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Sure, blame the lag.
— Jyn

Jyn is the Korean sniper of the Strike Force Heroes organization in SFH 2. He is the teammate of all the members there including Tower. Jyn was a 23 years old gamer but then turned into a sniper.  Due to his gamer nature, his eye and hand coordination are very good. This led him to a sniper prodigy and recruited to the army at a young age. Later recruited by the Strike Force Heroes as it's long-range killer. He is a calm sniper in the battle. But he did cares for his Xbox. If anyone breaks it he is angry.

Jyn was a long range killer. Other than Sniper Rifles, he can use small arrays of pistols and SMGs. However, he is the weakest in terms of survivability of the team. He relies on his offense to defend himself. Surprisingly, although he is a sniper, he is proficient in close combat, using the katana as his melee weapon and even can use the Sniper Rifle in an extremely close range. His appearance is a young man with a mohawk hair along with a small bulletproof vest and a little camouflage.

Battle vs. Sniper (TF2) (by Sir William Of Chalitton)[]

No battle was written

Winner : The Sniper

Expert's Opinion[]

Although Jyn's hand and eye coordination is good, the Sniper is more experienced in real life than Jyn himself. Plus, the creativity of the Sniper made him won the day.

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