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Kei Nagase, callsign "Edge", a fighter pilot of the Osean Air Defense Force most famous for being part of the elite Razgriz squadron during the Circum-Pacific War in Ace Combat 5. And also for playing a pivotal part in the war's end. While on a routine training exercise in September 2010, her flight was attacked by MiG-29As of unknown origin, later known to be from Yuktobania. Only Captain Bartlett, she and a journalist named Albert Genette (in the same plane as Bartlett) survived. She was a key pilot in the Wardog squadron during the game, and later a member of the Razgriz squadron, that helped uncover the truth behind the war between Osea and Yuktobania.

Kei uses an F-14 Tomcat, the cover airplane for the Ace Combat 5 video game.

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Battle vs. Naomi O'Brian (by Fakeman2)[]

Kei “Edge” Nagase was doing a routine patrol flight over the Ceres Ocean in her F-14 Tomcat, at the West coast of Osea. She saw a unidentified plane flying towards her and radioed her home base. “This is Lt. Kei Nagase, callsign “Edge”, patrolling over the Ceres Ocean are there any other of our planes supposed to be in this area? Over.” “Negative Lt. Nagase. You are the only one in the air, the radars aren’t picking anything but you. Over.”

Kei frowned at this, she was seeing the plane, but it was not being detected by their radars, not even her plane was picking it up. She decided to fly towards it to investigate.

Naomi O’Brian, also known as Kurenai, the Red Prowling Devil, to her enemies was flying near the coast of Osea, as her undercover group of mercenary pilots had been hired in secret by Yuktobania to test Osea’s defenses over the Ceres Ocean. She didn’t expect to see anybody else over where she was flying, but she could clearly see a fighter coming over to her. An F-14 by the shape of the wings. It had the roundel of the Osean Air Defense Force on its fuselage. “This is Naomi,” she radioed over to her base, “an Osean fighter is approaching me, I request permission to retreat.”

The answer to Naomi was hard, as usual, “Permission denied. Shot down the Osean fighter, nobody must know that you were flying in that area. I repeat, shoot down the Osean fighter.”

Naomi frowned, but knew that she had no choice, she turned her red MiG-29 towards the approaching F-14.

Kei had a good view of the airplane now. It was a MiG-29, painted completely red, it had no markings except for the picture of a Devil Ray on its tail… no! It couldn’t be! The Red Prowling Devil? Here!?

Kei suddenly saw how the MiG-29 shot a K-13 heat seeking missile at her, she turned down the speed, opened the plane’s wings and turned hard to the left, she let go some flares and the F-14 was able to dodge the missile. “Attention! Attention! This is Lt. Kei Nagase, callsign “Edge” I’m being attacked by an unidentified fighter. Permission to fight back!” “Permission granted Lt. Nagase!” came the reply from the radio.

Kei saw how the red MiG flew over her canopy, she pulled hard on the flying stick, doing an immelmann turn, and then turning her plane towards the MiG, putting herself at Naomi’s 6 o’ clock, and fired an AIM-9 Sidewinder heat seeking missile at the red MiG.

The missile alerts warned Naomi that the F-14 was shooting back at her, she turned the stick and pressed the pedals, making the MiG-29 go into a Purgachev Cobra maneuver, as she let go of some flares. The F-14’s missile flew harmlessly to one side and exploded.

Kei saw the MiG-29 in front of her as if it were standing still in a vertical stand, recognizing immediately the Purgachev cobra maneuver, and knowing that this pilot was trying to get on her 6 o’ clock when she flew past the plane. As she flew closer, Kei pressed the trigger on the cannons, and the M61 Vulcan on her F-14 let out a round of bullets.

Naomi turned on the thrust of her plane just in time as the bullets flew just below her, as the red MiG-29 flew up in an almost vertical climb, the F-14 in close pursuit.

Kei cursed as the red MiG had dodged the bullets on the last minute, and pursued it, climbing at the same speed as the MiG. Both airplanes got into a vertical scissors, each one shooting with their cannons as they passed by.

Finally, when the scissor reached its apex, it seemed that both planes would go into a stall. But Naomi turned the stick, and turned on afterburners, making the MiG-29 screech in the air, turning it upside down in a turn so hard that almost blacked her out. When the MiG was stable again, she found herself going into a controlled dive, as the F-14 fell below her, stalling.

Naomi pulled the trigger on her stick, as the 30 mm GSh-30-1 cannon let out a round of bullets, hitting the F-14 on the left wing, ripping it off the airplane and setting one engine on fire.

“This is “Edge” I’m hit! I’m bailing out!” she said as she pulled the lever on her ejection seat. As the parachute opened she saw how her F-14 fell on a ball of fire into the ocean, as the MiG-29 came out of the dive just inches over the water, turning up again and away to the East.

“This is Naomi.” She said on the radio, “I shot down the enemy, but I need to go back to base, I’m running low on fuel.”

As the red MiG-29 flew off into the horizon, Kei looked at it. “That pilot was even better than Blaze.” She said to herself, as the parachute made her fall safely into the ocean, to wait for a rescue chopper.

WINNER: Naomi.

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