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Gii-Gii-Gii-Gii !
— Kamen Rider Amazon
Go outside. Kids play outside under the sun. I, Amazon. Here to be your guide!
— Kamen Rider Amazon

Daisuke Yamamoto was an infant around the time of the plane he and his family were on crashed in the Amazon rainforest, leaving young Daisuke the sole survivor and grew up as a wild child, living off the land under the name of "Amazon". However, Daisuke's idyllic existence is cut short when the Ten-Faced Demon Gorgos, massacres the village in search of the powerful "GiGi Armlet", which gives the bearer fantastic power. Elder Bago, last of the Incas, gives the GiGi Armlet to Daisuke for safekeeping while using his knowledge of Incan science and magic to perform a mystical "operation" on Daisuke, transforming him into the powerful Kamen Rider Amazon before he died. Daisuke then travelled to Japan in search of for Professor Kōsaka, who knew the nature of the Gigi Armlet. Arriving at Japan, Amazon battles Geddon without full knowledge of their reason of pursuing him. Befriending the nephew and niece of Professor Kousaka who was killed by Gedon before he could reveal anything to Amazon, Amazon learns the nature of the GiGi Armlet as he fights to defeat Geddon and then the Garanda Empire.

Battle vs. Spider-Man (Miles Morales) (By So-Pro Warrior and MrPacheco101)[]


Location-Secret Dai-Shocker Underground Base...

"Damm you Kamen Riiiiiders!" Doktor G yells as another one of Dai-Shocker's monsters are killed by the likes of Kamen Riders Black RX, Kuuga, and Ryuki.

"Every time my plan is close to succeding those Kamen Riders are always there to ruin it." Doktor G says

Just then a Dai-Shocker Combatmen enters into the room.

"Yeee! Sir we have succeded. He is waking up right now."

"Excellent bring me to him."

The combatmen takes Doktor G into the science room, a small room with a large symbol of of the Dai-Shocker emblem on the wall and a round table in the middle. On the table a white clothes covers what appears to be a human under the sheet.

"Yeeee!" The Combatmen and Scientist greet their leader and then one of the scientists removes the cloth to reveal a human in strange armor of some sort. The human opens his eyes and gets up.

"Ah Grand Emperor Zero of the now dead Garanda Empire." Doktor G says

Grand Emperor Zero looks around to see his surroundings and then looks at Doktor G. "Who are you? Where am I?"

"Do not worry we have brought you back from death itself and now you will serve as a Commander of Dai-Shocker!" Doktor G says

"You may of brought me back from the dead, but whatever this Dai-Shocker is my loyalty is to me and that of the Garanda Empire!" Grand Emperor Zero says

"That maybe so but there are some things you should consider. For one your Garanda Empire is no more, what was left of you Empire has long been destroyed. And second we can help you in seeking revenge against those who destroyed your Empire. The Kamen Riiiiiders! Especially your nemisis Kamen Rider Amazon!" Doktor G says

"Amazon!" Emperor Zero says as he clenches his fist.

"Help me destroy Amazon and I will forever pledge my loyalty to you. Help me revenge the fall of the Garanda Empire!" Grand Emperor Zero says

"Hahaha EXCELLENT! However you have been dead for many years Zero and you have missed much, very much. Such as Amazon isn't the only Kamen Rider but there are now more, more then you could imagine. And more that you will help me to destroy!" Doktor G says

"Ridding the world of these Kamen Riders especially Amazon will be my pleasure...Master." Emperor Zero says

"Excellent. We already have a plan that should see the end of the Kamen Riders! You were just the first phase. And now for Phase 2!." Doktor G says

Tokyo, Japan

The city of Tokyo, Japan. The city remains the same as always as  people walk through the busy streets heading to work, shopping, or just going for a morning walk through the city. Cars, trucks, and buses carrying people safetly drive through the streets, all seemed peaceful and well. However just then all over the city strange greyish walls appear out of nowhere all over, people wondering what they are stop in their tracks stare, and talk amongst one another in confusion. Just then from these strange things Dai-Shocker combatmen begin to pour out from these strange objects and begin attacking the people and the city causing people to run in fear.

"Yeeee!!!" The Dai-Shocker combatmen yell continuously

In just a couple of minutes the city of Tokyo is in disarray and full of the screams of the citizens as they try to escape from the attackers. The combatmen kill citizens left and right using their swords, their guns, or transforming into their suicide missile form to take out a lot of citizens. The police try their best to fight back but to no avail as the combatmen prove too much for the police to handle and are simply overrun. In a alleyway five Dai-Shocker soldiers are able to corner a female teacher and her group of school children up against a piece of rubble. The children cry in fear while their teacher stands in front of them in her best effort to try and protect them while also yelling for help. As one of the combatmen step forward prepared to deliver the killing blow the sound of a motorcycle is heard. From behind the rubble a young man on a silver, gold with what seems like a red emerald on the front; jumps over the rubble. The man on the cycle kicks the combatmen in the face sending him flyiing into the group of the other combatmen. The motorcycle lands on the ground and the man wearing a black leather jacket, a grey t-shirt, and red pants steps off his bike and puts his right hand over a strange device around his waist with the shape of a hand on the front of it.


A red circle appears to the right of the man who passes his hand right through it pulling out a strange gun also with a hand shape on its side and fires it as he pulls it out. The gun fires and while it heads towards the combatmen the bullets begin to curve around in the air and impacting the combatmen in the stomach send them flying and taking them out. The young man turns around to the teacher and the children.

"Are you okay?" The young man asks

"Yes we are. Thank you." the teacher replies

The teacher quickly takes the children out of their and heads towards safety. The young man slings the gun over his shoulder and exits the alleyway as more Dai-Shocker combatmen arrive.

"Yeee! Who do you think you are to mess with Dai-Shocker!" One of the combatmen yells.

"The names... Haruto Souma, the newest...Kamen Rider." Haruto says

"K...K...Kamen Rider!" Another combatmen says

Haruto puts a ring on his right hands index finger replacing his Connect ring and then places it over his belt.

"Driver On"

He then places a red ring on his left index finger with a silver outlining and what appears to be silver glasses on the top.

"Sha ba do bi Touch Henish! Sha ba do bi Touch Henshin!"

"Henshin." Haruto says lowering the glasses on his ring to the center of the red ring.

"Sha ba do bi Touch Henshin!"

Haruto places his left hand over the WizarDriver.


Haruto puts his left arm to his side pointing it outwards as a red circle appears.

Hii Hii HiiHiiiHii

The magic circle travels from Haruto's left side across his body to the right transforming him into Kamen Rider Wizard. 

"It's...Showtime" Kamen Rider Wizard says

Wizard then charges at the Dai-Shocker soldiers and begins engaging them in hand-to-hand combat. As the fight begins behind the large group of Dai-Shocker combatmen three motorcycles with riders appear behind them. Wizard after kicking a combatmen in the stomach looks to see that one of the riders has the color of green on his right side and black on his left side, a black rider with strange symbols on his body in the color of red on his head, yellow on his body and arms, and green lines down his legs, and the final rider with the appearance of a astronaut with a all white body excpet for his face which is black except for two orange eyes. 

"Oh. Double, OOO's, Fourze." Wizard says

"Wizard you didn't expect us to miss out on the fun did you." Kamen Rider OOO's says

"Besides it looks like the numbers...are about to even out." Kamen Rider Double says with Shotaro speaking first and Philip finishing

"Yosh! Besides us Kamen Riders always need to stick out for each other now don't they." Fourze says

The three Kamen Riders ride past through the large group of Dai-Shocker combatmen sending some of them tumbling to the ground. The three RIders stop in their tracks and dismount their motorcycles and join with Wizard. Just then out of nowhere more combatmen raising the number of combatmen in front of the four Riders.

