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I eat these sons of bitches for breakfast!
— Kouta Hirano

Kohta Hirano (平野 コータ, Hirano Kōta) is a gun otaku, zombie apocalypse survivor, and former student at Fujimi High School. Despite being overweight and out of shape, Kohta has proven himself to be a skilled marksman which he credits to a visit to America, where he trained with a former Delta Force operative for a month.

At the start of the apcalypse, Kohta was hiding in a corner of a hallway in Fujimi High School, though was taken to a classroom by Saya Takagi. There Kohta used his technical knowledge to fashion an improvised firearm out of a nailgun, allowing them to fight through the horde of zombies before meeting up with a group of fellow students and escaping the high school together. During his group's journey to find a safe heaven, Kohta developed a crush on Saya, but would later fall in love with a Asami Nakaoka, a police trainee they met in a mall. Their friendship was allowed to develop further, however, as Asami was soon bitten, forcing Kohta to shoot her.

In combat, Kohta favours an AR-10 which he illegally modified to resemble an SR-25. He also made brief use of an MP5, which he would exchange with Saya for a Luger 09.

Battle vs. Yuno Gasai & Yukiteru Amano alongside Saeko Busujima (by SPARTAN 119)[]

Kouta Hirano and Saeko Busujima walked through a city street in Tokunosu, walking over the bodies of countless zombies that they had killed. The two of them were separated from the rest of the group.

Suddenly, the sound gunfire rang out from around a street corner. Saeko held her katana in one hand and drew her Beretta in case the survivors proved to be hostile, as Kouta checked that all his weapons were loaded.

The two survivors turned the corner, and saw two people, one was a boy armed with an MP5 submachine gun, and the other a girl armed with a hatchet walking over a heap of corpses.

"Hey!!", Kouta yelled out the survivors.

The girl responded by drawing a pair of Smith and Wesson 36 revolvers and firing several times at Saeko. Saeko took cover, as did Kouta, who came under fire from fully automatic fire from boy with the MP5.

"We're still human, dammit!", Kouta said, as Saeko added, "Stop shooting!"

Yukiteru Amano and Yuno Gasai, having been driven over the edge by the combined trauma of the first the "survival game" and then the zombie apocalypse, did not stop firing. They could no longer tell zombie from human.

Kouta looked up over a destroyed car he was using as cover and fired his AR-10 DMR. The first two shots missed, but the third impacted Yukiteru's MP5. The bullet fragmented as it hit the weapon, sending a fragment into Yuki's arm as the MP5 was knocked out of his hands and launched about twelve feet down the road.

Yukiteru, however drew as SIG Sauer pistol and fired several shots at Kouta and moved from cover to cover. He was getting two close for the sniper rifle, so Kouta took cover and unslung the Ithaca M37 shotgun from his back.

Meanwhile, Yuno Gasai charged at Saeko, revolvers blazing. All of her shots, however, missed, as did a several pistol shots from Saeko's Beretta and a blast from Kouta's shotgun.

Kouta fired three more missed shots at Yukiteru, who returned fire again. Yuki took cover behind a car and reloaded, before coming up to fire at Kouta. Kouta, however, was ready for him, and lined up Yuki's head in the Aimpoint sight and pulled the trigger.

A blast of buckshot flew at Yuki's head, several of the lead pellets tearing up his face and shredding his brain. Yuki fell to the ground, dead.

"Headshot!", Kouta yelled triumphantly

"YUKI-KUN!!! NO!!!", Yuno yelled, before she drew her crossbow and took aim.

"YOU... KILLED... MY YUKI-KUN...", Yuno said in rage, pointing her pistols at Kouta, but realizing she was out of ammuntion. Yuno drew her crossbow and fired at Kouta, grazing his side with the bolt.

As Yuno reloaded her bow, Kouta tried to fire his shotgun, but he was also out of ammo. Kouta dropped the empty gun and drew the modified nailgun he used as an improvised pistol.

There was not time to aim, Yuno had him dead in her sights. Kouta instead held the nailgun one handed and fired several shots. One of the nails hit its mark, embedding itself in Yuno's arm.

Yuno dropped the crossbow and clutched her arm in pain. Saeko took this opportunity to lunge at her and slash with her katana. Yuno dodged the attack and drew her own blade, slashing at Saeko, who blocked.

Kouta tried to aim at Yuno with his shotgun, but she was too close to Saeko, he might hit Saeko in the blast. Saeko and Yuno's blades clashed, the fight moving further down the street, away from Kouta.

Eventually, However, Yuno drew her hatchet with her other hand as used the head as a hook, disarming Saeko. Saeko stepped backwards, drawing her bokken, but Yuno hit her with the blunt end of the hatchet and knocked her over.

Kouta had to do something. He got back on his AR-10 DMR and took aim at Yuno, who stood over Saeko with axe raised. Kouta squeezed the trigger.

The bullet, however, went slightly wide, resulting in a painful, but not immediately lethal hit to the lower torso. Amazingly, Yuno kept fighting. Saeko, however, had gotten the break she needed.

Yuno charged at Saeko with her axe. Saeko, however, has retrieved her katana, and slashed right through the axe handle and into Yuno's torso. Saeko pulled the katana out, and, with a look of combined immense satisfaction and psychotic euphoria on her face, Saeko thrust the blade into Yuno's back, killing her.

Kouta walked up to Saeko, who thanked him for helping her deal with Yuno. Kouta, however, had found Yukiteru's collection of weapons. Kouta picked up his MP5 and several magazines.

