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Judah of Gaulanitis is regarded as the founder of the Zealots, who are identified as the proponents of the Fourth Philosophy.
— Jewish Encyclopedia extract on Zealots.

The Jewish Zealots were a group of fanatical Hebrews who were determined to protect their Law and their people by violent means. They were formed during the 1st Century as a political organization that had a rebellious agenda against the Roman Empire.

The zealots were the main driving force during the First Jewish-Roman War. Other Jewish political factions considered the zealots to be ruffians and "stirrers of trouble". Enemies of the zealots included the Romans, Jewish allies of the Romans, and the Sadducees, a major Jewish party.

The zealots were founded by Judas of Galilee and Zadok the Pharisee. Members totaled in the hundreds, but their cause conjured up the spirits of fellow Jews to rebel against their conquerors. The zealot party collapsed when the Sicarii made their final stand against the Romans at Masada.

Battle vs. Incan Soldier (by MilenHD)[]

Under the searing sun of a hot rocky desert, a lone Jewish Zealot had raised his shield to make shadow and protect himself from the sun. As some clouds were moving a covered the sin for a while, he let down his shield and saw a Incan Warrior, who was aiming his bow and arrow right at him. The Hebrew pick up a rock and as he covered behind his shield, he hurled it at the Incan, missing him. The Incan fired his bow and was blocked by the Zealot's shield.

The Zealot grabbed his spear from the ground and charged forward at the Indian. The Incan pulled his hacha and his first swing was a miss, the second swing chopped the Jew's shield in half, but before he can deliver the third blow, he was pierced in the leg, above the knee with the iron spear. The Incan felt down, dropping his hacha axe and as the Jew prepared to deliver the final blow, the Incan pulled his tumi knife and sliced the stomach of the Hebrew, making him to step back and give the Incan time to get up and equip his wooden shield. The Jew threw his spear at the Incan and missed him. The Zealot pulled his khopesh and as he swung, he managed to scratch the wooden shield and with the second swing he knocked the tumi knife and sliced a little of the Incan's middle and pointer finger, while the Zealot was prepearing for the final blow, the Incan lifted his shield blocking the blow and swinging his truncheon, landing at the Jew's stomach knocking him down.

The Jew got up fast and with his khopesh he pulled the shield away, but his iron helmet also took a devastating hit from the truncheon and Zealot collapsed on the ground, still alive. The Incan raised his truncheon for a final blow, but the Hebrew grabbed his spear, which was nearby and tried to stab the Incan, but the Incan swung his truncheon and broke the spear in half.

The Zealot grabbed his sica and his tried to pierce the stomach of the Incan, but failed. After another swing he wounded the Incan chest and cut through his armor. As the Incan touched his wound, the Zealot was going to finish him, except that the Incan turned and swung his truncheon with full force, breaking the Jew's jaw and smashing his neck.

The Incan raised his bloody club and gave a mighty war yell in victory and pain.

Expert's Opinion[]

While the Jewish Zealot has guerrilla tactics and better metal, the bow and the army discipline of the Incan warrior gave him the edge in x-factors. In terms of weapons, the Jew had superior melee weapons, but the bow was the twin hooks of this match, and the Incan while had weak armor, he was still more protected than the Hebrew.

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Battle vs. Testament of the New Ezekiel (by Jackythejack)[]

Book of Knoth

Chapter 16

“The Death of The Eye”

Out of all of the followers of Knoth, it is arguable that there are any that are more loyal than Marta. Alas, Marta was one of the most useful members of the testament, as she followed Sullivan Knoth, Prophet of the Lord our God, and enacted on his orders to the T. Never hesitating, and never refusing him.

Alas, even under the careful watch of Marta, the Eye of Knoth, there would still be despair among the testament. As a mission to go and spread their word among the ill, Sullivan Knoth, Prophet of the Lord our God, had sent a group of his followers, led by Knoth, to an asylum. Upon arrival the group would learn that few were there to listen to their preaching, as most had seemed to escape the asylum. Despite this, Marta had ordered the group to start preaching, and together they had all formed a circle in the middle of the asyluma nd began to preach the words of the Prophet.