"Huh looks like we attracted a lot of attenion to ourselves." Double (Shotaro) says

"Well than let's give them a huge...Showtime." Wizard says

The four Riders charge at the Dai-Shocker combatmen who also begin charging towards them.


Manhattan New York, United States of America...

The sun shines brightly as ever casting a long shadow of the Statue of Liberty far and wide. Tourists on the Island of Liberty talk amongst on another while also taking pictures of the Statue of Libery, but not just her. Below the Statue of Liberty sits the small statue of the Hero who stood for Freedom and Justice, the Super Soldier from World War II Captain America. However soon the brightness of the sun is blocked by the sudden appearance of a large dark cloud that also begins to cover cover the entire city of Manhattan. People stare into the sky wondering what is going on and where this cloud came from.

"Huh that's odd the forecast didn't call for any rain today." a male citizen says

Just then from inside the dark clouds purple lighting comes out from the cloud and strikes the Statue of Liberty in the face and blows the head off of the head which then falls to the ground. The people are able to escape before the head hits the ground and stare in horror at the destroyed face of the Statue of Liberty. Just then more purple lightning strikes began comin out from the clouds and fire into the city of Manhattan, and soon giant balls of fire are also fired from the clouds and hit in the city. People in the city quickly scramble to safety as rubble and large pieces of builldings fall to the city streets. Cars crash into other vehicles, parked cars are crushed by pieces of buidlings and rubble, and some citizens meet an unfortunate end when rubble falls onto them. In the skies above Manhattan tthe SHIELD Helicarrier begins to receive damage from the strange lightning.

"Statues Report" Nick Fury Director of SHIELD yells

"Weapons Systems are down sir, we've received major damage to the engines sir." A female SHIELD agent replies

"Get the engineers down there not to fix them immediately. Get another team to the Weapons room we can't be left defenseless to whoever or whatever is attacking." Fury replies

Soon the attack stops, the people in Manhattan get out from their hiding spot and stare into the sky with the SHIELD agents in the Helicarrier also looking out through the giant window into the sky just waiting for something to happen. Soon a strange gigantic machine descends from the skies, the machin had the head of some sort of strange creature with glowing red eyes and along its front sides were a couple of "limbs" moving back and forth and the back looking like the main part of the ship. The creature head on the machine roars into the air and soon begins firing more purple lightning and gigantic fire balls into the city of Manhattan.

"What in the world...What's the statues of the weapons!?" Fury asks

"Still working on it sir." a male SHIELD agent replies

Just then a video screen appears in the window with a SHIELD agent trying to say something but unable to as the screen keeps on fuzzing up.

"What's going on? Clear the video up!"

In just a few seconds the video screen is cleared and the SHIELD agent canbe heard.

"The upper deck is under attack! Repeat the upeer deck is under attack! These things came out of nowhere we need AHHHH!" The SHIELD agent falls down to reveal to reveal what looks like a man in a black clothing with white marks on him resembling a skeleton wielding a sword. "Yeeee!"

"Get more men on the deck! Kevin Coulson your in charge!" Fury says as he runs out of the room.

Fury along with more SHIELD agents arrive onto the deck to a state of chaos as they see SHIELD agents engaging more of the strange new enemy. Two agents fly up from the side of the Helicarrier using jetpacks and land on the helicarrier and fire their guns taking out three of the enemies. Just then a grey wall appears behind the dead bodies and more of them come out of this portal.


Two of them come out with M16's and fire at the SHIELD agents riddling them with bullets and causing them to fall of the edge.

"Quick take them out!" Fury yells as he takes aim with his pistol and kills the two foes. As Fury and the SHIELD agents engage the new enemy down in the city its just as worse. A man is thrown on top of a car roof, as he rolls off another person helps him up and they run away with other people as Dai-Shocker combatmen destroy the city and kill many citizens. Two people hiding behind a destroyed car peek out from behind their car at the chaos and soon see eight strange looking creatures resembling animals causing damage to the city. These creatures are the eight revived Beastman of the Garanda Empire, the Bee Beastman, the Diving Beetle Beastman, the Toad Beastman, the Tiger Beetle Beastman, the Owl Beastman, the Mushroom Beastman, the Sea Anemone Beastman, and the Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel Beastman. As the two citizens look on in horror at what they are seeing they notice a shadow cover them from behind and frightenlly turn around to see the ninth and final Beastman of the Garanda Empire; the Salamaner Beastman who laughs and then proceeds to release a breath of fire at the citizens burning them alive as they scream in painful agony. Meanwhile at the top of the Empire State Building Emperor Zero stands viewing the destruction of Manhattan and smiles.

"And now for Phase 3."

Back in Tokyo...


Double's two sides change colors with the green changing to the color of red and the black side changing to the color of silver. A staff appears on Double's back and he takes it, he then swings the staff around him taking out the Dai-Shocker combatmen around him.


Latorartah Lato Laata!

OOO's changes into the Scorching Combo using the Lion, Tora, Cheetal medals. He powers up his legs and extends the claws on his arms while taking out his O Scanner and scanning it over his driver.


Three gold rings appear in front of OOO's and before the Dai-Shocker combatmen. OOO's powers up his Cheetah Legs and using the Cheetah Medals speed charges right through the three rings

"Ahhhhhh Cyaaaaaaaa!!!"

OOO's slashes with his Tora claws across the group of Combatmen and they explode in a huge fiery blaze.

N. Magnet!

S. Magnet!


Fourze using the two Magnet astroswitches state changes into his Magnet State. A group of Dai-Shocker combatmen take aim at him with their Heckler and Koch G36's and fire at Fourze. Fourze pushes forward on the Magnet Switches and the two rods on his back fly in front of him and form a magnet. Fourze presses the buttons on the switches and the magnet activates stopping the bullets in the air in front of the magnet. Fourze pushes forward on the switches and the magnet sends the bullets back at the combatmen taking them out.


Sui Sui Sui Sui Suiiii.

Wizards red stripes and mask soon change into the color of blue.


Four Dai-Shocker combatmen all jump at Wizard from behind and brings their swords down just for the swords to pass right through Wizard as his body has somehow become made of water. Confused the combatmen stand up and try attacking Wizard again but the swords just pass right through him again.


Wizard then does a spinning kick on the combatmen sending them rolling away. The Four Kamen Riders return to their original forms and stare at what seem to be a never ending horde of Dai-Shocker combatmen.

"Ahhhh when is this going to end." Fourze says

"Where's an army of our own when we need it!" Wizard says

The Dai-Shocker combatmen begin to slowly approach the four Kamen Riders who prepare for a long battle. Just then

"MATA!!!" (Stop in Japanese)

The Four Riders and the combatmen look down the road to the left (Riders)/right (Dai-Shocker) and begin to see seven humainoid figures on motorcycles heading towards them.

"Eh the Seven Legendary Riders!!!!" Fourze says

"Looks like help has arrived." Double (Philip) says

The Seven Legendary Riders dismount their motorcycles and join the other four Kamen Riders, standing in front of them.

"Kamen Rider Ichigo!"

"Kamen Rider Nigo!"

"Kamen Rider V3!"


"Kamen Rider X!"

"Gii! Kamen Rider Amazon!"

"Kamen Rider Stronger!"

The four riders run up to the Seven Legendary Riders.

"Sempai looks like you arrived just in time." OOO's says

"Hm! We would of arrived sooner but Dai-Shocker is attacking all over Tokyo." Ichigo says

"When we found out that there was more Dai-Shocker combatmen gathering here we came as soon as we could." Nigo says

"And we didn't come along." V3 says

Just then on top of a nearby building soon the rest of the (main) Kamen Riders appear on the roof.





"Black RX!"











"Den-O!" "Ore...Sanjou!" Den-O says



"Oh! Sempai!" OOO's says

"Yosh it's mega KAMEN RIDER TIME!!!" Fourze yells raising his hands into the air.

