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Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker!
— John McClane

He is described as being a foul-mouthed, wisecracking, no-nonsense New York cop with an itchy trigger finger, an aversion to Eurotrash terrorists, and a never-say-die spirit. John McClane is a detective with the New York City Police Department and has been an officer for 20 years. At the beginning of the first film, he is recently separated from his wife, Holly Gennero, who is using her maiden name. Holly moved to Los Angeles several months earlier to pursue a career, leading to their separation. They have two children, Lucy and Jack.

On Christmas Eve, McClane visits his wife at her workplace at the Nakatomi Plaza. Simultaneously, Hans Gruber initiates his plan to steal $640 million in bearer bonds and takes the Nakatomi Company employees, including Holly, hostage, posing as terrorists to draw attention away from the theft, their final plan being to blow up the building and make it appear as though they died with the hostages in the explosion. McClane escapes detection and manages to hide throughout the building, killing the terrorists one by one. When McClane meets the terrorist's leader, Hans Gruber, a climactic battle ensues and McClane throws Gruber out the window. (from John McClane page on Wikipedia)

Battle vs. John Spartan (by Codgod13)[]

At a buisness tower, John McClane finds himself in a position 4 times before: Being stuck in a building overtaken by Terrorists. One by one, he hunts down and kills them. As he leaves the building, he hears an angry voice call his name.


"I saved about ten times as many as I killed." McClane replied.

"You killed over 30 people in your life, McClane!" the person yells, "Your under arrest for property damage, resisting arrest, and third-degree murder!"

"What?!" McClane asks, incredulous.

"You heard me, McClane!" the man said, "100 years in cryoprison!"

"The hell is Cryoprison?" McClane asked.

Five days later:

McClane is swimming in a pool of water. Slowly, it turns to ice, and he is frozen in a block of ice, his eyes seeing another cop being frozen. Little did he know that would be his greatest opponent yet...

40 years later:

McClane suddenly wakes up. He looks around, and shivers. He's freezing. He's stuck in a room, with a light and a door, a strange machine, and one window. Someone gives him clothes through a slot in the door. The door opens, and a man enters the room.

"Hello," he says, "My name is Chief Earle of the San Angeles police department."

"San Angeles?" McClane asked, "The hell is that?"

The machine in the room beeps, and shoots out a slip of paper: it's a fine.

"The f**k?" McClane asks, and the machine does it again.

"Sir," Earle says annoyed, "This is 2033. San Angeles is the merged city of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Diego. The place was a Utopia under Dr. Raymond Coctaeu, with anything unhealthy being banned. Cursing is illegal. Recently, however, a criminal, was somehow resurrected from Cryoprison, and committed the first murders in almost 20 years. In response, we resurrected another cop by the name of John Spartan to take him down. He succeeded, but wouldn't adjust to our way of life, and became a rebel. We brought you back to take him out."

"OK," McClane said.

"We have four other resurrected police officers to help you."

"Got it," McClane asked, "Do you have his location?"

"In the sewers," Earle said, "A society of rebels lives there."

Two days later:

McClane: RedRedRedRedRed

Spartan: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

McClane and his cops are walking through the sewers, armed with weapons from the museum. Spartan sees them, and warns his rebels that they are under attack. One man shoots and kills a cop with an M16 Red.

McClanes men immediately start to run, shooting back at the pursuing Spartan. One cop shoots a rebel with an M60 Blue.

McClane orders his cops to stop retreating. The two groups begin in a firefight. Neither take any casualties. Eventually, Spartan takes out a PBG and fires straight through the cover of a cop and kills him Red

The PBG starts its cool-down, and Spartan resumes firing with a tommy gun. The two groups continue to shoot, until one cop gets reckless and dives out of cover, and quickly gets sprayed by a rebel with a tommy gun Red.

Now quite outnumbered, McClane and his remaining man retreat. Spartan's group follows, but one is shot by McClane holding a 94 Blue.

As McClane and his last men enter a building, the cop hides behind the door with a baretta. As Spartan and his rebels enter, he takes out one, but Spartan quickly turns with the weapon of his name and blasts him away BlueRed.

Spartan and his rebel continue through the building, looking for McClane. One sees a door, and opens the door. It triggers the blasting cap to some C4 near his foot, and blows him to kingdom come Blue.