After several minutes of preaching, the foreigners came. They spoke in foreign tongue, but their body language proved they regarded their preaching with hostility. Unsure of the words but knowing of the intent, Marta and her followers would lunge out at the unknown group of foreigners, and they would get involved in a skirmish…

Marta had to admit, she had no idea what the group of people in front of her were saying. She didn’t know where they were from, either, though if she had to guess she’d say they were European. Probably Italian or something, but that didn’t matter to her at the moment. What did matter was that they had interrupted her preaching, and they had interrupted the words of the Prophet Knoth.

“I understand you are angry,” Marta spoke as she leaned against her giant pickaxe. Her voice was barely a whisper as she examined the group. They wore eccentric clothes, and wielded strange weapons at their sides. Some of them carried staffs, but the one up front had a long dagger at his belt, but he was holding what looked to be a shovel. “But I do not understand what you are saying. English?”

The group didn’t respond with anything that she knew, and instead the man in the front of the group, which she assumed was the leader of this strange group of people, would approach her and start yelling even louder, a loud boom of thunder coming from outside as he increased his volume. Marta was starting to get infuriated about this, and was wondering if anyone would care if she dug into that damn skull of his. “Okay, you don’t speak English, but maybe you read it?” Marta would glance towards one of the testament members, who was armed with a pitchfork, and gestured for him to step up. “The pages.”

“Y-Yes, Marta,” the man said as he pulled out a small roll of papers. Really these were just pages of the Book of Knoth that they didn’t bother to put down into a book for their journey. The man walked towards the supposed leader of the group and offered him the papers.

The man stared down at the papers and frowned. He regarded them for only a moment before smacking the papers out of the man’s hand and yelling at him once more.

This seemed to be the last straw for Marta, as she suddenly twitched and brought her pickaxe up into the air. “Enough of this!”

The man up front, a leader by the name of Eleazar ben Simon, would watch as the woman began to bring her pickaxe down upon him. He sidestepped out of the way just before the pickaxe would have hit him. It dug straight into the ground and sent debris flying up, and he had to move his arms up to protect himself.

“It seems your yelling didn’t go so well, Simon!” One of the followers shouted as they unsheathed their Sica daggers, one of the only weapons they had on them before they were suddenly put into this strange situation. “Though I suppose that’s to be expected, isn’t it?”

“Be quiet, fool!” Simon shouted as he drew out his own Sica and pointed it towards the woman, who had just pulled her weapon of choice out of the ground. After a moment of staring the other down, the leaders, both in their own languages, would scream out, “Attack!”

Hell on earth would break out at that point, essentially. Simon was the first to make a move, and he had charged towards Marta with his Sica in an attempt to stab her with the weapon. Marta barely regarded him and knocked him away with a swing from her pickaxe, hitting him only with the handle, so he wasn’t destroyed the moment he was hit.

Simon was knocked back and landed on his rear. He let out a low groan and was about to get up just as there was another man standing over him. This one held up some kind of blade, which we would identify as a machete, and would attempt to bring it down upon the Jewish leader.

With one quick flick of the wrist, Simon blocked the attack from the machete with his shovel, stabbing the member of the testament in the leg with his knife. The testament member screamed out in pain, and would get down on his knee in an attempt to pull the Sica out. Simon quickly stood up and whacked him in the head with his shovel, knocking him to the ground, though Simon wasn’t exactly sure that he killed him.

The jewish leader was about to wail on him with his shovel to make sure he was dead, but then he realized that his own followers needed his help a little more than this guy needed to be dead. Simon, armed with his shovel, would quickly run into the fray of the fight, which had gotten even worse by the time he took care of his problems.

One of the members of the testament, a woman armed with a machete, would encounter a man wielding a wooden staff. She was trying to close the distance on this asshole who was keeping her at a range, but it didn’t seem like it was working. The woman would step forward only for the man to jab at her with his staff, normally causing her to step back, or actually getting a jab in on her and hurting her quite a bit, surprisingly.

Once the Jewish soldier had decided to lunge forward, though, to stab his staff towards the woman, the woman had stepped out of the way and swiped the machete down on the staff. She hit it with enough force to cut through a small segment of the staff, but that was all she was able to do, as the man would then swing his staff around once more and hit her in the back of the head.

The fighter winced and put a hand to her head as her vision became somewhat blurry. By the time she came back to her senses, she ended up having her legs sweeped up from underneath her and falling onto her back.