"Well then lets finish off these Dai-Shocker combatmen." Double says

"So, count up your sins!" Double says pointing his right hand at the Dai-Shocker combatmen.


OOO gets into his fighting stance


"It's Space TIme!' Fourze yells throwing his arms into the air.


"It's...Showtime." Wizard says


Just then from the large crowd of combatmen the Kamen Riders see all of the Beastman of Geddon appear in front of the Dai-Shocker combatman.

"Eh. Beastman!" Amazon says confused.

"Amazon friends of yours." Fourze says

"My enemies when I fought by myself." Amazon replies

"Don't worry Amazon this time we're al here with you." Ichigo says

The Beastman made up of the Spider Beastman, the Vampire Bat Beastman, the Mantis Beastman, the Centipede Beastman, the Porcupine Beastman, the Snake Beastman, the Crocodile Beastman, the Crab Beastman, the Black Cat Beastman, the Snail Beastman, the Ant Beastman, and the Dobsonfly Beastman and the combatmen yell into the air and then begin to charge at the Kamen Riders.

"Let's Go!" Ichigo says

The eleven Riders on the ground begin to charge towards the Dai-Shocker and Beastman army with the other Kamen Riders jumping off of the roof to join the fight. Some of the combatman begin to change into their suicide missile forms to try and take out the Kamen Riders but they continue to miss the Riders as they continue to charge at the Dai-Shocker army. A bunch of the combatman in their missile forms land in front of the Riders causing a huge explosion, through this fiery blaze Ichigo, Amazon, Double, OOO's, and Fourze jump through flipping forward in the air and extending their right leg out.

"Rider Kick!" the Five Riders yell

"TOH!" Ichigo yells as he kicks a group of combatman

"Gii!" Amazon says kicking the Snake Beastman and combatman behind him

"Ahhh!!!" Double yells taking out another group of combatman

"Ahhh Cyaaaa!" OOO yells taking out the Crocodile Beastman and more combatman

"Ahhh!!!" Fourze yells taking out more combatman.

The Kamen Riders begin to engage the Dai-Shocker combatman and Beastman in hand-to-hand combat. Meanwhile in a nearby alleyway watching from the shadows is what seems to be a large human sized orange mole like creature.

"Chu Chu."

Ichigo and Nigo stand back to back as combatman surround the Double Riders. As the combatman begin their attack Ichigo and Nigo go on the defense blocking attack after attack and then counter-attacking. Ichigo stops and combatman from attacking him from his right side and then hitting him in his face with his left hand and then kicks him in the face. Nigo meanwhile hits a combatman in the face with his right hand and then turns around and does a twist kick to a combatman with his right foot. V3 jumps into the air and lands on a combatman and the two roll on the ground, V3 then throws the combatman off of him and gets back up quickly and throws a strong punch into the stomach of the Spider Beastman and sends him flying. Nearby RiderMan runs as combatman and the Ant Beastman surround him in a circle. He stops in his tracks

"Rope Arm!" Riderman yells

Using his Rope Arm he swings it around himelf taking out the combatman and the Ant Beastman around him. X throws his staff into the air and somehow stays floating in the air. X jumps onto the staff and starts swinging on the staff doing full swings over the staff and then after gaining some momentum lets go, turns sideways and sticks his right foot out.

"X Kick!"

X kicks the Mantis Beastman square in the chest and sends him flying into the air and soon the Mantis Beastmn explodes in mid air and is no more. Stronger punches a combatman in the stomach and then swings his left foot at the combatman kicking him in the face and sending him rolling to the ground. Stronger then tunrs towards a group of Combatman and the Snail Beastman and punches his right hand into the ground which sends a wave of electricity surging towards the group who explode as the electrical wave hits them.

"Gii Gii Gii!" Amazon yells as he takes out three combatman swinging his right and then left arms at them. Amazon then sees the Porcupine Beastman charging at him and Amazon jumps into the air,

"Gii! BIG SLICE!!"

Amazon brings his right arm down down on the head of the Porcupine Beastman and soon orange blood begins to spurt out from the head of the Porcupine Beastman who falls backwards and explodes. Amazon stands up as the rest of the Kamen Riders join him and they look at what's left of the Dai-Shocker army.

"Everyone. Together!" Wizard says

All of the Riders jump high into the air and turn sideways and extend their right legs outwards.

"ALL RIDER KICK!!!!!" All of the Kamen Riders yell

In the air all of the Riders right foot starts to catch on fire as they descend at the Dai-Shocker army. The Riders impact the Dai-Shocker amry and all that is heard is the yells of the Beastman and combatman being destroyed in a huge fiery blazing explosion.



As the smoke clears all the Riders stand up and look around to see no more Dai-Shocker or Beastman left.

"Chu Chu (echo)"

The Riders look all around after hearing the strange sound.

"Chu Chu (echo) Amazon!" The voice calls out

Amazon and the other Riders look at where the voice came from to see a gigantic orange mole come out from a dark alleyway.

"Nani! (What)" Amzon says

"Looks like we missed one." Wizard says

"I'll handle him." Decade says

"Hold on!" Amazon yells jumping in front of the Riders.

"Amazon?" Ichigo says

Amazon turns towards the Beastman "Mole? It's you right?" Amazon asks

"Chu Chu yes Amazon it's me." Mole Beastman replies

"But...How." Amazon asks

"Dai-Shocker. They brought all of the Beastman back to life. And not just the Geddon but the Garanda Empire Beastman as well. They even brought back Grand Emperor Zero himself!" Mole Beastman says

"Eh Nani!" Amazon says

Just then the large screen on the center on the center buidling turns on by itself even with the extensive damage attracting the attention of the Kamen Riders. On the screen Grand Emperor Zero appears.

"ZERO!" Amazon yells

"Amazon Rider it has been far too long hasn't it." Zero says

"Show yourself and I'll make your return short lived!" Amazon says

"No. Today is the day that all of you Kamen Riders FALL!" Zero says

"We won't let that happen Kamen Riders will always stop the forces of Evil no matter what!" Ichigo says

"Where are you Zero we'll see who is defeated this day!" Amazon says

"You want me Amazon come get me. You can find me in the city of Manhattan New York in the United States. Right now we lay waste to this pitiful city now as we speak!" Zero says

Just then the TV screens around Zero turn on by themselves and show New York being destroyed by the Super Crisis Fortress, Combatmen, and Garanda Beastman. The Riders seeing this gasp in horror as the screens show buildings crumble all around, and people getting injured or killed by falling debris or Dai-Shocker combatman and Beastman.

"we need to get to the US fast." Nigo says to Ichigo

"(Nods yes) Hm. Riders lets go." Ichigo says

The rest of the Kamen Riders nod yes and are about to leave when.

"I don't think all of you Riders leaving would be such a good idea." Zero says

"Ah and why would that be?" Fourze says

"Afradi we'll defeat you so easily." Wizard says

"Do you Riders really believe we would be so stupid as to have all of you Kamen Riders come here to save the day. As of now our second wave of combatman are getting ready to attack Tokyo again. If all of you leave, Tokyo will be left defensless." Zero says

The Riders stop in their tracks as Zero begins to laugh.

"What will it be Riders me or Tokyo!" Zero says as the TV screens shut off.

"Ichigo Zero is to dangerous to be kept alive. We must defeat him and fast." Amazon says

"I believe you Amazon but we can't leave Tokyo defensless either." Ichigo says

"Ichigo what about the people in Manhattan their dying. They don't have a chance against Dai-Shocker." Super-1 says

"we either head to the US, save Manhattan and defeat Zero. Or we stay here and defend Tokyo while Manhattan burns." Nigo says

"Sempai leave defending Tokyo to us." Kuuga says

"Nani?" Ichigo says

"Sempai all of us can defend Tokyo from Dai-Shocker. You and the other legendary Riders head to Manahattan and deal with Zero and Dai-Shocker there." Fourze says

"Divide and Conquer." Double says

after a minute of silence Ichigo agrees.

