowd. With Etrigan's elbow slamming into his back the whole time, both knights leave the street for a building, bricks and stone flying as they crash through a wall of a storage room.

Etrigan's blows finally force Berserker to falter, who grabs the demon by his leg and throws him into the wall on the other side. Lifting himself up, Etrigan roars in defiance as Berserker grabs a nearby metal rack, slamming it into him. Etrigan ignores the pain as he dashes forward, deftly sliding beneath the shelf and uppercutting Berserker into the air as he rises. He grabs the knight's leg and slams him into the ground, before grabbing Berserker by the waist and throwing him through the roof.

"What is the meaning-" Eragon asks as Berserker flies into his new apartment and lands on his television, drawing Brisingr. The teen approaches Berserker as Etrigan leaps through the hole, and Berserker stands in a rage. "GRRRAGRG RAAH" he yells, knocking Eragon out with one punch and snatching the falling blade, just in time to parry Etrigan's.

In Berserker's hands, Brisingr's blue flame mixes with black smoke, and Berserker takes several precise swings at Etrigan. The demon begins to laugh, finding himself on the backfoot as he barely blocks or dodges Berserker's flurry of blows. As Berserker swings his improvised Noble Phantasm down, Etrigan blocks, and his broadsword's blade shatters as Berserker cleaves it into two pieces.

As Berserker pauses, the shards of the blade flinging in random directions, Etrigan ducks forward, burying his claws into Berserker's stomach and ripping open plate. He tears them out, narrowly avoiding a counterattack from Berserker's blade, before spewing a wave of hellfire.

The flames licking through his armor and his vision being overcome with fire, Berserker takes one moment to collect himself, tightening his grip on his blade. "Grrr......RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Etrigan stops, the sound of his flames and demonic roar being overcome by Berserker's bestial battle cry. The knight stands, ignoring the flames entirely, as the smoke clears from his body. His black helmet fades into ash and smoke, revealing a head of disheveled black hair, broken teeth, and empty black eyes, Berserker charges forward, the greatsword Arondight in hand. He takes the blade in both hands and swings, slashing open Etrigan's stomach as he launches the demon into the air through sheer strength.

Grabbing his bleeding belly, Etrigan quickly releases two fireballs at Berserker, who ignores them as he thrusts Arondight forward. Etrigan rolls away, muttering a magical incantation under his breath, teleporting him back to the open street and outside the rapidly burning apartment building.

Just as soon as Etrigan stands, the remaining crowd that hadn't fled gasp as a wall bursts open, Berserker standing in its hole. The feral knight leaps down and swings Arondight, carving into Etrigan's chest as he lands. The demon ignores the blood flowing down his face and body as he charges forward, swinging his fist into Berserker's jaw. He follows up with another punch, staying in close and keeping Berserker from swinging Arondight.

Etrigan finishes his assault with a headbutt, sending Berserker back but giving him the space to thrust Arondight forward, skewering Etrigan through the stomach. "You have proven yourself a worthy foe," Etrigan says, spitting blood and grinning, "But now it is time for your life to go."

The demon pulls himself forward on Arondight, roaring as he raises his claws. With a quick swing, Etrigan drags them across Berserker's neck, magical blood pouring from the wound as Berserker's grip on the blade remains strong. The knight simply headbutts Etrigan, who responds with smashing his face back into Berserker's and two bone-shattering punches.

Berserker's growls falter, blood pouring from throat, his grip on Arondight loosening enough for Etrigan to step back. As Berserker falls to his knees, Etrigan pulls the blade from his stomach, roaring in pain as his blood covers the kneeling knight. "So ends our battle, the fight is done," Etrigan mutters, taking Arondight into his hands. The knight looks up, a brief glimpse of sanity returning as he weakly grasps his torn neck.

"This will be a good death, for this was fun," Etrigan solemnly states, lifting Arondight and swinging down onto Berserker's neck.

Expert's Opinion[]

The battle ended up being incredibly close, with Berserker's overwhelming fighting style and more dangerous equipment meaning that Etrigan had to rely on his craftiness over his preferred brute force approach. That being said, the wealth of experience and his physical advantage, combined with Berserker's single-minded focus, meant that Etrigan was capable of coming up with a means of doing so.

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Battle vs. Slave Knight Gael (by BeastMan14)[]


Expert's Opinion[]


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