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A true knight is fuller of bravery in the midst than in the beginning of danger.
— Sir Philip Sidney

In medieval Europe, a knight was a man who was granted an honorary title of nobility and land holdings by a monarch in exchange for military service, often as a mounted warrior.

The concept of a social class of mounted soldiers has existed since ancient Greece. Such social classes also existed in the societies of the Romans and the Goths, but the true rise of the knight to prominence occurred in the 8th century during the reign of Charlemagne. With the arrival of the invention of stirrups in Europe, the cavalryman, and therefore the knight, became the dominant force on the medieval battlefield.

By the Late Middle Ages, knighthood had become strongly associated with chivalry, an informal code of conduct meant for the proper Christian warrior. This connection was strengthened and popularized through literature, such as the fantastical tales of King Arthur and his knights.

By the end of the 16th century, knights had become obsolete on the battlefield. They were too expensive to train and deploy, in contrast with the development of cheap gunpowder weapons capable of piercing a knight's armor. The knights were eventually absorbed into the modern professional army. However, the title of knight remains in use in many countries in the modern-day.

Battle vs. Samurai (by Deadliest9600)[]

The battle begins as a Samurai walks into a slightly shaded field with some patches of trees.On the other side a Knight is making his way to the area as well,thats when the Samurai gives out a yell and thrusts his Naginata to the ground.The Samurai then pulls out his Yumi Bow and fires an arrow at the Knight,the arrow bounces of the Knights thick armor.Frustrated,the Samurai fires two more arrows at the Knight but they too deflect off the Knight.The Samurai desperatly fires his last arrow at the Knight when he catches it with his sheild.Angered,the Samurai pulls his Naginata out of the ground and charges at the Knight,he atempts to block with his shield but the Naginata cuts through the Knight's shield like a canopener to a can of Ravioli,and tosses it aside.Defenseless,the Knight is attacked by the Naginata but it only makes annoying scrape sounds againinst his armor until the Samurai slashes the Knight's shoulder,thats when he grabs his Halberd and quickley disarms his opponent,and stabs the Samurai in the chest but the Samurai's armor manages to stop it 3 inches in.Madend,he pulls out the Kanabo and breaks the Halberd in half,he then beats the Knight like an Abusive Step-father with the Kanabo until it breaks.The Knight only suffering only imprints of the Kanabo's studs on his armor pulls out the Cross Bow and fires at the unarmed Samurai landing a hit in his shoulder.The Samurai pulls the arrow out and throws it to the ground like it was a People magizene with the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber on tour cover.The Samurai then un sheaths the mystical Katana and charges at the Knight when the Knight grabs the MorningStar and hits the Samurai in the head knocking the helmet off his head,the Knight swings again but the Samurai grabs it by the chain and severes it with the Katana.The Knight draws out his BroadSword and the two clash swords,then the Samurai cuts one of the Knight's fingers off.The Knight hides his hand in his side and rushes too the Samurai slashing his sword left and right the Samurai cant compete with the Knights speed when he locks his sword with the Knight's but the Knight puts both hands on his sword and it slips off the Katana blade and cuts the Samurai's hand off.The Knight then slashes his face an knocks him back,Finally he stands over the Samurai and thrusts his sword into his chest,The Samurai gurgles blood before he finally kicks the bucket,The Knight raises his sword and shouts "For the glory of the king!" and walks away.

Expert's Opinion[]

The Knight won because he was both a better fighter and had better armor. The Samurai's weapons injured the Knight but could not penetrate his armor deep enough to kill him.

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Rematch vs. Samurai (by Appelmonkey)[]


Expert's Opinion[]

The knight and samurai were both equally trained in martial arts; What tipped this victory in favor of the knight was the superior weaponry and generally superior arsenal. The only surefire advantage of the samurai was his better anti-armor weapon which was not enough to flip the tables.

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Rematch Information[]

Because of the poor quality of the match and lackluster information and votes on the original blog, a rematch was in order.

Second Rematch vs. Samurai (by Lunathemoon123)[]


Expert's Opinion[]

The samurai had this. He could pepper the knight with arrow fire while the knight needed momentum to build up a lance charge. Also, despite the knight having a shield the samurai's armor was tougher and more protective.

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Rematch Information[]

The battle was rematched due to the scenario and arsenals being unfairly stacked in favor of the Knight, as well as the technological difference between the Knights and Samurai represented.