Spartan ducks behind a wall, avoiding rounds from McClane's HK. He hears the PBG beep, and pulls it out. He peeks around the corner quickly, then retreats to avoid another volley of rounds. He hears McClane reloading, and jumps around the corner, yelling, "Suck phaser!" and fires at McClane with the PBG. McClane dives to the side and finishes his reload, but McClane points the weapon at him, and bluffs, "Get up or get burned!"

McClane drops the 94, and stands up. Spartan reaches for his shotgun, and McClane picks up the gesture, along with his submachine gun. He sprays Spartan all across the body and kills the ex-cop Blue.

"Yippi ki yay, motherf*cker," John says, and leaves to report his success.


Expert's Opinion[]

While Spartan had defeated foes who were conditioned to be stronger than a normal criminal, McClane had fought significantly more enemies than his opponent had in his time, as well as more memetic, "badassery" that won him the day. The original battle, weapons and votes can be found here.

Battle vs. Max Payne (by Codgod13)[]

No battle written


Expert's Opinion[]

This was quite an easy win for John McClane as he was psychologically healthy unlike Max Payne. That, along with McClane's domination in mid and short range, and overall better training won him the day. The original battle, weapons and votes can be found here.

Battle vs. John Shaw (by Weew1213)[]

Shaw is driving in his yellow Mustang and he pulls up to the Police Station...

He has been given time to recover from his experience with Burke and he has made a full recovery.

He then, pulls into a parking space and stops the car. He turns the car off and takes the keys. Before he gets out though, he checks his side and then his arm. He breaths a sigh of relief when he notices that he feels no pain and gets out of the car. He takes a deep breath and walks towards the front door. He then opens it and walks inside.

He checks in and heads up to his office. Once he is at the top, he heads through the door that's at the top of the steps. He sees that no one welcomes him at the precinct and it's just silence. No applause for taking down corrupt cops even though he possibly saved the station itself.

Instead, everyone just looks at him; he hears some whispers but, some others give him a deadly glare.

He continues walking towards his cubicle and he slightly looks around to see if people were still staring. They were and they continued to whisper as well.

It all stops when he steps into the cubicle and sits down. Everything continues where people are talking and other people heading out on patrol.

He lays back on his chair and sits up to work on things on his computer.

A few minutes later...

He hears a knock at the entrance way of his cubicle. He turns to see the new captain, waiting for him. It's a woman, who's blonde and has her hair up in a bun. She's wearing glasses and her cheekbones are more outward than any other woman. She has slim body and has a smile on her face.

"Hello, I'm the new captain. The name's Justine Turner." She says and holds out her hand.

Shaw looks at her suspiciously and shakes her hand.

"Did you just get here or were you here for that whole time with all the staring and whispering stuff?" He asks the new captain.

"Yeah, I've been here since about 2 days ago." Turner replies.

"Huh." Shaw says as he looks away to ponder why she looks familiar.

He looks up and asks her to stop; she does. She then, turns to look at him.

"Do you know a 'Jenny Taylor'?" Shaw asks her.

"No." Turner replies with a puzzled look on her face.

"Oh, it's just that you look like an officer who worked here." Shaw tells her.

"Alright." She says as she turns around and begins to walk away. "One more thing." She says and she turns back around. "You're under investigation for what happened during that lock-down that happened." She tells him.

Shaw's face reads: "Are you kidding me?" and he says "Are you kidding me?" He shakes his head and runs his hand through his hair. "Burke was dirty and his buddies were just as corrupt." Shaw lets her know.

"Well, I'm sorry but later, you're going to have to come to the interrogation room later." Justine tells him and she walks off.

Shaw falls back and as soon as he makes contact with the seat, he slumps down in the chair which, causes the chair to angle downward. He swivels around in his chair thinking about what to do next. He then sits up, and begins to type on his computer again.

“It's time.” she tells Shaw and he responds with a nod.

A bit of time passes by...

Turner comes back and knocks on the entryway to the cubicle.

He looks back at his computer and takes a deep breath. He gets up and begins to follow the captain but slips around the corner when she is out of sight.

He begins making his way to the camera surveillance room. Once he gets there, he knocks on the door and the officer on duty opens the door.“Yes?” The officer asks with his head sticking out the door.

