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Don't care really, so long as I get paid.
— Kano

Kano is an antagonist in the second timeline of the Mortal Kombat video game series. He was a terrorist, mercenary, arms dealer, and leader of the Black Dragon clan. A dangerous criminal, Kano is one of the main targets of the Special Forces and has a personal rivalry with Sonya Blade.

At some point, Kano established a partnership with Shao Kahn, ruler of Outworld, selling them weapons and training their soldiers in their use while also fighting for them as hired muscles, even fighting on his side during the Invasion of Earthrealm. After Shao's death, this partnership continued with the next kahn, Kotal, until relations broke down, and Kano and a group of his Black Dragon underlings were imprisoned for stealing a magic artifact before breaking out.

During the Outworld Civil War, Kano sold information to both Kotal Kahn's government and Mileena's rebels, even stealing Shinnok's amulet for the latter. Kano was eventually captured by Sonya and Johnny Cage while trying to sneak back into Earthrealm among a group of Outworld refugees trying to flee the civil war, though he would break free again sometime later.

During Kronika's assault, Kano sided with her alongside his past version that was brought into the present by the Timequacke, being promised great wealth in the New Era she was planning to create. Both were killed by Sonya during a Special Forces assault on a Black Dragon fight club in Russia.

Battle vs. Cyclops (Comics) (by Godkombat21[]

With the slow fall of outworld approaching, the black dragon clan prepare for an assult on the invaders. Kano has already begun by beginning a sneak attack on the base of an orginization called the X-MEN. Kano steps with caution but soon runs into a strange man with a visor on his face. "YOU! What are you doing here invader!?" Kano steps back. "Hey buddy who says I'm the invader around here!?" "I'll give you a choice, leave now, or I'll personaly escort you out." Kano growls "I don't like your attitude." He fires his lazer eye which effects the invader slightly. "Look you obviously don't know who I am. I'm Cyclops and your lazer won't hurt me." "Oh really will these?" Suddenly Kano throws a knife at Cyclops striking him in the leg. "You just made a big mistake." Cyclops fires a ray of energy from his visor, but Kano manages to barely avoid it. Kano jumps behind Cyclops but is immediatly kicked in the face. But Kano shakes it off. Cyclops looks at him. "Look, I don't know who you are and what you're doing here but I don't have time for this." Kano gets up and punches him in the face. "Make it on your time buddy." Cyclops gets up and fires his lazer again but Kano aviods it by flying at him while curled into a ball. This knocks over Cyclops. He gets up and begins ingaging in hand to hand combat. Kano attempts to stab him with a knife but Cyclops jumps over him. But when he lands suddenly Kano grabs him. "My turn!" he says as he takes out knives. He sticks them in Cyclopses legs, breaking his bones. As Cyclops falls on his knees, Kano goes over and snaps his neck one way, then the other, and then pulls his head off. But at that momment the rest of the X-Men arrive and Kano is forced to flee.

Expert's Opinion[]

None written.

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Battle vs. Joker (Nolanverse) (by MilenHD)[]

Kano: Black Black Black Black Black

The Joker: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Gotham City

Near a bank in Gotham city the Joker and his gang had stop their bus, and the Joker holding his Remington 870 kicked the door and shouted-"Don't you dare move, this is robbery."  and as he turned he saw that someone had come before them.

A banker was been hold in Kano's grasp, but the Australian dropped him after he heard the voice and he stood up with a frown on his right eye and spoke-"I am sorry, but you arrived way too late mate." and the Joker pointing his shotgun toward Kano spoke without losing his cool-"What about fifty/fifty? We both get something."

"Oh I am going to give you fifty/fifty, after I gut you up, mate."-said Kano with anger and charged his bionic eye, but only managed to knock the Joker's shotgun off his hands. Than both groups open fired at each other, the Joker's gang retreats toward the streets and one of them decided to hide in the bus with his automatic Glock, until a Black Dragon thug fired his RPG-7 blowing the bus and the thief within it.Blue

"Alright now, chase them and hunt them down boys."- Kano said to his thugs while spreading into two groups, and as Kano was with 2 other thugs looking around for the Joker and his thugs, but in mere seconds a Black Dragon got killed by a Glock pistol.Black As the thug tried to fire another round Kano threw his butterfly sword and pierced the thug's stomach, than he blew his brains with his bionic eye.Blue

As Kano and his thug proceeded forward into searching the Joker, they found a the Joker and his remaining thieves killing a Black Dragon thug with a shotgun to the head.Black And the other one was firing toward the Joker and his thief, one of the Joker's thieves got shoot from behind from the CZ-75 of the Black Dragon clan.Blue Kano fired his bionic eye missing the Joker, and the Black Dragons all gathered near at the end of the street, but the Joker fired his Norinco Type 69, killing both Black DragonsBlack Black, but Kano still narrowly escaped by rolling away.

As Kano got up he fired his bionic eye, knocking the Norinco away from the Joker's hands and as he was charging at the Joker who was trying to reload the shotgun at least, Kano got the OFT knife stabbed into his back by the last clown thug. Kano shrugged it off and toss the thug toward the Joker, as the thug was yelling, both he and his boss collided. The Joker rose up and as he was trying get him up, he spoke to him-"Stop lying like an infant and start being useful!", before the Australian come and tore the thugs head off Blue, than punching the Joker with so much strength, he collapsed. As Kano approached the unarmed Clown Prince of Crime, he kicked him in the guts and as he stabbed him in the back, cutting his spine, he whispered in his ear-"I told you I was going to give you fifty/fifty, after I gut you up nicely" and stabbed him few more times, killing him.Blue

As Kano arose, he grabbed his wokie tokie and spoke-"Heya Jarek, would you mind to come with the helicopter to Gotham and take me, since I got into bit o' trouble."

"Fine, just wait me somewhere, where the Special Forces can't capture you"-Jarek responded to Kano. "You ain't gonna worry about me"- Kano responded, and he calmly lit a cigar and sat at the top of a pushed trash can to smoke in victory.

Expert's Opinion[]

Kano was more experienced, had better weapons and he faced deadlier opponents such as cyborgs, ninjas and demons. Also the Joker's gang isn't as loyal, as the Black Dragon clan of Kano.

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