Third Rematch vs Samurai (by Lunathemoon123)[]

Expert's Opinion[]

While the knights generally had superior weaponry and operational experience, the samurai had the far superior ranged weapon in the form of the tanegashima(an upgraded better version of an arquebus.) The samurai weren't too behind in melee fighting and equal in training and martial skill.

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Rematch Information[]

The battle was rematched because the previous battles were too one sided one way or the other.

Battle vs. Winged Hussar (by Goddess of Despair)[]

The knight was riding on his horse when he heard a unnerving sound. He turned and saw a winged hussar on his horse approaching. Both warrior’s horses stopped and the two looked at each other.  The Hussar lifted his fist into the air and yelled. The knight lifted and fired his crossbow which hit the hussar’s chest. The bolt did no damage to the armor as the hussar returned fire with his own crossbow. The bolt slammed into the knight’s shield. The hussar yelled again and lifted his kopia. The knight readied his Morningstar and swung it as his horse rode towards the hussar. The hussar rode towards the knight with his kopia, he tried to stab the knight in the torso but missed. The knight smashed the hussar’s horse’s legs, sending the warrior into the ground. The hussar stood and began to reload his crossbow as the knight closed in on his horse. Both warriors felt as if time itself was getting slower. The knight was nearly in striking distance when a crossbow bolt hit his horse’s leg. The hussar retreated and took off his wings as the knight approached him with the halberd.

The hussar went for a stab with the kopia and the knight stepped to the side in time to do a vertical slash breaking the kopia. The hussar swung what was left of the kopia at the knight’s head. The knight stumbled back words and the hussar backed away a bit to grab his nadziak. The knight grabbed his shield and unsheathed his longsword.  The hussar was ready the knight slashed diagonally, the hussar hooked his nadziak with the sword and the two struggled for a moment until the hussar shoved the knight with his free hand. The hooked broadsword fell to the ground. The knight lifted his shield to defend himself but the shield was hooked and with a pull by the hussar, was out of the knight’s hands. The knight grabbed the nadziak’s handle and the two warriors fought for the weapon.

The knight punched the head of the hussar who dropped his weapon in response. The knight saw his broadsword and set the nadziak on the ground in favor of his sword. The hussar drew his sword as well.  The knight stabbed at the chest of the hussar, the blade was ineffective at harming the warrior who slashed at the knight’s head. The knight stumbled back words with ringing in his ears. He took off his helmet and regained his senses. The hussar stepped slowly closer to the river behind him. The knight approached the hussar and slashed at the warrior’s hand. The hussar dropped the blade and gripped his hand in pain. The knight prepared to finish the hussar but before he could strike the hussar punched him in the face with his uninjured hand. The knight stumbled back words with a bloody nose. The hussar grabbed his sword with his uninjured hand and some water in the other. The knight prepared a vertical slash but before he could hit the hussar water splashed his eyes. The knight yelled as the combination of the hussar’s blood with the water caused tremendous pain. The hussar stabbed the knight in the throat to silence his yells. The hussar pulled his blade out of the knight, who fell into the river whose water slowly turned red. The hussar lifted his sword into the air and cried out in victory.

Expert's Opinion[]

The knight was a difficult opponent for the hussar to defeat. The knights armor protected him better and he had better weapons for dismounted combat. The problem for him was the fact that the polish crossbow was better at long range and the winged hussar was superior in mounted combat. His kopia lance was far more useful mounted then the halberd and his wings could intiidate the knight, or the knight might even of thought that the hussar was an angel, causing him to hesitate to attack. Also the winged hussar was faster then the knight.

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Battle vs. Centaur (by GSFB)[]

Deep in the Suregood forest, a Centaur carries off a maiden. He smiles and laughs as he leaps over streams and kicks away rabbits. As he goes deeper, he stops, turning around. He hears something behind him, another series of hooffalls. Another centaur, he thought. The Centaur turned his body around, facing the direction of the noise.

Oddly, his face remembled that of...Eric Idle.

As the Centaur looked around, he saw sunlight glint off something metallic. As he watched, a being unlike any he had seen before emerged from two huge, ancient bushes. It was a warrior mounted on a mighty steed, a horse larger than any horse of Centaur he had seen before. Both warrior and steed were covered in steel, a metal that the Centaur was unfamiliar with. The Centaur was googly-eyed, thinking that perhaps he was seeing a god. When the Knight stopped, he opened the visor of his helmet, which startled the Centaur.