“The new captain-” Shaw pauses then asks: “you know her right?”

“Captain Turner? Yeah, I know her.” He tells him. “Not personally but, I know her.” The officer then says a couple seconds later.

“Good.” Shaw responds. “I just wanted to ask you that to let you know that your shift is over and I'm here to take your spot.” Shaw gestures to the chair.

“Aren’t you a detective?” The officer questions.

“Yeah well, I asked Turner to be on security cam duty and she told me that I could.” Shaw says to him. “Besides your shift is coming to an end.” He also says a couple of seconds later.

“You're right.” The officer says before gets up and out of his chair. “My shift is coming to an end and have a good night.” He says before he heads out the door and heads home. Shaw waits until the officer leaves the room and is at the end of the hallway. He then sits in the chair and opens the console command on one of the computer screens which show all of the security cams. He types in the command that will start the lock down but doesn't press the ‘Enter’ key to actually start the lock down itself. He gets out of the chair and walks up to the fire alarm that is near the doorway. He is about to pull it but stops and thinks about it. He takes a deep breath and pulls it.

“Here we go again.” He sighs.

As the fire alarm is going off, an overweight balding black man is eating donuts….

He looks up at the fire alarm and sighs.

“Not again.” He says and he gets up out of his chair.

Back to Shaw...

He looks at every screen (excluding the one that has the lock down command on it) to see when everyone has left the building. Once everyone has left the building, he presses the ‘Enter’ key to start the lock-down.

An hour passes and during that time, he has grabbed the evidence for the investigation and he has turned off all of the power.

While he is reading the report about an interrogation between some detectives and Burke, his eyes widen and his face changes from shock to anger when he finds some false information in the report provided by Burke.

“Burke!” Shaw says angrily.

Meanwhile outside the station, there a 33 year old man with spiked up brown hair, smoking a cigar, in a white tank top and on outside of that tank top, is a dark green trench coat. He is also in baggy blue jeans wearing some black boots.

He takes the cigar out of his mouth and blows outward to let smoke. He looks at the cigar and throws it on the ground. He then stomps on it and digs into the ground to make sure the cigar stays out.

“I prefer cigarettes.” The man thinks while stomping it out.

“You're John McClane, right?” Captain Turner comes up to him and asks.

“You're d*mn right, I'm John McClane.” McClane replies and he quickly then asks: “What's the situation?”

“Detective John Shaw has the building on lock down and he’s there with the evidence. Most likely trying to get rid of the evidence that points to him shooting all of those cops.” Turner informs him. “What weapons does this guy have on him?” McClane asks her. “As far as we know, what he has on him is his SIG Sauer P226 with .40 Calibur rounds and a taser but in this building, it's-” Turner is cut off by McClane before she could finish.

“It's got a multitude of weapons like assault rifles, submachine guns, and shotties right?” He asks.

“Right.” She answers. “How'd you know?” Turner asks.

“1. I've been here before.” McClane answers her question.

“Really? You've been here before?” Turner asks him.

“No sh*t, Sherlock. I was stationed here before and I know it in out. I was switched to New York during my time here. I was that good and I still am.” He says confidently. “2. The station I currently work at has the same armament as this place." He informs her. "You ready to head in?" Turner asks him while having her hand on the power button.

"Give me a minute." He tells her and he walks over to his car.

He presses the unlock button and walks over to the trunk. He presses the button to open the trunk and he lifts it up.

He looks down at his HK 94 and he picks it up. He then sets it against the bottom of the car with the stock pointed at the ground and the HK itself on safety. After that, he grabs his Beretta and cocks it. He then puts the pistol in the holster on his right side. He also sees that there's a packs of cigarettes there. He looks at it and picks it up. He hits the back and a cigarette pops up. He grabs it and puts it in his mouth. There is a lighter in his left pocket; he takes it out, flips the top off, and lights the cigarette with it. He looks down and picks up the HK. He begins walking back over to Captain Turner, who still has has her hand over the power button. He walks back over and looks down as his HK. He grabs it with both hands and cocks with one.

He looks back up at Turner and says: "Ready."

She turns the power on and opens the door.

Right after she does that, Turner slightly rolls her eyes and says: "Okay cowboy."