"Decade can you open a portal for us to get to the US?" Ichigo asks

"Yosh." Decade replies

Decade puts up his right hand and a portal appears.

"Nigo, V3, Riderman, X, Stronger, Amazon let's go." Ichigo says

As the Riders leave Amazon stops in his tracks and speaks to Mole.

"Mole be careful stick with the other Kamen Riders they will protect you." Amazon says

"Right Amazon." Mole says

"Don't worry Amazon we will take care of your friend." OOO says

Back in New York City...

The city of New York burns as large pillars of smoke rise from the city. The SHIELD Helicarrier has crashed into the harbor and the forces of SHIELD are scattered all over Manhattan fighting as best as they can. While they have begun to drive back the Dai-Shocker combatmen the Beastman of the Garanda Empire are proving a huge problem to the SHIELD agents. In the city square a combatman prepares to deliver the killing blow to a SHIELD agent when he is hit in the face by a shield resembling the colors of the American Flag and a Star in the middle of the shield. The shield then returns to its owner, the famous World War II Supersoldier Captain America. Captain America helps up the SHIELD agent who proceeds to safety as a group of combatmen charge at Captain America.

"I don't know who or what you things are. But you picked the wrong place to invade." Captain America says

Cap throws his shield at the group of combatmen and manages to take out a couple of them with his shield. As it returns he blocks a sword strike from one of the combatmen and then punches him in the stomach and bashes his in the face with his shield. He ducks down to dodge another strike from a combatmen and then uses the round edge of his shield and brings it upwards hitting him in the chin. As two more combatmen charge at Cap all of a sudden a brush of air flies by Cap as if someone moving at incredible speed went by him, the figure swinging on what looks like a spider web kicks the two combatmen in the face and lands on the ground and turns around.

"Spider-Woman." Captain America says

"Sorry I'm late, dealt with a lot of these things on the way here." Spider-Woman says

"Considering things I bet you did. Where's the rest of the team?" Captain America asks

"Spread out all over the city." Spider-Woman replies

"Looks like it's just going to be the two of us for a while then." Captain America says

Just then Cap and Spider-Woman feel the ground around them start to rumble, they look up into the sky to see the Crisis Fortress fly towards them and then notice it chasing something or someone. As it drew closer they could then see that is was Spider-Man (Miles Morales).

"Miles!" Cap yells

Miles using his web shooters is trying to outrun the Crisis Fortress as it fires purple lightning at him trying to take him out. t

"Man this is ridiculous and unfair!" Miles says

One of the lightning bolts hits Spider-Mans webbing causing him to start falling towards the ground. Miles quickly uses his web shooters to hit a lampost and then swings around the lampost and safetly jumps to the ground.

"Miles you alright?!" Spider-Woman asks

"Yeah barely." Miles replies

The Crisis Fortress stops in mid-air and then a green light covers the area below it and then more combatmen along with the Bee and Toad Beastman appear.

"What in the world are these things?" Miles asks

"I don't know but they are starting to become a real nuisance." Cap says

The two Beastman and combatmen charge at Cap, Miles and Spider-Woman.

At the Daily Bugle...

Emperor Zero uses the broadcast system in the Daily Bugle to send the message to the Kamen Riders and is about to leave when a combatmen enters.

"Yeee!" Sir we have someone who wishes to speak to you."

"Who is it?" Zero asks

"He says he's here to help." the combatmen says

Zero follows the combatmen into the office area and sees three combatmen with their swords out pointing them as a stranger person wearing green clothing, yellow boots, a purple cape, amd some sort of strange glass helmet that covers his entire face.

"So you are tge leader of and strange creatures who are laying waste to this city."

"And who are you suppose to be?" Zero asks

"The names Mysterio. I'm here to help lend a hand." Mysterio says

"Why do you want to help me?" Zero asks

"Before you came here I've been trying to rule all of New York but all of my attempts have...failed. However your army has proven useful, they have been able to take down the majority of SHIELD and they have the city at its knees. However there are some "certain" people that are going to stop your plans.' Mysterio says

"You speak of those humans with strange powers, they are causing much trouble for my army." Zero says

"Well I can help you deal with them but with a price." Mysterio says

"And what would that be?" Zero says

"Don't destroy the entire city. I want to be the ruler of Manhattan and that also means its people. If you want my help then you won't destroy the city, you'll have at least 30-40% of the population alive to be my slaves, and I get to rule this city." Mysterio says

"... I give you my word...Mysterio...but you should know now that my enemies as we speak are already on their way here to try and stop me." Zero says

"Well tell me about your enemies, I will tell you about mine, and well I just might come up with a plan that will destroy both of our enemies." Mysterio says

Back at the City Square...

The last of the combatmen fall and the two Beastman charge at the three heroes. Captain America jumps over the Bee Beastman rolls forward when he hits the ground turns around and then tosses the shield at the Bee Beastman. The shield hits the Beastman but the Bee Beastman is unfazed by the attack. Spider-Man and Spider-Woman fire their web shooters at the Toad Beastman, but the Beastman is able to easily break free from the webbing. As the heroes continue to fight Captain America hears his communicator begin to go off. The Beastman charges at Cap who just backflips and tosses his shield hitting the Beastman in the face managing to daze him. Cap then answers his communicator

"Cap can you hear me?" Nick Fury says over the communicator

"I hear you Fury what is it?"

"We picked up a signal that came from the Daily Bugle. We traced the signal being sent to Tokyo, and we don't know who or what it was being sent to bu we do suspect that the broadcaster could be the leader of this army. Send someone from your team over there to try and capture the leader so we can end this." Fury says

"Got it." Cap replies

The Bee Beastman by now has become undazed and trys to sneak up on Cap but he is prepared and as the Beastman prepares to strike Cap hits the Beastman in the face with his shield causing the Beastman to fall down. Cap looks to see Spider-Man and Spider-Woman still engaging the Toad Beastman and goes to help. Cap jumps behind the Toad Beastman and round kicks the Beastman in the back sending the Toad Beastman flying past Spider-Man and Spider-Woman. Cap joins up with Spider-Man and Spider-Woman

"Miles I got a mission for you!" Cap says

Back at the Daily Bugle...

"Kamen Riders? Never heard of them." Mysterio asks

"They are the enemies of mine that I told you about." Zero says

"Sounds like a perfect plan then, have these heroes fight each other and destroy each other." Mysterio says

"We deceive the heroes by using one of their own and start an all out war between the two groups of heroes. Once one of the groups deals with the other group then we destroy the remainders and the heroes will be no more!" Zero says

"Excellent. I'll make the preparations for the plan." Mysterio says as he exits the office room.

A combatmen approaches Zero "Sir are we really going to cooperate with him?"

"Of course not this fool is a weakling if he has come to seek our help in taking over this city if he couldn't do it himself." Zero says

"As soon as the Riders and those other heroes are dead we will destroy this pitiful city, Mysterio with it and then take over Japan." Zero says

Mysterio returns bringing with him two combatmen. Mysterio then shows Zero some purple powder which he tosses over the two combatmen and then before their eyes the two combatman transform into Spider-Man and Kamen Rider Amazon.

"Yes! Excellent once we deal with the real ones we have the two fake ones be the ones to cause the war between the two hero groups." Zero says

In Manhattan...

Nick Fury and a few SHIELD agents soon find themselves surrounded by combatmen on all sides as they use destroyed vehicles as cover to take out many combatmen. Just then the the Owl and TIger Beetle Beastman jump down from a top a nearby building landing near two SHIELD agents and killing them quickly. Fury seeing this quickly fires his pistol at the Beastman but to no effect as the Owl Beastman knocks him back. The combatmen begin to close in on the remaining SHIELD agents as they begin to run low on ammo for their guns. Just as it seems that Fury and the SHIELD agents are done for a portal opens up attracting Fury, the SHIELD agents, the combatmen, and the Beastman. The sounds of motorcycles are heard and all of a sudden seven humainoid figures on strange looking motorcycles appear flying out from the portal and landing on the ground skidding to a stop.

