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He's not very fast, but he's one of few heavyweight fighters with great recovery. Apparently, a defeat by Kirby inspired him to train hard to learn a move called Hovering, which allows him to float after taking a deep breath.
— Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Official Site

King Dedede is the self-proclaimed King of Dream Land and on and off ally and enemy to Kirby. Though he calls himself a king, it's unknown how much power Dedede actually holds though he does possess a few castles and an army of loyal Waddle Dees. While hugely arrogant and greedy, Dedede's motives are often unclear and has fought on both the side of good and evil in his many appearances.

King Dedede first appearance in Smash Bros. was in Brawl and he is a heavyweight character, meaning he hits hard and soaks up damage. Like other heavyweights he has a slow movement and attack speed but unusually for his type he also has an excellent recovery owing to his four midair jumps.

Battle vs. Bowser (Smash Bros.) (by Wassboss)[]

Bowser sits in the throne room of his palace, his fingers of his right hand drumming on the armrests, his face contorted in anger. The various Koopa Guards are nervous, they've heard of the attempted invasion and they know to fear the fiery temper of their master. They have heard of this 'King of Dreamland' and the army he has brought into the kingdom, hoping to expand his own territory and power and they know that somewhere right now there is a battle raging on. Bowser keeps his eyes fixed on the door, waiting for any response but so far nobody has come back to report on the details of the battle, he knows nothing of the situation. Only his pride keeps him at the palace, not wanting to make this invader think he is considered a real threat. The doors open suddenly and a large man enters, his entire body covered by a large cloak, bearing the emblem of the Koopa army. He walks towards the throne and Bowser nods to his guards, who make their way forward to intercept.

"Who are you" he says with a growl and the figure doesn't respond but his pace increases and the Koopa guards surround him, hammers ready. One of them tugs at his robe and as he does he is struck hard across the face and goes sprawling. The others leap into action, tossing their hammers and launching themselves at the figure. This seems to have no effect on the man but he draws something from his cloak and swings it in a arc, knocking all the guards back, who instinctively retreat into their shells. Bowser raises to his feet and lets out a bellowing roar, causing the figure to stop in his tracks, his weapons till drawn. The Koopa King eyes the weapon and recognises it immediately; A Hammer. He chuckles menacingly and leaps down the small flight of stairs that lead to his throne, landing with a earth shuddering thud. The man puts his gloved hand on his cloak and tears it off, revealing his identity; King Dedede.

"I guess I should have suspected something like this," the King of Dreamland says "I figured you wouldn't come to meet me on the battlefield"

"Why would I waste my time on some pathetic usurper with his weak army" Bowser responds.

"I thought you were just a coward" Dedede replies and Bowser's anger spikes and he clenches his fist angrily.

"I'll show you whose a coward" he snarls and lunges forward with a drop kick, forcing Dedede to take a step back. He twirls his hammer in his hands and swings it, smacking Bowser on the side of the nose and making him stumble backwards. He follows up with several light swings but Bowser manages to block them with his arms and reaches out, grabbing Dedede by his coat and swinging him around, tossing into one of the pillars in his castle. He advances on his dazed opponent and picks him up, slamming him against the wall repeatedly before performing a flying slam. Dedede struggles to regain his composure after the vicious attack and leaps into the air to out some distance between the two of them, landing with a crack on the ground a few feet away. He takes out a Gordo and tosses it Bowser as he charges towards him and he doesn't have time to move out of the way and the spiked ball hits him full on, making him flinch.

Dedede takes advantage of this gather himself and ready his hammer for the next attack, ducking under a swipe and poking the hammer forward to jab Bowser in the jaw. He follows up the attack with several swinging arcs which pummel the Koopa King across the jaw, putting him on the back foot, focusing all his efforts and blocking or avoiding the blows from the hammer. A particularly accurate blow to the crown of his skull smacks his head into the floor and his eyes blaze with pure hatred as he sprays out a burst of flames, forcing Dedede out of the range of his mallet. He wastes no times in making the most of the opportunity and jumps into the air and swings his leg out to strike the Penguin King in the face. He is knocked to the floor and raises his hammer just in time to block a punch. Bowser grabs hold of the handle of the weapon and tries to wrench it out of Dedede's hand but he keeps a strong hold. He tries to keep hold of his hammer as he is dragged along the floor but in the end Bowser is just too strong for him and the hammer is tossed aside, leaving Dedede without his signature weapon. Bowser turns back to his opponent with a sadistic grin and Dedede licks his mouth nervously, his mind racing for options. "I'm going to have to take the initiative here" he thinks and takes a step forward, surprising the Koopa and slams his head into the Bowser's, making him grab hold of his head in pain. He then begins to inhale in his opponent, sucking him in and turning away from his Hammer, spitting him out into the steps leading to the throne. He then dashes over to the hammer and picks it up, turning just in time to see the rainbow glow of a smash ball.