McClane enters through the door when she turns the power on but, backs up when he hears her remark.

"What did you say?" McClane asks her.

"Nothing." Turner replies.

"Okay." McClane shrugs and heads back into the building. He smiles and whispers: "Yippee ki-yay motherf*cker."

Turner then closes the door behind him and locks him in it. She also turns off the power. She then takes out her phone and calls McClane on it.

McClane hears his phone ringing and looks down at the phone which is in his right pocket. He takes it out and answers it.

"This door will remain locked unless you bring Shaw back alive or he attacks you, you have permission take him down." Turner informs him.

"Got it. Expect the job done." He assures her.

He raises his gun up and begins checking his corners for Shaw.

"This is like taking a trip down memory lane- kinda." He thinks to himself as he looks around.

He turns right and enters a corridor. When he heads farther down, he sees that there are pictures on each side of the corridor. He starts noticing that they're either people who left the station or died in the field. He knows that because he sees his picture on the wall and a friend of his (who died in the field) is also there. But when he saw his photo, he walked over to it and unhooked it from the wall. He looked at his young self and smiled.

"Look at this handsome b*stard." He chuckles.

Then the intercom blared and John quickly put the photo back on the wall. He then pointed the gun at the intercom and waited for what Shaw had to say.

"You enjoying your time down memory lane?" Shaw asks.

"Yes actually." McClane replies with a smile.

Shaw sighs and says: "Look, whatever Turner told you, it's not true. I didn't kill any cops."

"There are fingerprints and bullet casings match you and your gun."

"Well, they weren't innocent cops."

"So f**king what?"

"They were assisting someone who was trafficking illegal drugs."

"Well, it doesn't seem that way to the other cops and maybe if you didn't locking this godd*mn building down, you could've explained that to the cops, dumb*ss!"

After hearing that, he scoffs at the remark and gets up from his chair.

He takes out his SIG and cocks it. He then, places it back in it's holster.

He then sees that there's a taser on the desk. He walks up to it and grabs it. He then puts behind him and begins walking out of the room. He exits the room and begins walking down the hallway.

He stops to think for a moment.

"I don't want to kill this guy at all." He thinks to himself.

He takes out the taser from where it was tucked into his pants and he points it right in front of him. He continues to walk down the hallway and turns right. He wants to make his way to where this guy is.

But when he turns to his right, he sees McClane looking at some photograph. He quickly moves back into the corner that he turned from. He sticks his head out and sees that there's a doorway with stairs leading down to where McClane previously was. He brings his back and takes a deep breath; he raises his gun and gets out of cover. He points it at McClane and fires.

A couple seconds earlier...

McClane sees something in the corner of his eye and notices it that it's a guy with a gun. He barely moves out of the way in time. He doesn't hear a gunshot but an electrical charge. He then sees strings that are stuck to the wall.

"Really? A taser?" He looks over at Shaw with a face that says "Really?"

"What? I don't want to kill you." Shaw replies.

"Thanks, a--hole." McClane replies with a cross look on his face.

McClane looks down at his gun and looks back up at Shaw with a very quick look of him remembering something then to anger.

As soon as that happens, a look surprise expresses across Shaw's and he slips back into cover as quick as he could because he knows what's going to happen next.

McClane begins to open fire upon Shaw position and continues to open fire until the magazine runs out.

While that was Shaw's opponent was opening fire, he looks over at his side and sees a door. He opens it and sees a riot shield. He grabs it and waits for McClane to run out of bullets; he coincidentally does.

Once McClane does run out of bullets, he presses a button and the magazine drops; and then it hits the floor with a clak! He puts another one in and cocks the gun. He begins walking towards Shaw but stops and look of confusion spreads across his face. He then cocks his head to the side.

Then right out of the corner that Shaw was using as cover, a riot shield pops out and starts making its way towards McClane.

"Ah, sh*t." He says with a tone as if he was saying "C'mon!" and he begins opening fire at the shield.

He keeps firing until there's nothing to shoot and it makes a clicking sound to let him know that it's out of ammo. He looks at it and turns it sideways. He looks back up and sees that Shaw has dropped the shield. When he does, he launches himself and tackles McClane. From the impact of the tackle cause McClane lose his grip over the HK. Which takes them through the entrance of the stairway, which gives Shaw to get onto a dominant position. He positions himself up and begins wailing on McClane. What McClane knows to do is to block as best as he could.