"Great now what!" Fury says inside his head

"Kamen Riders!" The two Beastman yell

"Where is Zero!" Kamen Rider Ichigo says

"We'll never tell you. Attack!" The Beastman yells

The combatmen and the two Beastman then charge at the Seven Legendary Riders. While this is happening Spider-Man arrives at the Daily Bugle landing on the rooftop of the building to the left of the buildings entrance. Miles is about to approach it when all of a sudden his Spider Senses go off and he turns around to see some sort of creature with red eyes jumping at him. 

"Big Slice!"

Miles jumps back to dodge the attack and the creature stands up and looks at him.

"Okay giant lizard thing who or what are you?" Miles says

"Kamen Rider Amazon!"

"Kamen Rider sorry never heard of you." Miles says

"I won't let you harm my master." the fake Kamen Rider Amazon says

"Oh so I guess you must be some sort of elite bodyguard or something. Well I guess I'll have to deal with you first." Miles says

Back with the Kamen Riders...

"RIDER DOUBLE KICK!" Ichigo and Nigo yell in unison

The Double Riders kick the two Beastman in their chest and send them flying in the air, flying right past Fury and the SHIELD agents. The two Beastman land on the ground and in pain stand back up when they all of a sudden yell into the air and fall to the ground and explode. Fury and the SHIELD agents stand up as the Seven Legendary Riders help some of the agents up.

"Are you okay?" Ichigo asks

"Yes. (coughs) thank you. Now just one question who in the world are you guys?" Fury asks

"We're the Seven Legendary Kamen Riders." Ichigo replies

"Kamen Riders? Huh never heard of you." Fury says

"We come from Japan, we came here to stop our sworn enemy Dai-Shocker from destroying the city." Nigo says

"Dai-Shocker? Guess that's the name of these guys who are attacking our city." Fury says

"That's Right." V3 says

"Well thanks for the help. I'm Nick Fury the Director of SHIELD which stands for Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate." Fury says

"Mr. Fury do you know where we can find the leader of Dai-Shocker?" Amazon asks 

"We were able to pick up a transmission coming from our local news station. We believe that's where the leader may be. I'll have one of my agents show you the way." Fury says

"Ichigo let me handle Zero by myslef. I need to be the one to finish him once and for all." Amazon says to Ichigo

"I understand Amazon. While you deal with Zero the rest of us will handle the remainder of Dai-Shocker and any more Beastman we come across." Ichigo says

The Seven Riders mount their motorcycles again and begin to drive off as Amazon on his Jungler follows the SHIELD agent.

20 Minutes Later...

After manuvering through the destroyed city Amazon and the SHIELD agent using a jetpack arrive at the Daily Bugle. Unknown to them on the other side of the Bugle on the rooftop of the building near it Spider-Man (Miles) continues his fight with the fake Amazon as the fake Amazon receives the signal from the fake Spider-Man that Amazon has arrived.

"This is the Daily Bugle Kamen Rider." the SHIELD agent says

"Thank you." Amazon says

Just then from one of the upper windows of the Bugle the fake Spider-Man jumps out at the SHIELD agent and kicks him through a building window causing the jetpack on the SHIELD agents back to explode killing the SHIELD agent. Amazon looks at the stranger in the black suit with the symbol of a spider in the middle.

"Who are you!?" Amazon yells

"The names Spider-Man."

"You'll pay for what you did." Amazon says

"Sorry just trying to protect Master Zero."

"Guess I'll have to deal with you first." Amazon says

"Well then come get me."

Spider-Man dissapears onto the roof and Amazon quickly runs into the Daily Bugle to get to the rooftop. Meanwhile the fake Amazon fighting Miles jumps to the rooftop of the Daily Bugle after knocking Miles against a wall. Miles quickly gets up and chases after him onto the roof. The two fakes meet up behind the entrance to the rooftop and turn back into combatmen and teleport out of there. Miles arrives onto the rooftop of the Daily Bugle as Amazon runs up the stairs of the Daily Bugle to reach the rooftop...


The Battle[]

As both of them reached the top of the building, Spider-Man and Amazon recognized each other from the opposite direction. “You!” The two said synced union, pointing their finger at each other the same time. “Amazon will make you pay for killing Amazon’s friend Beastman!” The Rider said while brandishing his sharp claws. “The heck are you talking about!?” Miles said confusingly, “You’re the one who attacked me out of the blue you….you, reject from the Black Lagoon!” Amazon let out menacing low growl. “Enough!”

Amazon crouches down on all four like a predatory jaguar and leaps up high in the air, he then retracts his right arm, tighten his fingers into a spearhand, and lunges it at the rookie hero. “Yikes!” Recognizing the threat through his Spider-Sense throbbing in the back of his head, Miles shifts his footing to the left, letting the reptilian looking weirdo hit the concrete floor instead; Amazon’s attack cracks through the concrete, causing his hand to dig right through it. Whew. Miles thought, looking at the crumbling debri. Amazon looks back at Spider-Man and growls. “Giiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!” The Jungle Rider pulls his hand out of the flooring and slashes at the young hero with his other hand, but Spider-Man ducks his head below in the nick of time. “Gii! Gii! Gii! Gii!” Amazon continues slashing at the assumed murderous Beastman with such ferocious vigor; however, with the help of his enhanced reflex and Spider-Sense, Miles manages to dodge the first strike by shifting his body to the left, he then shifts his body to right to dodge the second strike, Amazon swipe his claws in a horizontal motion, but Miles arches his back in a full 90 degrees to outmaneuver Amazons’ strike.

Spider-Man flips back up and quickly jumps out of Amazon’s reach.  Man is that guy relentless. Miles thought. Spider-Man looks up and sees Amazon charging towards him in all four. “Giii!!!!!!!!”  The Kamen Rider leaps high into the air in an attempt to pounce on the young hero. Whoa!  Acting on his feet, Spider-Man leaps back, letting Amazon hit the ground once again. “Gii!” Amazon growled, showing off his claws. Who the heck is this guy? Miles pondered, looking at the creature’s strange attempt of a taunt. “Giii, Giii, Gii!!!” The Rider chants, crossing his arms several times in a strange motion, before charging at the hero once more. “Not this time.” Spider-Man flicks both of his wrists and shoots out several streams of web fluid.  As Amazon is about to reach the young here, a stream of webbing splashes against his chest, knocking him back several steps. “Nani!?”  Looking at the stick white goop, Daisuke grabs a hold of the webbing and attempts to rip it off; however, as Amazon begins to pull on the webbing, he entraps his own hand in the sticky mess. “Gah!I’m stuck. ” Amazon begins to pull even harder, stretching out the webbing, but with no success as his webbed hand snaps back into its original position. Suddenly, several more streams of webbing attaches itself to the troubled Rider, covering his entire body in cast of sticky white silk. Once Miles was finished, his opponent’s body was covered in a cocoon, leaving his head and neck the only moving part. “Giiiii!!! Giii!!!!” Amazon roared, thrashing around in his cocoon prison in another attempt to get free, but fails once again.

“Well, glad that’s over.” Spider-Man said, wiping his forehead in relief. He then walks towards his wreathing opponent. “Okay, now that you realize it’s pointless to get out. I think it’s time for you to answer some questions.” He said, looking at Amazon. The jungle rider hesitates, staring into the costumed hero’s eyes with his big red eyes Miles felt a slight chill run down his spine as he stares back into the Kamen Rider’s disturbingly emotionless face. Jeez,does is he creepy. The young teen thought. I wonder what he’s thinking. “Umm hello?” Spider-Man waves his hand around, trying to get his prisoner’s attention. “Is anyone in there?” Suddenly Amazon opens his jaws and attempts to take bite Mile’s face. “Whoa!”  Miles steps back at the second, right when the razor sharp teeth were mere inches from his face.