Bowser pulls himself out of the indentation he has made in the step and throws himself forward at his opponent with a drop kick, spotting the smash ball as he leaps through the air. The kick makes a solid connection and slams Dedede back, giving Bowser the opportunity to go after the smash ball. His initial attack misses but a second swipe of his claws smacks the smash ball against a pillar, sending it bouncing away towards Dedede who has recovered from the drop kick. They both run towards the item, both of them reaching it at the same time. King Dedede throws himself forward in a body slam, crashing into both Bowser and the smash ball simultaneously. Bowser crashes into the floor but the smash ball surprisingly doesn't break, instead floating away further into the hall. King Dedede waddles off after it, cracking the downed Bowser over the head with his hammer as he goes past. Bowser's rage finally takes over his rational thought and he jumps to his feet, his eyes blazing and his teeth bared and runs forward, running on all fours in a primal charge. He gets within a few feet of Dedede and the smash ball before leaping into the air, soaring over the King of Dreamland and positioning himself over the floating sphere. He then performs a Bowser Bomb to smash through the fragile ball, narrowly missing Dedede as he lands with a crash. He lets out a bellowing roar as his transformation takes place, his size growing and his contorting his features as he turns into Giga Bowser.

His eyes lock onto the seemingly tiny Dedede and he roars again launching himself forward with a headbutt and sending him flying through the air and smashing into the castle wall, leaving behind a huge crack. Giga Bowser advances and scoops him up as he tries to scramble away, slamming him repeatedly into the wall with a sickening crack each time. He eventually punches him through the wall completely, the power making him drop Dedede on the other side. In his rage he throws himself at the wall to get to his opponent, completely destroying the wall. Dedede is barely conscious as he is lifted into the air and thrown with great force into the ground, leaving him lying a hole. Bowser feels the power begin to ebb out of him as he turns back into Bowser, the last of his rage dissipating with it. He looks down at his unconscious opponent, chuckling at the brutality of his attack. He snaps his fingers and a group of Koopa's rush forward, having fled from the throne room once the fighting started.

"I want you to get to work on fixing this wall " he orders and begins to walk back to the castle "and take this 'King' down to the dungeon," pointing back at Dedede. His underlings get straight to work, getting out their hammers to dig down to extract their prisoner. Bowser walks through his ruined west wall and towards his throne where a Hammer Bros waits, bowing as his master approaches.

"Do you want to send a messenger to the where the battle is happening, the King of Dreamland's army should surrender now that their leader has been captured" he says as Bowser seats himself at the throne.

"Yes" he replies "but first you must send some troops to check up on my son, he should have completed his mission by now." The Hammer Bros nods his head and walks away as his King drums his fingers on the armrest of his throne, ignoring the sounds of rebuilding behind him.

Winner: Bowser

Expert's Opinion[]

Both of these fighters were immensely powerful and as he was the stronger of the two, Bowser managed to come out on top in the battle as he could soak up more damage as well as dealing more out. King Dedede had the range advantage with his hammer as well as the quicker attacks but the voters felt this wouldn't be able to keep Bowser at bay long enough to land the finishing blow.

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Battle vs. Link (Super Smash Bros.) (by Wassboss)[]

Lizard Priest raps on the door of a quaint little cottage, tucked away within a small forested area right on the outskirts of the middle district park. After a few moments, the door opens to reveal a man dressed in a green tunic who look up at the giant standing on his doorstep. "Hello, fellow adventurer. I do believe we've crossed paths before. You frequent the Fellowship of the Drink correct? The tavern owned by the dwarf." The man's stern expression softens slightly and he nods in agreement. He gestures for the lizardman to enter and he does, stooping low to get through the doorway. The inside of the cottage is similar to the outside, rustic and old-fashioned, not that Lizard Priest minds. In fact it reminds him of home and he takes a moment to drink in the nostalgia. Link gestures to a small bench and Lizard Priest eases himself down onto it as his host pulls up a stool and sits opposite him.

