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The Kalkara are creatures in the Ranger's Apprentice series. They are like a cross between a bear and an ape with the agility of a ninja. They have the ability to paralyze their victims at a glance. The Kalkara work for the evil warlord, Morgarath, by assassinating specific individuals. They have a waxy coating in their fur that can only be destroyed by an axe, a sword or fire. The Kalkara have a love for silver.

Battle vs. Vampire (by Deathblade 100)[]



A piercing howl breaks the air. Six Kalkara emerge from a cave in the Mountains of Rain and Night. In a castle some distance away, six Vampires emerge from their coffins. The vampire leader orders his followers to split up. One Vampire moves down a hallway and rakes its claws on the wall. Taking off at super speed, it doesn't notice two Kalkara until it's to late. One Kalkara swings its claws down and scratches down into the Vampire's side. The Vampire retaliates by swinging its own claws at the Kalkara's neck, killing it.Green The second Kalkara leaps to the vampire and stabs its claws through the Vampire's ribcage and into its heart.Red Another Vampire arrives just as the Kalkara turns, locks eyes with the vampire and focuses its gaze until the vampire dies.Red A third Vampire arrives behind the Kalkara and bites into the creatures neck.Green

The Vampire moves to meet with its comrades as the remaining four Kalkara follow it. One of the Vampires roars as a Kalkara closes the distance. The Kalkara staggers back, stunned by the roar. The Vampire swings its claws at the stunned Kalkara's head, killing it.Green  A second Kalkara appears behind the Vampire and bites it in the neck. The Vampire flings the Kalkara into a wall, breaking its neck before bleeding out.GreenRed

The remaining Kalkara scream and prepare to attack. A Kalkara locks gazes with a Vampire, causing the Vampire to be paralyzed in fear. Just as the Kalkara prepares to deliver the final blow, another Vampire rushes the Kalkara and kills it with a blow to the head.Green The last Kalkara locks its gaze with the paralyzed Vampire, killing it.Red The Vampire leader grabs the Kalkara and throws it into a wall. The Kalkara screams one last time before the Vampire leader swings its claws into the Kalkara's head.Green

The remaining Vampires raise their claws and roar in victory.

Winner: Vampires

Expert's Opinion[]

The Vampires won due to their superhuman speed and strength as well as the fact they were more intelligent.

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