Odd, the Centaur thought. The face of the warrior resembled that of...John Cleese.

"Who goes there?" The Centaur asked, looking the odd warior over,

"Are you a god?"

The Knight looked left, right, then back at the Centaur.


"Yeah you."

"I'm no god; there is only one God!" the Knight said.

"...No there isn't. There are the 12 big ones on Mt. Olympus, countless lesser ones, like that Dryad over there giving you the eye..." The Centaur pointed.

The Knight turned around, seeing a 500 lbs female spirit winking at him, waving seductively. The Knight cringed.

"You are mistaken, my mutant fellow: there is only one God, and he has given me the strength to take from you my Lady, whom I am sworn by King and country to save and protect! Now unhand her or suffer Knightly judgment!"

"Well if you want to have it that way, chap!" The Centaur said, throwing the lady up a tree. The Knight kicked his Destrier horse. As the Centaur broke off a huge branch to use as a war club, the Knight charged. The Centaur charged towards the Knight, whirling the branch around like a fool. Next to a stream they struck out with their weapons. As the Centaur rode away he found that his club was cut in half by the blade. Turning, he saw the Knight raise his sword, pointing to it.

"Oh Bloody-" the Centaur said. Throwing down the useless wood, he picked up a nearby boulder and threw it at the Knight. The Knight dodged. the Stone smashed into a wide oak, imbedding itself into the wood. The Knight drew his anelace dagger and threw it. The Centaur caught it and threw it at the knight. The blade hit the Knight on his side, piercing his armor and slightly cutting his flesh. The Knight looked at the knife, then back to the Centaur, then at the knife again, then back at the Centaur.

"Oh your going to pay for that you hybrid Git!"

"Bring it you British buffoon!"

The Knight pulled out the dagger and put it back into its sheath. A squire ran towards the Knight with a Lance and then ran away, watching from behind a tree.

"Hey! Where did that little bugger come from!" The Centaur said. Just then, the huge Dryad came to the Centaur, carrying several rocks.

"Thought you might need these Charlie." the Dryad said.

"Why thanks Mabel." The Centaur said, taking the rocks.

"And, Charlie?" the dryad said.


"Please don't hurt him; he's so cute, so dreamy..."

"...Thanks for the encouraging words!" Charlie the Centaur said. As the Knight charged, the Centaur began throwing rocks at him. Though the Knight's armor dented from the rocks, stunning him, he nevertheless continued coming. The Centaur had his hands out, waiting for the proper time. As the lance drew near he grabbed it and yanked it out of the Knight's hands. Then, sensing danger, the great Destier warhorse rose up to battle with its hooves. the Centaur rose to fight back. The Horse was bigger than he thought, perhaps twice as heavy as a horse or Centaur of Greece. The muscles were thick, well veined. They were more powerful than they appeared, and they looked impressively powerful. The Centaur's hooves bounced off the steel and flesh of the Destrier, while the horse gave his head a series of mighty wallops. The Centaur punched with his human hands, but these faired no better than his own hooves. They were rearing to box for a fourth time when the Centaur gave the Destrier a wallop to the nose, two mighty uppercuts, and a swinging haymakr to the side of the head, the place where he knew horses were vulverable to a heavy punch. The impact bent the Destrier's steel armor, and sent the horse down on its left side. It was knocked out cold. The Knight struggled to get out of his saddle and stirrups. When he stood, the Centaur reared and struck the knight with his hooves. The knight flew 30 feet. After he landed hard, the now horseless warrior was given a crossbow by his squire.

"Hey! Mind your own business you, you American!" The Centaur said, snorting like a horse. The Knight looked up, filled with fury. His eyes shook with malice.

"Hey! Nobody calls my dear squire an American and gets away with it! Them's fighting words!" The Knight raised his crossbow. The Centaur quickly pulled out his composite bow and bronze tipped arrows. Moving so quick, he fired six arrows at the Knight before the latter could fifre his crossbow. While the arrows of the Centaur dented upon impact the Knight's crossbow dart punctured the Centaur's side.

"That's it! This doeth end here! Prepare to be trampled!" the raging Centaur said. The Knight fired his crossbow again and ran over to his fallen steed. The Centaur pulled the arrow out of his horse body, where the chest would be if he were a horse. As the Knight found what he needed the Centaur turned and charged towards him. Three seconds before the Centaur could make contact, the Knight raised his lance and held it like a seasoned Pikeman. Before the Centaur could stop, the lance penetrated his horse body, coming out of the tail. The Centaur, shocked and dumbfounded, looked at the Knight, then down at the lance, then back at the Knight again.