"Unfortunately I come bearing some bad news," Lizard Priest says. "Your only battle has been challenged on validity grounds and is currently being debated by the users. I'm afraid the outcome does not look good. It appears you will soon be made homeless. However-" The stern look appears on Link's face again and he opens his mouth to speak but Lizard Priest continues before he can. "I do come with a respite. I work for King Wass and as it was he who brought you to DFederal, he feels responsible for predicament and believes he owes it to you to make sure this fate does not befall you. So he giving you a way out. And I'm sure you can guess what that way out is."

Lizard Priest watches as the gears turn in Link's head before a look of realization crosses his face and he nods hurriedly. "We've arranged a fight location, if you'd come with me I can escort you there. Your house is very beautiful and I hope you can return to it once this is over." For the first time a slight smile flickers across Link's face before it returns to it's stoic default and the pair rise. "I'll leave you to your preparation and meet you outside," Lizard Priest says, leaving the adventurer to gather his gear.

Squeezing his way through the kitchen, King Dedede opens the refrigerator door, which bangs against the wall as it barely is able to open in the cramped area. He looks ruefully at the empty shelves, having eaten all the food in the house many hours ago but still expecting new food to have materialized there, despite have checked it a dozen times this afternoon. A knock at the door breaks him out of his reverie and he sighs as he squashes his way back through the kitchen and waddles to the front door. Pulling open the door reveals a man in a black suit with a afro, a silver pistol displayed prominently in a belt holster.

"I'm guessing you're this King Dedede guy I've been looking for," the man says in an irritated tone. Dedede nods and the man lets out a huff. "So you're one of these non-talking motherfuckers, I get it. Okay so I ain't gonna fuck around with pleasantries here. My employer has sent me on some urgent shit, needs an opponent for a fight right away. And he heard that you've been living in this tiny ass apartment and I can see by the size of you that this just ain't quite right for you am I right?" Dedede looks around his apartment and nods sadly. "Well then, this is your way out. I mean shit, I guess you could end up with worse if you lose, but then I guess it's already pretty uncomfortable for you anyway. So big guy, are you in or are you out?" Dedede barely even has to think, scooping up his hammer from where it was propped up against the wall and hefting it over his shoulder.

"Hell yeah man you know it makes sense," Jules says, turning to lead the way.

Holding the ball in place, Ermes looks around for someone to pass the ball to, fending off a man in an orange robe with her arm. To her right is Suleiman, but he is being blocked off by another robed man so is not a viable option. To her left is Samus and while she too is being blocked off, Ermes sees there is space for her to move into. Ermes gives her a quick glance and she understands it instantly, dropping a shoulder and losing her marker to move into space, allowing Ermes to pass her the ball. The bounty hunter runs up the wing and her marker dashes after her. Ermes rushes up with her, checking around for her options. Suleiman stays back in defence, while up ahead she can see Henry goal hanging, as per usual. Samus drills the ball in low across the ground and Henry shoves the defender to the ground, smashing a volley at the keeper who parries it out. It falls right to Ermes though and she slots it into the bottom left corner before he can react.

"Hell yeah," Ermes says triumphantly, high-fiving Henry and and giving Samus a wave of appreciation. "We're going to win this soccer tournament for sure!"

"Football. For the millionth time, it's not soccer, it's football," Ed calls out from the goal.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Ermes says, sticking a finger up at Ed playfully. The robed men, sweat dripping from their shaven heads, bow to them in an acknowledgment of their victory. "So what do you say, are you up for another game?" she says to the men.

"There won't be another game," calls a voice and Ermes swivels around to see Jules, strolling through the door of the indoor pitch. "We're gonna need this place for some important shit."

"The hell you say? We gotta practice here, we've booked and everything." Ermes says defiantly. Jules mutters something under his breath and reaches into his pocket. He pulls out a wallet which says 'Bad Motherfucker' and pulls out a few notes.

"I have one hundred dollars here that says that reservation has expired" he says, holding out the money. Ermes resistance dissipates immediately and gratefully takes the money.

"You know what, I think we deserve to celebrate. Come on guys, drinks are on me." Ermes says, getting a cheer from Ed and Henry as the two teams file out of the arena. Dedede waddles in after they have all gone and looks around bemused.

"Yeah, yeah I know. This was the best we could do at such short notice," Jules says. "My man should be here any minute with your opponent" he continues and right on cue, the door at the other end of the pitch swings open and Lizard Priest and Link walk in.

"Hope we didn't keep you too long," Lizard Priest says.

