Back home, I tell people what I do for a living and they think well, now that figures. But over here, it's a big, a big mystery. So, I guess I've changed some.
— John H. Miller

Captain John H. Miller was a US Army Captain who served in the 2nd Rangers Battalion. Miller and his squad were responsible for saving Private James Francis Ryan after all of Ryan's siblings died during the war.

Before joining the army, Miller was an English teacher at Thomas Alva Edison High School. Shortly after joining the US Army, Miller was deployed in Africa and was involved in the battle of Kasserine Pass where he met and befriended Sergeant Mike Horvath. The two would serve together in Operation Torch and D-Day.

With the allies having established a stronghold in Normandy, Miller received orders to locate Private Francis Ryan and bring him to safety. Miller along with a group of hand-picked soldiers tracked behind enemy lines and finally located Ryan and a small group of paratroopers preparing to defend the key bridge against an imminent German attack. While Ryan is shocked to learn of his brothers' fate, he refused to leave and convinced Miller and his team to aid him in defending the bridge.

In the ensuing attack, Miller and his squad manage to defend the bridge for long enough to reinforcements to arrive but all die in the process. Despite his death, Miller was successful in both defending the bridge and saving Ryan.

Battle vs. Frank Woods (by MilitaryBrat)

No battle written.


Expert's Opinion

The experts agreed that Frank Woods won over Captain Miller because of a few key factors. One of them being his training. Woods was trained by The United States Marine Corps and MAC V SOG. Another was the weapons he brought tho the fight. While his ASP was lacking in stopping power to Miller's M1911A1, his Mp5k had greater range than the Thompson M1A1 which allowed Woods to score kills before Miller. Also his crossbow with exploding bolts was able to be shot farther than Miller's Mk 2 frag grenade could be thrown.

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