Shaw then uses his right elbow and bashes it against his opponent's temple.

Then like a light, something clicks in McClane. When Shaw tries to punch him, he traps the arm and flips him over onto his back; now it's McClane's turn. It's his turn to wail on Shaw. McClane throws a left then a right then another left then, another right. All Shaw can do now is block; at least that's McClane thinks. Shaw waits for an opening to kick the guy off, and it happens. He looks to hit an elbow and this time, Shaw quickly wiggles his legs out and pushes McClane with them. It successfully works and he is off of Shaw. He gets on one knee and takes a breather. He looks backs up and sees that McClane has launched himself back at him.

"Ah sh*t." He says before they both roughly fall down the stairs together.

When they reach the bottom of it, they both hit the ground, hard. They both groan, Shaw before McClane.

"Why'd you do that?" Shaw asks with a groans.

"I'm a dumb*ss, that's why." McClane replies with a groan also.

"Oh, okay." Shaw slightly groans.

McClane slowly begins to get up and Shaw slowly begins to do the same. Once they both get to one knee, they get the same idea and draw their pistols. They look at each other and they keep pointing their guns at one another. They keep doing this even when they get on their feet. "Same idea, huh?" McClane chuckles.

"Yeah, I guess." Shaw replies.

They continue this stare down in silence until McClane says: "So I was thinking, why don't we-" He stops himself and opens fire on Shaw; and he fires back.

While they are shooting at one another, McClane is moving backwards and Shaw is also moving backwards. But unlike McClane, who is moving completely backwards, he (Shaw) is moving in a diagonal direction. Shaw stops firing after four bullets have left the chamber. McClane keeps firing until he falls over a piece of cover. He quickly recovers and hides behind the crate-like cover.

Shaw hides behind a pillar and asks: "How many rounds do you have left?"

McClane looks at his pistol and releases the magazine.

He sighs and says: "6." He then asks: "How many do you have left?"

"8. You gotta count your-" Shaw stops talking and fires a round off at McClane's cover to lure him out of cover.

He (McClane) flinches once the round hits the piece of cover he's hiding behind.

"Rounds" Shaw finishes.

"Oh, shut the f**k up!" McClane angrily says and fires two rounds towards Shaw.

All they hit is cover, and Shaw immediately responds with two rounds of his own. It has the same result; it lands in a piece of his opponent's cover.

"This is going nowhere." Shaw thinks to himself and brings himself out of cover.

It looks like his opponent has thought the same thing. He sees McClane's head is sticking out with his pistol right at him and they open fire on each other. Both miss and they both get back into cover. And as soon as they do that, Shaw shoots again, he holds his breath and he hopes to get McClane but all it hits is cover. He breaths out when he hears that it didn't land.

He looks over at his right and asks: "How many rounds do have left?"

"2. How many do you have left?" He asks and smiles because he knows what the answer is.

"2." Shaw sighs.

Shaw looks down at his SIG and gets an idea. He decides to move up but when he begins moving, he sees that McClane is out of cover as well with his head out of cover. He stops and opens fires; McClane opens fire as well.

As if time was slowing down, two of the four bullets fired from both sides collided, or well, touched and caused one of McClane's bullets to miss and one of Shaw's bullets grazes McClane's right cheek. But the other two bullets, one lands in Shaw's side and the other in McClane's left shoulder.

They both go back into their pieces of cover. They both hold the injured parts of their bodies and throw away their pistols.

"You can just end all of this bullsh*t right now and come with me now." McClane tells Shaw.

"I have to prove that I'm innocent first." Shaw replies while still clutching his side.

"By the way you're acting, you don't seem innocent to me!" McClane replies holding onto his injury as well.

There's an silence in the room as both warriors try their best to stop the bleeding. But then, Shaw gets an idea. He gets up and starts running towards the exit in the room.

McClane hears him running and he quickly gets on his feet. He then, chases after Shaw.

Shaw stops at the door and tries to open it but before he could, McClane's arms wrap around his neck and starts to pull downward. He starts pushing backward, full force and he knocks McClane into pole which causes him to lose his grip. He elbows him (McClane) in the gut and pushes him away. He then grabs grabs him by the straps of the tank tops and starts punching him as hard as he could. Right after right after right. He stops punching McClane when he looks like he doesn't even know where he's at.

