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[The Special Operation Force] is the strongest elite force of the entire Korean People's Army and is the unique vanguard force of the Armed Forces of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
— Kim Il-sung

The Korean People's Army Special Operation Force (KPASOF) is a North Korean special operations consists of specially equipped and trained elite military units trained to perform military, political, or psychological operations for North Korea. The missions of the KPA Special Operation Forces are to breach the fixed defense of South Korea, to create a "second front" in the enemy's rear area, and to conduct battlefield and strategic reconnaissance.

The official date of the creation of the SOF is unknown. The first known SOF activity was during 30 October 1968, when maritime commandos landed on beaches from Samcheok to Uljin, South Korea and after a series of battles retreated back to North Korea. During the 2017 Pyongyang parade, a new SOF unit was unveiled. Called the Lighting Commandos it is supposed to act as the North Korean counter to the United States Navy SEALs.

Battle vs. JW GROM (by Goddess of Despair)[]

GROM Blue Blue Blue Blue NKSOF Red Red Red Red

4 GROM soldiers are hidden outside of a small building. Their sniper keeps the Korean sniper in his crosshairs. “One’s coming close” said the GROM leader “ready the claymore.” The new member of the team clutches the detonator, awaiting the order. “Now.” Whispers the GROM leader.

Suddenly the claymore explodes, riddling the North Korean with shrapnel. Red The North Korean sniper aims at the GROM leader, but before he could fire a bullet the GROM sniper blew open his head with the Barret. Red “I’ll take point.” says the GROM leader as they move towards the Korean building. Suddenly, the GROM leader’s leg gets blasted off. Before the other GROM members could react, a North Korean fires a burst of gunfire from a window, killing the GROM leader. Blue

The GROM sniper fired a round from his Barret, missing the Korean who disappeared from the window. The other two GROM rush to the door of the Korean building. A Five-seven in his left hand, a GROM soldier slowly turns the door open. Waiting behind the door, a North Korean armed with a Makarov pistol.

The GROM soldier fired his Five-seven rapidly, putting 8 bullets into the North Korean’s chest. Red

Suddenly the lead GROM soldier gets riddled with bullets from a North Korean’s AKM. Blue

Another GROM soldier burst into the room as the North Korean took cover behind some furniture. The GROM soldier shot several rounds into the cover, one hitting the North Korean in the back of his head. Red

Expert's Opinion[]

GROM took this fight thanks to their sniper rifle and explosive doing more damage and their greater training.

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Battle vs. Spetsnaz GRU (by Deathblade 100)[]

NKSOF: RedRedRedRedRed

Spetsnaz: GreenGreenGreenGreenGreen

Five Spetsnaz operatives are moving through jungle terrain of the Korean Peninsula. One Spetsnaz operative detaches from the group and sets up his Dragunov SVD sniper rifle. Looking through the scope, the Russian sees a North Korean sniper team on the roof of a facility. The Spetsnaz sniper fires, hitting the spotter in the neck.Red The North Korean sniper changes his position and fires his Romanian PSL at the Russian, hitting him in the eye.Green The sniper grabs his dead spotter's Type 68 AKM and proceeds to go down a ladder into the facility.

The Spetsnaz team moves closer to the facility before one of them steps on a PMD box mine, severing his leg at the knee. The NKSOF soldiers in the facility open fire with their AKM assault rifles, killing one of the Russians.Green A Spetsnaz soldiers fires his AK-74 assault rifle and cuts down one of the North Korean special forces. Red The maimed Spetsnaz soldier bleeds out from his wound. Green

The last two Spetsnaz soldiers enter the facility. The Spetsnaz leader runs up to a doorway and throws an RGD-5 grenade into the room, killing one of the North Koreans. Red One of the Spetsnaz enters the room and shoots the North Korean sniper with his AK-74.Red A shot from an Type 68 Tokarev pistol killed the Spetsnaz operative. Green

The last Spetsnaz soldier fires at the last of the North Korean special forces. The Russian runs out of ammunition for his AK-74. The North Korean kicks the gun from the Russian's hands and kicks him over the face, The Russian elbows the North Korean in the ribs before pinning him to the wall in a choke hold. The Spetsnaz leader throws the North Korean special forces leader onto the ground and fire a shot from his Makarov Pistol into the North Korean's head. Red

The Spetsnaz leader raises his Makarov and yells "Ya Spetsnaz!" in victory.