"You bloody-"The Centaur fell. The Knight dropped the lance and drew his mighty broadsword, raising it up.

"I, a Knight of the Lord, a Knight of the Round Table, have vanquished my pagan and repugnant foe in the name of glory, honor and chivalry!" The Knight, smiling smugly, stabbed his sword down. The Dryad, running to his with her hands held up, wrapped her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek. The Knight cringed and winced. The Lady whom he came to rescue ran to him, tapping him on the shoulder. the Knight turned to her.

"Yes, my lovely Maiden." the Knight said. Hhe mouthed the words "Save me" to her, pointing towards the huge Dryad.

"Noble Knight, I think you have done something...absentmindedly." the Lady said, pointing downwards. The Knight looked down, seeing that he had stabbed his own foot with his own sword.

"Oh, Tony Blair's Teeth!" the great Knight said.

Nearby, a Black Knight looked at the wound.

"Don't worry; Tis only a flesh wound!"

Expert's Opinion[]

The knight had superior armor and his superior arsenal trumped the centaur's strength.

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Battle vs. Rajput (by MilenHD)[]

The Battle starts as lone French Knight is scouting the area,as he walks closer he sees a dead Centurion and a Rajput standing over him and yelling in victory.The Knight though he can be threat and he aimed his crossbow and tried to snipe the Rajput and as he fired the bolt,the bolt missed and alerted the Rajput.The Rajput grabbed one of his chakrams and threw it at the Knight,but the chakram bounced off  the Knight's armor.The Rajput threw another one,but missed the Knight.

Than both warriors grabbed their polearms and charged against each other.The first strike camed from the Rajput's tabar and hitted the plate armor,only denting it,but the Knight swung his halberd a few times and only hitted the tabar's handle making a small dent in the hallow damascus steel handle.As the Knight swung his halberd the Rajput dodge it and he dodged most of the attempts to stab and hack,but the Knight after few seconds managed to pierce the Rajput's leg.The Rajput roared in pain and with one mighty swing of his tabar he broke the halberd in two.As he continued slashing with the tabar,but the heavy wound with heavy weapon made him drop the axe and pull his khanda and slammed it with full force at the Knight,but just in time the Knight saved his head with his broadsword,blocking the blow.Than both began an epic clash of swords and shields,with the Rajput crushing the Knight's shield and making him fall.

As the Knight was on the ground,he managed to pull his morning star and crushed the Rajput's shield,making him to jump away.As the Knight continued to swing his morning star,he managed to hit the Rajput's arm and made him lose his khanda.As the fight continued the Rajput pulled his duel wield katars and started swinging them,attempting to either slice the Knights throat or to pierce his chest.Than the Knight responded with mighty swing of the morning star,but the Rajput's better agility made him caught the chain and pull away the morning star.

Than the Knight grabbed his fallen broadsword and started dueling with the katar wielding Rajput,as both started dueling each other.As the Knight swung his broadsword,scarring the Rajput's cheek and the Rajput spinned and tried to stab the Knight in the chest,only to get his own chest pierced.As he falled to the ground dead,the Knight raised his sword and shouted "Pour le Roi"(For the King).

Expert's Opinion[]

Both were though fighters,but the Knight took a narrow victory thanks to his armor,halberd and crossbow.While the Rajput was more agile and his katar was effective,it still cannot compete against the halberd or the plate armor

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Dragon (by GSFB)[]

Knight: Grey

Squires: Blue Blue Blue Blue

Dragon: Green

1480 AD. A Knight rides without a horse, with two squires behind him banging coconuts, to simulate the noise of horse hooves hitting the cobblestone road in the Black forest. Suddenly two other Squires approach out of the woods, bringing with them a Destrier horse and several Palfry (pack) horses.

"About Bloody time, Nevel!" The Knight scolds, smacking the smaller of the two aproaching Squires on the head with his gauntlet.

As they go forth, they spot a mighty 2-ton dragon approaching a Virgin tied to a rock. The Knight and Squires are shocked, never seeing a Dragon before. The Knight whispers to his Squires to gather in a huddle, discussing their plan of action.

The Dragon is nose to nose with the Damsel in distress. He licks his lips, and is about to devour the hapless Maiden when the Knight calls out.