“You heretic!” she shouted out as she swiped towards the man’s legs with her machete. The staff wielding man took a step back and the woman quickly hopped back up to her feet, her eyes focused on the man in the staff.

Due to her attention being focused on the staff man, she was unable to spot the Sica wielding gentleman behind her, who would defend his teammate by stabbing the woman in the back. Her whole body tensed up as she dropped her weapon. The man pulled his knife out of her back and then used it to slit her throat. The woman dropped to the floor, now only a limp body.

“Thanks,” the man with the staff muttered as he turned around, only to see that a giant woman wielding a Pickaxe was charging right towards him. He brought his staff up in an attempt to stop the weapon that the woman would bring down upon him, but Marta would break through the staff as a whole and continue on. The Pickaxe would travel down further and stabbed the man in the leg.

Screaming in pain, the Jewish soldier would attempt to take the weapon out of his leg. Marta would do that for him, only to swing it sideways and stab him in the chest, right where the heart was. The pickaxe’s point had penetrated to the other side of the man, and he fell limp, now nothing more than a kebab.

Marta placed her foot against the man’s chest and kicked him away, and the other man, with the Sica, would stare at her with wide eyes as he wondered what he was supposed to do against a giant of a woman. Like Goliath’s little sister, she was…

“Come here, you pig!” Marta shouted as she charged towards the man with the actual weapon. The Jewish soldier didn’t want to stay there for much longer with the giant woman charging at her, so instead he opted to run out of the way and towards his other companions to try and get some assistance.

However there were other problems going on for the Zealots, other losses to be had, as there was another Jewish soldier with a staff that was charging towards one of the testament members, who was wielding a pitchfork. The man with the pitchfork would turn around just as the man was about to swing his staff onto the Testament member. The Follower of Knoth brought his pitchfork up and stopped the staff, but it took much effort to do so.

The Zealot was quick with the retaliation, however, and spun his staff around to hit the man in the side, and if the Follower of Knoth’s reflexes hadn’t been just as fast, he would have been successful, but instead the pitchfork wielder would block the staff just in time to avoid a dull blow to the hip.

The Follower would then push the Zealot back with his pitchfork, and as soon as there were a few good feet separating them, the two lowered their weapons, pointing the tips at each other. The man lunged forward once more with his staff, only to be intercepted by the pitchfork once more. This time, the staff was caught in the prongs of the pitchfork.

The Zealot tried to pull his staff back, but before he could, the man rotated his pitchfork with enough force to yank the staff out of the Zealot’s hands. Now defenseless, the man would try to step out of the way to dodge the pitchfork that was jutting towards him. The farming tool just barely missed and he tried to close the distance in an attempt to make the weapon more difficult to use.

The Zealot only ended up running straight into the prongs, impaling himself on the pitchfork. The Follower pushed the pitchfork in deeper, and though the Zealot tried to fight it, he would soon fall over dead.

“As it goes with heretics,” the man muttered as he turned around. As it turns out, another Zealot was ready to challenge him, armed with one of those knives that they kept around with them. The Follower was about to raise his weapon up to stab the man when he realized that...he wasn’t running towards him. He was instead running away from Marta.

The Zealot ran passed him and the man was about to move out of the way when Marta had suddenly bashed him with her pickaxe, not showing any mercy despite the fact that they were on the same side. The man flew off to the side, dropping his farming tool in the process. The man fell onto his back, staring at the ceiling dazed and confused.

He wouldn’t stay in this confused state for long, as there was another Zealot that had approached him. This time, it was Simon with his entrenchment tool. Instead of leaving this man alone like he did the the other follower, Simon kneeled by the man’s side and brought his shovel up. He brought it down with enough force to dig its way into a good amount of the neck. He was pretty sure the man died almost instantly. He pulled his shovel up and watched as the wound in the neck spurted blood everywhere.

“I have a feeling I’m not going to forget this encounter,” he muttered before turning around to find that the man he had knocked to the ground earlier was still on the floor. Only after staring at him for a few moments, which he was surprised he could spare on the battlefield, he determined the man was breathing. Not wanting him to wake up in the middle of the fight, he walked over to him and did the same as he did to the other Follower, also killing him. Now, it seemed, there were only two left, and one of them was the monster woman from earlier.

