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You pointed a gun at another living creature. This is the consequence of that action.
— Kurumi Tokisaki about to kill a delinquent who was torturing a cat with an airsoft gun.

Kurumi Tokisaki, also known by her codename, "Nightmare", is an antagonist in the anime Date A Live, and a Spirit, a mysterious, highly powerful being capable of causing highly destructive distortions in the space-time continuum known as "space quakes", as well as possessing superhuman powers. Spirits can be neutralized one of two ways: Either by killing them, an act carried out by a special Anti-Spirit Team or if their powers are sealed, a power the series protagonist Shido Itsuka happens to possess, however, in order to seal their powers, he must first get the Spirit to fall in love with him.

Kurumi, however, has other ideas, namely to use the power of the sealed spirits within Shido to power her time travel ability, and prevent the first appearance of Spirits 30 years ago. Kurumi has a number of superhuman abilities, making her the most dangerous Spirit yet encountered: She possesses two magic flintlock firearms, a pistol, and carbine, which behave more like semi-automatic weapons, being able to be fired a seemingly endless number of times. Kurumi can also summon a clock and place the weapons like the hands of a clock. Depending on the time she designates, she will summon a different "magic bullet", which will not harm the target physically, but have a time manipulating effect. These bullets can be used on herself or a target, depending on the effect, with varying results including superhuman speed, slowing their speed, stopping them completely, rewinding time for the target (effectively allow the target, usually Kurumi herself, to regenerate from wounds), and causing the target to travel through time, though he requires a prohibitively large amount of mana. Her powers also have the cost of slowly draining her life force with each use, in order to replenish her life force, she must kill other people and devour their remaining life force.

Battle vs. Rusalka Schwägelin (by SPARTAN 119)[]

Rusalka Schwagelin laughed with psychotic glee as she rampaged through the streets of Suwahara, Japan, crushing dozens of victims beneath a gigantic spiked wheel as she chains lashed out in all directions, seizing still others as they tried to flee and dragging them into her shadow, down to suffer in castle of torture.

As people fled in all directions from the supernatural horror that stood before them, one man stood his ground, an officer of the Suwahara City police department. He knew what manner of monster he faced, but whatever this madness was, he had to put it to an end to it. The officer drew his sidearm, Nambu Model 60 pistol, and took aim at red-haired girl who wielded the countless chains and spikes that had now claimed hundreds of victims. He pulled the trigger five times, each time the gun discharged in a flash of fire. He had struck the perpetrator of this massacre five times in the chest, certainly enough to put down that monster dressed as a child.

And yet, when the gun fell silent, Rusalka Schwagelin was unharmed, having hardly even felt the impact of the bullets, feeling as though a feather had brushed up against her. Rusalka turned to face the police officer. She was less than five feet tall, and yet the officer had never faced a more terrifying person in his life.

Rusalka walked up to right up to the police officer, who hurriedly reloaded his pistol, just managing to get a single .38 caliber cartridge into his revolver. Not having time to load any more rounds, he settled for this tactical reload. He must have missed his last five shots due to the shock of the spectacle he witnessed, but this time, the girl was less than the two meters from him. It was impossible to miss- would only take one bullet to end this...

Without even responding to the gun aimed dead at her face, Rusalka kept casually walking forward. At a range of about a meter and half, the police officer fired the one round he had managed to rechamber. The bullet flew landed right between Rusalka's eyes... but it did not do so much as break her skin. The round bounced off her forehead as though it had impacted the armor of a tank.

Rusalka let out a high-pitched, girlish laugh as she said, "You're the strong, courageous type, aren't you", the witch said to her victim, in an almost flirtatious, seductive tone of voice, "You know, I like that kind of man". As Rusalka walked right up to the officer, he tried to get away, only to realized the he was completely unable to move. "Lets see if you can keep it up long enough to satisfy me", Rusalka said as she ran one finger down his chest to his belt and licked her lips. At that moment, the police officer felt his body start to sink into the ground. He tried to resist, but was powerless to move as he was dragged down to become one more plaything of the blood-stained witch.

"Ara Ara, it seems you have similar tastes to me", a female voice said to Rusalka as she devoured her latest victim. As she turned to face the source of the voice, Rusalka Schawagelin spotted a black-haired girl in a "gothic lolita" dress standing the middle of the ruined street.

"Or perhaps not", Kurumi Tokisaki continued, "You simply take pleasure in torturing innocents simply for the fun of it.. I, on the other hand, find it much more satisfying to take that kind of monster, and show them the meaning of fear and pain, before I devour them whole, flesh, blood, and soul... and you... you look simply... delicious". Kurumi licked her lips as she spoke.

"Ooooohhh... scary words", Rusalka said, "But let's see if you have anything to back them up with!"

At that, a swarm of rusted iron chains ending it what appeared to be meat hooks flew towards Kurumi. Kurumi evaded the attack, causing the chains to slam into the ground, shattering the pavement as Kurumi jumped into the air and drew what looked like a flintlock pistol and carbine.

