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My Investigation Diary doesn't help much if there's no crime involved. Oh. I guess it'd be a crime if I killed you here.
— Keigo Kurusu to Yukiteru Amano

Keigo Kurusu (来須 圭悟, Kurusu Keigo) is a supporting character turned antagonist from the manga series Future Diary and its anime adaptation. Kurusu is the fourth diary holder in Deus ex Machina's survival game and the chief inspector Sakurami Police Department. Kurusu uses his "Criminal Investigation Diary" to predict crimes he will investigate, using it to identify other diary owners. Intially an ally to Yuki Amano and Yuno Gasai, he turned against them after it became appreant that his son Yoi was fatally ill, hoping to win the survival game and use Deus' powers to cure his son.

During the first meeting of the diary holder, Kurusu was the only one who didn't view Yuki as a threat and instead promised to protect him, sympathizing with him due to his young age. During Minene Uryū's rampage, Kurusu assisted Yuki in fighting her off, eventually forcing Minene to retreat. After this, Kurusu assisted Yuki and his friends by using his connections to the Sakurami Police Department.

Upon learning that Yoi had a terminal heart disease and would die within three months, Kurusu turned on Yuki, intending to kill him and use the godlike power that would given to the winner of the survival game to cure his son. Yuki and Yuno, along with a reformed Minene, manage to mortally injure Kurusu. Feelin guilt over his actions, Kurusu apologizes to Yuki and asks the trio to take care of his family, before breaking his diary, killing himself.

In the new timeline created by Yuno where the survival game never took place, Kurusu was informed by an empowered Minene about Yoi's heart diseases, allowing the doctors to treat it before it could become lethal.

Battle vs. Horatio Caine (by SPARTAN 119)[]

Keigo Kurusu walked into the Miami Airport terminal, having traveled there to hunt down a rival contestant in the battle royale for the right to become the next god of space and time. It would be difficult, as the contestant was not a criminal, meaning that his future diary was useless.

Meanwhile, Horatio also entered the terminal, having heard a police officer from Japan who had gone rogue had arrived, and was planning to commit a murder. Keigo walked out of the gate for a flight arriving from Sakurami International Airport, to be confronted by Lieutenant Horatio Caine, who was flashing a police badge at him.

"Keigo Kurusu", Caine said, "I would like you to come back to station with me and answer a few questions".

Keigo drew his Sig Sauer P226 and fired several shots, at Caine, who rolled out of the way just in time as bystanders fled around them. One of the rounds, however, flew into the window an airport security station, killing a guard. Keigo ran down the jetway and exited a side door, climbing down a ladder and running across the runway.

Keigo took cover behind a luggage cart and opened an item in his carry-on luggage, an M24 sniper rifle he had smuggled on board the aircraft along with his sidearm. Keigo fired a shot that grazed Horatio's side. Horatio jumped into the guard office next to the dead security guard and grabbed a Remington 700 sniper rifle in the gunrack. Lt. Caine rested the bipod of the sniper rifle on the edge of the window separating the security station from the main terminal and took aim, catching sight of the glint from Keigo's scope.

Horatio fired, the round flying across the tarmac towards Keigo. The round impacted Keigo's side, in the pocket he kept his future diary in. Suddenly, Keigo's body literally exploded in a swirl of color, just as a silver Humvee with the Miami-Dade PD logo drove in.

"What?!", Horatio thought, as he drew his Beretta Cougar and climbed down to meet the rest of the CSI team, who were now standing next to where Keigo disappeared, leaving only his rifle and a cell phone with a bullet hole through it.

"What happened?", Erik Delko, one of the members of the CSI team asked, "It looked like the perp imploded or something when you shot him."

"I don't know", Horatio said, "But I'd guess he couldn't live without his phone."

At that, Horatio took his sunglasses out of his pocket and put them back on.

YEAAAAA'' *Insert "The Who- We Don't Get Fooled Again" here*

Expert's Opinion[]

This was a close match up with very similar weapons and characters, but in the end, Horatio won this match over Keigo due to his slightly greater training and marksmanship. The "I guess he couldn't live without his phone" is a reference to a CSI Miami reference in Mirai NIkki Abridged at 4:30. (Yo dawg I heard you like references, so I put a reference in your reference)

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