Speaking of Marta, she would eventually close in on the man from earlier and was able to grab him by the arm. The man spun around in an attempt to stab Marta in the arm, but she was too quick for him to react as she threw him to the ground. Marta didn’t waste any time with this, as she brought her pickaxe down upon the Zealot, stabbing right through him and into the ground underneath him. As she stabbed into him, there was a loud boom coming from the storm outside, causing the entire building to vibrate slightly.

“God loves you…” Marta muttered as she turned around to see who was left. There weren’t many left alive. Only two left, and she had no doubt that she could take them. Though, the remaining two weren’t in her immediate field of view. That one Zealot she killed took her on a big chase. She had to look around for a while…

With the absence of Marta, the last surviving Testament member realized she had bitten off more than she could chew. Like the Eye of Knoth herself, she was wielding a pickaxe, albeit smaller than Marta’s. The woman was currently fighting one of those men with the staffs, and she wasn’t sure how she was going to close the distance on him. Though, it seemed that both looked hesitant, not wanting to make the first strike.

Eventually, the woman decided that striking would be better than being striked at, and she lunged forward with her pickaxe. The man with the staff tried her best to smack her with his weapon, but this didn’t work, as she’d move out of the way and swing her pick at him. It dug into the man’s arm and went deep into his bone. The man screamed in pain at the woman pushed him away, ripping her pickaxe out in a way to tear out some of his flesh.

The woman, now feeling rather confident about this, was about to charge once more. She wouldn’t get far, though, as she was suddenly whacked in the head with some blunt object. She cursed and stumbled forward, bringing her hand to her head, only to then be smacked in the back with the same object.

“What the hell!?” The woman exclaimed as she turned around, only to see Simon once more, armed with his shovel and one of the Testament’s machetes. The woman was about to swing her pickaxe at the man, but before she could, ben Simon brought his machete into the air and swung it down on her head. The blade chopped off her head and popped off her body.

“You know, I prefer our blades,” he said with a chuckle as he walked towards the man. “You think you’ll make it?”

“Maybe,” the man replied as he put a hand on his wound. “What happened to that giant of a woman from earlier?”

“Who knows? I didn’t see anyone kill her, but you may want to get yourself a better weapon, in case we run into her again.”

“And where am I supposed to get a better weapon?”

“There are plenty of dead bodies around here, some of them our own. Just take one of their weapons.” Simon would then turn around, only to see the giant woman, Marta, appear into view. Simon glanced behind him at his companion and watched as he ran away from Simon. That...wasn’t a good sign. He turned back to look at Marta just in time to see her begin to charge at him.

“God guide my hand!” She shrieked out as she was practically on top of him within a few seconds. She swung her pickaxe at him, and Simon could just barely move out of the way, moving to the side of Marta. He stabbed his shovel into her leg, but it barely seemed to affect her, even though it had dug into her leg. All she did was flinch and swing at him again.

Simon would dodge again, but he wasn’t able to get close to her again. Marta would continue to lunge forward and swing at Simon, and always he was just barely able to dodge it. After a while of playing this game, Marta would suddenly swing at Simon with the handle of the pickaxe. It hit him in the chest and he was knocked backwards. He tried to bring his feet back to the ground but all that resulted in was him tumbling to the ground.

Before the leader of the Zealots could even try to get up, Marta was on top of him, already swinging her pickaxe up high to deliver the killing blow

“God loves-” Halfway through her psychotic screech, she suddenly tensed up, and Simon noticed there was a blade poking out of her stomach. Marta let go of the pickaxe and it made a loud clatter as it hit the floor.

“G-God loves you…” she muttered as she fell to her knees. The blade was pulled from her stomach and it suddenly appeared from her neck. This caused the giant of a woman to fall down to the floor, and it’d reveal that behind her was the Zealot who had originally ran away from Marta.

“Well, that was something,” Simon muttered as he stood up from his place on the ground. “Thanks for that. I guess I owe you one there.” “No, you saved me. I think we’re even.”

Simon smiled at the one other Jewish survivor before looking around at the building they were in. “Well, let’s try to get back home then, yeah?”

The remaining survivor nodded, dropping the sica and putting a hand to the wound on his arm again. “I think I’d like that.”

Winner: Jewish Zealots

Expert's Opinion[]

The experts believed that, despite being at a disadvantage in certain categories, the Zealots having the only real weapon, and having the experience against a more powerful opponent, had give them the upper hand in this fight.

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