"Nice!", Kouta said enthusiastically, "A Heckler and Koch MP5A4 submachine gun, capable of firing in semi auto, three round burst, or full auto! We should take this SIG and the other weapons as well"

"Agreed", Saeko said.

A few minutes later, Kouta and Saeko walked away from the seen, both looking like walking armories. Kouta had the MP5 in his hands and the DMR and Ithaca over his shoulder, the Sig at his side, and the revolver, nailgun, and the hatchet in his backpack. Meanwhile, Saeko had two swords, a bokken, a revolver, and a Beretta in her arsenal.

Expert's Opinion[]

This was not too difficult of a win for Kouta and Saeko. Kouta had the best training of all four of the contestants, and he and his partner also had better experience. Both Yuno and Yukiteru were very bad with guns.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Ann Matsuura and Sinon (by SPARTAN 119)[]

Darkred Kouta Hirano

Teal Shino "Sinon" Asada

Blue Ann Matsura

Shino Asada's avatar lay prone that the top of a roughly ten-story building in the middle of an abandoned city. Down below her was a major interection, similar in appearance to the famous crosswalk in Shibuya, Tokyo, were it not for the fact that it was completely deserted. The avatar, however, was not the familiar turquoise haired-girl of GGO, but a female soldier with short brownish hair similar to Shino's own- this was not GGO, but a completely different game- Battlefield 12: Global Front, stated to be the most realistic virtual reality first person shooter ever, said to have been based on the same technology of military-grade simulators- albeit slightly "stripped down" to remove classified components.

Across the square, in a restaurant covered by a wide glass window a figure walked across the room, moving between the tables- they would not stop a bullet, but they would provide visual cover. Unfortunately for him, Sinon had seen him, and now had him lined up in the sights of her PGM Hecate II .50 caliber anti-materiel rifle. The sight was perfectly zeroed at about 600 meters- a relatively short range compared to the rifles maximum range of over a kilometer.

Sinon slowly pulled back the trigger as she exhaled until the Hecate II let out a thunderous roar as the stock kicked back against her shoulder, propelling the .50 BMG round towards a male soldier with a much more athletic physique than his real-world counterpart and black hair.

Suddenly, a sudden gust of wind picked up- a new random feature in BF12 to make sniping more realistic and difficult. The .50 caliber round went slightly to the right as the AmuSphere over the head of one Kouta Hirano made a whooshing sound.

Kouta immediately ran forward, an act he had gotten more used to in the zombie outbreak a few years ago- civilization had survived thanks to the world's military forces regrouping in rural areas with lower population (and thus zombie densities), before counterattacking and taking back the cities one-by-one. Still, Kouta's avatar was in better condition than he was now- somehow, even the zombie outbreak was not enough to lose all of the weight he had put on, though Kouta tried to keep it off at the insistence of his girlfriend, fellow survivor, Saya Tayagi. But enough about Kouta's life after surviving the outbreak!

Kouta's avatar ran into the stairwell out of sight of the sniper with the anti-materiel rifle. At the top of the first set of stairs, Kouta rolled out of the way of the door, minimizing exposure, before turning to a door half way up to the second third floor- the fire escape.

On the opposite side, Sinon spotted her target in the door, but he was gone before she could pull the trigger. She raised her rifle, expecting him to come out of the third floor, her rifle trained on the 3rd floor exit.

And yet, after about two minutes, however, her target had not appeared. Sinon zoomed out with her rifle to the minimum zoom level and a figure cautiously peak over the end of the fire escape stairs leading up to the top.

Shino quickly took aim and fired, however, her hastily aimed shot missed, instead blowing way a chuck of concrete from the rooftop about a meter from the fire escape. As Sinon pulled back the bolt, Kouta got up and took aim with his AR-10T, firing two 7.62mm rounds. One of them struck Sinon's avatar right in the head. There was a spray of blood, and the avatar slumped forward over its rifle. Teal

Suddenly, a shot blew right, narrowly grazing Kouta's side. Kouta felt it immediately, Kouta was playing on "Hardcore" mode, in which the pain absorber was deactivated to the safest level allowable.

Kouta immediately dove for cover, beneath the short wall surrounding the edge of the roof. Kouta lay prone, crawling forward, towards the entrance of the fire escape. Kouta's avatar removed its helmet, and propped it up on a piece of rebar lying on the rooftop, making it peek over the wall.

The sniper, actually a JSDF JROTC-equivalent named Ann Matsura fired a single shot, blowing the helmet off the end of the rifle. Kouta immediately got up and spotted the muzzle flash. Before he could fire, however, he felt a sudden impact, followed by the text "Player Eliminated" across his field of vision. Darkred

The Amusphere changed to a display of the scores of the previous match, in which, he had won second place. "I wonder who the first place winner is. Whoever they are, they're good", Kouta thought.

Little did he know, he wasn't the only one in this match that had handled a weapon on real life...

First Place: Ann Matsura

Second Place: Kouta Hirano

Third Place: Shino "Sinon" Asada

Expert's Opinion[]

Ann Matsura took first place because of her experience fighting highly dangerous mercenaries, as well as the her expert marks in marksmanship at EPDA. Kouta was also an experienced sniper, but his targets were all zombies- typically slow, dumb, and unarmed. Sinon took third place, as, as realistic as the virtual reality of GGO was, it was still a virtual reality. A superior rifle was not enough to win against real-world experience.

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The battle has been declared invalid for nerfing Sinon's video game-based abilities.