McClane's vision is blurred and to Shaw, he keeps looking around in a circle. Shaw then grabs hims by the straps and sets him on the door. Shaw then turns around and runs over to where he needs to be to get a running start. He's about 20 yds (18.28 meters) away from the door and he begins running towards McClane.

McClane's vision clears up and he shakes his head. He looks up to see Shaw running at him but then, Shaw jumps and throws his feet in front of him.

"Ah sh-" McClane was going to say before he kicked right in the chest.

And when he is kicked in the chest, the force causes the door to be knocked off its hinges and the falls down to the floor with the door. Of course with that kick, McClane is almost knocked out and Shaw is on his back with the wind knocked out of him, on the ground. Shaw gets his breath back and sits up. He then gets on his feet and walks over to McClane's stunned body.

He looks around the room and sees that it's the precinct with cubicles everywhere.

He looks down and sees that he is over McClane's body.

He gets on top of him and starts punching him again and again. Left, left, left. But after the third left, McClane pushes the next left and punches Shaw right in the gut; then uppercuts him right in the jaw and pushes him right off. McClane then throws a left and then a right. They both land and when Shaw tries to counter with a right, he is countered by McClane by dodging the punch and immediately hits Shaw with a punch. This stuns him and he moves back but McClanes moves up to get closer to him. McClane hits him with his knee, in the gut and uppecuts him again. Then he hit Shaw with a hard punch to the gut and knees him in the face once he is bent over. Then, an elbow hits Shaw's temple and he knocked over to a cubicle. McClane then, grabs his head and slams it against the cubicle wall, almost breaking it.

Shaw then hangs on the wall for a couple seconds and then slowly slides down to the ground. While his face was sliding down on the wall of the cubicle, his left hand was above his head and it was sliding down as well. When he made it to the ground, McClane bent over to look at his face and saw that there was a red rectangular outline around his eyes in from the impact.

He also sees that he (Shaw) seems to be unconscious. He then turns around to get his beretta but he hears something behind him and he feels something turn him around.

It's Shaw and he hits a right jab then slap to the chest, another jab, another slap. He repeats this another two times and then a hard two elbows to the face which knocks McClane off his feet and onto his butt. Shaw then boots him hard in the face. Shaw walks over to his head and grabs it. He then picks him up that way but it's stopped when McClane swats away both hands and hit him with a right that knocks him back. McClane turns around to catch his breath. The punch knocks Shaw back hard enough that he gains some momentum to swing around the pole and hit McClane with his whole arm. He once again walks over to the head of his opponent and picks him up that way. This time, he grabs his head and tucks it underneath one of his arms. He then hooks both arms and picks up his leg then moves it backwards.

McClane begins wiggling his arms to get free and then, he turns himself to knee Shaw in the gut and her knees him again. That time was enough to release him from his grip. McClane then punches him and this causes to him to turn around to run or well, quickly walk. McClane of course follows him; and when he decided to turn around to look where he (McClane) is, he's right behind and he punches him. This causes him to look foward and continue his pace.

As he is moving foward, he stops and kicks McClane right in the gut. He looks over and sees a wireless keyboard; he grabs it (the keys facing him) and smacks him in the face with it as hard he could. Some keys fly out because he hit so hard. He hits him again and sees that he's on one knee after that hit. He flips the keyboard around, so the keys are facing his opponent and he hits him once again. As the keyboard leaves his face from the impact that time, some keys just stick to his face or they just fall to the floor. After that hit, he falls face down onto the floor. Shaw then flips it over again and smacks him in the back with it, finally breaking the keyboard. He looks at the broken keyboard (which is in half) and throws it away.

He then scans the room for something else to use. He looks to the right, concindentally in the same cubicle he found the keyboard, he sees scissors. He then grabs it and walks back over to the body of McClane.

"Sorry to do this pal. But I have to prove I'm innocent." He says in atonement and raises the scissors.