Expert's Opinion[]

The Spetsnaz won due to combat experience, firearms and hand-to-hand combat. While the North Korean SOF had a tremendous advantage on their home peninsula, their more outdated weapons and lack of fighting experience cost them the win. To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.

Battle vs. United States Army Rangers (by Deathblade 100)[]

The Korean Peninsula, 20xx

NKSOF: RedRedRedRedRed

USAR: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

The creaking of rusted hinges fills the air as a lone US Ranger looks up at his captor, face bloodied. In the background, he could see the bodies of the last of his unit members and the leader of the North Korean unit that was holding this damned facility. The sound of a pistol hammer cocking brought his attention back to the North Korean officer standing in front of him; the Ranger's gaze drifting to the muzzle of the North Korean's Type 68 Tokarev. "너는 아직 죽지 않았기 때문에 운이 좋았다고 생각해야한다. (You should consider yourself lucky you aren't dead yet)" the North Korean snarled.

Outside the facility

Four US Rangers head towards the old facility; every once in a while, stopping to listen for any movement. The commander of the unit turned to the rest of his unit and gestured for his sniper to keep watch while the rest of the unit moved into the facility. As the sniper set up his M24, a glint of light caught his eye. Zeroing his rifle, he spots a North Korean PSL scanning the perimetre. The Ranger pulled the trigger of his M24 sending a single 7.62mm NATO round towards the North Korean. The round narrowly misses the North Korean sniper, hitting the North Korean's spotter in the chest.Red As the Ranger hastily rechambers his rifle, a shot from the PSL hits the tree next to the Ranger forcing him to move for cover.

The rest of the Rangers move into the facility until one treads on a PMD box mine; the blast blowing his leg off. Two North Koreans rush out of the facility firing their Type 88-2 Assault Rifles; one fitted with its 100 round helical magazine. The Rangers return fire with their SCARs; scoring a hit on one of the two North Koreans.Red As one of the Rangers continues to lay down fire, the other attempts to rescue his wounded colleague. As he reaches the wounded Ranger, the PSL fires twice killing both Rangers.BlueBlue

The North Korean sniper sets the crosshairs on the third Ranger currently engaging his ally before the Ranger sniper fires; scoring a hit on the North Korean's head.Red The North Korean on the outside of the facility, fire several shots from his Type 88-2 before withdrawing. The two Rangers on the outside enter the facility in pursuit.

The US Sniper draws his M9 and begins to set up a Claymore. A North Korean exits a corridor, firing his Type 88-2. A Ranger rolls to the side as the US sniper detonates the Claymore, tearing the North Korean to pieces.Red As the two Rangers enter the lower levels, the whisp of a bullet fills the air and the US sniper slumps to the ground; blood on the opposite wall.Blue The second Ranger fires his SCAR and fires at the North Korean commander. Heading further down the stairs, the Ranger finds his objective; the missing Ranger commander, tied to a chair. As he unties him, the North Korean commander picks up a Type 88-2 and opens fire, injuring the second Ranger with two shots in the abdomen. The released Ranger grabs his colleague's SCAR and return fire. The North Korean drops his Type 88-2 and rushes the Ranger, kicking at the Ranger's head. The Ranger ducks and, slamming the butt of the SCAR into the NKSOF leader's head, flings him to the ground. The dazed NKSOF fighter looks, bleary eyed, at the Ranger's face before sluggishly trying to sweep the Ranger's legs from under him. Stepping back out of range, the Ranger aims and quips "I've already said this once, and I'll say it again. You mess with the best. You die like the rest." before firing. Red The Ranger lowers the SCAR and yells "Rangers lead the way!", before noticing his colleague cough blood and lie ominously still. Blue

Walking over to the dead Ranger, the Ranger leader collects his dog tags, and sadly says "Sorry man." before picking heading over to find a radio for assistance.