Kurumi flew forward at Rusalka, firing the dual guns, looking like a scene out of the Matrix, however, the witch dodged all of the bullets. As she dodged the bullets, Rusalka brought her chains back around, striking Kurumi in the back and binding her in the chains. Then, pair of stone walls studded in spikes appeared and immediately closed inwards, crushing Kurumi to a bloody pulp.

"Was that it!?", Rusalka asked, sounding disappointed, "Is that the best you can do!?"

As she finished her sentence, Rusalka felt a force strike her in the back. It had not damaged her, but she realized she was completely unable to move. At that moment, the shadow witch learned what it felt like to be the one completely immobilized. Then, a second projectile flew towards the remains of Kurumi. At once, the dead girl reformed- it was liked a reverse of Ehrenberg's powers.

"You didn't really think you had won, that easily did you?", the newly revived Kurumi said. At the same time, dozens of other "Kurumis" walked out from the darkness with weapons raised. "You can't kill me, for I am many." As she finished speaking, all of the Kurumi clones opened fire. Rusalka was struck by a hail of bullets from their magic flintlocks. The witch collapsed under the sheer volume of fire.

The fusilade from the Kurumi clones continued for several seconds, before her guns finally fell silent. Less than a second later, Rusalka Schwagelin pushed her self back up, the effect of the time stop bullet having apparently ended. The wounds from the swarm of bullets glowing with a reddish light as they regenerated.

"Impressive, most impressive", Rusalka said with a maniacal laugh, "But I've discovered a few tricks of my own over the years. And I have a lot more experience in this world than you think. Let me show you!"

After she finished her sentence, Rusalka broke into an unearthly-sounding song, in a language that sounded like German. Kurumi could not understand the words, and yet, she was mesmerized by the otherworldly aura exuded by the witch, at once terrifying, but also impossible to look away from.

Rusalka finished her song with four words: "Briah: Csejte Ungarn Nachtzehre". As soon as she finished the last syllable, giant black shapes seemed to grow from the shadows around her. At the command of witch, they Voracious Shades of the Castle of Torture overcame the surrounding Kurumi clones like a tsunami, absorbing them all into her personal torture chamber.

For the second time, Rusalka thought she had one, and the second time, she was quickly proven wrong. Suddenly, all color in the city seemed to vanish before her eyes. At the same time, she felt her strength slowly being drained from her. It was just like the Briah of her comrade, Wilhelm Ehrenberg, and yet she did not sense his presence.

"Surprised", Kurumi's voice asked. Dozens more clones of the spirit were flying above her. Rusalka tried to use her shadows to attack them, but they kept flying out of range, all the while strafing her with their pistols, as though taunting her.

"I call it the 'City of Devouring Time'", Kurumi continued, "No matter how strong you are, all the time you have left in your life, every last drop of your life force will be mine to devour..."

"YOU CAN'T KILL ME!" Rusalka yelled, "I will transcend death to burn forever like a star in the skies!"

As she yelled her insane ravings, Rusalka pulled out all the stops, tendrils of shadow whipping through the air. Several of the Kurumi clones were caught by surprise and captured, but most of them evaded. Rusalka disappeared into the shadows as the rest of the Kurumi tried to attack, placing herself on top of a skyscraper and ambushing several more of the Kurumi clones. She had to take devour them all of before they did the same to her.

As she took in the yet another of Kurumi's parallel selves, Rusalka Schwagelin felt a pain in her stomach like the indigestion from hell. Less than a second later, the her chest exploded outwards like a something out of Aliens. Out for the witch's chest burst first a storm of bullets, and then dozens of Kurumi clones. The breach of her castle of torture had impacted her physical body.

Rusalka lay there on the roof of the tower, mortally wounded, too weak to stand. Several clones appeared in front of her.

"This is where the fun end, I'm afraid. I think this fate is rather appropriate for you...", Kurumi said as she stood over the dying witch. From behind, several disembodied hands started to drag her into the shadows to be 'devoured' by Kurumi and her clones, "Farewell, Rusalka Schwagelin".

At that, Rusalka Schwagelin died the same way as so many of her victims, dragged into the abyss...

Expert's Opinion[]

While Rusalka Schwagelin had massive durability and formidable offensive and defensive magic, the experts believed she would eventually be overcome by the sheer number of parallel selves that Kurumi could summon. Adding in the fact that she would be constantly weakened by the City of Devouring Time only hastened her inevitable defeat.

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Battle vs. Homura Akemi (by Appelmonkey)[]


Expert's Opinion[]


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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Homura Akemi (by SPARTAN 119)[]

Kurumi Tokisaki stood in a dark alley, looking over her prey, helplessly trying to escape the grip of the "phantom hands" she conjured from the shadows.

"A magical girl? How interesting... I never knew such a person could exist. You... look... simply..... delicious...", Kurumi Tokisaki said darkly, licking her lips as her phantom limbs dragged Madoka into the darkness and "devour her".

Suddenly, several gunshots rang out, striking each of the phantom limbs and blowing them clean in half. Madoka turned to see her savior, a girl with long black hair wearing in grey and white outfit, with a shield on her wrist. In her hands, she held a DSA 58 carbine, with several 7.62mm casings at her feet.

"Homura-chan?", Madoka said, recognizing the face of her savior.

