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I'm a big man, with a big gun!
— Kyle
Hasta la vista, deadling.
— Kyle

Kyle, also known as Hero, and Mr. Unknown Savior, was a rock star before the apocalypse began. Eventually he joined a group of survivors calling themselves "New Hope" who focused on ending the zombie apocalypse. Kyle finally found out that the plague was engineered by rich people who wanted to use the zombies to take over the world. With this knowledge, Kyle and New Hope began to rebel against them and join the Resistance.

Kyle uses a wide variety of guns and melee weapons, from grenade launchers to lazer pistols and from baseball bats to a brutal "head chopping gadget" called the Brain Mill to dispose the undead.

Battle vs. Torque (by Snigel)[]

No battle written.

Expert's Opinion[]

Both fighters had fought countless monsters, but Kyle had not fought any human opponents, while Torque has fought criminals, correctional officers and the Foundation's soldiers. Torque also had the superior arsenal.

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