"Stay back foul Wretch, or face thy demise!"

The Dragon turns, seeing the Knight. The Dragon is dumbfounded: he has never seen a Knight before. He'd thought they'd be bigger.

The Knight charges, his Destrier horse breathing hard. The Dragon stands upright, spreading his wings. He roars, and readies his fire breath. Just then, four arrows pelt him. Turning all around, he smells several Squires in the woods. He hears them as they reload their crossbows.

When the Dragon turns back, the Knight rams his Halberd into his side. The Dragon roars in pain, and then is hit in the eye by another arrow. three others hit his wings.

Panicking, the Dragon flaps his wings, knocking the knight and his horse on their sides. He fires his breath all around, toasting 2 Squires Blue Blue

The Dragon turns onto the fallen Knight. The Knight's Destrier rears up and lashes with his hooves, trying to keep the Dragon at bay. The Dragon snorts fire onto the horse, sending it screaming and galloping away. Then the last two Squires attack the Dragon.

One charges from behind, but the dragon's tail strikes him, crushing him in the blink of an eye Blue

The other strikes the Dragon with his arming sword and his morning star, but both have no effect. He throws a Quillion dagger into his face, nearly cutting the other eye. The Dragon lunges down with his face and chomps. Blue

The Knight, recovering from his fall, fires his crossbow at the Dragon's neck. The arrow fails to penetrate, and the dragon bares his claws and teeth at the Knight. The Knight pulls out his sword and mace and engages the dragon. They perry and thrust at each other for several seconds, before the Dragon rams claws through him.

The Knight slumps, falling on his knees. He hears the Dragon's breath as he feels himself dying. Gathering what is left of his strength, he throws two daggers at the dragon. One hits a nostril, but it easily fall out. However, the other pierces the Dragon's unharmed eye. Enraged. the Dragon, smelling the metal on the fallen Chevalier, unloads all the power of his breath onto him. When the smoke clears, only molten metal remains. Grey

The Virgin, still tied to the stone, rolls her eyes and slumps her head.

"Figures." She says. The Dragon, hearing the Virgin, can now find her and dine.

Winner: Dragon

Expert's Opinoin[]


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The battle was declared unfair for the knight and squire because of the dragon's superhuman strength and durability, ability to fly and breath fire.

Battle vs. Mongol Warrior (by RSV 123)[]

No battle was written.

Expert's Opinion[]

This was a very easy win for the Knight. The Knight had superior training, armor that covered his entire body, and bigger weapons. The only advantage the Mongol had was skill with long ranged weaponry, which was no use against the Knight's armor.

To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.


The battle was disregarded because it had already happened in real life.

Battle vs. Persian Immortal (by KelvarNinja)[]

In a forest, a knight is on his way to his Castle. Suddenly, an arrow flys past his face plate! He turns his head left, were the arrow came from, and sees a Immortal, yelling something in Persian. The knight charges on his horse towards the Immortal, and fires his crossbow, which hits the Immortal in the thigh. The Immortal runs back and picks up the rest of his weapons. He holds up his spear and hits the knight in the chest. This only manages to bend the tip of the spear and knock the knight on the ground. The knight grabs his Halberd from the side of his horse, and chops the spear in half. The knight tries to stab the Immortal, but he get's out of the way so the knight only manages to get the Halberd stuck in the trunk of a tree. Both warriors pull out there close range weapons and start to duel. The Immortal swings his Sagaris axe and the knights head, but it only gets it stuck. With his Falchion, the knight cuts the Immortals face. The Immortal knocks the sword out of the knights hand. The Immortal pulls out his dagger, and trys to stab the knight. The knight punches him in the face. The knight keeps doing this until the Immortals face is a boodly mess. The knight goes back on the horse and goes back on his way.

Expert's Opinion[]

The Knight was deemed victorious due to his superior armor and weaponry, as well as the fact that he had training at a young age. The deciding factor was that the Persian Immortal's bronze and iron simply couldn't stand up to the steel and iron of the Knight's armor.

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The battle declared unfair fo the Immortal because of the knight's superior metallurgy.

Battle vs. Spartan Hoplite (by Jar teh marksman)[]

No battle was written.

Expert's Opinion[]

The Knight's superior armor, weaponry, and training got him a winning edge over his technologically inferior opponent.

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The battle declared unfair fo the Spartan hoplite because of the knight's superior metallurgy.