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Jack? Jack is dead, my friend. You can call me...Joker! And as you can see...I'm a lot happier!
— Jack Napier, before he kills Carl Grisom

Jack Napier was once the formidable, crazy underboss to the Carl Grisom of the legendary Grisom Crime Family in Gotham City, USA. After being set up by his boss, due to the discovery of his affair with Grisom's Girlfriend, Napier found himself confronting the mysterious Batman and then falling into a giant vat of chemicals, which turned his skin white, his lips crimson red, his hair green, and his facial nerves to nervous wrecks literally. After undergoing underground cosmetic surgery, which failed to restore his face to normality, Jack Napier donned the persona of the Joker and shot Carl Grisom with his trustworthy Colt New Service Revolver. As new Mafia Kingpin, Joker launched a massive crime wave that saw a Mob war, chemical terrorism, and citywide panic. The only thing that kept his tendrils from rending the city apart was his old nemesis, the Batman, who as coincidence had it, was Bruce Wayne, whose parents Napier killed decades earlier. His lunacy without limits, his taste for the vile overwhelming, the Joker will stop at nothing to kill Batman and give his home town an Enema!

Battle vs. The Joker (Nolanverse) (by Thundrtri)

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Expert's Opinion

The Nolanverse Joker won primarily due to packing a whole lot more firearms, newer and faster to reload firearms, and explosive launchers. The Burtonverse had some nice tricks, but the Nolanverse was able to see them coming due to being just as insane yet smart. The Nolanverse was also much more ruthless, pretty good when it came to tactics due to his lack of caring, and he could easily hold his own in a fight. The Burtonverse put up a great fight, but in the end the Nolanverse came out on top thanks to more modern tech, greater intelligence, and greater brutality.

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