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I like you the most in the entire universe.
— Lala to Rito

Lala Satalin Deviluke is the main female character of the manga series To Love Ru and its various adaptations. Lala is the daughter of King Gid Lucion Deviluke and Queen Sephie Michaela and the first princess of the planet of Deviluke, which rules the entire galaxy. As the heir to the throne, she is frequently pursued by suitors but only has eye for Rito Yuuki. Although she possesses a genius-level intellect, often creating various gadgets, she is also airheaded and naive when it comes to the costumes of Earth, often leading to her getting into trouble.

Not wishing to marry, Lala uses one of her devices to teleport away from home, only to end up naked in Rito’s bathtub while he is bathing. Rito reluctantly defended Lala from the royal guards pursuing her. That convinced Lala to pretend she is in love with Rito to dissuade her suitors. Her feelings soon become genuine when Rito accidentally confesses to her instead of his crush, Haruna Sairenji. They were soon confronted by Devilukean commander Zastin, who attacked Rito after Lala stated her intention to marry him. As he defended himself, Rito angrily stated that marriage only works if the two parties like each other, which the two aliens misinterpreted as Rito understanding Lala’s feelings. Approving the relationship, Zastin returned to Deviluke to inform King Gid.

Although Gid approved of their relationship, this did not dissuade Lala’s countless suitors, who would try to assassinate Rito. While trying to survive the attempts on his life, Rito also reluctantly agreed to help Lala acclimate to life, eventually falling for her. As polygamy is normal in Devilukean culture, she encouraged Rito to chase after Haruna. Lala was later joined in Rito’s house by her younger sisters, Momo Belia and Nana Astar, who further worsened the teen’s girl problems by playing matchmaker for him.

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Winner: Starfire

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