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The Koa were an elite warrior cast of Hawaiian society, named after the species of tree they used to fashion their weapons and shields out of. Before going into combat, the Koa would shave their body and cover it with coconut oil so that their foe would be unable to get a solid grip in close quarters combat. To further aid in this, the Koa only wore a loincloth.

The Koa were reportedly the creators of Lua, a martial art that focused on bone breaking, joint locks, throws, pressure point manipulation, strikes, usage of various weapons, battlefield strategy, open ocean warfare as well as the usage of introduced firearms from the Europeans. Only those in positions associated to the nobility were allowed to practice the martial art, though commoners that were drafted into the army were taught the basics.

Batlle vs. Aztec Soldier (by MilenHD)[]

The Aztec eagle is walking on a sweltering Central American beach,looking for a target,for the momment he had no luck ,but suddenly a rock flies and hit his leg,he turned and saw a muscular,tall figure with wierd helmet firering rock pellets from his boat-That was the Koa warrior.The Aztec was happy,but he had no time,he grabed his bow and fired an arrow at the Koa but he missed,beigned angered the Aztec eagle grabs his tepoztopilli and charge at the Koa,but the Hawaiin warrior grabs his pikoi began to swinged it at the Aztec,but managed to knocked the shield away from eagle's hand.The eagle warrior still charge at the Koa but the Hawaiin throw his axes,the first missed but the second hit the Aztec eagle into his sleeve,the eagle warrior stop charging and the Koa grab his leiomanos and charge at the wounded eagle warrior.But this was just a trick,the Aztec eagle smacked the Koa with his maquahuitl at the shoulderthe Koa roars in pain but he also smack the eagle warrior into the wooden helmet,but the leiomano gets stucked then the Koa rushed and grab his pikoi and began to swing it again but only wrapped eagle's legs making him to lose both balance and his maquahuitl.The only weapon that the eagle had is his axe,the eagle cut the pikoi's string and charged at the Koa,but the Koa grab his leiomano and his axe again,then both clash into  a dual ,the Koa managed to cut the eagle's leg and the eagle falled down,when the Koa finally prepeared to kill the Aztec eagle,he grabbed his topoztopilli and stab the Koa into the belly.The Koa was now heavy wounded and the eagle grabbed his axe and chopped both Koa's chest and ribs,then knelt as the Koa last thing that he saw was the aztec eagle pulling hiss still beating heart.Then the Aztec Eagle raised the heart and roared in victory.

Expert's Opinion[]

The Aztec Eagle won because had better weapons and armor,the Koa might have better x-factors,but was not enought to beat the Aztec eagle.

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