Expert's Opinion[]

Well, this rematch of Deadliest Warrior ended the same way the show did. Despite a change in weapons (mostly) and a lack of American bias, the NKSOF still lost. This is mostly because of the fact the NKSOF have less experience on terrain outside of the Korean Peninsula and, despite technological advancements, are still utilising Cold War weaponry from the 1970s, which the Rangers easily countered. Despite the better Assault Rifle and Sniper, the NKSOF still chalked up their fourth defeat in a row.

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Battle vs. Red Unit (by EDMUND456)[]

Red Unit: RedRedRedRedRed

KPASOF: DarkredDarkredDarkredDarkredDarkred

5 KPASOF operatives hop off a UAZ-3151 upon arriving at a satellite array. As their vehicle drives off, they begin patrolling the area. Suddenly, 3 motorcycles approach the location at fast speeds. 2 carry 2 Red Unit soldiers each while one is being driven by their squad leader. The North Koreans see the motorcycles incoming and ready their positions. The Red Unit soldiers dismount their motorcycles and start running towards the array. A KPASOF operative jumps out of cover and fires his Type-88 at the Red Unit, who immediately get down on the ground to dodge the bullets. While prone, one of the Red Unit soldiers fires his M4 Carbine, hitting the KPASOF operative in the chest.

KPASOF: DarkredDarkredDarkredDarkred

The Red Unit makes their way into the array, prepared for another ambush. They split up to cover more ground. The KPASOF squad leader orders one of his men to follow him to ambush the intruders. Two other KPASOF operatives encounter two Red Unit soldiers and fire immediately. One Red Unit soldier is killed while the other retreats.

Red Unit: RedRedRedRed

The two North Koreans chase the retreating soldier, still firing at him. Meanwhile, the Red Unit squad leader and one of his men navigate through the array and find the control room. They intend to destroy it to disable the array. Just then, the KPASOF squad leader ambushes the two with his squadmate. The Red Unit squad leader jumps out of the way but his comrade is shot to death.

Red Unit: RedRedRed

The North Koreans think they have won but another Red Unit soldier shows up and shoots a KPASOF operative in the back, causing the squad leader to flee. Just then, the Red Unit soldier who was being chased, somehow still miraculously alive, runs towards the group and dives onto the ground. The Red Unit squad leader and the other soldier fire at the two North Koreans who have run into an ambush. Despite this, a stray bullet caused by a KPSOF operative still gripping the trigger of his Type-88 tightly, hits a Red Unit soldier in the eye, killing him.

KPASOF: Darkred

Red Unit: RedRed

Knowing that because there's still one enemy alive, the Red Unit squad leader and his last remaining soldier pursue the KPASOF squad leader. They find him laying motionless on the ground. As soon as the Red Unit approaches him, it is revealed that he was playing dead. The KPASOF squad leader turns around and fires his Baek Du San at the unsuspecting Red Unit soldier.

Red Unit: Red

The Red Unit squad leader dodges behind a satellite upon being fired upon, dropping his M4 Carbine. As the KPASOF squad leader reloads, the Red Unit squad leader unholsters his Beretta M9 and rolls out of cover, magdumping at the KPASOF squad leader. The final North Korean falls down dead.


The Red Unit squad leader then gets up, throws a flare at the control room and retreats back to his motorcycle. Just as he gets on, he activates his Icom IC-V8 VHF radio to signal that the coast is clear then drives away. Moments later, two Bomb Trucks arrive at the scene. They both drive towards the flare at the control room and detonate. This destruction renders the satellite array unusable.

WINNER: Red Unit

Expert's Opinion[]

The Red Unit won because of their more modern weapons and knowledge of the terrain. The KPASOF had no training for battles outside of Korea.

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