“D-Did you try to bite me!? “ Spider-Man said in shock.  He really tried to bite me!

Miles touches his face to make sure his mask wasn’t damage. Well at least the mask wasn’t damaged. He reassured himself. “What is your problem? Does my face look that edible to you!?” Miles yelled, while pointing his finger at the culprit. Underneath Amazon’s prison, a bright yellow light begins to aluminate through the silky cocoon.  “What the?” Spider-Man said, while looking at the bright light. “Big…Slice!!!!” A vertical line slowly appears in the middle of the cocoon, just before it shatters into a million pieces with Amazon raising his arm high in the air, a gold aura covering his hand. Amazon then looks at his opponent with violent intent.

“Uh oh.” Miles peeped.

Giiiiii!!!!!!!!” Kamen Rider then sprints at the young hero with such blinding speed. Spider-Man began to shoot balls of webs one after the other, however The Jungle Rider  manages to outmaneuver from web ball’s rapid fire and leap up high in the air. With his hand again covered in a golden aura, Amazon attempts another Big Slice. “Big….Slice!!!!” Sensing the attack a mile away, Miles back flips high in the air, just when Amazon chops the concrete flooring. The impact of the attack sends a vertical line slashing all the way to one of the corner edge, sending up puffs of smoke and debris in the process. Spider-Man lands back at the edge of the corner, however the crack begins to open up and crumble underneath, sending Miles falling in mid-air along with the chunks of debris. Crap! Crap! Crap! Desperate, the young hero shoots out a stream of web and manages to cling on to the rooftop, saving him from a painful fall. “Jeez.” Miles sighed while hanging 30 ft. up above the desolate street below him.  Suddenly, Miles hears a strange noise, a familiar eerie noise.


“Oh no.”  A feeling of dread washes over Mile’s as he looks up. Amazon leaps off the rooftop like a jumping tree frog and dives towards the clinging Spider-Man. “Oh shi-“ The Jungle Rider crashes into the young hero with such extreme force, causing the thread of web to snap from the sudden shift in weight, sending them both in a free fall.


The two crash into an empty taxi cab, bending the rooftop into the car’s interior from the impact.*Groan* Miles’s felt the pain in his back was like being jabbed by a jackhammer one millions. He then looks up and sees Kamen Rider Amazon crouched on top of him, with his sharp claws mere inches away from his masked face. “This ends now Beastman!” Amazon says, bending back his arm for the final strike. “Yeah, yeah like I haven’t heard that before.” Miles then touches Amazon’s leg. “What the?” Amazon felt a small jolt run down his spine. “What did y-AUUUUUGH!!!!!!” Suddenly Amazon felt what was like 1000 years of tremendous pain enter his body, causing his muscles to convulse from the tremendous shock as sparks of electricity briefly appear around him. The jungle rider then falls back on the concrete pavement with a loud thud. As his opponent lays down motionless, Spider-Man slowly gets back on his feet. “Spider-Man 1, creepy fish guy 0.” He said, clasping his hands together. Miles then walks towards his seemingly unconscious opponent and crouches down next to him. He places his ear next to Kamen Rider’s chest, no heartbeat. Mile’s eyes widen in horror underneath his mask. “Oh no.”

This can’t be happening. He thought. Miles puts both of his hands against Amazon’s chest and begins to push in an attempt to restart his heart. How could I be so careless? Stupid! Miles places his ear against Amazon’s chest once more, and still there was no heartbeat. “No.” Miles collapsed on his knees and slump his head in guilt, for the first time in his life; he didn’t know how much power he put in that sting. Miles places his hands against his in guilt. For the first time in his life, he actually killed someone, accidental or not, this was not what Miles wanted to happen.

Miles’ Spider-Senses then started to go haywire. “Gah! Not now!” He growled angrily. Miles turns his head around to see what was causing the intense throbbing in his head, but found no signs of life from where he is at. Huh, weird. Miles. Why is my Spider-Senses going all crazy then? All of a sudden, Amazon sprouts off the ground from his seemingly death like state, he then opens up his jaw and bites down into Mile’s right shoulder. “AAAAAG!!!!”  The young hero screamed in pain as he felt the jagged, razor sharp teeth grind into his soft flesh.

 Miles quickly tries to incapacitate Amazon with another Venom Blast, however the jungle rider grabs a hold of both of his wrists while biting down harder into the hero’s shoulder, causing Miles to scream even louder.  Amazon quickly let’s go of Miles’s arms and begins to shake his opponent raggedly  with his strong jaws, much like a killer whale playing with its food. Amazon then let’s go of the hero and lets him tumble into the streets; a small of chunk of flesh linger in the Kamen Rider’s bloody jaws.  Miles slowly got back up on his feet while holding his bloodied injured shoulder. Go figure, he thought. Miles turns his head to the side and sees Amazon spitting the chunk of his shoulder on the ground. Miles felt a sudden chill run down his spine as he gazed upon Amazon’s great red eyes; he knew that look before, the savage look of hungry predator ready for the final kill. “Gii.” The jungle rider growled in chilling tone, causing Spider-Man to nervously gulp. Kamen Rider Amazon charges at the young hero and attempts to slash him horizontally, however Miles manages to successfully roll away to the left.

While he’s caught off guard,  Miles leaps up and slams the side of Amazon’s face with right cross., causing Amazon to stagger slightly, Miles then follows with a left cross to the other side of Amazon’s face. Miles then leaps up in the air and attempts a swift swipe kick , however Amazon manages to step back from the range and quickly grabs a hold of one of Miles’s legs.”Whooooa!”  Amazon then slams him against the pavement behind him, then slams him forward, then to the left, followed by the right, leaving several cracks in concrete pavement before tossing the dazed hero into the air. The windows of the shopping store Armani shatters into a million fragment pieces as Spider-Man fell onto several dressed up mannequins before tumbling into the store several times and landing face first. Several shards of small glass were embedded inside the young man’s slightly torn suit.* Groan* seriously, what is with me falling and smashing into things with this guy? Miles felt an even more intense, excruciating pain simulating around his body. Miles then heard footsteps coming towards the store.

“Crap.” He muttered.

Amazon walked inside through the shattered window entrance.  He underestimated this Beastman, for this one was far more dangerous than the ones he encountered before in his lifetime; whatever he did to his body almost killed him, however Amazon’s strong will persevered and brought him back to the living, just in time to give that beast a welcome bite. Amazon looked down, seeing trails of dripped blood and follows it. As Amazon went further and further, the trail began to grow colder and colder until it stop dead in the Men’s clothing section. His scent is strong here. Amazon scanned the area. However Amazon cannot see him anywhere. Or so he thought, but unbeknownst to the Kamen Rider, Miles has camouflaged himself into his surroundings, crawling under the ceiling without being detected. Amazon continues to snoop around the area when suddenly, WHAP, he felt something smack him hard in the face. Nani!?  Amazon staggers back slightly and looks around. While still camouflaged Miles jabs his fist hard into Amazon’s stomach, making him gasp in pain, Miles then moves to the left side and lands a left cross directly where the jungle rider’s spleen is at, making him twitch and fidget. “W-what’s happening?” Amazon thought as he looks around, wondering where the attacks are coming from. Miles taps Amazon’s quad lightly and dashes away. “Gaaaah!!!” Amazon then felt a sudden shock jolt through his leg, causing him to kneel on one leg. That feeling… He thought. I know that feeling before. It was him, it was that “Beastman”.