"Nah brother we only just got here ourselves. Although it sure cost me. Hopefully the King is going to reimburse me for this shit. Anyway, so you two guys know what is at stake, I don't have to explain how this is going to work. But try and keep it clean, you understand. Don't fuck each other up to bad, you understand?" Dedede and Link both nod and Jules and Lizard Priest hop over the barriers, clearing the pitch for the two to fight. Link makes the first move, drawing his bow and firing off an arrow which Dedede reacts to by batting it away with his hammer. More quick fire arrows follow, keeping Dedede on his toes as he dodged or blocks them with his hammer. Knowing he has limited ranged options of his own, he tries to close the distance by leaping high into the air, landing with a powerful shockwave nearer to Link but the hero of Hyrule has already backed away. He takes out his Gale Boomerang and throws it at Dedede who ducked underneath it, moving into the range of his hammer and swinging it at Link, who rolls out of the way.

Dedede hears a whooshing behind him and before he can react the boomerang slams into him, pulling him towards Link who swings his sword overhand to knock him into the air. He then performs a Spin Attack, battering Dedede in the air before the two land, Link on his feet and Dedede in a heap. Link then takes out a bomb and lights the fuse, tossing it at his seemingly downed opponent. Dedede is not out of it yet however and he opens his mouth wide, inhaling the bomb before spitting it back out at Link. Caught off guard he raises his shield to block the bomb but the explosion still rocks him back. As he stumbles about, dazed, King Dedede begins to charge up his hammer, inching forward before swinging it with as much force as he can muster, connecting cleanly with Link and sending him hurtling through the air. He smashes into the barriers around the pitch, crumpled half over the side.

After he doesn't get up for almost 30 seconds, Jules saunters over to him, putting a finger to his neck to check his pulse. Seeing that he is alive but unconscious from taking the full brunt of a Jet Hammer attack, he shrugs before turning to King Dedede who watches him expectantly. "Well shit, looks to me like you won" he says and Dedede gives him a broad grin, dancing around with his arms up in a victory dance. Jules look at him in bemusement before shrugging as Link comes to, lifting himself off the barrier and holding his head, still groggy. "Sorry man, but I'm afraid your living space just got downgraded" Jules says to him and Link visibly deflates, realising he won't be going back to his cottage. "I'm going to ask you to hand over your key" Jules says and Link begrudgingly reaches into his tunic and takes out a dull gold key. Jules takes it from him and walks over to Dedede, exchanging it for the key to his apartment. Dedede slips the key into his coat and waddles away as Lizard Priest walks over. "Well I'd better call it in to the big man, he'll want to know the result here. You coming?" Jules says to him.

"I'd better check our vanquished hero isn't too disheartened," Lizard Priest replies.

"Yeah the unlucky motherfucker took quite a beating, both to his body and his ego. I know I'd be mad as shit if I lost to a giant penguin," Jules says, chuckling at the absurdity of the statement he just uttered. He hands the key to his reptilian ally, who walks over to Link and it to him. He looks at it glumly and Lizard Priest shrugs apologetically.

"I'm sorry. You know, I have quite a sizable house in the upper district with much more space than I could ever possibly need. A friend of mine stays with me there and you are always welcome to join us if you like." Link shakes his head but the look in his eye is one of gratitude for the gesture. "As you wish but the offer always remains." With that Lizard Priest leaves the Hyrulian to find his way to his new home.

"Your highness, I've just been told by Jules that the fight has concluded, Link is no longer going to become homeless," Bucciarati says.

"Thank god for that," Wass says dragging his eyes away from his television set.

"If I may ask, why did we take such lengths to save this warrior? We don't normally care when a warrior is made homeless."

"That's true, in normal circumstances I wouldn't care," Wass replies. "But these are not normal circumstances. After that stunt that Doom pulled we've had a lot of warriors choose to live in New Latveria, including virtually all of the homeless population. I want to make sure we don't swell his numbers even more." He gets up from his seat and hands a file to Bucciarati. "And speaking of which we have another warrior who needs a battle arranging, all the information is in there. Top priority as with this last one."

"I'll handle it," Bucciarati says, descending into the ground via a zip. Wass nibbles his lip nervously under his mask as Larnold trots over, rubbing his head against the Bureau's leg affectionally.

"At least you won't defect to New Latveria," Wass says, rubbing the top of his head.

Winner: King Dedede (Smash Bros.)

Expert's Opinion[]

King Dedede won because of his larger size and heavier hitting moves which meant he could take more damage from Link while also being able to dish out more damage than Link could handle.

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