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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Māori Warrior (by KevlarNinja)[]

Maori: Red Red Red Red Red

Koa: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Outside there village, some Koa warriors are setting up a Pikoi, when one of them hears shouting. They go over with there weapons to see what it is. It turns out to be a Hapu or unit of Maori warriors. They are doing a Ka Mate Haka or war dance. The Koa stair, they have never seen a hula like that before. One of them laughs, thinking it's some sort of joke. But suddenly, the Koa leader figures out what these strangers are doing; it's a war dance. He tells his men this as the Maori Hapu sticks there tongues out to show that there going to eat them. As the Hapu charges toward the Koa warriors, one throws an axe, which rips apart a Maori's Jugular. Red

A second Maori kills the Axe-thrower with his Taiaha. Blue

The Taiaha Maori starts to chase the Koa who laughed at there Haka. But the Koa isn't just running, he's leading the Maori to the Pikoi. He jumps over the cord, but the Maori trips and falls face-first into the deadly part of the trap; a pair of Tiger Shark jaws. Red

Suddenly, another Maori, armed with a stingray spear, stabs him in the heart.Blue

As the Maori charges toward a third Koa, who throws a lhe Laumeki spear in the groin. Red

Before the spear Koa can even turn around, he is bashed in the head with a Maori Mere club.Blue

As the Maori growls in victory, a Koa (who also has a throwing axe) throws an axe at the back of his head.Red

The Maori leader then stabs the Koa with his own Stingray Spear.Blue

As the Maori drops the now use-less spear and picks up two Shark Toothed Clubs, he confronts the Koa leader, who puts on his Pohaku. As the duel goes on, they scrape back and forth. After a little while, the Koa delivers a strong punch to the Maori's temple, which kills him.Red

The Koa leader then yells in victory.

Winner: Koa Warrior

Expert's Opinoin[]


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The Maori has been given a shark tooth club as one of their weapons despite never using one.

Battle vs. Mapuche Warrior (by Sidekickman)[]

Weapons used by the Koa Warrior: A'u ku daggers, Koa Throwing Axe, Ma'a sling and the Pohaku Mace.

On a grassy field, near the beach, a Koa Warrior is practicing a Lua kata dance, when suddenly he hears a noise. He turns around just in time to see an arrow fly towards him, and landing on the ground just inches away from his feet, the Koa warrior looks up and sees a Mapuche warrior standing several feet away from him, holding a bow with a Tacuara spear stuck to the ground next to him. The Mapuche then releases the bow and grabs the Tacuara spear, he lifts the spear with both hands over his head and yells out “Marichiwewwww!” then starts charging towards the Koa warrior, his spear at the ready.

The Koa warrior quickly gathers his wits, grabbing a stone and his Ma’a sling. He spins the sling over his head and shoots the stone towards the Mapuche, but the stone misses. The Mapuche is now too close for him to use the Ma’a sling again, so instead he grabs his Koa Throwing Axe and throws it at the charging Mapuche.

The Koa Throwing Axe gets the Mapuche on the shoulder, stopping the Mapuche’s charge and causing him to drop the spear. The Koa Warrior takes out his Pohaku Mace and runs towards the Mapuche with a battle cry. The Mapuche puts his hand over his shoulder wound, and stares at the blood on his hand, furious the Mapuche grabs his Bolas, and with a firm grip swings them at the Koa Warrior. The Koa Warrior dodges to a side, and tries to hit the Mapuche with the Pohaku Mace, the Mapuche swings the Bolas again, and this time is able to get the Koa Warrior on the arm holding the Pohaku Mace, the Bola’s string gets entangled with the arm of the Koa.

The Mapuche pulls on the string of the Bolas, causing the Koa to let go of the Pohaku Mace, which flies several feet away. The Koa hits the Mapuche with a kuikui punch on the stomach, stunning him, and then a peku kick on the legs, causing the Mapuche to fall on his knees. The Koa Warrior takes out an A’u ku dagger, and lifts it over his head, getting ready to stab the kneeling Mapuche. Suddenly, the Mapuche grabs his Stone Mace, and swings it upwards towards the Koa Warrior. The Mace breaks the A’u ku dagger, and surprises the Koa. Before the Koa warrior can react, the Mapuche swings the Stone Mace again, hitting the Koa Warrior on the head. The Koa’s head turns to one side, his eyes rolled out, blood flying out of his mouth. The Koa’s body falls on the ground, but the Mapuche keeps hitting his head over and over with the Stone Mace, making sure the Koa is dead. He then gives out a battle cry in victory, and runs away.

Winner: Mapuche

Expert's Opinoin[]


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The battle was disregarded because the author used a sock account to vote on it.