Amazon slowly looks around the lowly lit area, trying to focus his senses on his invisible target. Tap, Tap, Tap. Hearing the sudden sound of footsteps coming from the left, Amazon quickly turns and randomly swipes the air, only to grasp nothing. Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap. Hearing the footsteps coming from behind, Amazon spins around full circle and performs a swift side kick, only to hit nothing once again. He’s toying with me. The jungle rider thought. While Amazon continues his search, Miles slowly grabs the fire extinguisher at the far end of the store. Where did he go… Just as Amazon was about to turn around-WHAP!- The jungle rider felt something cold and hard slap him in the side of the head. “N-nani!?”  Amazon was about to recover from the hit when-WHAP!- He gets hit in the face again by the same hard object.”D-damn.”  The force from the hit made Amazon’s head start to vibrate badly, causing him to hold his head in place to help himself recover; however, the same hard object clanks itself against the Kamen Rider’s stomach, much to the Daisuke’s dismay, causing him to fall onto his knees. The invisible Spider-Man raises the fire extinguisher behind his opponent’s head, and attempts to knock him out for good, however the Jungle Rider anticipated the attack from the mysterious object. Amazon grabs a hold of the fire extinguisher in mid-air and punctures its outré metallic layer with his sharp claw, letting out streams of foam from inside, covering the once invisible in carbon foam.

“Found you!” Amazon yells. “Crap!” The Jungle Rider lunges his sharp claws forward, but Spider-Man quickly jumps high into the air to dodge the strike, he then uses the Kamen Rider’s attacking arm as a platform to leapfrog above his head and land crouched down behind him. Anticipating this, Amazon quickly turns around raising his leg up high and slamming it down, but Miles quickly leaps back and lets the intended attack leave a large crack in the floor. While in mid-air, Miles shoots out two streams of web that attach themselves to two different objects beside his opponent. “Huh?” Amazon looks up and sees Spider-Man holding himself up with the webbing. “Bullseye.” Using the elasticity of the web, Miles propels himself feet first at his opponent. Amazon didn’t have time to react when the mysterious Beastman drops kick him hard in the face.


The impact of the kick sends Kamen Rider flying out of the store’s cracked window, however the jungle rider uses a nearby car as leverage and to perform a flip, successfully landing on his feet and crouching down before sliding to a complete stop.  The jungle rider looks up and sees the car slowly being lifted by the Spider-Man as he balances it over his head. “Graaaauhhhh!” Miles then chunks the car towards his opponent. Seeing the automobile flying towards him, Amazon leaps high into the air, running across the car roof as it levitates in mid-air, using it as leverage to leap higher in the air before crashes into the streets and explodes below him. Spider-Man looks up and sees his opponent levitating in the air. “Amazon…” An aura of blue energy slowly emeries Amazon as pulls both legs back for a devastating attack. “Kick!!!!” Like a firing rocket, Amazon thrust his leg forward and propels himself at extreme high speed towards Spider-Man. “Crap.” Miles quickly rolls out of the as Amazon crashes into the ground, destroying the concrete layer and leaving a small crater from the impact in the process. Spider-Man quickly shoots two streams of web at his opponent, to which Amazon grabs both of them with his left arm. Miles pulls on the webbing with great strength, however Amazon counters by slashing the stream of webs with his claws before charging at his opponent with great speed, just as Spider-Man charges at equal speed. “Graaaaah!” Miles balls his hand into a fist and bends it back. “Giiii!” Amazon retracts his claws and bends his arm back. At the same, both fighters thrust their attack forward , with both attacks missing their intended target by a thread.

As Spider-Man and Kamen Rider Amazon continue their duel in the streets, Great Emperor Zero and Mysterio watch at a distance from a nearby rooftop. ”It seems everything is going according to plan, you far exceed my expectation Mysterio.” Zero complemented.  “Much oblige Emperor Zero, anything to get rid that damn little pest.” Mysterio replied. “However there is something I’ve been meaning to ask you.” The master illusionist said. “Hmm, and what is that?” Zero wondered. “It’s about our agreement, you see I don’t want to rule just New York City, I want to rule all of New York if this plan of ours work.” Mysterio suggest. “I see, well about that…” Zero thrusts his arm forward without warning and grabs the master illusionist by the throat. “Gah!” The Great Empereror then lift the villain high in the air. “W-what are you doing?” Mysterio asks while grabbing a hold of Zero’s arm in an attempt to get free. “It seems your usefulness has proven fruitful, however your service has…unexpectedly come to a end.” Zero replied in calm, yet chilling tone.”B-but what about the deal?” Mysterio gasps, gripping tightly onto Zero’s arm. Zero chuckles humorously. “Do you honestly think I will let you, a human, rule something petty as a city? The only place you are going along with your kind…is hell!” With a flick of a wrist, Zero snaps the master illusionists’ neck completely. Mysterio twitched briefly before becoming dead stiff, his grip slowly loosens, and his arms soon falls along with the rest of his body.

“Fool.”  Zero remarked while tossing the body to the side. Zero looked on as his sworn rival continues to duke it out with the mysterious web-head; slashing, kicking, punching, and webbing each other till the other one submits. “Amazon…” Zero says. “Whether you rise or fall in this battle Amazon, I will have my sworn revenge!” He said, balling his fist in anger.

Kamen Rider Amazon and Spider-Man stood their silently in the desolate street, tired and weary from their continuing battle. Amazon continues to breathe slowly; his costume’s torn and ragged, while the right eye of his mask was slightly cracked. This beastman was tough, the toughest he ever faced in his life. Don’t how long I can last in this form. He thought. But I can’t give up now, I must keep on fighting. Spider-Man held on to his injured arm, the young man could feel his muscles tensing up when he stands, several parts of his body were covered in deep scratch marks that were slowly starting to heal. This guy, whatever he is, was dangerous. Never had Miles faced such a wild opponent like this one, every time he thinks he got this fishy…reptile…whatever the guy is down, he relentlessly  keeps coming back up, and continues to attack with such strong vigor and visciousness. Body can’t last much longer. The teenager pondered. If I’m gonna go down, I’m taking him with me.

The two then stared at each other, eye to eye, mask to mask. Amazon gets into his battle stance by shift one leg forward and the other one back, slightly bending his right knee while bending his left arm back and straightening his right arm forward. “Prepare yourself Beastman.” Amazon said. “I, Amazon will bring you down once and for all!” He shouts as he retracts his claws. “Heh, over my dead body.” Miles said while putting up his fists. “And the name is not BEASTMan, its Spider-Man.” He remarks. “Gyaaaaah!” Amazon bomb rushes forward.

Miles attempted to shoot out some webbing; however nothing comes out of his spinner. “Crap.” Amazon takes the first swipe at Miles, but the young hero quickly ducks down and dodges the attack.  Miles counters and uppercuts Amazon in the stomach, he quickly follows it with a two-palm strike in the Kamen Rider’s chest, causing him to stagger back. Amazon quickly shakes off the blow and shifts forward to perform a swift kick; however Spider-Man quickly dodges the attack. Amazon follows his previous attack with a spinning roundhouse kick and hits Spider-Man square in the chest. While his opponent’s recovering, Amazon lunges his hand forward and grabs a hold of Spider-Mans’ head. Spider-Man’s survival instinct quickly kicks in and pulls his head back before Amazon could tighten his grip, however little did he realize, he ineffectively removed his mask in the process.

 “Eh?” Amazon eyes widen under his mask as he looked at the hero. Miles looked at Amazon weirdly. “Hey, what are you staring at?” Just then, Miles looked at Amazon’s hand, which carried his mask.


"Nani...It, it's just a kid?" Amazon says to himself

Miles then angrily jumps towards Amazon and throws his right arm back to throw a powerful punch at Amazon, Amazon quickly seeing the attack jumps back causing Miles to hit the concrete and Amazon quickly starts yelling

"Hold On! Hold On!"

Miles however continuously tries to punch Amazon not listening to a single word he is saying. Amazon after dodging many of the strikes quickly stops in his tracks and puts his hands up and stops Miles hands in the air with his hands holding them back.