"Madoka, run. I'll handle this.", Homura said.

As Madoka obeyed Homura's commmand and fled out of the alleyway as Homura said, "And you... You think you can just hurt my friends and get away with it?" Homura said with a fury in her voice, before she raised the DSA-58 and fired the remainder of the magazine in to Kurumi, striking her several times in the chest, causing Kurumi to fall to her knees, and then face down on the pavement in a pool of her own blood.

For a second, Homura thought she was victorious, that notion was dispelled when she heard footsteps behind her, followed by what looked like the cocking of a firearm.

"You know, I kind of enjoyed that. You could say I like it REALLY rough", Kurumi's voice said from behind Homura. Homura turned to see dozens of "Kurumis" blocking the exit to the alley. As Kurumi spoke, more clones of herself appeared on the other entrance to the alley, blocking Homura in on both sides.

"But, there is one thing I enjoy more than receiving pain. Do you know what that is?", one of the Kurumi clones asked, "Inflicting it".

At that, every one of the Kurumi clones raised their flintlock muskets and pistols and fired a hail of bullets, the magic "flintlocks" behaving more like semi-automatics, which riddled Homura's torso as thoroughly as Kurumi had done earlier.

One of the Kurumis then turned to the fallen Homura and summoned her "phantom hands" from the shadows. Before she could touch Homura, however, her adversary had quickly rose to her feet, as though she was not wounded at all, in spite of the copious amounts of blood on the ground and her clothing.

Homura calmly pulled an M249 SAW from her shield and opened fire, 5.56mm bullets cutting through Kurumi's phantom arms and tearing through the flesh of her dozens of clones. By the time he ammo belt was expended, Homura had killed about a dozen of Kurumi's clones.

Homura then flew up into the air, returning the SAW to her "hammerspace" and pulling out an MP40 and an MP7, firing both submachine guns at the Kurumi clones that flew into the air to give chase, two of them learned the hard way not to underestimate the power of German engineering, especially in the hands of a time-traveling badass!

Homura then greeted the next Kurumi clone with Howa Type 89 assault rifle, riddling her with bullets, but for every on she shot down, there were dozens more, surrounding her on all sides. Thinking quickly, Homura pressed down her shield, stopping time at one.

To the eyes of the many Kurumi clones, Homura had disappeared, only to be replaced by a large bundle of C-4 and grenades. As the Kurumi clones tried desparately to get away, Homura stood on a nearby rooftop and pressed down the detonator button, setting of a great ball of flames and a thunderous roar which hurled the shrapnel-riddled bodies through the air with such force that they cracked the streets and blew through brick walls as they hit the ground in a bloody mess.

Several surviving Kurumis flew in up from behind a large warehouse a few hundred meters away. A press of Homura's buckler later, they were blown apart as several AT4 and RPG-7 rockets impacted them.

Then something happened that definitely was not part of Homura's plan. She was struck in the back by some kind of projectile. Homura realized she was not injured, but found herself completely unable to move her body.

Kurumi walked into Homura's field of vision and looked her directly in the eye. "I am impressed", Kurumi said, "That was a time manipulation attack, one even more powerful than mine. I never thought someone like that could exist, but its convenient really, once I kill you, I'll have all the mana I need to use my final bullet. Sayonara, Homura-chan".

As she finished her sentence, Kurumi shot Homura in the forehead with her pistol, causing her to fall to the ground. Kurumi then left the scene and stood in the middle of the street. A sphere of pure darkness appeared around her, the beginnings of a spacequake.

Sensing that this attack would kill everyone in the area, including Madoka, Homura summoned her remaining strength, and broke free of Kurumi's time freeze. Homura then pressed her shield and returned the favor, stopping Homura and everything in the area except for her. Homura jumped down on the street several hundred meters behind Kurumi, and summoned two truck-mounted Type 88 anti-ship missile batteries.

As time returned to normal, Kurumi heard a female voice she recognized by as that of her adversary say "Time to finish this!", followed by a thunderous roar coming from above and behind her. Kurumi stared into twelve streaks of fire that rained down from the sky, before everything went black.

From a few hundred meters away, Homura looked on all twelve missiles detonated, reducing her foe to a smoking crater. After patrolling the area and finding no more Kurumi clones, Homura went off in search of where Madoka had run to.

WINNER: Akemi Homura

Expert's Opinion[]

Kurumi was a highly dangerous sociopath and an extremely powerful Spirit, however, her time manipulation powers were limited as she had to hit the target with a magic bullet in order to affect it. Homura's powers stopped everything around her, allowing her launch massive amounts of ordnance at Kurumi with impunity. Another factor was the superior firepower and variety of weapons Homura carried.

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The battle was declared invalid for nerfing and buffing Kurumi's time bullets by removing and adding a few she never use.

Battle vs. Dio Brando (by Flare-Rex)[]

No battle written.

Winner: TIE

Expert's Opinion[]

None given.

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Kurumi was nerfed by depriving her of many of her time bullets and buffing her by ignoring her need to consume the life force of her enemies. DIO was buffed by granting him his freezing powers and the Space Ripper Stingy Eyes, which he no longer had in his incarnation in Part 3.