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The Klan had used fear, intimidation and murder to brutally oppress over African-Americans who sought justice and equality and it sought to respond to the young workers of the civil rights movement in Mississippi in the same way
— Charles B. Rangel

The Ku Klux Klan (KKK), or simply "the Klan", includes three distinct movements in the United States. The Ku Klux Klan get their name from the supposed sound of a bolt action rifle being cocked. The first sought to overthrow the Republican state governments in the South during the Reconstruction Era, especially by violence against African American leaders. It ended about 1871. The second was a very large, controversial, nationwide organization in the 1920s that especially opposed Catholics. The current manifestation consists of numerous small unconnected groups that use the KKK name. They have all emphasized racism, secrecy and distinctive costumes. All have called for the purification of American society, and all are considered part of right-wing extremism.

The current manifestation is classified as a hate group by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. It is estimated to have between 5,000 and 8,000 members as of 2012.

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Battle vs. Gestapo (by The Deadliest Warrior)

Ku Klux Klan: RedRedRedRedRedRedRedRed

Gestapo: GreyGreyGreyGreyGreyGreyGreyGrey

Five Ku Klux Klan members, deep in a safehouse in a forest, donning their bleach-white robes, clean their weapons and jokingly recount their previous brutal murders of innocents. Two Klan members guard the back door and await a third KKK man to arrive in truck with equipment. There is a knock at the door and the Klan men look over their shoulders warily. One man picks a pistol off the table and opens the door. There is a man with glasses and a black uniform standing outside. He asks the Klan members something in a different language, and upon getting no response, repeats the question much more forcefully. The Southerner angrily shoves the man back and starts to shut the door when the uniformed man angrily barks at him and plunges a knife into the crook of his elbow. The Klan member howls in pain and the officer grabs him by the front of the robes and pulls him outside, forcing him to drop the pistol. Two other similarly uniformed men grab the KKK man and force him into a truck before they speed away down the dirt path and disappear. The Gestapo have just attacked.

The other Klan members exchange shocked glances before they grab their weapons and rush out the back door just as the KKK truck pulls up. Quickly they get in the back of the truck and the driver pulls over down the road and tries to find the Gestapo's truck. The Klan quickly finds the Gestapo and the passenger in the car fires out the window with his Tommy Gun. One of the Gestapo men lean out and with the MP40 sprays wildly behind him. The Klan driver veers to avoid bullets but a man standing in the back of the truck is hit and tumbles backwards out into the road. Red

The Klan man in the passenger's seat fires again with a quick burst at the Gestapo truck ahead, blowing out a tire and sending the truck veering off the road and crashing into a tree. The KKK truck slows down and stops in front of the wreckage and the Klan men in the back of the pickup truck throw molotov cocktails at the wreckage, setting the truck on fire. The Gestapo men stumble out but one of them is stuck inside the truck and is burned to death. Grey As the kidnapped Klan member rushes back to his friends, he is shot in the leg with the K98k from the retreating Gestapo agents. Under overwhelming attack, they flee into the forest and the KKK give chase.

Quickly the two Gestapo men run down a path to a wooden house where five other Germans await. Shouting that they're receiving opposition, they enter the house and alert their comrades, who exit just as quickly and return fire at the KKK. A sneering German shoots a Klan man in the stomach and he falls on all fours, vomiting blood into his hood. The Klan member next to him raises his M1 and blows the German's brains out of his head. Grey The Klan man who was shot in the stomach sprawls out and lays dead. Red

One Gestapo man sneaks away from the firefight and sets up a time bomb in the house to destroy any documents the Klan might steal. Two Klan men burst into the house just as the bomb is finished and concealed. The first Klan man rushes at the Gestapo agent, who whips out a knife and plunges it into his neck. Red The Gestapo turns around to be bludgeoned in the head with a metal club. He falls down, spitting blood, and looks up weakly to see the laughing Klan member bring the club down on his skull. Grey The Southerner then begins to ransack the house, looking for weapons or other things of value.

Outside another Klan member is shot down by an MP40. Red The Klan returns the favor by gunning down a Nazi agent with their Tommy Gun. Grey The Germans retreat slowly deeper into the forest and the Klan enter the house for cover. The injured man who was kidnapped fumbles with material to make a bomb and tries to sneak around the Gestapo. Just as he exits the house, an enormous explosion tears the building apart, killing all of the Ku Klux Klan members inside. RedRedRed

The Nazis stare at the explosion in surprise, and are even further disoriented when a bomb blasts behind them, killing two Gestapos. GreyGrey The remaining two agents, the ones who tried to kidnap the now only suviving Klan member, turn to see the enraged Southerner hobbling at them with a wounded arm and leg. The Gesapo leader straightens his glasses, chuckles, and grabs the Klan man as he comes closer. The other Gestapo takes out the knife and slowly twists it into the Klan man's back. The Ku Klux Klan member howls in pain before he slumps to his knees and keels over dead. Red


Expert's Opinion

The formal training and military expertise of the Gestapo sharply contrasted with the brutal terror tactics of the Ku Klux Klan, who weren't truly warriors to begin with.

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The battle was disregarded because the Ku Klux Klan was disqualified.