"Wait! Wh....Why is a kid like you fighting for Dai-Shocker in this costume?" Amazon asks

"Huh? What are you talking about? Your working for these...Dai-Shocker guys or whoever their called. You said it yourself your master is Zero!" Amazon says

"Zero? Never heard of this guy. Besides aren't you suppose to be his like really high ranking bodyguard or something?" Miles asks

"What? I would never work for him....He is my enemy." Amazon says

"Yeah sure then why would you look like one of his animal looking friends then huh?" Miles asks

"I am a human just like you." Amazon says

Just then Amazon is covered in a bright flash of yellow light and Miles closes his eyes because of the brightness and when the light dissapears Miles opens his eyes to see a adult male looking at him wearing some sort of black clothing with red stripes on it.

"What the?" Miles says

"See....Amazon human. My name is " Daisuke Yamamoto

Just then Daisuke releases Miles hands and Miles puts them at his side.

"But what are you some type of mutant or something?" Miles asks

"No. Amazon human, but also a Kamen Rider." Daisuke says

"Okay what is a Kamen Rider then?" Miles asks

"Kamen Rider's are this plant's symbol or hope and justice." Daisuke says

"What? You mean like a hero?" Miles asks in which Daisuke nods yes too.

"Wait so you're....Like a Superhero like men?" Miles asks

"Amazon a hero." Daisuke says

"Huh never really heard of ya....Wait a minute so if your a hero then why did you attack me and keep calling me a Beastman?" Miles asks

"What are you talking about? You attacked me first and well you look and fired webs at me like a Spider. I thought you were a Beastman." Daisuke says

"Okay first off I don't even know what Beastman is and second you attacked me...I didn't attack you." Miles says

Just then all around the two heroes bullets hit all around them sending sparks up into the air causing the two heroes to flail around and then jump back from where the bullets were landing. Daisuke and Miles then look up to see a group of 10-15 Dai-Shocker combatmen staring at them with some of them wielding M-16's.

"Yeee Yeee Yeee (echos)"

"UH DAI-SHOCKER!" Daisuke says

"Oh great not you guys again!" Miles says

"Amazon I am impressed, as well as with you young spider warrior." Zero says as he comes out of the large group of Dai-Shocker combatmen soon followed by the two fake Amazon and Spider-Man.

"ZERO!" Daisuke yells

"Huh wait a minute (points at the fake Amazon) that's you. (Then points at the fake him) And...that's me? AH man we were tricked!" Miles says

"I am surprised that both of you survived fighting each other. But it doesn't matter now. Now that both of you are weak we can now finish you off." Zero says as he begins to start laughing as the fakes and the combatmen begin advancing towards the two heroes who both take a fighting stance ready to fight back but both extremely tired from the fight. All of a sudden a round red, blue, and white shield strikes the fake Amazon sending him flying into some of the combatmen behind him. Zero, the combatman, and the two heroes look in confusion when


Ichigo comes fllying out of the air and his foot collides with the fake Spider-Man sending him crashing into the fake Amazon and the group of combatmen knocking them all down who all then explode into a large explosion. Zero covers himself from the blast and looks in shock and then looks back as Amazon and Miles also turn around. Behind them stands Captain America who grabs his shield again standing next to Kamen Rider Ichigo as he lands on his feet and stands up. Standing with them are the other Legendary Riders as well as Spider-Woman.


"Captain America! Spider-Woman!" Daisuke and Miles yell out in unison

"Miles sorry we're late." Captain America says

"As are we Amazon." Ichigo says

"Cap who are those guys?" Miles asks pointing at the Riders.

"These here Miles are some new friends of ours. The Kamen Riders." Spider-Woman says

"Kamen Riders...Wait Amazon so you're not the only Kamen Rider?" Miles says shocked and confused.

"No. And my sempai over there are only just a small group of the many more Kamen Riders there are." Daisuke says

"These Kamen Riders saved our butts from those creatures we were battling. No matter what we threw at them they just wouldn't go down. That is until the Kamen Riders here arrived and helped us out." Captain America says

"DAMM YOU KAMEN RIDERS!!!!" Zero yells

Amazon and Miles then turn around as the other heroes join up with them.

"Zero (Amazon points his left hand out and his finger) this ends here." Daisuke says

Amazon then bends down on his knees and puts his two hands to the side of his head.

"AAAA-MAAAAA-ZOONNNNN!!!" Daisuke yells as he is engulfed in a bright flash of yellow light once again. As the light disappears he has transformed back into Kamen Rider Amazon


Miles then looks at Amazon and is amazed.

"Man I wish I could do that." Miles says 

"Would save me the trouble of getting into this costume that's for sure" Miles says to himself quietly

"Another time Amazon! This will not be the last you see of me..I will be back and soon I SHALL DEFEAT..."

Zero is then cut off when Miles fires some webbing from his new web shooters that Spider-Woman had just given him.

"Man dude do you ever chill out?" Miles says

"Spider-Man." Amazon says as he hands Miles back his mask who Miles then takes back and puts back on his face.

Zero meanwhile tries to get the webbing off his face in which both Amazon and Miles look at each other and nod in agreement to something. Both Amazon and Miles then jump high into the air towards Zero who looks at them in horror as Amazon extends his left arm while yelling "GIIIIII!!!!" and Miles by his side extending out his right arm while yelling "HYAAAA!!!" The fists of the two heroes impact on Zero square in the chest causing Zero who is able to get the webbing off of him from the hit sends him flying back as he yells and then crashes into the Daily Bugle and then explods in a glorious blaze of fire as Amazon and Miles then turn towards each other and nod towards each other.

A Hour Later...

All around surviving SHIELD agents help all around looking and caring for the surviving civillians who are scattered all over the city. Meanwhile while this is going on Nick Fury, Captain America, Spider-Woman and Miles stand together and staring at them are the Seven Legendary Riders as they prepare to leave.

"Just remember Kamen Riders if you ever need our help well you can find us protecting the United States." Captain America says

"Thank you Captain America. And if you ever need the help of the Kamen Riders you can find us in Japan." Ichigo says

"May our paths cross again soon enough." Spider-Woman says

"If the forces of evil shall ever indanger yours or our homes again then we may see each other in the future." V3 says

"The forces of evil will never give up. Which means that the forces of good must always continue the fight and work together if the cosmos say so if we are ever to defeat the forces of evil." Stronger says

Just then another dimensional portal opens up behind the Seven Legendary Riders who turn around to see the other Main Kamen Riders then exit from the portal.

"Sempai! We defeated Dai-Shocker and were able to protect Tokyo!" Kamen Riders OOO's says

"And don't worry Amazon sempai your friend Mole is safe and sound!" Fourze yells

"Haha Mole. It will be good to see you again." Amazon says

Meanwhile Fury and the Marvel Heroes are starstruck by the other Kamen Riders.

"Wow...You guys weren't kidding there were a lot more of you." Miles says

"Hmph hopefully we get to see some of your Sempai in the future Miles." Amazon says

"Please..Haha just call me Spider-Man besides secret identities and all." Miles says 

"Alright. Spider-Man." Amazon says

The Seven Legendary Riders then walk towards the other Kamen Riders joining up with them as they all they walk through the dimensional portal back to Tokyo.

The Deadliest Warrior:....It's a TIE Between Kamen Rider Amazon and Spider-Man (Miles Morales)!

Expert's Opinions[]

The reason this battle was a tie was because both of these Warriors were able to even each other out in their different ways, Amazon for example had more years of training alongside the other Kamen Riders and has more years of Combat Experience fighting a large variety of tough and deadly foes. Spider-Man however while still just a greenhorn was more just more agile and smarter and had a larger variety of powers that turned things his way a bit. In all though both Amazon and Spider-Man have their strengths and weaknesses and it was just to even in these which is what lead to these two warriors to tie it up.

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