McClane flips himself around and stops him before they could pierce any skin. The scissors are just inches away from the spot between his eyes and nose and he holds Shaw back with his hands grabbing ahold of his (Shaw's) wrists. He just keeps holding him there and he knows that one slip could kill him. He starts pushing against Shaw and as that starts to happen, he knees him in the gut again, and he does it again. This puts his opponent in a moment of weakness and again, he starts pushing against him. This time, it's succeeding; he just keeps pushing and pushing and it's working just enough to have the two standing up. He hits another knee in the gut and this gives him a chance to turn the tablesin his favor. Shaw's grip on the scissors weakens and McClane flips the scissors around in his favor.

Now it's Shaw's turn to keep the scissors away from his face, which the scissors are about a foot away and this time, he knees McClane in the gut. But it's met with responce with a knee of his own after the knee from Shaw lands. It weakens him again due to the attacks that has been focused in hurting that stomach and the shot in the side is also a factor. The scissors are even closer now and he looks all around as he starts noticing that the blade is getting closer. His arms are shaking from trying to hold McClane back and in a last ditched attempt, he uses his knee and hits him as hard as he can in the gut. It works but at a cost, when he hits him, he lets go of McClane's and it cuts his left cheek.

Shaw yells with his teeth gritted and puts his hand up to his cheek. He looks at sees blood on his hand and look of anger spreads across his face. He then runs over to McClane and launches a flurry of punches; enough to beat him down to one knee. He then picks him up by back of the neck and drags him across the room. He walks over to a door and turns to the right. He then throws him against the wall and picks him up again. He finally drags him all the way to the parking lot. He throws him on the ground and looks over to see a wooden 2x4. He grabs and smashes it on the head of McClane. The 2x4 cracks from the impact and he falls down to the ground.

Shaw throws the board down andputs his hands on his knees; thinking he's finally beaten him. He then, he hears some type of scratching on the floor, and sees that McClane is getting back up. As he is getting up, blood is dripping from his face and when he shows his face to Shaw, it looks as if he was wearing a crimson mask from all the blood is pouring from his head. He then grabs the 2x4 and gets ready to hit him again with it. McClane looks up at him in a kneeling position and breathes heavily.

"Why won't you just die?" Shaw pants.

"One of us is going to die and it ain't gonna be me, you motherf*cker!" He pants and spits out the blood that drips in his mouth.

"You piece of sh*t!" Shaw angrily replies and is about to hit McClane with the 2x4 but, he quickly gets up and uses his shoulder to push Shaw into the wall.

Then McClane punches him twice before getting kicked in the gut again and Shaw throws in another punch for good measure. McClane walks backwards and he (Shaw) looks to punch him again but he is stopped when his enemy uses his shoulder to direct him into another wall and he punches him twice again before he misses by punching the wall instead of hitting his opponent.

Shaw hits him with a good right, and then another and after he uses elbow. Which knocks McClane to the side and into the wall. Shaw then goes up to him and starts smashing his head against the wall a good 4 times before getting stopped by McClane. He gets hit in the gut and with another punch, he lets go of his head and is thrown back onto the wall. This time, he launches a flurry of lefts and he just keeps beating him down to the ground. He kicks him in the chest nce he's on the ground and then stomps his head in, finally killing Shaw.

He backs up and he tries to keep standing up but, falls to the ground as if he was drunk. He then, lays on the ground trying to catch his breath. After a while, he sits back up and calls Captain Turner.

"Is the job done?" She asks him.

"Yeah, he's dead." He replies tiredly.

"It's sad that you couldn't bring him in alive but, he was unstable." Turner informs him.

"He was so determined to prove that he was innocent that he was willing to die for it." He tells her.

"Yep and we won't see a cop like him for a while." She sighs.

"You know... maybe the guy isn't full of sh*t. Maybe... he was innocent."

"What do you mean?"

"He was willing to die for it."

"That may be true but, you're done here. Nothing more." She tells him and hangs up.

He puts his phone back in his pocket and looks at Shaw's dead body. He looks back at the exit and he struggles to get up. He then walks out of the station on wobbly legs, moving all around the place. He gets in his car and leaves the station.

Expert's Opinion[]

Shaw was a very tough opponent for McClane as he was great marksman and matched with him in abilities but, his intelligence and loadout is what caused him the loss here. McClane has more offensive capabilites and in Shaw's own film, he forgot to pick up weapons and ammo for his gun. Body armor as well. Shaw has lost this fight.

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